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Gift #2 for Deetron Day! A restaurant full of soft and sweet treats for the softest, sweetest cupcake, @deetron-sims!

This lot has a little bit of of CC that you can find here! (it’s all in my 1k gift!)

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Origin ID - sjane4prez

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“insanlar, dağların ardındaki ya da denizlerin ötesindeki güzellikler yerine, yalnız ayaklarının altındaki toprağı görmeye alışınca, kuyunun dibindeki kurbağa kadar dar görüşlü olurlar. “

Mao Zedong

Görsel : © Bruno Barbey - Beaugeste Gallery (1973)

X Files on Sims 4

In an effort to fill my new abundance of free time and in my never ending quest to fix Chris Carters mistakes I made Mulder and Scully on Sims 4 and it’s been awesome.

I made my Mulder: 

And my Scully:

I gave them each their own places (Mulder’s was his actual apartment that someone made that I found on the community gallery) they lived next door. 

She training to be a doctor:

And he to be a detective:

Their story continues below the cut

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I’m seriously considering starting a youtube channel on Kdramas and Jdramas. Talking about what dramas I’m looking forward to, what dramas I’m not going to watch and why, short reviews on whole dramas or just specific episodes… Because most of the time, I’m too lazy to write down my opinions. I’m not a writer but I still want to voice my opinion on dramas, you know?

I always loved making videos. Actually, the first time I made some kind of content for a fandom, it was Skip Beat videos on youtube. 10 years ago!!! I haven’t created any videos in 5 years and I just have the basic skills of video making. So the (video and sound) quality would be pretty bad I guess because I don’t have the time, equipment and programs to create flashy and shiny videos that everyone is used to on youtube. But who cares as long as I’m having fun doing it, right?


Here is a semi-spooky (not really) shop for your semi-spooky or curious Sims! It was really fun to build!

This lot is CC free but does require some of the expansion, stuff and game packs. (the only ones I know for sure you don’t need are Spa Day and Luxury Party Stuff because I don’t own them!)

Download it from the gallery! Or don’t! I’m not your mom!

Origin ID - sjane4prez

Or! Download the tray file here!

Gustave Doré [French. 1832-1883]
The Enigma 1817
Oil on Canvas

Painting inspired by a poem by Victor Hugo (1802-1885); from ‘A l'Arc de Triomphe’; 'O spectacle! Ainsi meurt ce que les peuples font!’; comment on the Paris Commune;


6 from 2016! Tagged by @catphoenix , thanks babe 😘. I’m gonna do two versions of this because…I can 😋✨

Tagging: @fafnirrs @localgothdad @sanator1um @mikabearrawr @cluster-b-beauties @alienxvi & everyone else who got through the torrential Hell that was 2016


I’m very excited to share my very first community lot for The Sims 4! It’s a bar that fits perfectly into Oasis Springs. The Lot has 2 rest rooms, a bar, tables inside and outside and 2 pools. It’s a perfect place for your Sims to go out on a date.

You will find this Lot on My Gallery Page. Simply search for “RachelPed” and it will take you straight there.

As always, enjoy, and Happy Simming!

A Nonactual Conversation
  • Me: Oh, hey, Homestuck Volume 10 released!
  • Non-HS Friend: Huh? I though it was over?
  • Me: Nono, you, um.
  • Non-HS Friend: You mean, like, the book version?
  • Me: No, that kind of stopped being a thing after the third one. This is an album.
  • Friend: Homestuck had TEN ALBUMS?
  • Me: more, actually, some of them are unnumbered...
  • Friend: Wow, it had more music in it than I it like a "best of" album or something?
  • Me: No, it's just a bunch of cool new songs that never actually appeared in the comic
  • Friend: OK, WHAT EVEN

Sims 4 finally made it to Mac a while back, and I’ve been futzing around in the shiny new Build mode in between actual human responsibilities. I played a little bit when it first came out last year and kinda liked it, though its hard to remember that it’s a whole new game and there just isn’t that much stuff yet. (Though if they’d package up all the stuff from Sims Medieval for use in Sims 4, I’d buy that. There were not enough period-appropriate items to choose from.)

So I did what any sane person would do and recreated a home from a totally different video game. For using base game stuff (and moveobjects on), I think I came pretty close.

I took a few liberties and filled in the dead space we don’t get to see in the game. That includes Leandra’s room, a room for Bodahn and Sandal, bathrooms, and a whole rear of the house for meeting your other Sim needs.

This is the first thing I’ve submitted to the community gallery, and you should be able to find it by searching my Origin ID: meglish. I also tagged it as #hawke, #dragonage2, and a few other things that should help.

If anyone makes a happy little Hawke family in it, take a picture for me! I’ll do one myself eventually, I hope. :D Enjoy!