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Made in the A.M. for LGBTQ+ Fans

It is said that the “old magic” still exists in our modern world. The ability to hear a tune and be instantly entranced. A music that is not just fun, but holds a deep personal meaning.

If you are part of the LGBTQ+ community, finding music that speaks to us and our experience is a rare thing. The power and magic of music is that it rests not only in what the song writer intended when they set pen to paper; nor is the spell completed by the performer weaving their own personality into song; the true magic happens when the song reaches the individual, and their soul recognises the melody as singing to them and their experience. For it to happen once in an artist’s career is a special thing for LGBTQ+ fans. For this magical interaction to happen several times on a single album is all but unheard of, especially when it comes to songs of love. And yet with “Made in the A.M.” One Direction has done just that!

“As a person who identifies as genderqueer, I think it’s amazing that MITAM has songs that are gender neutral. It’s such a great thing to know that it doesn’t matter what you identify as, you’re included. It makes me extremely happy to see this in their new album and I can’t imagine how happy it has made other people as well.” -  Michelle, 17

That is the power and magic of music - it is the soundtrack to our lives. For LGBTQ+ fans to have our experience included is a wonderful feeling. To know that a band we love took the time to select the words that would not only not-exclude us, but actively include us, is a very special kind of magic.

“Seventeen years ago I met the man who would become my husband. It took nearly 10 years for us to get the right to legally marry (and another five to get the bugger to say yes!). Not until MITAM have we found music that was relevant to our relationship - not just music we could pretended applied, if we consciously ignored the pronouns - but love songs that actually spoke to our love, no editing required. We live in a world where boys sing to girls, I get it. So I will always be grateful to 1D for making the extra effort to write their music in a way that also includes my relationship.” Edwin, 41

Thank you, One Direction, for letting us fully participate in the old magic that is the communal sharing on music.

“The "lack” of pronouns in Made in the AM makes me feel recognized. Despite the common portrayal in the media, the boys know that their fandom is not only made up of the cliché twelve year old heterosexual girls who want to feel wanted by their idols. They know we are a variety of people and identities. I feel like the album welcomes everybody to identify with their music.“ Anonymous

Such inclusion not only wins fans, but it can inspire lives. That is the power of the old magic, to bring us together, and inspire us all, to touch our souls and make us PROUD to be ourselves.

“I love MITAM incredibly much, partly because of the gender neutral songs that I’ve been missing from the other albums. And also because of a special song that’s very close to my heart: End Of The Day. It makes me feel proud of my sexuality & that it’s nothing to be ashamed of, because at the end of the day you love who you love.” Elin, 18


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