When does evil begin?

Seeing the headlines about Charles Manson today gave me the idea to make these. Headlines about infamous killers set to their childhood photos.

Top to bottom: Ted Bundy, Richard Ramirez, Jeffrey Dahmer and Dylan Klebold.

Witchcraft vs. Wicca

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The difference between Wicca and Witchcraft can be summarized simply: Wicca is a religion whereas Witchcraft is a practice. That begs the questions of what is a religion and what is a practice.

A religion is a spiritual belief system, such as Christianity, Islam, or Wicca. It is a series of beliefs, based around observance to or worship of deities and/or spirits. A practice is something that is done, such as prayer, meditation, or magic. Simply put, magic is a practice and Paganism is a religion. Wicca is a subset of Paganism, and raising energy (casting magic) is the main goal of Witchcraft.

Trust Your Instincts

I’m not sure if I should call this a theory. It’s something I feel like we as a community have to acknowledge.

In the stream Mark did of the new office a few weeks ago, he said something that I was just reminded of:

“I’ve said this before, but you guys aren’t stupid. Like, you guys know if something’s up. You guys know if something’s off. You guys know if the videos that I’m making aren’t exactly what they should be.”

And I know this whole situation with the “don’t remember” video is all fun and goofs. But… if I were to make a conclusion based off of what we’ve gotten with that, plus the “big mood” video, it would be something along these lines, putting everything we know about Dark and WKM aside for now:

We need to trust our instincts more. We DO know if things aren’t quite what they should be. We’re not blind and we’re not stupid.

A lot of what we see is what Mark wants us to see.

If we miss something, he finds a way to make it clear to us.

If we come to the wrong conclusion, he corrects it.

And we all know that this story he’s telling us is a work in progress– he’s doing it as he goes along, and he might change his mind many times part way through.

So I guess what I’m saying to you is this:

Give yourself more credit for your ideas. If you saw something and other people saw it too, that probably means we’re on the right track. And if that ends up being something totally wrong (i.e. the Damien turning gray situation), that doesn’t mean it was a bad idea to begin with, it just means that we’re watching closer than Mark thought we would.

And if your idea is something nobody has proposed yet, that’s okay, too. Some answers need just one little nudge to set us all on fire (i.e. the anon and the subsequent mirror-multiverse theory).

If I’ve learned one thing in my just over a month on Tumblr, it’s that overthinking is the best thinking. Even if it leads us to incorrect conclusions, other steps along the way might hold the key.

Mark knows we’re watching him close.

Him being all obscure like this is probably his way of buying himself more time to work out this story of his… but for now, we should take comfort in knowing that it will work itself out, and that with time we’ll see exactly what he’s up to.

I’ve mostly gotten over the confusion of it all, actually. I’m mostly excited for the way it’ll all unfold for us.

Oh, and @markiplier?

We’re supporting you here, but… try not to toy with our emotions so much this time, if you could.

It is so important for trans people to be included in the conversations about reproductive justice. Everyone that has the ability to create and terminate pregnancies should feel welcome, whether we identify as women or not.

We must reflect on our struggles and ensure that all of us have the ability to decide if, when, and how to become a parent, on our own terms. I believe this is at the core of reproductive justice: In order for any of us to have a taste of reproductive justice, it must be available to all of us. We must honor trans people as we are, while we are here, in every expression of our gender identity and reproduction. Honoring our resilience is resistance and remembrance.

E̼̩̭̜̼͊̎̐ ̱̹ͬͧͯ͊̊͐Ṅ̲ͦ͌͒͑ ̲̹͖͓͙͆̐́J ͈͚͛̂ͪͩȮ͔̥̼͈̌͠ ͑̾͋̃͋̀ͧY̎ͥ̍ͫ ̌̀ͨ̑̎̚T̫͓͔͍͙͚ͨ̄ͪͧ̒ͥ ̳͜H̯̻̖̣͋̐͜ ̪͇̩͔̜́̚Eͧ̀̎ͫͧ͠ ͚̜̾̅̏̅͆̚ͅS̤͓̓ ̗̯͇̗̣ͨ̓͒͞H̊͌̒̆̂͌̓͏̙ ̟͓̥̿̍͐͋ͭO͎̖̭͛̑ͭ ̢W̴̗̞̩̭̯

