community dynamics

When Dex invites Nursey to spend a chunk of the summer up in Maine, Nursey jumps at the opportunity faster than he’d openly admit (Dex is inwardly more excited at the affirmative than he’d openly admit as well). 

Despite hearing all about them, including an overview of every family member, Nursey is still unprepared for all the uncles that Dex has. Not all with the last name Poindexter (many of them in-laws); not all even officially uncles (rather many of them #-degree cousins whom are easier to call “Uncle”). Still, overall the family is a major presence in the small island community of less than a thousand folks.

To say nothing of the droves of cousins.   

So, to make things easy on himself, Nursey ends up categorizing each uncle (and their immediate family) by their vocation:

  • Boatdexter: Lobster boat uncle. 
  • Portdexter: Runs ferry service between Mount Desert Island and Winter Harbor, and connects the island between the two regions. Ferry functions as a commuter, school bus, and delivery service. 
  • Fixdexter: Repair shop. Is actually mainly a boatyard (a lot of the boats worked on are from off-island), but also can work on automobiles (which are barely used within the community). 
  • Shopdexter: Convenience and hardware store, with a backshop and fuel pumps (for both boats and cars), at the marina.
  • Dinedexter: Runs the main restaurant/bar/cafe in town. Also runs the inn that mostly sees business in the summertime. 
  • Waydexter: Maritime pilot who helps ships navigate the narrows. 
  • Bluedexter: Owns and runs a small scale farm mostly focused on blueberries. Not only taking the berries to market, but also opening the field to visitors so they can pick the fruit themselves (as blueberry season is in the summer, there is that sweet summer tourism traffic). Also grows other produce on the side. Farm overall is a joint-operation with…
  • Crandexter: Who mostly focuses on the small football field-sized cranberry bog adjacent to the rest of the farm (which he helps with as well). The bog is not flooded but rather dry-harvested.
  • Repdexter: Retired and now the village ombudsman to the county. 
  • Teachdexter: Him and his wife are teachers at the local school.
  • Tourdexter: Takes tourists around and past the bay during the summer, and works with Boatdexter in the off time. If you’re used to the rest of the family’s reservedness, his outgoing nature can be a bit unnerving. 
  • Copdexter: Sheriff deputy. 
  • Parkdexter: Ranger for the DACF. Also works with the NP rangers at Acadia.
  • Assdexter: Bigoted, misogynistic walking Breitbart mouthpiece. Quintessential Angry White Male™. 
  • And more…


  • Assdexter’s existence is barely tolerated by the rest of the family (who are conservative, many with cringy traditionalist and heteronormative views, but not hateful/far-right; think more Collins, less LePage). That “barely” is simply by virtue of community and bloodlines, and the fact that he’s a useful extra hand. Other than that, “We have your back” does have its limits, and “tolerance” does not prevent a fist to the face. Doesn’t help that he may have called Dex a few choice words for choosing Samwell.
  • Conversations between Copdexter and Nursey get interesting. Seriously, they’re legit engaging discussions and debates that don’t always end in agreement but do involve civility and actual listening. To Nursey’s (and Dex’s) surprise, Copdexter’s the one to ask (not demand) Nursey (who otherwise would have stayed silent due to being a guest) first for an opinion.
  • Nursey’s favorites of Dex’s uncles are probably either Teachdexter or Parkdexter (especially after the latter toured the boys around on their free time).
  • Overall, Dex is chagrined at Nursey after finding out about the nicknames.
    • Then the uncles find out, and he’s scared that Nursey may no longer be welcome.
    • To his horror and frustration, they (barring Assdexter) actually find it amusing. Yeah, he wanted Nursey to fit in and be welcomed, but this is going too far.
    • Dex’s frustration may manifest along the lines of a sputtered “… liberal… idle rich… city boy…” accompanied by increasing redness as he short-circuits at the absurdity of it all.
    • In response, one of the uncles simply chirps, “Chill, Billy.”
Little space must-haves

🎀 Stuffy🐻
🎀 Daddy/Caregiver/Little friends💑
🎀 Colors/cute color pages🎨
🎀 Cute outfit👗👑
🎀 Play doh✨
🎀 Little Shows/Movies ( My Little Pony❤)
🎀 Sippy cup🍼
🎀 Paci⭐
🎀 Blankies (The fluffier, the better!)💕
🎀 Little friendly snacks (like candy! 🍭🍬shh dont tell my daddy)

Serious Talk With Daddy

Daddy : So I was thinking about what tattoo I wanna get, and I think it’ll either be Rise Against or Twenty One Pilots
Me : Are you sure you’d want a Tøp one? It might kinda hurt to see if we ever broke up
Daddy : ….what did you say?
Me : uhm… It might hurt if we broke up?
Daddy : We don’t talk about that. We do not talk about that. Got it?
Me : *curls up in a ball of awkward blushies* y-yes sir
Daddy : Good girl
Me : *internally screams*


Crystal Community Showcase: March 2017

We’re very excited to debut a new project here at the studio - the Crystal Community Showcase!

The Crystal Community Showcase is a monthly art exhibit housed in a high-traffic area of our HQ, showcasing some of the incredibly creative work from our dedicated fans. The goal is to bring inspiration full circle by paying tribute to creative works originally inspired by Crystal Dynamics games. 

Each month we will curate eight pieces of submitted works featuring our past and present projects, across a variety of artistic mediums. Learn more about how to have your work considered for the showcase via our FAQ.

Check out our eight featured artists for the month of March below! Congrats to all the participants! 

