community 25 day challenge

June TC challenge

Day 25 - Describe a special moment you had with your TC.

I’ve had a few meaningful moments but my #1 one will always be that in the week of the school musical we spent lots of time together (she was the dance teacher, I played a lead role), and she noticed I didn’t eat a lot and realised it was because of weight loss reasons (I had/have an eating disorder), and after the last show of the school musical, during the afterparty, there was a weird situation with this friend of mine so we were talking and then she came up to us like “hey.. am I interrupting? Can I sit with you both?” And I was like “uhmm.. you are interrupting actually but if my friend doesn’t mind you can join??” and my friend got up and left without saying bye or making eye contact and we were both kinda like ?? okay sad bc she knows my friend has #issues too so she understood it and we talked about him for a while
And then she said “now we’re having these kind of conversations anyway, how are you doing?” and I was like meh idk and she asked me “how bad is it?” and I’m not gonna go into detail but it was the first time opening up to her or ANYONE in so long and it was really comfortable and I felt super safe and understood, she asked me some really good questions and listened to me and then after a while she said “do you have any other secrets I need to know about?” and I was like yes…. and she just sat there and wasn’t too eager to hear and let me say what I wanted to and and when I was kinda done talking she just started saying all of those super good things and ended with “you’re allowed to exist, really” and pulled me close to her and it felt super safe and I just rested my head on her shoulder and she hugged me
And later someone asked her something and she went to find someone and I had to clean up some things and she said “I’ll come back to you later” and when she did we talked for a minute or two and I thanked her for being so nice to me and she hugged me for 20 seconds and said I could always come talk to her or message her, in weekends too, and I’m just so so grateful for all of this.

june tc challenge - days 21-25

21. Do you know about your TC’s family? If yes, what do you know? What else would you like to know?

i know too much tbh, i don’t want to say much bc of privacy reasons but. i know quite a lot. not that my endless yearning for knowledge abt him is satisfied yet

22. What would happen if you found out your TC is dating another student?

the only student he’s dating is me lmao. but if he was… i’d confront the student. c what kind of relationship it was. he’d also be three-timing so

23. Have you ever secretly taken pictures of your TC?

YES (and of his phone storage contents) OOPS

24. Do you like your TC’s classes? Are they easy or difficult?

we have one to one lessons so i’m blessed and they are acc quite hard most of the time bc he’s ambitious, but lately we’ve been learning a duet together and bc he has the harder part he messes up a bit omg,, so it was easier then. also he’s secretly affectionate in classes too which kills me in a good way

25. Describe a special moment you had with your TC.

too many tbh?? but the best was probably the second to last time we spent together. we were walking home from school and sat down on a bench in our park, doin sappy shit. then we moved to sit under a tree,, it was so cute lol he got out his jacket for me to sit on and he put his arm around me as i leaned against him. he talked lots about serious shit but it was really a heavenly experience (prob the best experience of my life tbh).

Community 25 Day Challenge


This was another one that took a lot of thought on my part, and even though I love every episode so much, its s02e01 Anthropology 101 that really takes the cake, in terms of my favorite all round episode.

So its a quick response today because I’m about to go out. But Even though I love all the spoof episodes, and I love all the characters personal episodes and the progress each individual makes in them. I have always felt this episode is one of the best defining moments for the study group as a whole. There is one specific scene that is my favorite of the whole series and its hard to tell you why I feel this episode is my favorite without reference to that scene, but I feel it would cheapen my post tomorrow, where I show you my favorite ever scene, and its from this episode.

Since I’m in a rush, I could go on about Jeff’s respect speech:

 The viral marketing campaign spawned from Troy’s twitter account “@oldwhitemansays”:

How this episode is probably one of Britta’s best:

and the introduction of Chang as a peer rather than an authority figure:


 But really all I need to say is; Betty Motherfucking White.

So, short answer there, but I feel I made up for it with pictures and quotes.
Anthropology 101 opens the best season so far of Community, and what a way to open it. with a bang, and a splash to the face of a cup full of urine.



Day ONE will be introductions and goals for December. Write about who you are, your blog, hobbies, etc. Make a set of goals for this month ahead, from personal, health, fitness, family or 


  • Holistic Health: Holistic health is not just being healthy physically, but also mentally, socially and spiritually. How would you say your holistic health is? Is there anything you think you could work on? Tell us a little bit about your health journey!
  • Christmas: What’s on your list this year? Have you been naughty or nice?
  • Secret santa: Choose another member of this community to be a secret santa for. Go on anonymous for the whole challenge to send them different types of messages, we encourage you to send them this as the first message.  “Hello, I’m participating on the 25 days to christmas challenge and today is the second day, so you don’t know me but I’ll be your secret santa friend for the rest of the challenge” or something similar, you can also invite them to participate, remember to do it on anon!


  • Holistic Health:  Do you use a journal to track your healthy lifestyle? Tell us about it!
  • Christmas: Have you ever had a white Christmas? Tell a story about it or what you wish you could do if you ever have one!
  • Secret santa: Send your secret friend a motivational quote or message to start the day! Don’t forget to sign it as secret santa or something representative so they know it’s you. 


  • Holistic Health: Calculate how much water you should be drinking every day and make it a goal to drink that amount! Are you good about staying hydrated or is it more of a challenge for you?
  • Christmas: How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa? Why’d you stop believing? If you have kids, do they still believe


  • Holistic Health: Do you workout? What do you like to do?
  • Christmas: Share your favorite holiday recipe! 
  • Secret santa: Send them a christmas movie recommendation! 

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