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8 Great Reasons Why You Need To Get The Flu Vaccine
Getting a flu shot should be in everyone’s mind before autumn ends and winter starts. When you think of fall activities such as apple picking, leaf-peeping or collecting colorful fall leaves, you need to think about the coming flu season and getting the flu vaccine.

Flu can be a serious disease and carry the risk of serious complications, hospitalization or even death, especially among kids, older adults, pregnant women, and people with chronic medical conditions. Get vaccinated. Protect yourself and the people around you. 

Confession #2,450

Because of my chronic illness I have lost so much weight that I stopped getting my periods and have terrible immune system. I’ve been struggling with the way I look and desperately trying to gain weight. All I hear from other women is how good I look and how lucky I am to be this skinny. I am severely underweight and I wish they would stop glorifying a negative side effect of my illness and understand that no one is happy with their weight if it was forced on them.

As a community of people who dedicate themselves on enjoying learning, teaching, and exploring languages and cultures, we are so quick to gang up on someone and send so much hate rather than try and explain and teach. It’d be nice if we could just start being more patient and reasonable then go out of our way to be negative and rude towards someone. Its not how you teach people to grow. 


Day 7: Vaccinating protects you and others.

Herd (community) Immunity: indirectly protects those who cannot get vaccinated for medical reasons (i.e. people with immune deficiency, and those who cannot form immunity). Herd Immunity only works when enough people are immunized in a population.

Herd Immunity works by stopping the spread of the disease. If a virus is unable to infect a new host it will die. By being immunized, there is less opportunity for the virus to thrive. It won’t be able to find a new host and this decreases its chances of reaching people who cannot get vaccinated.  

With the anti-vaccine movement, less people are being vaccinated, and we are not at the proper level for herd immunity to work. This is putting people at risk for catching these diseases and dying. The only way to protect them is by vaccinating, and stop giving the disease opportunity to spread.

Protect those who can’t protect themselves.

Welp! First thing to post after the hiatus! And it’s a Video Game design for my sona! ^^

My story behind her is that she is was a beta test design that didn’t make to the final game, but bits of her code and image data are still within the game’s programming - so she just kinda appears out of no where in side areas. 

She can’t interact with anything physically - but she can communicate. She also is immune since she’s not part of the game’s core mechanics anymore. So like… a character that didn’t make the cut! ^^ 

The separate Beta and Glitch versions of here are below the read more! 

VG - Blogthegreatrouge (not tagging cause I know she’s swamped with tags now)

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What are your top witch tips?

My short top ten tips:

  1. Trust your gut.
  2. Do copious amounts of reading a research.
  3. Stay out of closed religions and away from their deities.  Respect the cultures of others and don’t take things that aren’t yours to take.
  4. The witchcraft and pagan community is not immune to homophobia, racism, transphobia, ableism, classism, and so on.  Take responsibility for your actions, when you are called out on something–listen and self-educate instead of argue.  It’s not about being “politically correct”–its about being respectful toward your fellow human being.
  5. There is magic in the mundane.  Cleaning the floor is magic, cooking breakfast is magic, showers are magic, drinking a cup of tea is magic.
  6. All “special” herbs in spells can be replaced with literally anything you have on hand. Or in your own backyard.  Take the time to learn about your local flora.
  7. All “special” tools can be replaced by your average kitchen essentials (as long as you’re not eating out of things that have come in contact with inedible stuff, or if you’re REALLY confident in your washing skills) Potion bottles = tupperware, mortar and pestle = coffee bean grinder, cauldron = pots/pans.  Be creative!
  8. You can make your own Tarot deck out of a deck of cards.  As pretty as the $25-$40 decks are–this is a great low-budget option.
  9. Cleansing tools quick tip:  stick them in the freezer overnight or as long as it takes until it feels like they are clean.
  10. Food jars make great spell jars.  Recycling them is great, but reusing them is better.
imagine #16

character - Newt

words - 1073

warnings - n/a

description - Part 2 of this imagine

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Dear Able-Bodied People:

I will stop talking about ableism
When you stop showing it to me
I will stop explaining why I cannot work
When you stop telling me why I can
I will stop talking about medications
When you stop telling me why I don’t need them
I will stop discussing what I cannot do
When you stop telling me what I can
I will stop saying that I’m struggling
When you stop questioning my illness
I will stop being angry
When you stop giving me reasons to be
I will stop fighting for awareness
When you become aware
“No I cannot walk”
“Yes I have been trying”
“I know you don’t understand why I can’t”
“I know that’s a lot of medication”
“Of course you have an Aunt with Fibromyalgia who works full time and still has time to raise a family, keep a clean house, volunteer, go sky diving, swim to the bottom of the ocean, and jump to the moon, but I’m sorry, no I cannot walk”

I’m writing this while feeling really shitty about myself so please bear with me:

I’ve been seeing an increase in lonely, self-deprecating posts around the community lately. I’m not immune to these either, so I completely understand the need to vent.

