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The Victims of the Aurora Shooting

On July 20, 2012, a deadly shooting transpired at a Cinema 16 theatre in Aurora, Colorado. This tragedy happened during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises. A devastating total of 82 casualties were reported. 58 people received non-fatal injuries from gunfire, 4 from tear gas, and an additional 8 people were injured whilst fleeing the theatre. 12 people were killed. This post is a tribute to the fallen victims. 

Jonathan Blunk, 26, pictured with his daughter. Jonathan Blunk was a father of two, as well as a Navy veteran. Between 2004 and 2009, Blunk had served three tours in the Persian Gulf and North Arabian Sea. Blunk was killed while protecting his girlfriend, Chantel, pushing her beneath the theater seats.  According to family and friends, Blunk had wanted, if able to choose, to die as a hero. And indeed he did. 

Alexander Boik, 18. Boik’s dream was to become an art teacher. He had been accepted at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, where he would have attended classes in the fall of 2012. Boik enjoyed baseball, music, and making pottery. His family had said that Boik was dating a young woman who was also present at the shooting. She fortunately survived. Boik’s family specified that Alexander was “loved by all who knew him”, and that he was “a wonderful, handsome, and loving 18-year-old young man, with a warm and loving heart”. 

Jesse Childress, 29. Described by Air Force Captain Andrew Williams as knowledgeable, experienced, and respectful, Childress had been an Air Force cyber-systems operator. Childress had been based at the Buckley Air Force Base in Colorado. Tech Sergeant Alejandro Sanchez, a co-worker and bowling teammate of Childress, said “He would help anyone and always was great for our Air Force Unit”. Ashley Wassinger, another co-worker, said that Childress “was a great person, fun to be with, always positive and laughing. Really just an amazing person, and I am so lucky to have been his friend”. 

Gordon Cowden, 51. Cowden, a “true Texas gentleman”, was with his two teenage children the night of the Aurora tragedy. Thankfully his children survived the shooting, ultimately escaping unharmed. Cowden had his own business and also loved the outdoors. He was, as described by his family, “a quick witted world traveler with a keen sense of humor”. Cowden’s family went on to say that he “will be remembered for his devotion to his children and for always trying to do the right thing, no matter the obstacle”. Cowden was the eldest victim of the Aurora shooting. 

Jessica Ghawi, 24. Jessica Ghawi, also known as Jessica Redfield, had only just prior to the shooting, written about surviving a mall shooting in Toronto. The beloved sports writer’s death came as an absolute shock to her brother, Jordan Ghawi. Jessica has been described by friends and colleagues as smart, outgoing, and witty. Hockey player Jay Meloff, Ghawi’s boyfriend, was hit very hard by her death. “140 characters could never do you justice nor could all the words in this world. Never wanted to fall asleep because it meant missing time with you”. Meloff had tweeted the previous words shortly after Ghawi’s death. 

John Larimer, 27. Larimer was a Navy petty officer and the youngest of five siblings. When the shooting began, Larimer immediately rushed to shield his girlfriend, Julia Vojtsek, his life being taken soon thereafter. He had once told his brother Noel that the best way to die was in the process of saving someone else’s life. John Larimer had immense pride for his country and will continue to be loved by his girlfriend, friends, and family. Adam Kavalauskas, a former friend and college roommate of Larimer, expressed that Larimer was “never selfish” and was “always serving others”. 

Matt McQuinn, 27. On the night of the shootings, Matt McQuinn was with his girlfriend, Samantha Yowler, and her brother, Nick Yowler. When the shooting commenced, McQuinn and Nick Yowler attempted to shield Samantha with their bodies. The young woman was unfortunately shot in the leg, but was able to escape with her unharmed brother. McQuinn, however, did not survive. His stepfather, David Jackson, stated “I know he’s a hero. He and Sam were very much in love and planning their life together. I am sure they were thinking very seriously about getting married soon.” 

Micayla Medek, 23. Medek was out with a group of about ten friends to see “The Dark Knight Rises” on July 20. She was an avid fan of the Green Bay Packers and loved to hang out with friends. Medek’s aunt, Jenny Zakovich, described her as an independent-minded and sweet girl who rarely asked her family for anything. “This shouldn’t have happened to somebody like her,” Zakovich said. Anita Bush, the cousin of Medek’s father, has said that she hopes “this evil act…doesn’t shake people’s faith in God”. 

Veronica Moser-Sullivan, 6. Veronica was the youngest victim of the Aurora shooting. “She was excited about life as she should be. She’s a 6-year-old girl,” said her great-aunt. Veronica, an only child, tragically died on the operating table at a local hospital. 

Alex Sullivan, 27. Sullivan was celebrating his 27th birthday with friends on the night of the shooting. His first wedding anniversary with his wife Cassie would have been just two days later. Sullivan was cherished by his family and friends, and was described as “just a big teddy bear” who gave great hugs. He was smart and funny, with a great smile, according to his loved ones. Sullivan was an enormous movie fan and a comic book geek, as well as a fan of the New York Mets. “He was a very, very good young man,” said Joe Loewenguth, Sullivan’s uncle. 

