I feel like it’s not a coincidence that when people are talking abt trans women at stonewall there is a tendency to frequently leave Miss Major out, because she’s the only one still alive and that gets in the way of people’s comfortable crystallized hagiography and people will always prefer a silent trans woman icon over a live, complex, speaking trans woman

After doing a Google search. He isn’t a member of the KKK. He gets kkk members to leave the KKK.

“For me, a completely reformed former KKK member or white supremacist would be someone who not only apologizes for what they’ve done, but actively works toward repairing or providing reparations for the lives in the communities which they’ve affected—or for the thousands of people who have seen images of them in that white hood and the trauma that it’s invoked in so many young people.”

Yet in original post he is mocked by people for doing this:

“When you join the Mafia you do not snitch, you do not sell out your own. You will be killed. That’s their code. The police have their own—it’s called the blue wall of silence. The Klan similarly turns on those who betray the group, and the black community is no different.” 

“I try to bring out the humanity in people, We all are human beings at the end of the day.

I hope this podcast gave you some insight. He’s talked many members out of the KKK through friendship. This mans a Hero. #Love it!

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i don’t get why there have to be “sides” on this issue?
yes, robert has done everything to prove himself at this point. but aaron is always going to have trust issues and insecurities, beyond robert, for obvious reasons.
robert can’t read his mind. aaron needs to talk, and he needs help with that because he’s never done it willingly.

listen, angst aside, jupeter is… it takes literally  h o u r s  for peter nureyev to decide that yes, this broody misanthrope is the one for him, chuck the 20-year vow of anonymity out the window and tell him your name and ask him to run off into the stars with you, and the MOMENT juno lets him all he wants to do is fuss adorably over him in the hospital and kiss and dramatically confess his love. meanwhile juno pines about nureyev in every other line the whole time he’s gone, swears he’ll never love again like a jilted 13-year-old girl, broods over how He’s A Criminal And Left And He Can’t Be Trusted, and then two days and one train robbery later has decided that NO I TRUST HIM COMPLETELY and is willing to suffer torture for him and literally calls him “the best thing that ever happened to me” like some kind of straight person nicholas sparks movie bullshit ????? they are so in love what the fuck

i really don’t get those of you with anti-whatever blogs that put several precious hours into kink bashing when you could be advocating or educating about more important things like, oh i don’t know…. black lives matter… media manipulation… poverty… bathroom bills… racial profiling… chem trails… immigrant safety… rape on college campuses… child slavery and trafficking… global warming… rapid paced extinction of multiple living species… islamophobia… trans rights… 

it’s 2016. i think you can wipe away those tears that your pitiful complex has been building up every time you do as much as THINK about the concept of somebody indulging in their own personal kinks/fetishes.

do you think my kinky ass comes across your blog and realizes ‘oh… oh my god… i’ve been living a lie… i’m a horrible human.. time to de-kink!’. no.

but you know what? maybe you’re right. maybe it’s none of my business what you put your time into. it is… your life after all. and just like i want to live mine how i want, i’m sure you want to do the same. as you continue to dwell in the cages of your uptight and closed off mind i’ll be getting my freak on as i please.

 if your soul can’t handle someones personal life? then i hope you can handle the shit storm that is the horrible things that go on in our world everyday

anonymous asked:

Because of 'the discourse' I am starting to feel quite uncomfortable around homosexuals,and want to actively avoid situations where sexuality is brought up, just because they might hate aces. However this is exactly what they blame us for and i don't want to help their case at all. Nor do i want to avoid so many awesome people either. If you have any advice it would be appreciated.

Remember that you can’t blame an entire community for the shitty actions of a few. Offline (and especially outside of Tumblr) the LGBT+ community tends to be very welcoming and warm toward aces. Does that mean that you’re NOT going to experience some hateful people in your interactions? No, not necessarily, but for every person who would hate you for your asexuality, there a great, great many more who would be open, accepting, and supportive in their stead. Keep that in mind in your interactions. We’ve got hateful people in our community as well, and you wouldn’t want other communities to feel negatively toward you because of the actions of a few of our community. :)

~Mod Zora