community easter eggs

For those who celebrate Easter/Ostara, here’s a fun egg-hunt game you can play with your family and friends for this year:

Everybody minus one in the group gets to search for eggs. The singled-out person owns the land that the eggs are found on. Make the hunt into a long process, maybe an hour or two. The landlord gets to sit off to the side in a fold-up chair with a cold lemonade and other leisure materials. At the end of it, each of the hunters has to relinquish three-quarters of their eggs to the landlord.

Maybe have kids play it for an early bit of class consciousness.


community easter eggs: #23 Daybreak

“Daybreak” by Michael Haggins is frequently featured on the show. The first time was in “Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps” (S03E05), during Abed’s story. It also played in “Pillows and Blankets” (S03E14), on Neil’s radio program. The song is hummed by several characters throughout seasons 3 and 4 - Troy in "Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism" (S03E09) and Virtual Systems Analysis (S03E16), Annie in “Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts” (S03E11), Abed in “Digital Exploration of Interior Design” (S03E13), Shirley in“Cooperative Escapism In Familial Relations” (S04E05) and the puppet study group in “Intro To Felt Surrogacy” (S04E09) - as well as it is established as Troy’s ringtone in “Paranormal Parentage” (S04E02).


community easter eggs: #21 Nice Sweater

 In “Asian Population Studies” (S02E12), Andre mentions that his sweater was given to him by his father. Malcolm Jamal Warner, who plays Andre, also played Theo Huxtable on The Cosby Show. His father, Cliff Huxtable, played by Bill Cosby, was famous for wearing colorful vests.

Nicky Hemmick Presents: An Easter Special

(I’m sorry I just really like writing holiday related fluff)

Out of all the Foxes Nicky is the only one to have ever celebrated Easter as a child. But it wasn’t the pastel, candy-filled holiday that many American kids got to experience. His Easters were heavy on tradition: rehearsing for the special Sunday music, hard-boiled eggs and a lesson on having a new life in Christ, dressing up in new clothes. It was highly unsatisfactory.

This year, in his never ending attempts to rehabilitate his cousins, Nicky decides that the Foxes should get into the Easter spirit. Renee is easily recruited for his mission and gradually the other Foxes express interest (except for Andrew and Aaron, of course). The plan for the day has both childish elements and more adult activities (drinking contest because this is what the Foxes do).

First up is the Easter Egg Hunt. Naturally this takes place at the Court. Abby and Wymack get recruited to hide the eggs. It ends up being a surprisingly fun not-date for them. Wymack puts all his deviousness to work and hides eggs in the most impossible places. There was great debate about what types of eggs to use. Kevin was adamant that they should use real eggs because Protein but Andrew straight up refused to participate if chocolate was not involved. They ended up compromising but decorating and eating hard boiled eggs for breakfast. (No one really enjoyed eating the eggs except for Kevin). The plastic eggs used for the hunt have varying sizes and colors and their prizes are all different, anything from money to candy to random things that Nicky found at the Dollar Tree.

After breakfast the team meets up at the court. Each player gets an Easter egg basket and then they’re off. It almost becomes a blood bath because Andrew gets competitive af. Matt and Kevin are racking up eggs by finding them in high, hard to reach places. Aaron is trying to find all the money eggs to give to Katelyn (did he forget to give her something for Easter? yes). Allison, Renee, and Dan have joined forces because they want to beat the boys. Neil is diligently searching all the strange, out of the way spots for eggs. Nicky ends up losing because he spends the entire time taking pictures and commentating on the hunt. The winner is Andrew, but only because Neil kept sneaking eggs into his basket.

During the afternoon Renee makes them volunteer at a community Easter egg hunt. Some of them hide eggs, some of them do face painting, and some of them get dressed up as Easter bunnies and take pictures with the kids. All of them wear ridiculous bunny ears and Neil cannot get over Andrew wearing a pair of pale pink ears. He absolutely saves them for later.

Everyone’s having a good time and Nicky is dying of happiness because this is all he ever wanted. That night they all get incredibly drunk (with the exception of Renee), taking shots from hollowed out chocolate Easter bunnies and eating chocolate liqueur eggs. Kevin is legit about to go into a sugar coma but Andrew can’t get enough. They play drinking games all night while watching “Rise of the Guardians.” No one even knows what the movie is about, they just take shots whenever the Easter bunny appears.

Nicky calls Erik after the party is over. He’s dead drunk and only somewhat aware of what’s going on. Erik listens to him mumble on and on about their day and then Nicky gets all emotional and cries. When he wakes up the next morning and finds the photo collage that Renee made for him he absolutely bawls. 

Post Script: Andrew takes Neil to the store on Monday and they stock up on all the Easter candy. (This is basically the routine after every major holiday tbh)