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One of my favorite things about Maggie is that she is an excellent communicator AND listener. Regardless the situation, she will always try to make sure things are okay and/or that the person she is talking to has an open channel to communicate further, if they want to.  If they don’t want to talk about it, she never presses further. You can tell it’s important to her that the people she cares about are okay. That they feel that they are being cared about. That they feel they are being heard. 

Maggie is excellent at detecting changes in verbal and non-verbal cues and understands the communication atmosphere on another level. She is always gentle when questioning further and doesn’t seek to just get answers; she questions to understand. 

This is such a wonderful characteristic because you can see just how much Maggie cares for those around her. She wants to make sure there isn’t conflict in her relationships and that those she cares about are emotionally healthy. While we don’t know her backstory, we can gather that Maggie values healthy communication in her relationships and prioritizes others’ emotional well-being, even over her own. Protecting those she loves is of high priority

Maggie really cares about those she surrounds herself with and she values clear and open communication. Maggie Sawyer is a model communicator and a wonderful girlfriend/friend. 

I suppose it’s important to acknowledge that there are many right-wing libertarians who aren’t raging ultra-nationalists underneath a thin veneer of liberty rhetoric. I remember back several years ago, when I fell into the right-lib camp, I considered myself a “cosmotarian” – Reason Magazine’s term for someone who was “culturally-liberal and fiscally-conservative”. I suppose these “cosmotarian” types, alongside other “might-as-well-be-a-liberal” types, probably don’t have a hyper-reactionary bootlicker lurking just beneath the surface, and I’m willing to give them that benefit of the doubt. However, I still think “cosmotarians” and other Propertarian-Lite™ types (”socially-liberal, fiscally-conservative”) are intensely naive to the ramifications of their ideology. 

The preferred economic setup will usually have the biggest sway in the social makeup of a society. Top-down economic arrangements are often “socially libertarian” when the dominant class’s power isn’t threatened. Smoke some weed, have a gender-neutral marriage, carry a gun, allow for a nominally censorship-free press, etc – as long as these all take place on the terms set by the dominant class, they can be “peacefully” reconciled into the capitalist status quo. Once dominant class interests are materially threatened by strikes, occupations, direct action, mutual aid, dual power, and cross-racial solidarity, however….then the libertarian pretense goes out the window. A militarized police state and partially-legitimized right-wing militias are the agents who will “restore law and order” when the “degenerate leftists” push for “chaos and depravity”. The right-libertarians who recognize this and openly embrace it are the ones who start dabbling in ultra-nationalism and fascism, the ones who see the class privileges of property and whiteness slipping out of their fingers. Anti-capitalist, anti-racist movements challenge the class structure’s legitimacy and therefore “require” a swift reaction from the powers that be. 

Because “cosmotarians” lack a class analysis of any sort, their perspective is limited to celebrations of “personal freedoms” – a convenience store is allowed to sell gallon-sized jugs of soda, a sales tax is lowered by 4%, an increased minimum wage proposal is struck down, regulations on cars are cut back, etc. At no point does it occur to them that there are dominant class interests at play and that the state manifests itself mostly in accordance with these interests. Thrust the moral dilemma of right-libertarianism-turned-fascism onto them and I do believe many of them might be receptive to some class struggle outlook, but just as many of them will find some circular justification for the rising police state they’re witnessing – ultimately similar to other liberals. 

TLDR: Not all right-libertarian types are secretly fascists, but most of those who aren’t secretly fascists are also intensely naive to the ramifications of their ideology and the natural functioning of the capitalist class system.

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saw your post on americawakiewakie ----> fullpraxis now and 1. i'm really disappointed to hear/see this but 2. can you recommend better, more reliable blogs?

Any blog whose main focus is leftism/communism/marxism/antifascism/anarchism will inherently overlook or diminish the lived experience and material conditions of People of Colour, especially Black/Indigenous peoples, by which almost all other oppressions are perpetrated or predicated.

  • Reggie [after being injected with 'truth serum']: I love butt stuff. I hate spiders. I stole a pen from the bank. I cried during ‘About a Boy’…the soundtrack! I can see why women find Clive Owen attractive to the point where I might just as well be attracted to him. I use comparisons to Hitler to win arguments on the internet at the drop of a hat. I know nothing about wine. I’m more turned on by women in pajamas than lingerie. I just wanna know that they’re comfortable. [starts sobbing] I didn’t get Inception. I didn’t get Inception! There’s so many layers.

