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remember when we shut down milo yiasjkfkdfjkl from speaking tonight


All of this has happened before...
  • NBC, May 2014: *cancels Community*
  • Entire Community fandom: NOOOOOOO! *bombards Netflix customer service by the thousands with pleas to save the show*
  • Variety, May 2014: Netflix will not be saving Community.
  • Community fandom majority: That is not true. There isn't a real source! Don't believe Variety! CS reps say they're gonna make an announcement! Our voices are being heard!
  • Community fandom minority: Hey everybody, we need to move on and try harder at other places because Netflix is out.
  • Community fandom majority: NO IT'S NOT *links to Netflix live chat screenshot*
  • TVLine, June 2014: Talks at Hulu to save Community have broken down.
  • Community fandom: *gets crazy crazy lucky when Yahoo Screen shows up out of nowhere at the last second*
  • Netflix: *never did make an "official announcement" about not picking up Community*
  • Cory Matthews: Learn from the past...
  • Me: I'm seriously not trying to be mean, nor would I do anything to hurt GMW's chance at a pick-up. Continue to lobby Netflix if you must. I know people aren't gonna let it go. I wanted Netflix as much as any of you, because I wanted what was best for international fans too. But based on past experience and current knowledge I am BEGGING YOU...for every one thing you do towards Netflix, do two each for Hulu and Amazon who have NOT given a hard no on the matter to the press. Because I dunno about you, but even though it's technically possible...I'm not holding my breath for a Yahoo to come out of nowhere in the end.
  • In conclusion: Do what you want, but seriously? Do👏NOT👏sleep👏on👏hulu👏and👏amazon👏‼️‼️

I can’t believe the only tv show that cared about the LGBT community got cancelled. I mean, when it comes to Karmy, it was so messy sometimes  but the show deserved better.

Lauren Cooper was the only intersex representation on TV.

Noah is played by a transgender actor.

Amy Raudenfeld refused to put a label on herself.

And she learned to not apologize for taking care or herself.

Wade said something everyone needs to learn.

And everyone screamed at the guy when he said he was asexual. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.


Because we need more representation. Also, we will never find out if Karma loves Amy in a romantic way.


RIP FAKING IT ( April 22, 2014 – May 17, 2016 ).

I’m highly disappointed by Stacey Dash and often Disgusted by how she was used. However, I’m even more disgusted by the way she was treated by everybody. How many black men coon? How many? I’ll wait….
But how many of them are treated like Stacey?
Yea she cooned, but black men coon on the daily, get away with it, are paid, and are praised by the community.
But Stacey; Dragged, cancelled, disowned, clowned on, spit at, told that she will not get a job in black Hollywood ever again.

But how many black men who coon get hired by black Hollywood and the community after their done cooning or while their still cooning?
I’m disappointed with Stacey. But I don’t disown her. If you can forgive, ignore, accept black men who coon, but are willing and happy to drag/cancel/disown Stacey, well you need to take a real good look at yourself, and that double standard.


Hey now! Hey now!
This is what dreams are made of

Guys I know some of you now read the news that CW has renewed The 1OO but please don’t give up we can do this. Keep trending

“LGBT fans deserved better. Lexa deserved better. Our community deserves better. Cancel the 1OO #CWcancelThe1OO @TheCW @TheCW_PR”

Every Thursday, don’t watch show live, and use The 1OO as tags instead. DON’T GIVE UP! Remember that we received loads of media attention today BBC even wrote an article about us The 1OO had its worst episode ratings EVER imagine if we keep doing this every Thursday!

Don’t lose hope, Keep Fighting!

If not us then who?