Art by @celestialsushi and @creationsofeve

Πώς καταλαβαίνεις αν κάποιος πνίγεται;

  • Σπάνια τον πετυχαίνεις συγκεντρωμένο, συνήθως αφαιρείται σε ύψη και σε υπόγεια.
  • Συνεχώς ξεχνά. Πάντα κάτι λείπει για να ολοκληρωθεί ο συλλογισμός. Χάνονται κομμάτια από αναμνήσεις αν όχι ολόκληρες οι αναμνήσεις.
  • Η όψη του - πρωί, μεσημέρι, απόγευμα, βράδυ - είναι πάντοτε χλωμή και περατή.
  • Ο λόγος του είναι γρήγορος λες και μιλά για να καταλάβει μονάχα αυτός τα όσα λέει. Κάποτε οι λόγοι του ειναι βραχείς και ο ρυθμός αργός, λες και είναι απίστευτα εξουθενωτικό να ζήσει και να εκφραστεί εκτός των ορίων του μυαλού του.
  • Κάθε μέρα λέει και λιγότερα. Όσο περνούν οι μέρες συνειδητοποιείς πως έχεις χάσει την επαφή με τη ζωή του κι ακόμη κι αν νομίζεις πως ξέρεις τι έκανε χθες ή τι θα ήθελε να κάνει, στην πορεία ανακαλύπτεις ότι είσαι λάθος.
  • Σου λέει δεν έχει τίποτα ή δε λέει ούτε αυτό.
  • Τα μάτια του είναι μαύρα σε περίβλημα και περιεχόμενο.
  • Στην πραγματικότητα έχει καιρό να σου μιλήσει για την καθημερινότητά του, τα όνειρά του, τα συναισθήματά του.
  • Είναι ο τελευταίος άνθρωπος που θα σκεφτόσουν ποτέ πως υποφέρει.
TSK: Ask your doctor if rat poison is right for you

90+ grumpy old man (who has been objecting to all medical advice I’ve given so far): Ok, doc, you seem like an honest guy, so tell me the truth – isn’t my blood thinner made out of rat poison?

Cranquis: Basically, yes. When you give warfarin to rats, their blood gets too thin, and then they bleed internally and die.

Man: I KNEW IT! And you’re the first doctor to admit it when I ask. So I guess I’ll do whatever you say now.

“crescent moon shaped red lip stick stains on the filters of my cigarettes. crescent moon shaped wine stains on the countertops of my home. these things aren’t good for me, i know. but, i’m still leaving traces of the universe behind.”

- smspoetry

I encourage everyone who needs it to use your mobility devices when you need it - even if you’re not quite at the point where you absolutely cannot get around without it.

Just because you’ve not wrung yourself out to the brink doesn’t mean you don’t need it and aren’t allowed to use it. Protecting yourself from getting to that point is absolutely okay and encouraged, so please use your mobility devices. Anyone who says otherwise can kindly go smell some pretty flowers.

For the longest time I’d been afraid to use my wheelchair unless my legs had zero functionality or until I actually fell down. And you know what? It sucks to fall down, it’s scary, and it hurts. But I felt like I wasn’t allowed to use it unless I absolutely, positively had no other choice. And that, my friend, is internalized ableism.

Being a part of the spoonie community here on Tumblr has helped me so much. Just this weekend I went on a retreat thing and brought my wheelchair just in case I might need it. And it’s really the only reason I didn’t have to go home early. I waited till I absolutely needed it the first day. And even after my meds kicked in and my legs were a tiny bit steadier but still scary and difficult to walk with, I used it - as a wheelchair and as a sort of walker. I used it how and when I needed it and I helped prevent my condition from worsening.

I love my wheelchair. It helped me take care of myself this weekend and I was lucky to be in a really supportive group who were understanding not only about needing my wheelchair, but also when I went non-verbal.

So please, fellow spoonies, use your mobility devices whenever and however you need to. You’re allowed to, you’re encouraged to. Take care of yourself and protect yourself. ❤