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Do any other autistics collect things just to collect them? If so, what do you collect?

Over the years I’ve had several collections:
Magic: The Gathering cards
“Pretties” (basically glassware, statues, etc.)
Stress balls shaped like other things (mainly from robotics competitions)
Pins (mainly Disney and ones from robotics competitions)



Although known for their AR-15 and AR-10 rifles, DPMS did at one point produce FAL rifles. Supposedly the exact number built was 297, a mix of either complete rifles or stripped receivers. There is little to no further information on them, but they are mostly viewed in the FAL community as an obscure collectable. (GRH)

listen, i understand why people get curious about the details of other peoples trauma. sometimes it’s interesting, unusual, or maybe you worry it happened to you. theres a lot to be curious about. i get it. like i really do.

but, if you want a horror story, there’s fiction for that. our lives are not your entertainment. don’t ask for details just so you can get off on our suffering. people with trauma disorders are not play things. we are not here to tell you scary tales about bad people. we arent here to provide you a good story.

people who fetishize the suffering we’ve endured disgust me. dont read our stories for a scare or for entertainment. parts of us died during the events we so generously tell others about online. how dare you take that as entertainment.

i share my story to help others, not to entertain the fools who get off on my suffering. i tell my story for the good of others and the good of others only.

We treat each other with exceeding courtesy;
we say, it’s great to see you after all these years.

Our tigers drink milk.
Our hawks tread the ground.
Our sharks have all drowned.
Our wolves yawn beyond the open cage.

Our snakes have shed their lightning,
our apes their flights of fancy,
our peacocks have renounced their plumes.
The bats flew out of our hair long ago.

We fall silent midsentence,
all smiles, past help.
Our humans
don’t know how to talk to one another.
—  Wisława Szymborska, “An Unexpected Meeting,” Salt

My Ancient Egyptian/Oracle of the Pharaohs deck came today! I am SO stoked. The cards so very nice and lovely. Starting after the full moon–if I can wait that long–I’ll be doing Kemetic Mondays! I hope y’all are looking forward to getting guidance from the Egyptian Pantheon~! 

anonymous asked:

Someone was arguing that aces shouldn't be included in the LGBT community because they said we aren't fighting for anything like marriage or equal rights. I need something to say in case this comes up again. I already said that visibility is an issue and that a lot of aces are sent to conversion therapy to get "fixed" but I need more examples. Plz help!

The lgbt+ community is not a collective effort to restore marriage rights. At its core, stripped of frills and decor, its an intangible demographic of people who all suffer under coercive heteronormality. This means that we all have our own goals and agendas, which yes, will include marriage rights.

But that’s not the concern for everybody. Trans people, for example, aren’t going to have marriage laws first and foremost in their minds. We’re going to be concerned with medical autonomy, and protection against law-abled violence. 

The modern lgbt+ community can trace its origins to riots of the 60′s, 70′s, and 80′s. It was then we gathered under recognizable modern flags and speech. But that doesn’t mean it began there, and it doesn’t mean the community is some cohesive unit.

Being trans, being of color, being neurodivergent and/or physically disabled, they all contribute to a wide menagerie of what we want to achieve using the power of the people. For aces, we’re concerned with sexual autonomy, protection against domestic and lawful abuse, acephobic ableism, and acephobic misogyny.

For example; Flibanserin being marketed as a ‘female viagra’ when in fact its an alcoholic inhabitant with a shady testing history. The listing of asexuality as a ‘disorder’ (and having it rewrapped as HSDD). The rising attention of the lack of boundaries when it comes to the asexual experience. The strong connection to ableism as a whole and acephobia. And there’s also racial ties.

Regardless of one subcommunity’s priorities over another, even just one reason is enough. We’ve got issues that concern not only us, but other people (as possible enablers, or misguided victims), and that’s enough to warrant concern.

- Fae

The trouble with social media is it cannot replace what it means to feel genuinely connected to community. Community cannot be built through infinitesimal moments, what amount to digitized transactions. And it cannot be built beneath the hierarchies of social currency. At best the glimpses into each other’s oppression it affords can enable a shallow — albeit useful — awareness. But awareness of someone else’s oppression through the occasional glance of its expression, the tiny bit shared through a blog post or a tweet, is to be a passenger on a train moving through the coastline of time: After a moment peering into the horizon we claim to have beheld the ocean when instead we should ask how far does it stretch, how deep does it run?
Collectivity is not a binding but a bundling together: individuals packed together, armed and equipped in common, with only as much life from man to man as will inflame the marching step. But community, growing community (which is all we have known so far) is the being no longer side by side but with one another of a multitude of persons. And this multitude, though it also moved towards one goal, yet experiences everywhere a turning to, a dynamic facing of, the other, a flowing from I to Thou. Community is where community happens. Collectivity is based on an organized atrophy of personal existence, community on its increase and confirmation in life lived towards one another.
—  Martin Buber, “Dialogue,” Between Man and Man

calling out to true crime memorabilia/murderabilia collectors! i am selling these two Richard Ramirez envelopes for $40 total. (frame not included) if you are interested, then message me! (ps. i’ve sold two other Ramirez items to two people on tumblr, so i promise this is real.)

I think its also important to see the source of all these liberal rags saying “2016 WAS THE WORST YEAR EVER” like when was the last time the huffington post was on our side lol. I obviously feel for and want to support to the best of my abilities he migrant proletarians and marginalized groups threatened by the rise of trump and brexit but its important to look between the sensationalist headlines.

This apocalyptic misanthropy is just daft tbh, its very easy to see us as losing or being beaten but in 2016 we’ve seen the biggest strike ever in history in india, autonomous workers in china seizing factories and lynching bosses, the kurdish comrades make massive gains in terms of both territory and setting up communes and collectives, the western liberal establishment shit itself, the far right lock itself in the dead end of reformism even here on this rainy fascism island we’re greeting the new year with a wave of logistics strikes and migrants on the frontline making demands in the gig economy and winning tbh.

On a more radical note the whole economy hasnt recovered since 2008-11 and to riff on the kaiser chiefs I predict many more 2011 style insurrections in the coming decades both here and abroad. And as a marxist, not just of struggle but of crisis too its important to remember that capital is eating itself and collapsing so of course things look dire, I mean I think Gramsci hit the nail on the head when he said “The old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born: now is the time of monsters.”