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1.Prosperity 2.Socialism Pick one.

Limitless expansion of economic output is not prosperity. It’s a logical impossibility on a planet with finite resources. True prosperity is human prosperity: wealth of mind, underpinned and guaranteed by collective and democratic control of common property by communities.

What prosperity is possible under capitalism when, for example, 95% of economic growth since the 2008 Financial Crisis has gone to the very wealthiest 1%? How can working-class communities prosper when their public services and their enabling social support is being destroyed through austerity? What does economic growth matter when its bounty is sunk into countless billions’ worth of city-flattening nuclear arsenals?

That’ll be number two for me, ta.

The more the intra-community fight drags on, the more convinced I am that “are cis heteroromantic aces or cis heterosexual aros queer?” is irrelevant.

The more important question is “How many queer people are you willing to hurt or exclude to keep out a single one of these dreaded ‘cishets’?”

This is not rhetorical. It is a very real question of risk and harm. And nobody seems willing to answer it.

Risk assessment and security are all about tradeoffs - the more secure you make something, the harder you make it for legitimate users to access it. So you can never just make things perfectly secure - that also renders them perfectly unusable.

At some point, you have to decide how significant a risk is, vs the harm done by securing against it.

The best data we have at this point indicates that “cishets” comprise about 13% of the a-spec population, and a-spec people in turn comprise about 1% of the general population. 0.13%. One in a thousand.

To me, that risk is insignificant, especially since it’s not like the community can never change its mind about somebody. Even if “cishet” a-spec people were Straight in every sense of the word, it would not be worth taking major security measures - security measures that disproportionately fall on questioning kids, “LGBT” aces, bi people and trans people - to guard against one in a thousand. My answer to the key question is zero.

So. How many “LGBT” people is one “cishet” ace worth? Show your work.

Let’s be quite clear: Theresa May is forming a coalition with a racist, homophobic, misogynistic, climate-change-denying political party which has been vocally backed by active terror organisations such as the Ulster Volunteer Force, the Ulster Defense Association and the Red Hand Commando.

This is not a UKIP/Tory coalition. This is not even a BNP/Tory coalition. This is the effective sacrifice of the Good Friday peace agreement - which bound stalemated unionist and republican paramilitaries into networks of clientalist patronage in order to suppress the armed struggle - on the altar of Tory desperation.

The quiet assassination of Northern Irish peace which will surely follow the elevation of the DUP to the level of national kingmakers, even though they represent fewer than 1% of UK electors, makes the nation a more dangerous place for any right-thinking democrats who seek to defend the interests of their class and their communities.

If this Frankenstein coalition of ultras is permitted to come to maturity, a return to the political strangulation and even the outright military repression of dissenting communities seen across the UK during the Troubles is a very real possibility with such a weak and ransomed government.

June Must End May

The irony is that when a trans man says something about gender, people have this “Oh well, he must have personal insight, having been both” (lots of times the dude specifically says this) whereas when trans women say things about gender, the idea is that she isn’t allowed to have opinions on women, men, or gender at all, having failed to belong to either gender.

The poisoned places on this map stretch from Warren, Pennsylvania, a town on the Allegheny River where 36 percent of children tested had high lead levels, to a zip code on Goat Island, Texas, where a quarter of tests showed poisoning. Source

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Okay, I’m going to try to make a more concise post. If you know me, you’ll know this is a pro-tjlc post. If that pisses you off, keep scrolling. I’ve made posts like this before, but this is still a Thing, so…

The only people who have come up with explanations backed up by textual evidence for why s4 is the way it is are the remaining tjlcers. Note the part in bold and italics. Wasn’t a big part of why tjlc was so plausible to so many people was that it’s supported by the show itself? Does that suddenly mean nothing anymore? Everyone was upset after January 15th, but people dusted themselves off, trusted their gut which told them something was seriously wrong, and started to create dozens upon dozens of theories for what really went on in s4.

The people who don’t believe anymore seem to be putting their fingers in their ears and ignoring new meta. Instead, the “argument” I’ve seen basically waters down to “they’re terrible people and turned into terrible writers :( Sorry but it is what it is :( They just got bad :( There won’t be anymore episodes :( You can see the look in Martin’s eyes that he’s done :(”

This is a sincere question: do you have any arguments based on the text? I’m dead serious. After nearly 4 months, people who aren’t tjlc anymore have, by and large, failed to explain s4 with anything based on the text itself. I’m sorry, but I was under the impression that we were a community who valued textual analysis. I get people are hurt, but it really gets to the point where one half of the fandom is offering actual theories and arguments, and the other one just…isn’t. I don’t think it’s rude to say theories based on text are more valuable (and most likely, closer to the truth) than theories built on feelings and nothing more. I don’t mean to sound like s1 Sherlock here, but I’m more interested in theories than posts expressing the same thing since Jan 15.