Why I'm Fucking Mad at the Signs
  • ARIES: You always want to be taken seriously and listened to but you never fucking listen to the advice anyone gives you. You constantly get people's hopes up but never follow through with anything. Why do you do that? You're so inconsiderate of the way everyone around you is feeling because you're in your own world and you completely fucking blow off the people who care about you for anything or anyone that comes along and grabs your attention. Quit fucking getting in relationships and acting like your significant other is the only person who's ever cared about you. They're not, and if you don't show the other people in your life that you care about them, they're going to fucking leave.
  • TAURUS: You think the world fucking revolves around you and you're so childish. You persistently go after something you know you can't have and throw a fit when you don't get it. Also, you do realize that your words and actions effect other people, right? You can't just fucking say anything you want when you're mad or upset and expect people to forgive you. Stop being so fucking self-centered. Stop expecting everyone around you to operate on your time and be around when it's convenient for you. Your constant snide remarks under your breath are unnecessary and hurtful. You take making yourself your own first priority to a new extreme.
  • GEMINI: Shut the fuck up and quit overthinking everything. You expect people to care about how you're doing and get upset when people aren't as enthusiastic over certain things as you are. You can't just assume that everyone cares about the same things as you. Nobody fucking cares about all the details in the stories you tell. Quit making a 10 minute long story out a 30 second event, if you don't stop fucking talking all the time then no one is ever going to want to listen to you anymore. You don't always have to be the center of attention. Spoiler alert, sometimes other people deserve attention too. You are so fucking caught up in your own little fantasy world that you can't handle reality any time you have to deal with it. Sometimes you have to learn how to fucking suck it up and deal with things on your own, there's not always going to be someone around who wants to listen to you bitch about the world.
  • CANCER: Stop fucking crying. You're constantly so deep in your emotions that you don't care how your actions effect people around you. Every fucking time something bad happens to you, you think it's okay to disappear for a few months and then when you're done with your pity party you decide to come back into everyone's lives and expect everything to be just the way you left it. You expect entirely too much out of people it's ridiculous. You have such an intelligent mind but it doesn't even matter because you only ever fucking use your heart. You set yourself up for so much of the hurt in your life. Stop making yourself so vulnerable and stop thinking that you can fix everyone you meet or even assuming that they want to be fixed. You're not good at giving advice, and that's alright... But you don't realize that sometimes all that someone needs is a friend and you're never fucking there for anyone when they reach their low points and need you most. Quit fucking disappearing.
  • LEO: You're so fucking selfish. You hold your pride and your image above everything else and act like it's invincible. You know it's fragile and so does everyone else or you wouldn't spend so much time trying to protect it. You think that just because you're in a bad mood everyone else needs to be as well. Quit fucking take out your problems on people who are trying to help you. You act like a hard ass but you can't fucking confront a problem head on for the life of you. Also, you're not always right. Having the last word in an argument isn't that important. Maybe if you'd shut the fuck up and care about someone other than yourself for a couple minutes you'd realize that other's people's views/opinions/feelings matter too. Quit pretending like you're on a higher level than everyone else, it gets so old so fucking fast.
  • VIRGO: You're so fucking manipulative. You only do things that will end up benefitting you in the end. You can't even fucking do something kind for someone unless you're going to get something out of it. Stop acting like you're a hard ass, you're not. When you get pissed off you just sulk and say the most fucking hateful things to people because you're so observant and you know what will hurt people the most. It's not fair that everyone in your life has to be scared that if you upset them even accidentally you're going to do anything in your power to hurt them. It's bullshit. No one gave you the power to control others, so why do you try to manipulate and control every single person in your life? Also, own up to things when you're confronted about them. Compulsive lying is your strong suit and it's getting really fucking tiring.
  • LIBRA: You are so fucking quick to cut people off. You can be friends with someone for 10 years and if they do something that upsets you then you won't hesitate for a second to cut them off. It's fucking bullshit that everyone who cares about you feels like they have to be constantly walking on eggshells. You act so fucking independent, you don't think that you need anyone besides yourself but it's funny how any time something goes wrong you're crying to me asking me for help. Open your fucking eyes. You're so easy to love, stop fucking playing games with people's minds. Just because someone tells you something that you didn't want to hear doesn't fucking mean that they deserve to be cut out of your life. You take everything so personally and assume any subtweet or bad conversation is about you. Cut it out. It's on my last fucking nerve.
  • SCORPIO: Mind your own fucking business. It's like you feed off of other people's misery and drama. You can't fucking keep a secret to save your life. You never talk about your own stories, say it's because you're a private person, but will gossip about anyone else's endeavors. You're so fucking quick to judge, and refuse to ever give people a second chance. You're constantly running around hurting other people's feelings and begging for second chances but are the most unforgiving people I've ever met. Why do you do that? You're so fucking fake to everyone you meet. You can't handle confrontation and pretend you like everyone so that they'll open up to you and you can have things to use against them when/if they betray you in some way. Why do you do this to the people you care about? Also, stop thinking you're hot shit and can get in bed with anyone you want.
  • SAGITTARIUS: You're so fucking irresponsible. This is in every aspect. Education, bills, relationships, anything. You are the worst communicators. Stop fucking cancelling plans that have been solid for a month 10 minutes before they actually happen. Also, you can't just continue to be reckless with people's hearts and expect them to stick around. Why aren't you ever there for people when they need you? You're always there to experience the good with others but as soon as things get bad and they need your love and support you just fucking leave. Why do others' emotions make you so uncomfortable? Is it because you try to pretend that you don't have any? News flash: everyone sees right through that. Stop trying to act like you're tough shit and embrace the softness that is a part of you. It's not cool to be cold and bitter and closed off to the world, you're going to end up isolating yourself and hating your fucking life. You're doing this to yourself.
  • CAPRICORN: Stop fucking holding yourself back. You second guess yourself in essentially every single aspect of your life. Stop it. I swear to god it's like every fucking time I talk to you, you plan out what you're going to say so as not to be judged. Who gave you this severe lack of self confidence? Who taught you to hold yourself back and confine yourself into such a small box? You seem so fucking mean when people first meet you because you refuse to just have a nice casual conversation with someone you don't know. Let down your walls. You're so easy to love and have so many great ideas but you're the ones holding yourself back. It's so fucking frustrating because people have to pry everything out of you. Stop being so fucking afraid of everything. Sometimes you're the epitome of living but not existing. Life experiences will be scary and sometimes you have to do things that are out of your comfort zone but guess what? So does everyone else. It's part of the fucking game, and you need to take your head out of the damn clouds and realize that life isn't always fair.
  • AQUARIUS: You're so fucking extreme. Nothing is ever neutral with you. Why can't you ever fucking find a middle ground on anything? Also, stop trying to fight every fucking person you meet. Stop thinking that your opinion is superior to any other and that everyone is out to get you. You intentionally seclude yourself from things because you like the idea of being a lone wolf. Fine, be a lone wolf, but quit fucking crying when people stop inviting you to things because you always turn them down anyways. You want so badly to be unique and distinguished. You try to act numb to everything that happens to you, as if your emotions are novacane junkies. You're a big fucking crybaby, so quit trying to hide it.
  • PISCES: I know you think that you have good intentions but you are so fucking ignorant. You think that everyone does or should think the same way as you. You're so fucking emotional but you'll never open up or be fucking sincere about your feelings unless of course you're under the influence. You let people see that you are a highly emotional person but get defensive and angry when people try to get you to open up. Why are you so fucking cold? You're so fucking good at walking back into people's lives after you made the decision to leave and they always let you back in. You always just fucking leave again. Why do you always run? Why do you get off on getting people's hopes up and then letting them down? It's like you love raising people up because watching others freefall is interesting. Well, it's not. It's so fucking hurtful. I know you think you're doing well, but don't fucking say things unless you mean them. You cause more harm than help when you deceive people and try to spare their feelings.

