bisexuality is such a complex identity and it really irks me when people try to reduce it to like.. this two sided idea of  “you either like men or women and you’re gonna choose eventually and don’t you dare date men because that means you’re really straight.” like it’s such a harmful ideology and completely erases the fact that being bi is a thing that exists on its own, separate from other sexualities. 


Studio Branding & Swag by Franklyn

“A couple of years ago, Franklyn co-founder Michael Freimuth wanted to print their name on a comb. He did and they started bringing them to new business meetings as parting gifts. They were an instant success, even with bald heads. Next came branded versions of his partner Patrick Richardson’s favorite 4-color Bic pens. Last Fall, an invitation to participate in the Image of the Studio exhibition at Cooper Union justified the creation of Franklyn toothbrushes, snapback hats, air fresheners and more.”

Franklyn is the creative studio you’ve been searching for all your life.
Bringing a boutique approach to innovative global brands and startups alike, Franklyn is devoted to providing clients with exceptional creative work and keeping them happy along the way. To that end they strive to think before they act, respond rather than react, and stay trill.

hey for all u guys who hate “straight” ships so much have u ever considered how a transfeminine person like myself feels when you tell me “boys liking girls is boring/gross” and basically tell me it’s ok for ME to like boys because i have a penis and that makes it “hot gay”. no. i am a girl who likes big strong men. and i get that there’s disparities in the realms of representation for gay couples when it comes down to it. but i just want you to think about what you say when you tell me, a woman, that men, especially characters i like, shouldn’t or wouldn’t like me because “they’re gay!!!!!!”

stop telling me that seeing ship art of male and female characters is gross because you have no idea how much i could identify with it. i shouldn’t have to have my potential/ideal relationships be undervalued by a community i would think understands me. 

C: I realized that Black men don’t hold one another accountable and I’m frankly tired of it.

No more excuses.

Start shaming your buddies who like to skip out on their kids and not pay child support, don’t allow toxic indivuals like that in your circle.

If he’s constantly disrespecting Black women and children then you should rethink your group of friends. Sticking around while remaining silent makes you complacent, makes you a coward.

Enough with the excuses. Any Black man who can sit there and justify allowing the mothers of their children to struggle, allowing their kids to grow up fatherless l, and the constant disrespect for Black women is trash.

“Black men have it hard” well Black women have it hard too. All this pro Black talk is empty especially if you are out here slandering your own race. Get over yourselves. It’s only a “gender war” for lazy, worthless men that remain stagnant in their minds, bodies, and souls. We can’t unify when so many of y'all are not living up to your duties. An absent patriarchy demanding to be taken care of, respected, and loved is ridiculous. Time to shape up or remain in the same place.

Torque-Witch’s 4500+ Follower Tea Giveaway!

Yes, I’ve finally gotten the majority of the prizes for this giveaway ready for all of you! Here’s what you’ll be receiving this round.


10 Loose-Leaf Tea samples from Special-Teas. Each have about 2-3 uses. 

Mint & Lemon Green Tea, Ginger Green, Organic Peppermint, Bella Coola, Cinnamon Apple, Study Buddy, Organic Cold Comfort, Organic Relaxation, Chamomile Lemongrass & Vanilla Wafer. 

Chai Tea from their new tea line - 2 packets.

Blooming Jasmine Green Tea

Honey/Sweetening Sticks in Clover, Agave, Caramel Agave and Habenero.

Cute little tea pin!

Tea Strainer

*Mug with a crocheted hand wrap!

Every tea you get will come with spell or intent suggestions for magical tea use!

*Possible future additions!


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On phone with my Princess before bedtime
  • Princess:I'm sleepy
  • Princess:Wait no I'm not
  • Daddy:I heard that!
  • Princess:No what you heard was Princess hold tone. Hold while the Princess does the things. Please leave a message after the beep
  • ....
  • Princess:*while giggling* Beeeeeeepp
  • Daddy:I press 0
  • Princess:We're sorry. 0 is not an option in this phone tree. Press 1 for more information
  • Daddy:I press *1
  • Princess:We're sorry. *1 is not an option in this phone menu
  • Daddy:Weird it was a phone tree a moment ago
  • Daddy:I press 1
  • Princess:*Proceeds to inform daddy of all the nerdy things she learned in school today while drifting off to sleep*