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One of my favorite things about Maggie is that she is an excellent communicator AND listener. Regardless the situation, she will always try to make sure things are okay and/or that the person she is talking to has an open channel to communicate further, if they want to.  If they don’t want to talk about it, she never presses further. You can tell it’s important to her that the people she cares about are okay. That they feel that they are being cared about. That they feel they are being heard. 

Maggie is excellent at detecting changes in verbal and non-verbal cues and understands the communication atmosphere on another level. She is always gentle when questioning further and doesn’t seek to just get answers; she questions to understand. 

This is such a wonderful characteristic because you can see just how much Maggie cares for those around her. She wants to make sure there isn’t conflict in her relationships and that those she cares about are emotionally healthy. While we don’t know her backstory, we can gather that Maggie values healthy communication in her relationships and prioritizes others’ emotional well-being, even over her own. Protecting those she loves is of high priority

Maggie really cares about those she surrounds herself with and she values clear and open communication. Maggie Sawyer is a model communicator and a wonderful girlfriend/friend. 

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saw your post on americawakiewakie ----> fullpraxis now and 1. i'm really disappointed to hear/see this but 2. can you recommend better, more reliable blogs?

Any blog whose main focus is leftism/communism/marxism/antifascism/anarchism will inherently overlook or diminish the lived experience and material conditions of People of Colour, especially Black/Indigenous peoples, by which almost all other oppressions are perpetrated or predicated.

  • Reggie [after being injected with 'truth serum']: I love butt stuff. I hate spiders. I stole a pen from the bank. I cried during ‘About a Boy’…the soundtrack! I can see why women find Clive Owen attractive to the point where I might just as well be attracted to him. I use comparisons to Hitler to win arguments on the internet at the drop of a hat. I know nothing about wine. I’m more turned on by women in pajamas than lingerie. I just wanna know that they’re comfortable. [starts sobbing] I didn’t get Inception. I didn’t get Inception! There’s so many layers.

i was writing another analysis and then thought about pairing these two screenshots together because um wow. seeing these two shots together the before and the after is… yes. 

the thing is, at the moment he decides to do this, Keith believes he has a real shot at getting those shields down and if anyone has ever proven time and time again that they will give and give and continue to give whatever it takes for the cause and mission it’s Keith. No matter what. All in. We get this from him literally from the outset (I’m about to talk about this in way more depth in another post, so please note these are very broad and generalised statements intentionally rn!!). 

The scary thing about this whole scene is that he is trying to be rational and pragmatic but it’s at the expense of his own life. 

it’s interesting here, because Keith has wholly committed to going through with this. He gives Matt a pretty open-ended statement “maybe (we should talk about Keith and how he talks bc that’s telling enough), which I do believe is partly to try and lessen the blow as even here he’s not thinking of himself. 

He’s thinking of the greater good and the mission. And also, he doesn’t want anyone to interfere or worse try and stop him or get compromised and also die at the expense of his own decisions. This is on him, this is his choice. And nobody is with him or by his side to be in danger from his actions, so the only person at risk in him making this choice is him. 

But then moments after, he speaks with such certainty on the situation it’s more than a little jarring: the cannon on his ship the only thing powerful enough to take down that shield. obviously, we and Keith now have the power of Hindsight. So we know that yes, it was powerful enough. We saw that happen and saw it was true. So the word we need to look out for here is ‘only’. The only thing, which heavily implies to us as viewers that if Keith had died and flown into the field despite his best efforts and believing there was a chance - it wouldn’t have worked. 

Keith could’ve just said “the canon on his ship was powerful enough to take down that shield”, but yeah he didn’t say that. And time and time again Keith also is a person who asks the right questions and shows the ability to assess a situation objectively (see this and this). 

There’s a lot to think about with this, so I’ll stop here for now. But stay tuned for a few other discussions that build on this and reference it! 

The more the intra-community fight drags on, the more convinced I am that “are cis heteroromantic aces or cis heterosexual aros queer?” is irrelevant.

The more important question is “How many queer people are you willing to hurt or exclude to keep out a single one of these dreaded ‘cishets’?”

This is not rhetorical. It is a very real question of risk and harm. And nobody seems willing to answer it.

Risk assessment and security are all about tradeoffs - the more secure you make something, the harder you make it for legitimate users to access it. So you can never just make things perfectly secure - that also renders them perfectly unusable.

At some point, you have to decide how significant a risk is, vs the harm done by securing against it.

The best data we have at this point indicates that “cishets” comprise about 13% of the a-spec population, and a-spec people in turn comprise about 1% of the general population. 0.13%. One in a thousand.

To me, that risk is insignificant, especially since it’s not like the community can never change its mind about somebody. Even if “cishet” a-spec people were Straight in every sense of the word, it would not be worth taking major security measures - security measures that disproportionately fall on questioning kids, “LGBT” aces, bi people and trans people - to guard against one in a thousand. My answer to the key question is zero.