Ballet rehearsals at the community center are canceled this week due to the lack of flooring. There is an extremely low number of floors in the ballet rooms, areas where there was floor (ultimately, everywhere) have all been replaced with small black holes here and there.
No word yet if this is an act of nature, an elaborate prank, or nothing to worry about.

So don’t worry yet, at least not until the city council has a chance to issue a mandate to do so.

Yes NBC cancelled Hannibal...

but that doesn’t mean that the show is over. As someone who’s had two favorite shows (The Mindy Project and Community) cancelled and then picked up on different online streaming services, I won’t lose hope that Hannibal is gone forever until we get a final confirmation from the showrunners.

If a show has a dedicated fandom, chances are good that it will be picked up elsewhere, especially a show as critically acclaimed as Hannibal.

Joey Graceffa WILL be at VidCon


Joey Graceffa​ has worked with the producers of his upcoming movie to reschedule his shoot so that he can be at VidCon.

So: Joey Graceffa will be at VidCon!!

Here’s what Joey had to say: “GUYS! AMAZING NEWS! I’LL BE AT VIDCON! I was able to convince the producers to push filming back to let me come & meet u guys! So happy!! <3”

If you received Joey as one of your signing lottery picks, you will be able to meet him! We will be sending an email out to everyone who got into his signing. Everything is back on – he’ll still be doing his Q&A on July 23 at 9:30 on the YouNow Community Stage.

If you canceled your ticket because of his absence, you can email with your reference number, and we can reinstate your registration. Please do this asap, as VidCon is VERY SOON.