community 1x04

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: michael reisz, a respected writer on the shadowhunters team and an open member of the lgbt community, wrote 1x04 (the episode malec meets) and 1x12 (the episode literally named malec). this season we know that michael has written 2x01, and judging by the footage that we've seen, it's easy to tell that it's an episode that will be important to malec's storyline. thanks to a picture of the script we also know that michael has written 2x11, so, by basing facts from what has been given to us so far, we can infer that episode 2x11 is going to be a malec heavy episode as well. there's no doubt that these episodes will be written respectfully because of michael's devotion to these characters and their relationship. michael reisz for president.