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This community though...

To all the Simmers who have left recently due to anonymous bullying, I am sorry you had to face that. My personal opinions on you aside there is no reason people should be that cruel. None. If someone thought you wronged them they should have come to you privately like an adult and worked it out. 

This community has a lot of younger members yet I have met some recently who despite being a decade younger than myself show maturity and common courtesy that far outstrips so much of what goes on here. 

Just in case you forgot how to adult, here are some tips:

-Don’t be a bully. I don’t care what someone did, which one of your friends they offended, etc. There is no reason EVER to tell someone to kill themselves, call them names, and bully them anonymously. None. 

-If someone wrongs you go to them privately. Don’t air it publicly, don’t get you friends involved, and don’t immediately attack them. Be civil and speak to them as a fellow human being. You’ll find that 99% of the time it’s a simple misunderstanding and the other 1% can usually be resolved with compromise anyway.

-If someone wrongs a friend of yours STAY THE HECK OUT OF IT. Seriously. It’s none of your business. You can support your friend, talk to them and give them strength and a shoulder but don’t contact the other person. Are we five? No. Let your friend deal with it. If they handle it with maturity it should work out. 

-If you don’t like how someone plays their game or don’t like the game they play get over it. Guys…there are 4 main games in this series some of us are fans of all and others are fans of just one and everything in between. Playstyles are amazingly varied in this community and that ROCKS. What goes on in someone else’s computer really has nothing to do with you. Just enjoy the fact that this gigantic community exists for a hobby we all share. 

-Don’t assume. It makes an ass out of…okay that saying has been overused but seriously it’s true. If you assume something about someone you will likely be wrong. Even if you’re right it’s better to hear from them and get their perspective than it is to just take your own preconceived notions and run with them. 

-If all else fails, use the block button, ignore, turn off anon, and go your separate ways. If you truly cannot work it out in any way, shape, or form there’s a handy block button on Tumblr and most other social media networks. Use it. If you’re being anonymously bullied and it won’t stop turn off anon. They clearly aren’t brave enough to bully you without the mask of anonymity. If it’s annoying but not overwhelming just ignore it. There’s no reason to respond to something that isn’t seriously bothering you. If the actions are incredibly severe or someone is threatening you REPORT THEM. Even if it’s anonymous you can report it and if it’s a serious enough offense they will get in trouble. 

-If you decide to send anon hate, stop. Seriously, is it really worth it to take the time out of your day and hurt someone? Really? No. It’s not. It’s a kind of immaturity and cruelty that you should have grown out of by primary school.

In short? Don’t. Be. A. Freaggin’. Dick.  

I hate to see people leave this community but it happens every single day. If more people would just stop and think before they type a lot of these losses could be prevented.  

Remember, there are buttholes in every community but there are also those who feel differently. If ever you need a listening ear or a supportive shoulder my inbox is 100% open. 

EDITED TO ADD: Also, if you have in the past indulged in one of these behaviours, don’t beat yourself up over it. Learn from it, don’t do it again. Everyone makes mistakes and does stupid things, that doesn’t make you a bad person. Grow and learn from as much of your life as you can. 

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Hi emma! I saw your translation about the behaviours of fans. I think that utaites are being recognized more however it's also kind of scary? In regards to shipping and wanting to see their faces I don't think people should force them too much and it's quite disappointing to see top comments that's not related to tweets/the actual video itself. I think that some of them even forget that utaites are all human and they are not perfect they may have flaws and some may not upload regularly

Hi anon!
Yeah, I totally agree :( There’s lots of good things that come with more fame, but you lose a lot of the nice things that come with having a smaller fandom, like better-behaved fans (generally) and the ability to easily communicate your feelings to all of them at once. It’s not like less-popular utaite don’t get problematic fans too, but obviously, more of that stuff happens when people get more popular and become treated like “celebrities” rather than people just like everyone else… I’m not sure what the “solution” here is. Sadly we might just have to accept that it’s inevitable, and remember that since these people are normal humans like us, they’re probably at least somewhat prepared for these various problems and aren’t totally helpless or anything ww It’s easy to just jump to “omg I must protect them from everything!!” but sometimes that can actually make problems worse orz

This is the Hugo Award. You may have heard of it.

Hugo Award nominees and winners are chosen by supporting or attending members of the annual World Science Fiction Convention, or Worldcon. You have heard something about that recently.

The Hugo Award is named after Hugo Gernsback.

This is Hugo Gernsback:

In addition to inventing those awesome television glasses, he spent years trying to make the word “Scientifiction” happen.

