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Elaborating on this post

It’s incredibly interesting to me that Maggie decided to be a police officer given her general preference for words and hesitance with direct action. 

Maggie loves words.

Even though she doesn’t elucidate her feelings often, when she does it everything she actually says strikes deeply. She has this natural propensity to deliver Iconic speeches that reveal truths that come directly from the core of what she’s feeling. We see this in 2x07, 2x08, and 2x19. 

When she tries to help others through problems, she always does so first by trying to get them to open up verbally, like with Alex in both 2x05 and 2x14, or by giving spoken encouragement like in 2x06. 

She’s always asking people to provide more information (2x05, 2x07, 2x09, 2x16). 

She gets frustrated when people don’t absorb her words because she invests so much into their communication (2x13 and 2x19).

We’ve seen her work as both an interrogator and a hostage negotiator, both roles that rely heavily on verbal exchange and bargaining (2x16 and 2x19).

Basically, Maggie’s an expert when it comes to using her words in both her personal and professional life. But action? Action scares Maggie. Taking steps is something that’s difficult for her, likely due to her coming out trauma, as one action (sliding the card into Eliza Wilke’s locker) led to her entire life being uprooted. She’s hesitant. She’s uncomfortable with moving before she’s sure of the direction and the destination. Words are something she can control. Outcomes? Consequences? Not so much. And she doesn’t like that.

So then, why would she choose a career that relies quite heavily on putting oneself in the line of fire and charging into the unknown? Why not take up a career as a lawyer, a counselor, a writer? All professions that have the capacity to change the world as she wants to do with words alone.

Maggie wants to help people, and she’s actively doing that in a way that pushes her beyond what she finds comfortable. There’s a certain heroism in that. Even if we don’t know exactly why (yet, hopefully we will eventually) it’s clear that she sees beyond her own limits when it comes to her desire to protect the people around her.

And I love her a lot.