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Seeing the state the fandom is in now, I wanted to make this. To calm everyone’s nerves, y’know? If any of you guys need anyone to talk to, I’ll always be here. Don’t be shy, I’m here to help! :)

And Jack…I’m sorry. You don’t deserve any of this. No one should be attacked for just stating their honest opinion, especially for saying it as kind and understanding as you did. But know that we’re here for you…no matter what. <3

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You know what babygate could be explained to someone who isn't familiar with it.....but those damn bears? How do you start explaining to someone that two millionaire singers were communicating with fans through rainbow bears in bondage gear?? I hate them almost as much as I love them.

I know!!!! I tried to explain it to my cousin (she knows about the baby, Larry, ect.), but The Bears??? How??? Where do I even start, how can I explain that Louis and Harry transformed themselves into two rainbow stuffed bears that were at all shows in a safe spot, sometimes guarded by security guards and had green and blue lights directly at them, stuffed bears that wore bondage gear and dropped hints to the larries in form of smiling sticks, a rotating chair, outfits, books, photos, mere objects, fucking cake and A GODDAMN PIC SIGNED “LOVE, LARRY” - how do you explain this without looking like a crazy conspiracy theorist that has drank too much coffee, hasn’t slept in 10 days and hears the X-Files theme playing on their head constantly???

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it would be an honour for me to punch every person that has reposted/stolen your art (seriously though, im sorry for all the art thefts that have been happening, you're an incredible artist and it sucks that a lot of reposters are ignorant to how reposting harms artists)

Thank you so much for your uh, slightly violent support! >.<; It does hurt a lot and is hugely demotivating, but I do hope that me talking about it helps educate people a bit on how to share art in ways that help rather than hurt artists and in doing so create better, safer fan communities online ^ ^;

Sorry I’m kinda late with this and it’s by no means perfect ( I’ll redraw it one day. Probably).

Congratulations @therealjacksepticeye for reaching 14 million subs!!! Thank you for nurturing (is that the right word?) such a great community and for continuing to interact with us as best you can (despite our rapidly growing numbers lol). 

Congrats again and thank you for everything. Seriously.

Gah! Am I late to the celebration? I saw that @therealjacksepticeye reached 14 million subscribers while I was still in school and rushed home afterwards to throw something together. Congratulations to you and all 14 million of us. I love the Jacksepticeye community so much. You all are so nice, and I’m so glad to be 1/14,000,000