However, since I sometimes want to give into my own negatively and am unable to really care about my own self-worth, or lack thereof, I want you all to know that I care about each and every one of you and I worry about your health and safety whenever I see any of the aforementioned posts. I may not be able to offer much, but I’m around to talk and I can be positive for others when I can’t be positive for myself.

I’m serious, you guys. I’m just a message/ask away, even if it’s just to talk about something blog related. Even if we’re not close or mutuals or whatever—sometimes we all just need a breather.

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It's sorta like an isolated disease now that I think about it, especially since whenever I see it being brought up in the real world it's shut down immediately and our community members off of tumblr will have absolutely none of it and don't want it infecting anyone else.

It really is like a disease. It started with just a few people on tumblr and exploded into this huge online community of exclusionist assholes. But as long as we work to contain it and make sure everyone outside of that community is ‘immunized’ by educating people about asexuality and aromanticism as much as possible, it’ll die out eventually.

My heart truly goes out to the many sufferers of M.E. in the UK who have been confronted with one of the most degradingly titled articles on the illness to date, saying (directly quoted): “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is not actually a chronic illness and sufferers can overcome symptoms by increasing exercise and thinking positively.” My heart sinks within me while I not only read these words, but your heartfelt responses of hurt and discouragement to them. We can all agree that the information isn’t weighty, but unfortunately, the pain it caused is. I cannot imagine the difficulty this is bringing to the lives of sufferers, not only as an insult to injury, but in potentially furthering the stigma M.E. has carried for too long.

There’s little I can say to comfort those of you feeling crushed by these words, but please let me encourage you that this illness is real; your pain is real; and it matters. You deserve compassion and not judgment. Believing that you can exercise or will your way into good health will result in one thing and one thing only: trauma. Physical trauma. Emotional trauma. Yes, it’s good to continue to live with the unshaken belief that healing is possible. Yes, it’s good to continue to try new things. But there are many conditions that contribute to illness that are out of our immediate control. Please, don’t let shame wash over you, telling you that you simply must try harder. Please, don’t wear the blame that perhaps if you “really” wanted to get better, you would. Those words do not hold even a glimmer or truth.

I may not be able to change the worldview of this illness, but no power will stop me from looking any of you in the eye in the midst of your suffering, reaching out a hand and a heart, and telling you that this illness is NOT your fault. I’m so sorry. Please know you are loved, and you are not alone.

Two studies give us a glimpse into our ancestors’ microbiome — you know, those trillions of bacteria that live in the human gut.

And the take-home message of the studies is clear: Western diets and modern-day hygiene have wiped a few dozen species right out of our digestive tracts. One missing microbe helps metabolize carbohydrates. Other bygone bacteria act as prebiotics. And another communicates with our immune system.

In other words, Americans’ digestive tracts look like barren deserts compared to the lush, tropical rainforest found inside indigenous people.

How Modern Life Depletes Our Gut Microbes

Illustration Credit: Maria Fabrizio for NPR

this is how hate mobs get fueled

that video, about two minutes long, shows the dishonest quote mining used by youtuber thunderfoot, one of gamergate’s bigger mouthpieces and champion of ethics. 

in the video, you see thunderfoot show a clip of Anita Sarkeesian in which she says:

Everything is sexist. Everything is racist. Everything is homophobic, and you have to point it all out.

he uses that clip to make fun of Anita and imply that’s what she believes. 

but the video also shows the full clip from where thunderfoot got his nugget of propaganda.

the full clip shows her as part of a panel, explaining how the time she spent learning of systems led to her being somewhat obnoxious, seeing sexism, racism, homophobia everywhere and telling everyone all the time about it. that’s a common thing for people to do when they learn new ideas. think of a college student who just learned something new in political science and suddenly believes they know how to fix everything in the world, telling everyone they can about it. or think of a time when you learned some new theory or connection in a video game or some other media and posted about it for months, adding more and more into it each time. 

this kind of dishonesty and intentionally misleading editing is what fuels hate mobs time and time again. it’s what leads to something going viral and someone getting run off of social media with death threats for saying something wholly inoffensive. 

while it’s not something the SJ community is immune to, it definitely has a lot of use by the right wing and the reactionaries. I blogged before about an edited video being passed around through various right wing journos like Milo Yiannopoulos and various right wing news sites that tried to make people believe Black Lives Matter intended to murder police. and gamergate has used this tactic multiple times against Anita and several other people they’ve deemed to be targets. 