  • “Spanx the Weasel” | Themrock | Digital Painting
  • “Miss Croft” | Anne-Marie Paradis | Super Sculpey Polymer Clay, Plaster, Acrylic Paints, Matte Varnish & Glossy Glaze
  • “Elder Kain” | Shahir Shakir | Digital Painting
  • “Jump” | Alessio Buzi, Featuring Fuinur Croft | Canon EOS-1DX with 35mm
  • “The Tomb Raider” | Jennifer So | Digital Painting
  • “True Croft" | Tholia | Digital Painting
  • “Sharing Stories” | Evgenia Leonova | Digital Painting
  • “Relentless” | KTVL | Acrylics on Paint Board

(This post is going around.  Since I pretty much like the post, I’m making my own post rather than introducing this in the responses there, but I do want to link to it for context.)

A really cool and classy trans lady I corresponded with for a while on a different social site used words like “transsexual” and “transgendered.”  She spoke of herself as being born in the wrong body, and she spoke of herself as being biologically male, MTF.

She was in her late 60s.

I did not correct her.  I would not in a hundred years have dared.  

Given the social climate and hostility she had endured, I was fortunate to be speaking to her at all.

I have occasionally seen younger people criticizing older people quite harshly for that sort of thing.  That hurts.

The use of language changes, my friends.

It is so, so very important to help people outside the community understand what language is most appropriate, and it’s important to discuss this stuff within the community so that we can reach some kind of consensus (however messy) moving forward.

It is also very, very important to respect the elders among us, and to understand that their experiences and the wisdom they have to share with us are of tremendous importance and incalculable value.  And the language they use?  Is part of their history, and our history, and respecting that fact in all its complexity is part of respecting them . . . and respecting ourselves as a community.

Language is so important, but in thirty years I guarantee you some of the language we defend so vigorously now will be woefully outdated, and many of us will still be clinging to it, much to the consternation of the younger generation.  

I’m not saying it isn’t important to strive to create the most respectful, helpful language possible, and educate others when it is right to do so.  It is vitally necessary that we do so.  But we have to remember that this is a process that, thank heavens, never, ever ends.

Language cannot, and should not, stop evolving.  Look at us.  Look at all of us.  So beautiful, so many.  We are a dynamic community, a vivid community, full of art and history and passion and pathos and great, great power.  Something so lively is always surrounded by change.  That is so beautiful, and should be welcomed going forward … and it should be respected looking back.

There are words not yet invented that will apply to those not yet born.  Those people should be respected when they join us.  And the words we use now, they are good for now, and we should be respected.  And our elders should be respected.  Letting language take that from us is a horrifying prospect.

So.  Let us not forget that language is primarily meant to be what helps bind us together.  Let us remember not to let it set us apart, to squeeze us like a fist.

Please remember your history when discussing language.  You will eventually be part of our history.  You already are.  Please.  Go with open hands.

If you define bisexuality as “an attraction to men and women”, then define pansexuality a “an attraction to men, women, and transgender individuals”, you are using transphobia to support a biphobic idea of bisexuality.

Simple as that.

The transphobia should be obvious; making the distinction between men, women, and transgender individuals invalidates trans men and trans women as ACTUAL men and women. It also places all transgender individuals in this “other” category. Not man, not women, no matter how they identify their gender. Trans women are actual women, not an “other” kind of woman. Trans men are actual men, not an “other” kind of men. Nonbinary people can identify under the terms “men” and “women” if they choose to, and they will still be just as valid as men and women as another individual.

The biphobia may be a little less obvious, however. Bisexuality is not defined as an attraction to cis men and cis women (saying so actually invalidates many bisexual people and aids in the invalidation of actual trans/nonbinary bisexuals), it is defined by the majority of the community as a “attraction to two or more genders or same and different genders”. The act of claiming otherwise (on a community level, not a personal definition level) is erasive and contributes to biphobia within the LGTBQ++ community.

Your argument that “bisexuals are attracted to cis men and cis women” not only invalidates trans men and trans women, and nobinary/trans bisexuals, it results in two very dangerous dynamics in the LGTBQ++ community.

Firstly, it creates tension between the bisexual and transgender/nonbinary communities. Historically, this is a fairly recent tension, as trans activists and bisexual activists often worked hand in hand during the first trans rights movement. This dynamic shreds apart two of some of the closet knit communities, and forces transgender people to identify as labels other than bisexual, else they face a wave of biphobia from their fellow transgender community. Despite this (thankfully), a large amount of transgender individuals identify as bisexual, and have begun doing what they can to end the faulty idea that bisexual is binary.

The second dynamic is constant fighting between the bisexual and pansexual community. Opinions about umbrella term usage aside, these communities have an enormous amount of overlap that requires them to work together to fight ideas of monosexism; a social system that operates on the belief that single gender attraction is the standard, and enforces this by rewarding SGA and punishing MGA. Gay/Lesbian monosexism operates in a different environment than hetero monosexism, but both cause strife towards the MGA communities.

These dynamics are reinforced daily by all members of the LGBTQ++ that continue to allow the bisexual definition of “attraction to cis men and cis women” to spread and be taken as the real definition. Until the rest of the LGBTQ++ gets on board and begins to allow bisexuals to define their community, and their individual forms of attraction, we will not be able to heal the fracturing relationships between BT and P.

I just want to make new friends. I wish I could talk with other littles, but it seems it’s really impossible to chat with someone without being molested by fake daddies… 😞

Little things!

Guys i am so excited i has 32 more pounds to lose!!! I am doing my best! Is anyone else trying to lose weight? If so how is it going? What types of stuff are you doing to lose weight?

I am drinking more water
Doing a 20min work out/walk
And trying to eat less

What is your weakness for losing weight?

For me it is night time snacking.. i am working on that also!

Remember always take babysteps and do the best you can!

No matter if you are losing weight or not you are perfect the way you are! ❤❤



ive halfassed more stuff you’re welcome dont hurt me thanks