Alexander Teves, 24. “Alex was a very wonderful, kind, caring person,” said Teves’ aunt, Barbara Slivinske, “He had a great sense of humor. At one point he grew his hair ten or twelve inches long so that he could cut it off and donate it to Locks of Love”. Teves died while protecting his girlfriend as the gunman attacked several movie-goers. He had a master’s degree in counseling psychology from the University of Denver and was aspiring to become a psychiatrist. Alexander Teves is survived in part by his two younger brothers, ages 16 and 17. 

Rebecca Wingo, 31. Wingo was working towards an associates of arts degree at the Community College of Aurora. She had joined the Air Force after graduating from high school. Wingo became fluent in Mandarin Chinese and served as a translator. Her father, Steve Hernandez, posted a FaceBook post saying, “I lost my daughter yesterday to a mad man. My grief right now is inconsolable. I hear she died instantly, without pain, however the pain is unbearable”. A friend of Wingo, Hal Wallace, said that she had “the sweetest smile you’ve ever seen. She got prettier as she grew older”. 

Other victims who survived, but received extensive lifelong injuries. 

Ashley Moser, the mother of Veronica Moser-Sullivan, suffered a miscarriage not long after the shooting. She also lost her ability to walk as a result of many critical gunshot wounds. Moser will remain in a wheelchair for the remainder of her life. 

Caleb Medley has serious brain damage as well as an eye injury due to a shotgun wound to the head. He requires a feeding tube and has severely impaired movement. Medley can no longer speak. After the completion of three brain surgeries, he was the last victim of the Aurora shooting to be discharged from the hospital. 

The Community First Foundation collected over $5 million for a fund for the Aurora victims and their families. The Aurora Victim Relief Fund announced on November 16, 2012, that each claimant would recieve $220,000. On July 25, 2012, three out of the five hospitals treating Aurora victims announced that they would either limit medical bills or forgive them entirely. 

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I always wanted to try pen pal so, here it goes. I go to a community college to get my AA degree and almost done. After that I want to join the Air Force. Just a person trying to make new friends and trying something new.

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So yeah, I probably sound so bland but hey once you get to know me , I become I funny and loyal friend how has your back.

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Why should I hire a Noncommissioned Officer?
I have a cross to bear. I have a torch to carry. I have a mission to lead. There are hundreds of noncommissioned officers separating from our

Good article on enlisted military and NCO’s adding value in the workforce. Officers aren’t the only ones with leadership, communication and organizational skills.  As veterans, we need to do a better job of translating our skills and experiences. Employers aren’t running a charity. They need people to join and add value to their team.  It is our responsibility to show them how we can help.    -Matt Medhat


Several years ago, South Carolina had a problem: a shortage of skilled workers and no good way to train young people for the workforce. So at a time when apprenticeship programs were in decline in the U.S., the state started a program called Apprenticeship Carolina.

“We were really, really squarely well-positioned at the bottom,” says Brad Neese, the program’s director.

From the beginning, South Carolina took apprenticeship beyond the building trades — that’s the traditional route for apprentices — to fields like nursing, pharmacy and IT. As the number of apprenticeship programs has fallen nationwide, it has taken off in South Carolina.

In South Carolina, A Program That Makes Apprenticeships Work

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The town is mostly black, almost all the cops are white
You can see it right away, something isn’t right
There’s no funding for the schools and they’re being shut down
The powers that be don’t give a shit about the town

They were walking in the street, it’s the safest place to be
In case someone comes shooting, you got a better view to see
They were walking in the street, they weren’t hurting anyone
Then came a white man with a badge and a gun

His hands were in the air
His hands were in the air
His hands were in the air
His hands were in the air

“Get the fuck on the sidewalk,” that’s what the cop said
He cut them off in his car, fat face, blood red
The cop says he was attacked, and from a cursory check
It seems his fingers were assaulted by Michael Brown’s neck

His hands were in the air
His hands were in the air
His hands were in the air
His hands were in the air

There were witnesses who saw it, it was recorded on a phone
But the police couldn’t handle the light that would’ve shone
She was forced to hand it over so they could try to hide away
A racist execution in the middle of the day

His hands were in the air
His hands were in the air
His hands were in the air
His hands were in the air

He had just finished high school and was off to college next
Instead he was shot and killed with no pretext
The media joined in, called the community a mob
A cop called them animals while Michael’s mother sobbed

His hands were in the air
His hands were in the air
His hands were in the air
His hands were in the air
—  David Rovics, “His Hands Were in the Air”

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The fact that you answered like that means that you are a disturbed person who's supporting rape and pedophilla. I assume that you didn't knew it called pedophilla because you are too stuck in your house not knowing what real life is.