New treatment hope for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

A previously unknown link between the immune system and the death of motor neurons in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, has been discovered by scientists at the CHUM Research Centre and the University of Montreal. The finding paves the way to a whole new approach for finding a drug that can cure or at least slow the progression of such neurodegenerative diseases as ALS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s diseases.

The study, published in Nature Communications, shows that the immune system in the animal model C. elegans, a tiny 1 mm-long roundworm, plays a critical role in the development of ALS. “An imbalance of the immune system can contribute to the destruction of motor neurons and trigger the disease,” said Alex Parker, CRCHUM researcher and Associate Professor in the Department of Neuroscience at the University of Montreal.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a neuromuscular disease that attacks neurons and the spinal cord. Those affected gradually become paralyzed and typically die less than five years after the onset of symptoms. No effective remedy currently exists for this devastating affliction. Riluzole, the only approved medication only extends the patient’s life by a few months.

More than a dozen genes are related to ALS. If a mutation occurs in one of them, the person develops the disease. Scientists introduced a mutated human gene (TDP-43 or FUS) into C. elegans, a nematode worm widely used for genetic experiments. The worms became paralyzed within about 10 days. The challenge was to find a way of saving them from certain death. “We had the idea of modifying another gene—tir-1—known for its role in the immune system,” said Julie Veriepe, lead investigator and doctoral student under the supervision of Alex Parker. Results were remarkable. “Worms with an immune deficit resulting from the tir-1 gene’s mutation were in better health and suffered far less paralysis,” she added.

This study highlights a never previously suspected mechanism: even if the C. elegans worm has a very rudimentary immune system, that system triggers a misguided attack against the worm’s own neurons. “The worm thinks it has a viral or bacterial infection and launches an immune response. But the reaction is toxic and destroys the animal’s motor neurons,” Alex Parker explained.

Is the same scenario at work with people? Most likely. The human equivalent of the tir-1 gene—

SARM1—has proved crucial to the nervous system’s integrity. Researchers think the signalling pathway is identical for all genes associated with ALS. This makes the TIR-1 protein (or SARM1 in humans) an excellent therapeutic target for development of a medication. SARM1 is particularly important because it is part of the well-known kinase activation process, which can be blocked by existing drugs.

Alex Parker’s team is already actively testing drugs that have been previously approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for treatment of such disorders as rheumatoid arthritis, to see if they work with ALS. Obstacles still remain, however, before finding a remedy for curing or slowing the progression of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. “In our studies with worms, we know the animal is sick because we caused the disease. This allows us to administer treatment very early in the worm’s life. But ALS is a disease of aging, which usually appears in humans around the age of 55. We do not know if a potential medication will prove effective if it is only given after appearance of symptoms. But we have clearly demonstrated that blocking this key protein curbs the disease’s progress in this worm,” Alex Parker concluded.

1. A MEASLES OUTBREAK (far left)

In a hypothetical community where nobody has immunity from the measles virus, one infected person might infect 12 to 18 people, who might each infect another 12 to 18 people. At this rate, a small outbreak would quickly grow out of control.

 2. THE HERD EFFECT (middle)

Every person who is successfully vaccinated reduces the potential sources of infection, thus reducing the risk to unvaccinated people. This reduction in risk is sometimes called the herd effect. The presence of vaccinated people helps slow the spread of the virus.

3. HERD IMMUNITY (right)

For an outbreak to end quickly, each infected person must infect, on average, fewer than one other person. In this example, at least 17 of every 18 people (more than 94 percent) would need immunity. This threshold is sometimes called the herd immunity threshold.


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I have a question about flu shots. With vaccines like MMR and polio, the communal immunity is pretty important. Is that the case with flu shots? Am I actually hurting the effectiveness of flu shots per year when I don't get one? I work in a contained space with limited public interaction, so in the grand scheme, I feel like it's a waste of time to get a shot that protects against a well-researched guess as to this year's most likely flu viruses. Sorry if I've worded this poorly.

Yes and No. If there were anything like enough people getting flu shots to approach herd immunity, then it would be a disservice for you to not get a flu shot. But that is in the case, so you shouldn’t worry about it.

Studies have been done in which large percentages of school children were immunized and it decreased the hospitalization (and deaths) of many older people. It turns out that immunizing children against the flu is actually more effective at keeping elderly people healthy than immunizing elderly people.

Two reasons for this:

  1. Elderly people have crappy immune systems and so the most effective way to keep them healthy is to prevent them from being exposed in the first place
  2. Children are DISEASE FACTORIES! They go to little communal disease-sharing facilities called schools and spread each-other’s boogers in their eyeballs because they are disgusting.

The moral of the story is…children kill old people.