“When I coined the word “Scientifiction” in 1915, I knew that sometime or other it was bound to become popular, and I even cherished a secret hope that someday it might appear in a standard dictionary. In any event, “scientifiction” is a word that will grow with the added years. As science advances, scientifiction will advance and flourish. No one of to-day can even dimly foresee what it may produce. There was a time when science made scientifiction. The time has already come when scientifiction makes science. The author who works out a brand new idea in a scientifiction plot may be hailed as an original inventor years later, when his brain-child will have taken wings and when cold-blooded scientists will have realized the author’s ambitions.”

He also wrote a great deal of scientifiction himself.

However, he is probably most famous for starting the first magazine in America devoted to science fiction scientifiction, Amazing Stories.

Then as now, sci-fi engendered very strong feelings in the people who enjoyed it. Earlier magazines devoted to weird and speculative fiction were known for their active letter columns discussing and arguing about the stories, and authors frequently corresponded directly with fans who wrote them through the magazine. Robert E Howard and H.P. Lovecraft first began corresponding after Howard wrote a letter to the editor of Weird Tales arguing that Lovecraft’s anthropology in The Rats In The Walls was unsupported by the latest science. Howard then went on to write about the Picts being the natural enemies of the Atlanteans, proving that hypocritical fedora-wearing fanboy complaints are not a recent development.

Gernsback, however, made a fateful decision that would change the fate of fandom forever; he began publishing the letters sent to his magazine with the author’s full address.

This changed everything. Now you, living as you do in an age of SWATing and doxxing, might think that publishing the physical locations of hundreds of fanatical sci-fi fans (fan – short for fanatic) might be a bad idea. But since your great-grandparents were generally better people than you (other than that one thing) they instead used this information to write letters to each other. No longer did angry fans need to hope that an editor would publish their indignant response to an angry defense of a vicious attack on their favorite story; now they could write their target directly! Friendships were made, clubs were formed and the earliest popular culture fandom movement began to become a community. A community bound together by nothing but their love of the genre and the post office, ready to argue about which spaceship would win in a fight. Arguing about the plausibility of fictional inventions. 

It was the dawn of the era of organized fandom, growing out of the letter columns of pulp magazines. Every obsessive genre fan you know exists because of these letters. By 1939, this community was holding a convention at the World Fair in New York, and doing what fans always do when gathered together; arguing about which authors and stories were the best. To settle the matter they held a vote, allowing everyone who was there to choose their favorites and giving awards to the winners.

This Science Fiction Convention at the World’s Fair was called the World Science Fiction Convention, or WorldCon.

Where they give out the Hugo Award. You may have heard of it.

Talking About Talking About Comics.

I love comic books, and so do you.

Why, then, is the discussion about comic books so toxic?

The answer is probably a “rat king” that can only exist on the Internet. It’s a knot of anonymity, easy access to creators, editors, fans, bad behavior, worse manners…website clickbait and faux outrage aren’t helping, but I think we need more personal responsibility.  

We can spit venom, and hit our target with precision. By “target” I mean “fellow human being”. We all understand that this toxicity isn’t unique to comics. Civility is endangered across the (message)board, and the vibe in comics has gotten dreadful. The other day a Marvel editor responded very politely to a public comment on Tumblr that actually wished him dead.

This is comic books

No one in comics is cutting school lunches to the underprivileged. I hoped comic readers would have an innate understanding of right and wrong. Good and evil.  

I bring my knives out on Twitter, but my targets are vaccine and science deniers, corrupt politicians, the NRA and tone-deaf companies. People and entities with body counts.

Why chase a fellow fan off Twitter because they dared to voice a different opinion than you, or cast a character in a way you dislike. 

Most infuriating are the threats of violence. If you’re that guy, nobody wants you as a fan. Period. 

If this negative energy was instead directed at Citizens United, the world might be an all-new, all-different, and better place to live. When the chips are down for folks like Bill Mantlo and Norm Breyfogle, that’s when this community is at its best.  

Make your point without making it personal. Life is too short. 

You love comics. And so does the human being on the other end of the “Send” button. Please act accordingly. Thanks for reading, here’s a sunflower. 

Now, let the misunderstanding and anger about this piece begin! Thanks for reading, I better get back to work.*

*Jenny McCarthy ain’t gonna shit on herself.

An Open Letter to the Attendees of Anime Expo 2014

To start, I want to say thank you to each and everyone of you for making Anime Expo 2014 the best event yet. Our employees, staff, and volunteers worked tirelessly for you to make this an exceptional year, rich with content and entertainment. We really stretched our wings to create something new and different for our fans.

As you know, we had more content than any previous year and more attendees than we anticipated.

