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Final Battle Thoughts

It’s no secret to those I’ve spoken with that I really had issues with 6x14, not just the CS poor communication but with the ending to the EQ/Regina split. I wrote up my thoughts here.  And then @rock-and-compass wrote an interesting meta here that pulled out something else.  

I know of the people that I spec with a few disagree with me on the message the show is trying to send about light/dark but basically I feel that Once is showing us that we all have light/dark and that even if we split our sides apart, each side would have both light and dark.  

With J/H they showed this by having Hyde love and Jekyll going after Belle and in the end, they both died because they were broken. 

To parallel this the EQ/R, after the EQ used the (short-cut) shears and separated them, we were shown that Regina’s ‘light’ side was stronger than her ‘dark’ side but instead of integrating and taking on ALL of the darkness, she shared some of her ‘light’ with the EQ, therefore making 2 that are essentially the same.  This can’t last though because for us all to have both light/dark ONE side has to be stronger since EQ/R are essentially ½…. The parallel to this then will be that the ‘stronger’ of the two will be the ‘light’ since the stronger of J/H was the ‘dark’.  

So I do believe we are going to get the EQ back and she’s going to be worse than before.  AND because the EQ used the shears she can be ‘killed’ without her other side dying, unlike J/H.  

Now in the WW Rumple told Regina that Emma, the savior was born because the EQ, was her villain.  Adam has said that the EQ is Emma’s Jafar. S

Why swords?   Maybe no magic?   But they did show that the sword that Gideon now has can harm the EQ and not harm Regina.  

If Emma ‘kills’ the EQ then there should be integration I would hope.  Only then will it be a complete redemption for Regina.  

Maybe that’s the battle that occurs on top of the beanstalk?  

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It’s done (I think)!

It could use a little more cleaning up, maybe, but I really like how it turned out, despite everything. I think it doesn’t look as shaky as I was expecting it, so that’s a good thing.

I wanna make some more of these little gifs, and maybe eventually make a longer animation… Idk.

Thanks to @great-taco for the critique in the previous one, ha ha, I made that part slightly longer, but I’m not sure if it’s still long enough? Critique is appreciated, friends :0


I made a photoshop of a Tarot Spread inspired by Witches of East End. 

There was an original image of this spread, it’s called the Truncated Celtic Cross. It wasn’t pleasing to look at so I remade it myself.

But nonetheless, this spread is what the Witches of East End used frequently and I really wanted to try this spread out!

  1. The Central Issue: The theme of the entire spread, the issue at question.
  2. What Crosses You: It could be a person, or anything that’s crossing you, getting in your way.
  3. What Lies Below: Could be something you’re or the issue is standing on; the foundation.
  4. What Lies Behind (past): The past, what created this issue. Could be a person, an object, or anything.
  5. What Lies Above (possibilities): The possibilities that are above you, look up in the sky and think. Your thoughts, etc.
  6. What Lies Ahead (future): What is ahead of you. Could be a person, an object, or anything. The outcome.

The best way to do this reading is to look at the symbols on your cards, the meanings behind the card, and what it represents to you. Use your intuition!


a few storyboards for a project i never actually finished, it was going to be a short film about an aromantic girl that can see people’s “red string of fate”

what NOT to do when your friend / partner is experiencing paranoia:

  • tell them to “get over it”
  • call them or their fear stupid/childish etc.
  • get annoyed in any way
  • ignore them
  • insist everything is fine

what TO DO when your friend / partner is experiencing paranoia:

  • let them know you are there for them / you aren’t leaving
  • if they’re inside, lock all the doors and windows possible, show them everything is locked
  • if they are having camera paranoia help them to “cover” cameras
  • keep them talking or distract them with other stimulation
  • tell them GENTLY and CALMLY that they are safe and protected

ayyyy I did this over the weekend and it would be really cool if you guys checked it out!!! i worked rlly hard on this shitty thing and it’s my first time making an animatic so pls go easy on me ;~; 

song and series belongs to @ghost-and-pals !!

(all panels were done on Paint and put together on iMovie :0) 

the reason why people say nation states like russia and china and north korea aren’t communist is because (at least with ancom) Communism has no government.

There would be no nation, there would be no government. Communism is a classless society, a government would function as a ruling class, ergo if we wish to see a classless society, from my perspective the endgame is the elimination of a government.

Socialism is a transitional period between capitalism and communism, socialism has a government. These countries are socialist, the USSR never called itself communist, it always said it was socialist.

Calling nationstates communist is bourgeois propaganda, you can’t have a nationstate and communism especially not with as globalized as our world is. Cause again, communism has no government, therefore no nations, therefore no borders.

Communism is not a transition, communism is the ending goal, communism is what we work towards, a classless society where the people have equal access to the means of production, no government, no borders, among other things.


In Trespasser when Dorian tells my Inquisitor that he will be returning to Tevinter for good and gives her the communication crystal, I always end up tearing up. I love Dorian more than anyone else - even my fave romance options which is saying something. I just feel so humbled to have his friendship, I just cannot express it properly.            

A Friendly Face

After the Christmas formal Lily finds herself slipping away from her friends and heading up to the Astronomy Tower alone. She needs to think; everything has been getting so much worse at Hogwarts and she’s started to trapped by it all. She’s lost Severus to the dark arts and already she can see so many other students heading down that path.

Sat on the floor of the astronomy tower she can hear the footsteps coming up the staircase and already she knows who it’s going to be.

James: You’re missing all the fun

Lily: The party is over James

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Ok but I’ve been thinking about this a lot.
It was 4 years after the shooting that the Klebolds got Dylan’s clothes sent back to them.
4 long, painful years of trying to heal and not being allowed to properly grieve because of the atrocities that their son committed. 
4 years later, being presented with the clothes that their son wore the last time they ever saw him, the clothes he wore when he killed 6 people, the clothes he died in.
Having to see his signature baseball cap again, it must have seemed (just for a second) like him coming home. His clothes still stained with his blood, with his victim’s blood. The wrath t-shirt a hideous reminder of what their sweet boy was capable of. I bet the kept his trench coat and cap, though. They meant so much to him.

I’m not crying, you’re crying. fuck off.

PRO BLACK does not mean ANTI WHITE. I love everybody, and when we learn to love ourselves first, we can learn to love others freely. I am WOKE, but the day I allow my enlightenment to cause me to hate those that don’t look like me, I have then become the problem! -Rena
  • Atsushi: Dazai-san, I thought I told you to stop reading my letters.
  • Dazai: Well, I thought I told you to stop keeping secrets!
  • 1600s aristocrat: Can you point to one successful example of a capitalist republic in the history of time? You can't, and that's because democratic election of leaders goes against human nature. It might work on a small scale, but all notions of individual liberty are just idealistic pipe dreams. Any time it's been attempted on a large scale, capitalism has killed more people than feudalism ever could. We've already reached the end of history.
  • Radical peasant: *looks at the audience of the stage play like James from The Manor*

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So during class we started to talk about Russia and then my teacher put on this video about basically how communism ended, and then I whispered "communism will never end." And then I tried to chant communism but the teacher stared at me. I'm hardcore man.

There was a dude in my global history class putting up pictures of Putin himself on the walls of my school and just chanting “COMMUNISM FOREVER”
i laughed my ass off that day

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