So. How many “LGBT” people is one “cishet” ace worth? Show your work.

time for me to break down the extroverted matsu brother types:

my buddy @artistotel asked me to explain the different types of extrovert these bros represent (bc i was already gushing in skype about how perfectly this show writes extro and intro types) and since im a slut for character analysis how could i refuse~

Oso: Leader Type

whether or not he’s actually a good leader is not the point (tho this type usually has the ability to be a good leader, and we see this some times w oso), he is in his element when he has a group to lead/give orders to.
never shy, never quiet, EVEN WHEN HE VERY MUCH SHOULD BE THOSE THINGS, this type doesnt know the meaning of silence or self reflection.
often self-centered and angry when things dont go his way,
like yeah we all dont like when things dont go as we planned, but for him its UNACCEPTABLE
he has an “audience” in the same way the clown type has, but where clown type works hard to make their audience happy, leader type is satisfied just having an audience whether theyre happy or not. they are also the sort to love attention even if the attention is negative.
can be empathetic if he chooses to be, but usually works to drown out that voice so he can lead w better clarity.

Kara: Best Friend Type

Kara is the extrovert type that doesnt mind at all to take a backseat to let others shine. He lives to support others and build others up. No matter how much someone might disagree he is there to say YOU ARE AWESOME AND HE LOVES YOU
part of the reason he makes it on to everyone’s fave list is bc everyone wants a friend like this!!
he’s not afraid to try new things and if it means getting him closer to someone he will happily do the thing
king of compromise, best friend types can be bit of a doormat haha
pls dont take advantage of best friend types, they are too good, supportive and pure and doing so would just make you evil u_u

Jyushi: Clown Type

BOUNCY HAPPY FULL OF ENERGY!!! if there is a social event people usually hope for the clown type to arrive to get everyone laughing, excited, and feeling comfortable.  introverts LOVE clown types bc there is very little demand for them to actually do or say anything, which usually ends up making them feel more comfortable to talk bc no one is waiting on them to.
clown types work hard to make everyone around them feel as comfortable as possible so if that means being calm, they will try their best! (its not easy!)
downside is that being naturally bubbly means they may be considered very annoying by some, upside is that they train themselves to be so attune to others that they are incredibly empathetic, so if someone needs to be cheered up they usually know the exact way!
clown types can rarely handle other clown types as close friends.
also they divvy up their energy where its needed and give their all to be entertaining!
once the energy is used up they need to “recharge”, and be dead for a while in a quiet place, usually alone.

Todo:  Community Type

community types need others!! in an opposite way to clown types, community types need others to recharge, they get restless if theyre home too long, and unlike the other types, cant be satisfied by “home” energies/audience.
they thrive in and out of the home, but need outside time in order to be truly happy. they are pleased to be the center of attention, but also content not to be.
can some times be a bit self centered/over confident, never as bad as a leader type but still up there haha
can be very blunt when speaking around people they are comfortable around, but also can create a perfect mask to fit in w any group
a survival technique for recharging those community batteries >:0c

best friend and clown: use energy for others
leader and community: use energy for themselves

ANIME ‘Kimi no Na wa (2016)’: How to find love through dream?

I have finally watched Anime ‘Your Name (Kimi no Na Wa, 2016)’!

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As a dream researcher, I was so excited, since this romantic anime is inspired by a dream motive of a famous Japanese poem (Tan-ka) composed by Ono no Komachi in the Heian Period (794〜1185)! Tan-ka has a special rule. It is an absolutely short poem; it has only 31-syllable! Therefore, the emotion of the composer is truly condensed in it.

Especially, her poem definitely means that people can meet their sweet heart in the dream..♡ As expected, it touched me so much; thus, I cried ><;. My emotion has been drastically aroused like this;

Definitely, I have to meet this person!
I do not the reason, though.

Definitely, I have to do it to the last!
I do not the reason, though.

So, a famous Japanese poem by Ono no Komachi is stated as below↓↓

思ひつつ寝ればや人の見えつらむ 夢と知りせば覚めざらましを

O-mo-i tsu-tsu nu-re ba-ya hi-to no mi-e tsu-ra-n yu-me to shi-ri se ba sa-me za-ra ma-shi wo

Is it because I fell asleep
Yearning for her
That he paid me a visit?
Had I known it was dream, 
I wouldn’t have woken up.

Is that so! Yes! Is that so!

Function of Japanese Dream:
Spiritual communication tool between lovers!

In the old Japanese poem, the dream has a clear function as a practical communication tool between lovers. Do you think that it is too irrational?

The more the time goes back beyond the mythological era around 8 century, the more people believe in it!!

To meet in the dream  = To meet for real.

I’m mean it!