Anime Expo’s 23rd year experienced an unprecedented 30% increase in attendance with over 80,000 unique attendees, and a turnstile attendance of over 220,000.

Our growth offered the opportunity to invest in exciting content for attendees to experience. The Kill La Kill special event, Sailor Moon panels, and AX Special Edition of rePlay: Symphony of Heroes were just a few of the amazing events offered at AX 2014. While these were complex to produce, we happily rose to the challenges they presented. Many of our programming options attracted interest beyond their peak capacity. The growth is a bit overwhelming, and we recognize the need to improve our logistics; there is a lot to learn as we move forward.

Our growing pains were evident in this year’s registration lines, panel seating, and autograph sessions. The entertainment we worked so hard to produce is limited by how many individuals fit into each event and how quickly we can seat you. We want everyone to experience every event, but the nature of these special events is that they are limited. Much like other shows, special events sell out quickly and simply do not have enough seats for every AX attendee. We’re sorry for this. I want to personally assure you that the SPJA and Anime Expo are not going to rest on their laurels and ignore the issues caused by our rapid growth.

We are committed to using these lessons to improve. We are launching a rigorous program to further develop Anime Expo by examining the complete experience from registration to programming. In 2015, we will be investing in streamlining and vastly improving your experience.

Our goal is for Anime Expo to be one of the easiest and most enjoyable conventions to participate in.

It is important to us that our fans and exhibitors have a clear idea of what is going to be offered in the show. We have created a lot of content and new areas for you to enjoy. Now we will be investing in improving customer service and access to our events.

I want you all to know that we are dedicated to making things better and we’re already hard at work doing just that.

Here’s a glimpse of our plans thus far:

  • Registration
    • Premier fan badges will be mailed.
    • Onsite badge pick-up areas will be increased to process significantly more badges per hour.
    • Registration will open earlier and stay later:
      • Attendee Registration will open on Day 0 at 12pm and stay open till 8pm on Day 1.
    • Days 2 & 3, registration will open at 6am & continue accepting attendees till 8pm.

To accomplish everything above, we’ll be bringing in larger and faster equipment, but we understand that better equipment doesn’t necessarily make for a better experience. We are setting some serious goals and enacting plans to achieve them.

  • Lines
    • Our goal is to make sure no one stands in line more than 90 minutes for registration, preferably less!
    • Registration will open 3 hours before programming starts each day, so people have the ability to see the show and a better chance to get into the panels they are excited to see.
    • To alleviate issues with the sun and heat, tents will be set up for outside lines before the show begins.
  • Customer Service
    • We’re increasing signage and we’re going to empower our staff to better assist attendees. This will help solve issues on the floor, in the lines, and in programming rooms.
    • We’ll also be investigating new technologies that will make it better for you as we continuously try to develop the best attendee experience possible.

It’s an immense amount of work in the year ahead and we’re looking forward to it.

I want to personally apologize to all of you who had negative experience’s at this years event. I am looking forward to working with our community of fans on improving AX and continuing to find new ways to make an even better show for all of us. We have so many more plans than what’s listed above, but we wanted to give you an idea of our top priorities.

Thank you for your understanding, patience, and for being the best fans on the planet.

In Service,

Marc Perez
Chief Executive Officer
Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation



This is URGENT. #SyfyRenewWynonnaEarp is a matter of more than being a fan, this a tv show with badass women rep and LGBT+ rep. Until now, the showrunner and cast have nothing but amazing with fans. They say we’re “angry” fans, but we’re not. 

We want good stories. Better stories. With representation. And Wynonna Earp have been doing it. 

Saving this show is a matter of all our community. 

So join us with #SyfyRenewWynonnaEarp at the right time. Call your friends and other fandoms. Please, don’t tweet before the power hour because it makes trending harder! And tag accounts.

More news coming soon, follow us here and on twitter @Clexa_Brasil!

"It’s All Fucked": An Interview with Alexandra Naughton | Trevor L. Sensor

Alexandra Naughton was one of the first writers I met within the indie lit scene. I’d first heard of her through some interview she did for Cutty Spot a while back. Though that was only a few months ago, it feels like some distant memory now that I can’t fully grasp or remember, as so much has happened and miraculously changed. Author of the astounding poetry collection, I Will Always Be Your Whore, Naughton is a unique voice within my generation of writers and artists. I recognized this immediately after reading her work and talking to her personally about her viewpoints on the world and literature. I believed for a long time that she was different from all the other “alt lit” writers I was reading and hearing about (I still say I don’t even consider her work “alt lit,” it’s just too original to be put under such a generic label).