Here we go!! Seems like it’s time for another round of “I-really-don’t-give-a-flying-shit-what-you-think” Rivamika smutty time!! And to make things more interesting, it’s a COLLEGE AU (Mainly because I’ve been on a ‘Community’ binge)!! And because you’re really idiotic, I’m going to openly patronize you by putting in some definitions of rape and pedophilia. :)



  • the crime, typically committed by a man, of forcing another person to have sexual intercourse with the offender against their will. 



  • sexual feelings directed toward children.

Now, seeing as shipping Rivamika has in no way shown Levi forcing Mikasa (who is definitely nota child) to have sex, your argument and indignation is, in all hell-fire honesty, a complete waste of air and thought. Now, to better laugh and mock your idiotic tendencies for arguing something with no basis of any kind, I give you the fullness of my response. :D

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I love it when girls completely shut down blatant sexism.

My mom’s coworker is taking some classes at the local community college this semester and she showed up to orientation in one of her Air Force t-shirts. The guy sitting next to her glanced at her shirt and said “Boyfriend in the Air Force, huh?” in this really shitty tone. So my mom’s coworker replied “Husband, actually.” And the guy scoffed and rolled his eyes. So she raised her voice and continued in a matter-of-fact tone. “We met on base, he’s been in for two years and I’ve been in for four. All of his friends tease him because his wife out ranks him.”

The guy was so embarrassed that he moved down a few seats.

Do you ever think about young Sam Wilson? I do. Little Sam Wilson at school, helping other students figure out things they don’t understand. Smiling brightly at literally everyone he walks past. Calmly asking bullies to give back that toy, or lunch money, or homework, or whatever it was they took. Sam Wilson using words instead of fists, the exact opposite of Steve, unless it has to come down to that.

Sam Wilson asking the little old lady next door if she needs help with those bags. Grinning proudly as she tells his parents that ‘it’s a fine young man you’re raising here’. Sam Wilson using the couple of bucks she’d insisted on giving him (he tried to refuse it several times, but little old ladies never listen) to go to the park and feed the pigeons.

Sam Wilson becoming only slightly more bitter as he starts growing up and recognizing the racism that surrounds him. Retaining his good nature and helping his community to work past these problems. Getting angrier but holding it together for his mother, when his father is killed trying to break up a gang fight. Finally breaking down when two years later, his mother is shot by a mugger.

An angry and lost Sam Wilson joining the Air Force, because there’s nothing left for him at home and even though his mother wanted him to have a good college education, he can’t afford it on his own. Meeting some reckless moron named Riley in basic training, who sometimes makes dumb choices and occasionally picks fights, but seems like he’s gonna make a damn good pilot. Striking up a friendly rivalry in which they constantly make little jabs at each other, but anybody else having something to say against one of them better watch their backs. Sam Wilson feeling like he’s got family again.

Sam and Riley being chosen for a special program, together of course, they’re pretty much inseparable and know each other like they would their own brothers (neither of them have brothers, but they’ve both always wanted one). Riley laughing at Sam when he chooses the callsign 'Falcon’, because he’s never understood Sam’s love of birds, but now it’s kind of fitting. Sam laughing back at Riley when he settles on Redwing, but actually thinking shit that’s cool. Sam and Riley picking up flight techniques in these new suits faster than anybody expected.

Sam and Riley running countless successful missions, because they’re damn good at what they do and honestly who the hell ever expects a couple of guys with wings? Sam finding that he has a special knack for helping guys who seems overly stressed out or on the verge of an anxiety attack. Riley joking that when they get out of the business he’s gonna have Sam take a look at his messed up head, and Sam telling him that he couldn’t make sense of that if he had three doctorates.

Sam and Riley flying a routine night mission when all of a sudden it’s just Sam Wilson again, alone in the world.

Sam Wilson leaving the military, because it’s just no use being there without Riley. No use being there without something worth fighting for. Finding a job at the VA, working with the vets because he’s not too sure how to deal with his own trauma but he knows how to help them. Sam Wilson feeling a little more like it’s gonna be okay, every time one of these people thanks him or tells him how grateful they are.

Sam Wilson going for a routine morning run when this cocky blond son of a bitch passes him with a grin and an 'on your left’. Sam Wilson decides that Captain America reminds him of Riley.

Day 2 of Ereri Week: Summer Job

I actually wrote a thing for Ereri week! This is the only prompt I actually filled and I feel a little guilty about that but I just didn’t have time!
Anyway, here’s Levi working as an EMT at a fairground and reckless Eren violating safety regulations and injuring himself. There is some mentions of injuries in this, but it’s not too graphic

This is the ride I’m talking about btw

Working as a trainee EMT at the local theme park wasn’t Levi’s ideal summer job, but he desperately needed the experience in order to receive a place in the Emergency First Aid course in the local community college. He was forced to put up with screaming children and snotty teenagers and irate adults on a daily basis, and to deal with the too sweet scent of candy corn and cotton candy clinging to the air all day.

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