community based foster homes

Community Based Foster Homes

Home of Hope supports community based foster care homes in Table View and Phoenix, Milnerton. We can accommodate up to 24 children at any one time within our homes. The objective of these homes is to ensure an environment where children can be nurtured holistically to develop to their full God-given potential. The foster home mimics as close as is possible a family unit with love and care-giving from a foster mother and ‘siblings’. It provides a stable and solid foundation giving the child a brighter future, and a fair chance of growing up to become a socially responsible member of society - breaking the cycle of abuse.

The Home of Hope supported children who have remained in our care long term are growing up quickly and their progress has been remarkable. The development and growth of each child has been inspiring, especially those with special needs. We recognize that if any child is given a stable, loving, supportive family and home environment they will flourish. We realize what a wonderful opportunity we have to make a difference in the lives of these children who are powerless against their offenders, and are unable to provide for themselves.

It is not always possible to find individual families for each child and with the challenges of the HIV/ aids epidemic facing SA, as well dealing with children that are effected by FASD (Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) the Western Cape being one the areas with the highest percentage ofFASD in the world. We believe the solution to this is in families.

Homes are organized and supported as follows:

We accommodate no more than six children per home
We encourage a family environment through having children of different age groups in each home where the older foster siblings help with the youngsters and the youngsters look up to their older brothers and sisters
We provide a home where the children feel safe, loved and all their needs are met
We provide support, training, counselling, and backup for the foster mothers / parents that we support
We provide the children with practical life skills by allowing them to be responsible for individual daily tasks such as making their own beds, helping with the washing of dishes and setting the table
We provide the children with social skills by giving them opportunities to learn to practice listening, respecting others’ opinions and sharing ideas in a non-judgmental way

We assist and ensure the implementation of each child’s individual care and development plan
We address the child’s individual therapeutic needs
We address the child’s educational needs, whether it is in main stream or special needs schooling
We provide continuous monitoring and assessments of each foster home and the care of the children
Mostly children are encouraged to be integrated into the local community in which they live, and function as close as possible to a normal stable family
We have committed volunteers as an extension to the family support system
Through networking with local communities we assist with the support of the homes to ensure sustainability