On top of working on her writing and recent activist efforts, Naughton also runs her own press and zine, Be About It, which publishes fabulous work by unknown writers of all kinds. She also hosts a number of readings in San Francisco, a podcast, and dabbles with hip-hop music. I decided to interview Naughton about a number of things to pick her brain and see what her plans are for the future. If you haven’t read I Will Always Be Your Whore yet, which you must be living under some bolder in the desert if you haven’t at least heard of it, I suggest you get your hands on a copy so you don’t miss out on some of the most original, new poetry that’s been published this year. Or don’t—maybe that bolder out in the desert is a much better place than out here on the Internet with all us suffering, digital people.

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HAPPY 2 YEARS GOT7! I can’t believe that that much time has gone past already! I’m so proud of each and everyone one of you, you all are such, kind caring boys and I thank you everyday for always making me smile. You also have helped me become confident with myself with your words and with your music and dances. 

Jaebum, thank you for being such an amazing leader to our boys, and thank you for always being such a great leader to IGOT7. But also continue to be your funny, at at times angry self because we all love it.

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Mark, well what can I say? Your my bias and I just want to thank you for making me smile and for making me happy everyday. And also just thank you for being honest and yourself with the fans, know that we love your quiet self. 

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JACKSON WANG! Hi, lol, thank you for being the best mood maker we could ask for! Thank you for making the boys and us fans laugh always, and thank you for being such a sweet boy, never lose your spark.

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Jinyoung, my prince, thank you so much for your motherly ways to us and to our boys. We love you for your kindness, and we will ALWAYS support you with you're acting dreams.

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Youngjae, my sunshine! Your laughter brightens up the faces of many, and we love how you want to communicate with your fans, and know we are proud of all your hard work and we all know you are blessed with that heavenly voice of yours.

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Bam Bam, fashionista! We love you for your fashion sense but also your dedication to fans/fanservicing, even when you are tired. We love you so much, and know we all love you and just ignore the haters because your better than what they say. 

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And last of all, our Yugyeom! You are such a rude yet cute boy, I don’t ever get it. Thank you for being our dancing machine and continue to choreograph because we all know how talented you are and wanna see more or your work!

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You all are so so talented and never forget how beautiful you are, inside and out. Here’s to many more years of IGOT7 and GOT7! G.O.T.7 JAI!

I will forever love One Direction.

I just noticed guise. We all are busing with 5SOS that we don’t notice the boys.. I know like probably half this fandom joined the 5SOS Fam. I’m not gonna criticize you for doing that. I’m just saying. Never forget the boys. Never forget the boys who made you happy. The boys who made you smile. The boys who made who you are today. Don’t forget that 75% of you didn’t know who 5SOS was until the boys brought them up. I know that some of you picked 5SOS over the boys because they are more communicative with the fans. And follow you or tweet you back. The boys could do that too. But they can’t. Because we’re too many. They are busy doing concerts for YOU. Making albums for YOU. Making merchandise and perfumes for YOU. They can’t follow or tweet or chat or talk to you because they don’t have time. And we have to respect that. I noticed some people are saying 5SOS is better than 1D because they communicate with fans more than 1D. One Direction has become more popular than they were in 2010. So they can’t just can’t tweet you, or follow you, or chat or talk to you without causing a mob. I know some of you also left due to their choices. Yeah they may do things they regret like, smoking or doing drugs etc. But real fans know why they are doing this. And if you don’t get it or understand. Then your new to the fandom. I will love One Direction no matter what. I hope you will too.

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Seriously, people like you who only watch tv shows for love interests are ridiculous! Orphan Black is not just about love interests! Just because Delphine got shot doesn't mean she's dead. She's just disappeared. People like you are not real fans of Orphan Black if you stop watching because an LGBT character "dies". That's really childish if you ask me. Same thing going on with the show the 100. People stopped watching because Lexa was killed. Like, c'mon people. These are not the only thing

Alright anon, here we go. So I’m going to try and be as respectful as possible in my response to this even though I was not given that same courtesy. First, I would like to point out that I have never once said that I only watch Orphan Black for the love interests. You have no idea how or why I pick which shows I am going to watch and I don’t blog about many of the shows that I currently consume (I tend to just come here to yell about what I’m most passionate about at the time). Secondly, from the night the season 3 finale aired, I have said that I don’t think Delphine is dead. I have not wavered from that stance in the slightest in the last year. In fact, I’ve only been more convinced that she’s still alive over that time. I have also watched every episode live so far this season and will continue to do so. You can claim I’m not a real fan, but I’ve watched this series all the way through more than 10 times. 