It’s just–maybe I’m particularly sensitive to this because of the political climate in the US right now, but I want theories based on evidence instead of emotions. Facts over feelings. Even some of the tjlc-esque theories I don’t agree with are built on analysis. Saying they did a 180 just because they felt like it doesn’t cut it for me, especially when it’s been 4 damn months. I want theories which analyze the episodes given to us–not declarations that Martin is done with the show based on a look you think you saw him give.

TL;DR: As long as the tjlcers are still writing strong theories and analyzing the actual show? I’m going to keep believing there’s a plan and in tjlc. The “theories” from the other sides of the fandom are as weak as water compared to tjlc’s. The evidence points to s4 being deliberately off and tjlc still happening. So. There.

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I don't know if you are in many other fandoms but I will ask anyway, this is first fandom I have really been in and my question is are all fandoms this toxic and full of hate? So many "fans" just seem to rip everything apart for no real reason like saying TFA destroyed Star Wars and it's the worst movie ever made. I mean come on grow up I think if Star Wars wouldn't be part of Disney there would be less hate.

Hmm, well to give you a quick rundown of my fandom experiences…

1. Labyrinth - completely chilled, relaxed and drenched with nostalgia, everyone was pretty much cool and calm. There was occasional bitching over Henson Company’s handling of the property, but there was little to no in-fighting or bitchiness among fans (not in my experience, anyway).

2. Jupiter Ascending - a haven of solidarity. This fandom is very much characterised by an ‘us against the world’ mentality because JA got critically trashed and was widely reviled. This resulted in a very close-knit and supportive fandom where people were pretty much exclusively friendly and encouraging.

3. The Force Awakens - a stormy sea of mayhem and drama. You get extreme highs and lows, in my experience. Star Wars is extremely popular, which means this fandom is on another level of exposure to the others I’ve been involved with in the past. You do get incredibly active, passionate and intelligent communities creating art, analysis and edits with a level of frequency unheard of in my previous fandoms, but you also get a proliferation of shipping antis and petty dramas that have a tendency to poison the atmosphere. 

So, the short answer is that it’s definitely not the case in all fandoms. It just so happens that Star Wars fandom is large enough to leave room for the drama, in-fighting and negativity that other, smaller fandoms simply don’t have time for. I love being in Star Wars and specifically TFA fandom, but it can be hard work and I understand why people find it stressful. My view is that it’s worth all of the drama and negativity for all of the wonderful stuff that comes out of it, but I know some people ultimately throw up their hands and decide it isn’t worth their time. 

I’d say the TFA/Disney hate is something I experience less of because that kind of whinging tends to be confined to fanboy heavy circles outside of Tumblr. In short, I remain blissfully detached from that nonsense, and intend to remain so.

Some brony channels that don’t bash Starlight Glimmer

Starlight Glimmer haters have basically become the new anticorns and a lot of people are getting sick of them, so here are some brony channels that don’t constantly bash her and are actually funny or at least give fair reviews that don’t instantly fail an episode because Starlight breathes in them.


DWK is perfect for anyone that is getting sick of Lily Peet’s videos and how they’ve devolved into nothing but complaining. His “totally legit recaps” are 100x better than her current “in a minute” videos. While the humor can be kind of crass, they stay pretty damn funny and DWK does show more understanding in things like mental illness with Starlight while still being funny. Since Lily has shown that there is absolutely no way she’ll ever like Starlight or stop complaining about her, these videos will be great to get away from that.

Silver Quill

Silver Quill is the kindest and most level headed of the brony analysis community. While he does mostly Character analysis videos now, they are still very funny and I hear that he has some reviews scheduled for later.


Another fair and funny brony reviewer that uploads regularly. She does have an obsession with Discord but it’s better to listen to someone talk about something they love a lot than something they hate constantly.


He mostly does parodies of “cinemare sins” but when he does do analysis videos, they are very insightful and well thought out. I highly recommend his video “What about Trixie, Starlight’s village and the entire reformation?”.

Feel free to reblog and add more channels on here that don’t hate on Starlight if you know them. ^^