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New post is up today! I listed my top “No Bullshit Productivity Tips for Law School”. Check it out on 

This would be something good for you if you’re starting law school in the fall or in the next couple years.

4-5 // 100 Days of Productivity 

I exist! Yesterday was so exhausting. I had work from 7:30 am-11:00 am, 3 classes back to back right afterward, a training session about 30 minutes after my last class, and I didn’t eat dinner until 8. I fell asleep sweaty and gross but in a deep, refreshing slumber until an upset stomach woke me up at 4:00 am this morning. 

Today was very low key, which was awesome. I had one class at 1:00, a meeting right afterward, and I had to scan my transcripts to send my internship. I went to Texas Roadhouse for the first time ever and it was so much fun. I ate with my roommates before heading over to Target to grocery shop. 

All of my roommates decided to go out for the night despite the fact that it is snowing profusely. I went to the gym and decided to catch up on some homework. I just did some cardio and some 5-minute abdominal workout. It was supposed to be my rest day so I tried to do a low impact workout. I just did the elliptical for about 20 minutes and another 5 minutes on the bike. 

My homework has been moving along quite nicely. I wrote my Odyssey article, tried to do my professional writing blog (but there are some issues with the confirmation email on Wordpress so I cannot publish said blog), and I’m about to read for my American Gothic class.

Tomorrow I have work from 11-2. I’m heading to the gym afterward to get my arm and abdominal workout in before doing, even more, homework. Tomorrow should be rather quiet, though. Hopefully, I can get two hours into LSAT studying and my literary criticism homework. 

Anyway, it’s going to be a late night!


Human Courtship and Bellow Pearl AU. Part 1.

*cough* A few days ago I saw this art and… And as you know that was enough for me to create a whole AU xD This AU will have 4 parts. This is the first one. Huge thanks for @kindaspoiled for letting me write this <3 


  • Yellow Zircon is the aunt of the Yellow Pearl. YP lives with her, because her parents are somewhere abroad, and she is only 16 so someone has to look after her. YZ does not mind, although she considers her niece too arrogant. They have quite a friendly relationship, not like a relationship like “aunt-niece,” YP can easily say “fuck you woman” and get “fuck you to, kid” in return. YZ is 35 yo, YP is 16 yo. YP is the daughter of YZ’s sister (I have no idea who it is xD). YZ is a successful lawyer, earns well, and she and YP often drive together somewhere, like “let’s go to London for the weekend?”. Because of their characters, these two do not get along well with people, but get along well with each other.
  • Blue Zircon is the guardian of the Blue Pearl. They are not blood relatives. BP was the daughter of her friends, and when they died, she decided to take care of her. She too is 16. She is shy in public, but rather open and talkative next to BZ. She withdrew into herself after the death of her parents, and very grateful to BZ for taking care of her. They get on very well, BZ can always say that something has happened to BP, she always embraces and reassures her. They hug a lot (YZ and YP don’t show a lot of affection). They are a little cute family, and apart from each other they have no one. BZ once worked as an attorney, but several years ago she left, having gone over to writing. It became hard for her to combine work and care for BP, and she decided to choose something that she also liked, but that would allow her to be home more often. She writes detective stories based on the cases she had, often communicates with lawyers and prosecutors, collects material in this way. BZ is 32 yo.
  • YZ and BZ were familiar in the past. They worked in one place, until BZ said 4 or 5 years ago that she was leaving. Since then, they have not maintained contact, except that sometimes they only saw each other on the street and nodded to each other in greeting. The relationship they had… Well, usual, like colleagues, except that causticity of YZ always infuriated BZ.
  • YZ began to look after YP only this year, before that they just often saw each other at home with her parents, but they began to live together recently. YZ began to understand what it’s like to be a parent, to come to school, to check grades and not letting the child walk until morning.
  • YP is not a difficult teenager, she’s kind enough, but sometimes she says things that she regrets very much. They have two cats at home, and with them YP talks more than with someone at school.
  • BP tells BZ about everything that happened at school, or somewhere else. She knows that lying is useless, because BZ reads her as an open book and always knows if something is wrong. They have a dog at home - a beagle, a little and very kind dog.
  • Initially, BP’s hair was light brown, but one day, a year after her parents died, she came home with dyed blue hair. “I want to be like you,” she said. “Just don’t be angry please.” BZ did not even think about being angry, said only that they would go and fix the color a little tomorrow, and make a better haircut.

I’m sorry for mistakes in my English


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