If your beloved person come to see you through your dream, it is a proof of the true love. People believe in it!

The more the time goes forward to the recent times, the less people believe this kind of spirituality, since it would be irrational.. This communication is no more than dream…! Then, a feeling of doubt is getting aroused. Once a feeling of doubt was evoked, people tend to have suspicious. What is more, people can doubt their partner’s love…., since love is totally irrational. Then, they may even drift toward a destructive relationship…..

In Japan, since early times, a dream has a clear function as a communication tool with beloved one. In fact, there is no country and region like Japan in the world. Especially, in ancient times, this concept was regarded as common sense: thus, most of composers of Japanese poems understand this function of a dream. Dream has been awesome in Japan since ancient times! It contains very religious aspect.

It should be mentioned that a heroin’s family is an ancient line of a Shinto (Japanese religion) priest. Her family owns a shrine, and this shrine lasts about 1300 years. Very interestingly, two Japanese mythologies of Shintoism were officially composed about 1300 years ago by an emperor family.

In these two Japanese mythologies, there are 18 dream episodes.
Surprisingly, all of them have a same function! It is ’Revelation of God’!!

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Function of Japanese dream:
Revelation of God!

For what? 

The dream is absolutely irrational. Many people are really forgetful of their own dreams, since it is quite hazy. If the dream is so important, it should be clear to understand!

I was a scientist. It means that I had to work on the basis of the convincing evidence from the objective perspective. Off course, it is quite significant in our life. However, because people have been doing too much in the rational way in this globalised world, it is getting more difficult to catch a voice of our intuition. Therefore, people eager to invite this kind of spirituality. The strong message through dream just stimurates our instincts;

Live on! Survive!

It is a clear message inherited by all ancestors from generation to generation in the link chain of our blood to pass the button for the next generation. This message can sometimes appear in our dream. Especially, at the time of falling love.

Love this person! Because the person is your destiny…

It is totally irrational to fall in love for the first time. It does not make any sense to anybody. It just comes out from the bottom of gut viscerally.

The person who I must see.
The belief who I must live according to.

This anime emphasised to be with a pure intuition. But, I want to say that Japanese women have to pay attention. Their souls easily remove their body and fly away. Get out where? Once it happens, these souls tend to be easily possessed.

What happens in real life? In this case, people can be easily swayed by the opinions of others. It doesn’t mean that you should have too much strong will. If you think in a too much rational term, you will become a too much independent person. It means that you can do it all by yourself, as a result you may be getting isolated.

Balance between rational and irrational is significant..

Interaction between two floating souls is so beautiful. A mutual communication between men and women is point of our life…♡ This kind of weaving between masculinity and femininity is profound. This is true mythical conjunction.. We are confronted this mythical conjunction by this anime!

awwwww…. ^^

In the Japanese spirituality, it is said that deities live inside each person. If we can hear this quiet voice hidden beyond the bottom of our heart, a relationship can automatically connect. That’s all it needs! Then, the relationship can automatically be interconnected. All in all…this is it!

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1.Prosperity 2.Socialism Pick one.

Limitless expansion of economic output is not prosperity. It’s a logical impossibility on a planet with finite resources. True prosperity is human prosperity: wealth of mind, underpinned and guaranteed by collective and democratic control of common property by communities.

What prosperity is possible under capitalism when, for example, 95% of economic growth since the 2008 Financial Crisis has gone to the very wealthiest 1%? How can working-class communities prosper when their public services and their enabling social support is being destroyed through austerity? What does economic growth matter when its bounty is sunk into countless billions’ worth of city-flattening nuclear arsenals?

That’ll be number two for me, ta.

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Extremely minor point of contention: Dammek's politics are probably a little bit more anarchist than communist, given the symbol on his wall and his overall attitude, although I don't think he has a developed sense of either since his worldview is extremely childish despite the overall goal of revolution being laudable. Under communism, personal property still exists in concept and practice--Dammek seems to be fudging the line between personal and private property for his own selfish ends here.

That’s a good point. I gotta be honest and say I’m not 100% informed on either my anarchist or communist theory atm, though it looks like I’m gonna have to brush up. Thanks for the additional nuance! 

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: You know that episode of SpongeBob where Plankton opens the Chum Bucket 23 hours a day to force Mr. Krabs into having the Krusty Krab opened 24 hours a day? not only is this indicative of horrible treatment of his employees, but why didn't Krabs solve this problem of overwork by hiring new employees? It seems completely illogical that he would require SpongeBob and Squidward to work literally forever, when he could simply hire a night and a day shift. Is this reflective of the dangers of American capitalism I don't understand please let me sleep

The poisoned places on this map stretch from Warren, Pennsylvania, a town on the Allegheny River where 36 percent of children tested had high lead levels, to a zip code on Goat Island, Texas, where a quarter of tests showed poisoning. Source

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