community easter eggs


community easter eggs: #2 Abed delivers a baby

In The Psychology of Letting Go (S02E03), one of the episode’s most notable arc had only one minute of screentime and happened in the background in it’s entirety. As Abed mentions in Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts (S02E22), he delivered a baby in the beginning of the school year. Some fans had a theory that the couple had appeared on the show during season one, and were in the STD fair that took place in The Politics of Human Sexuality (S01E11), which aired 10 months before “Psychology”, and that the guy was mad at Abed because he told everyone on campus to throw the condoms away. Later, Megan Ganz said on the DVD commentaries that Abed could actually be the father of the child.

For those who celebrate Easter/Ostara, here’s a fun egg-hunt game you can play with your family and friends for this year:

Everybody minus one in the group gets to search for eggs. The singled-out person owns the land that the eggs are found on. Make the hunt into a long process, maybe an hour or two. The landlord gets to sit off to the side in a fold-up chair with a cold lemonade and other leisure materials. At the end of it, each of the hunters has to relinquish three-quarters of their eggs to the landlord.

Maybe have kids play it for an early bit of class consciousness.

OC day week 3 -  A fandomless OC

For @draw247‘s OC week. Thank you for doing this, finally, I have a opportunity to show my babies.

“She’s the smartest girl in the world…” by the greatest living wizard in the world.

Pretty much all of my characters are fandomless, which means they are not created for some particular fandom but I prefer creating original universe for them. It means that it would be pretty difficult for me to speak about all of them :D But if I have to speak about some specific topic let’s talk about my girl characters. I really like creating all the different female characters: girly, tomboyish, witty, enthusiastic, friendly, smartasses… but all of them strong in their own way. It’s not that I don’t like creating male characters because I love that too. But when I see how girls are usually threaten in the media - if there are some “strong” girls they are often described as tomboyish masculine girl who can’t stand being associated with anything “girly” (bonus points if they suddenly change their style and they become sweet girly girls after meeting their love interest). There’s no spectrum between “girly” girls and “tomboyish” boys.
I don’t think there’s a trope that I hate more than passive female characters. That’s why I strive to created interesting, believable and strong girls who are not afraid to take action.

This is a character for my planned webcomics. She’s loosely based on one my friend just like many other characters from that project. It’s a dwarf girl, an adorable resourceful bookworm. She can remember every line from book she’s read, or at least rumors say so ;)

I did this with proper ink just like “true mangaka” :D I’ve wanted to try it for a long time but I was a bit afraid because I haven’t worked with ink since grade school. But man it’s so relaxing, it’s even easier than using liners. I am determined now that if I ever manage to make this webcomics I want to line it with real proper ink, not in digital or just with liners.
And if someone happens to think that fairies are my fave mythical creatures, no they’re not. It’s dwarfs. I am a dwarf at ♥. Those guys deserve to be threaten better than they usually are. They need love and care.


community easter eggs: #15 Flashbacks

In “Paradigms of Human Memory” (S02E21), the Dean Pelton flashbacks references a couple of previous episodes. In one of them, you can see Jeff with a small RC car, like Pierce said in “Aerodynamics of Gender” (S02E07). You can also see Britta knitting, which goes all the way back to “The Art of Discourse” (S01E22), where she is knitting a little eyepatch for her “fresh kitten.”


community easter eggs: #8 Other Roles

Community mentions some of its actors’ work in its scripts. During Jeff’s first speech in the Pilot (S01E01), he states that if you ask Abed for salt, he’d give you soup, because soup is better. Joel McHale, who plays Jeff, is the host of E!’s show “The Soup”. In The Science of Illusion (S01E20), when Annie fails to catch the guy she’s chasing, Shirley calls her “Hannah Montana”. Alison Brie got her acting start on that show. Alison also played Trudy, in Mad Men, which was referenced in Physical Education (S0E17), as Abed impersonates Don Draper in an attempt to seduce Annie. Though it wasn’t an scripted mention, in Environmental Science (S01E10),  Jeff and Chang laugh at the name “Cherry Daiquiri”, which is the name of Gillian Jacobs’ character in the movie “Choke”.


community easter eggs: #23 Daybreak

“Daybreak” by Michael Haggins is frequently featured on the show. The first time was in “Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps” (S03E05), during Abed’s story. It also played in “Pillows and Blankets” (S03E14), on Neil’s radio program. The song is hummed by several characters throughout seasons 3 and 4 - Troy in "Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism" (S03E09) and Virtual Systems Analysis (S03E16), Annie in “Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts” (S03E11), Abed in “Digital Exploration of Interior Design” (S03E13), Shirley in“Cooperative Escapism In Familial Relations” (S04E05) and the puppet study group in “Intro To Felt Surrogacy” (S04E09) - as well as it is established as Troy’s ringtone in “Paranormal Parentage” (S04E02).