community is back today

A thing I realised today which has probably been observed by smarter people before me:

In fandom, when we introduce queerness into fandoms where that’s not canon, we rarely stop with making one (or more usually two) characters queer. It’s lots of characters. “Everybody is gay” is its own AO3 tag. In contrast, even in media/texts where there are queer characters, it’s usually a gay character. Or maybe two. And it never feels like enough. 

And I think that’s because experiences of queerness in the real world are so communal, queer people don’t come by themselves any more than scientists are lone geniuses; they have queer relatives, friends, co-workers, they form networks. We seek each other out. So when we write queerness into fanfic, we’re - consciously or unconsciously - mirroring our experiences of (or wishes for) not just a queer character, of being queer alone, but queer communities. Because that’s something you never see in mainstream media unless it’s a LGBT-Themed Story, and then it’s usually depressing. (It’s what makes the exceptions like Rent or the 2014 Pride so great; they’re about queer people in communities.) But in fanfic we can fix that. 

In conclusion: Everybody Is Gay is realistic, let’s do it more. 


Y'all time flies, for real. It was three years ago today that I came out publicly as trans and I never looked back. I vowed I would never hide in shadows and always be as authentic as possible. I had no idea how much strength, perseverance and fearlessness this journey was going to take and I’ve changed so much. It’s been amazing and I’ve met some revolutionary people and learned so much about the world. I just want to thank everyone for all of their support over the years and my beautiful community for continuing to fight back and love and live in resilience! Today we marched in the Atlanta Pride Parade and made a statement that the fight for LGBTQ equality doesn’t end with marriage. So here’s to all those fighting for their voices to be heard and reaching for their power! Happy National Coming Out Day and Happy Pride! 😘

Back to The Earthbound Oracle!

The message today is a gentle reminder to let creativity happen organically. You can’t force something that should take time. Forcing your creative endeavors can easily put you in a self imposed prison. Give yourself time and trust in your abilities. Your artistic title isn’t stripped from you just because you’re not currently working on something.

Birds of a Feather

Nail had nestled his car right where he had a good view of the cluster of cargo containers where he believed there to be a pack of ferals, but where he would be hidden from anyone else driving through the desert. He had been working on gaining the trust of the small group over the past few weeks, leaving them food, and getting them used to his presence. They remained wary, but they had stopped attacking him, and one or two had let him get close. At the very least, he wanted to be able to get the last of their restraints off of them, but at best he might find one he could communicate with and perhaps bring them back to Amaris.

           Today, however, something was amiss. Someone else was there. Nail was certain of it. The ferals were fanned out around the containers, and while it wasn’t clear that they were going to attack whoever was there, but they were uncertain. Nail revved his engine and drove closer. He didn’t know what was going on over there, but he wasn’t going to let anyone hurt these ferals.


Today was my first day back at uni! It was a super long day and I’m so tired now but I made pretty notes so it’s all okay o(^◇^)o

Tomorrow I want to read the first chapters of two books for one of my other modules and take notes on them, and then at night I have work so I won’t get home until about 12am but sometimes u gotta do what u gotta do

hopefully once my three deadlines in the next 2 weeks have passed uni will be less stressful though :)



I hope the Mums who follow me and who I follow back in the Sim Community have a great day tomorrow and today (I’m Australia you see, in the future). These guys are named Tiberius (yes after Kirk) and Atticus (named after Mr Finch). They’re my world and it’s not always easy, but everyday I get up and try to keep them alive and happy. Hardest job I’ve ever done and ever will do I suspect. To all the Mum’s out there that have a special needs kid(s) (Tiber is ASD), kudos to you too. We rock this Mum gig.Our days might have bigger challenges at times, but look at you (and me) doing this…..not too shabby at all.

Guys. Guys guys guys.

So many of you know this, but last fall I was forced to drop out of college on medical leave because I was THISCLOSE to a nervous breakdown. I was hurting myself, suicidal, and ready to just be done.

I ended up doing 12 days of partial hospitalization (where I met my boyfriend of now 5.5 months ayy lmao) and recovered well, but I’ve been out of school since.

This past Saturday, I registered for community college classes and put the payment through today.

I am going back to school on May 9.

It’s only online, but like… I feel human again. I feel like an actual person again.

Sorry for the rant I just wanted to share ❤️