Now to the real point I want to make. If you want to call me childish for being upset about the disrespectful treatment of LGBT characters and fans by the creators of this show, then that’s your prerogative. I’m not the one sending rude messages while hiding behind an anonymous face. If you really think that, then you’re missing the whole point of the current LGBT Fans Deserve Better movement that’s happening right now. I don’t want to speak for the whole community but I will say that I’m not just upset because a character gets killed off, I’m upset because if has been happening for decades and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. I’m upset because the people who take on the responsibility of writing these characters don’t understand how important they are. They don’t understand how starved for representation we are and how we long to see what we want presented as something normal and real. They seem to think we only exist for drama and shock value instead of just being regular people. I don’t watch The 100, but I know what happened to those fans and why many have chosen to stop watching. They were baited and then had the rug pulled out from under them in the most painful way possible. They were used and then tossed aside for a cheap and unoriginal plot twist. They were shown that the consequences of finally being with the person you loved would be met with immediate suffering. If they want to stop watching because of how deeply they were hurt, I say go for it. 

Personally, I was devastated when Delphine died because of the treatment she received from the rest of the characters throughout season 3. The writers decided to show someone give up everything for the woman she loves only to be repaid with betrayal and heartbreak. All the other characters that have sacrificed themselves to help the clones have been treated like heroes…but not Delphine. And then they went out of their way to say that if they gave the fans what they wanted, it would mean Delphine and Cosima would just be naked in bed together all the time. If I remember correctly, when Cosima did that with Shay in season 3…most of the posts on my dash were about how out of character it was for Cos and how gratuitous it seemed to be. So yeah, I was offended by that and many other things they’ve said in the last year. I lost a lot of respect for two men I used to really admire. It’s put a damper on my feelings about season 4. I’m still enjoying the show, just not as passionately as I once did and that’s a direct result of the treatment of the fans during the hiatus. 

 I have never claimed that Delphine is the most important part of OB and it’s story, but she’s important to me personally. Everyone has their favorites and we react more strongly to things that happen to them. I don’t understand why you feel the need to police and judge how people feel about their favorite characters. I’m more than willing to have a constructive conversation if you disagree with the observations I made in my original post, but I doubt that’s going to happen. 

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why do you need to win, why. We need this more than you fans. You're probably ignorant about what's been happening to the lgbt community and don't even care. I don't mean that to sound condescending or rude. But we've been mistreated constantly. Killed off. Baited. Lied to. And this is only through tv shows. We need this win, it's only a poll, but it would mean our lives. "LGBT fans deserve better".

Okay, I know not everyone in your fandom is like this and I know you probably think you’re coming from a place of justice and whatever, but are you seriously going to come into the inbox of someone supporting an interracial ship, and more specifically, a BF/WM ship (historically one of the most shitted on ships in the history of television because black women are some of the most shitted on people in both television and real life) and ask me why I want to win? Why I’m not prioritizing your fight/community/cause over mine? Why I don’t feel like your problems matter more than the PLETHORA of issues specific to the ship I’m supporting? And call me ignorant and insensitive in an ask that REEKS of ignorance and insensitivity? You literally just came into my ask box to tell me that LGBT representation, lives, struggles, and mistreatment pointblank matters more than that of black women and interracial progress, to the point where you can’t even IMAGINE why I would think Bamon needs this win and ask me ‘why’ twice, and yet I’m the ignorant one who doesn’t care.

Let me spell something out for you: I’m well aware of the dead lesbian trope. I’m well aware that your ship ending was done in an insensitive, disrespectful, baity, and entirely predictable (in that it happens to a lot of lesbian characters) way. And my awareness of that and the struggle for good LGBT representation in the media is precisely why I never asked anyone why they supported Clexa or thought they deserved to win. You, on the other hand, seem so entirely ignorant of racial politics and the historic treatment of black female characters that you come into my inbox to rant at me about LBGT representation and how dare I support anything else? Like do you see the irony of this? And FYI, the SPECIFIC BF we’re supporting, Bonnie Bennett, has literally died MULTIPLE TIMES on this show saving everyone’s white faves, devalued her own life to the point where she doesn’t want to inconvenience people with her death, spent five seasons being the only surviving black character on the show who just existed to do all the other characters’ bidding and had NO real love life, NO storyline, NO character growth, and JUST FINALLY GOT A BUNCH THESE LAST TWO SEASONS, THUS US TRYING TO SUPPORT IT IN DROVES. The writers are TERRIFIED of doing Bamon and actually going there romantically, and we’re fighting like crazy for it to prove that their terror is stupid. 

So please miss me with this shit because it reeks of white feminism and lack of intersectionality. Lots of fans deserve better - those of black female characters included - and you should probably get out of your hive for a second to realize that about the world.