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On the months my research team and I were allowed to live on Earth and observe their habitat I noted the following about human young:

- human young will turn anything into a weapon to mock battle their peers, broom sticks, straws, even their food

- when in large groups human young will display games of mock hunts against each other. The two most common being “tag” where one young will try to catch the other young acting as prey, and “mob” where all of the young will try to catch a single young who acts as the prey. This suggests an instinctive ability for both pack and solo hunting

- human young will often hone their stalking and hunting skills by hiding or attempting to sneak up on others and pouncing with loud sounds meant to intimidate and frighten. This is considered amusing for the attacker and victim  

- adult humans will often mock attack their young with their hands or objects to train the young to protect their vital areas and avoid injury. The young find this amusing and will quickly learn to train each other in this manner

- young humans will often attack and attach themselves to an older human’s legs, arms, or back, hanging on despite being dragged or carried while the adult human walks away. Both humans seems to find the experience entertaining 

- young humans are extremely territorial and will attempt to drive off others from food, toys, and areas they have claimed as theirs with physical and verbal attacks. Fortunately, most adult humans actively try to train this behavior out, insisting the young come to an agreement or share resources and territory. 

- young humans constantly search for new territory, dens, and resources. They will climb trees, shelving, anything they can reach. They will climb under and behind things. If there are no suitable hiding areas they will construct them out of blankets and cushions or any other available item. 

- young humans display a strong pack instinct, quickly forming social groups and defending their group against other groups. Often they will split their own group in order to mock battle each other in contests


- human young will beg for domesticated carnivores as companions, and if gifted with one will pack bond with it to an extreme point.

- human young will carry a toy and try to protect and nurture it as if the toy was their own young

- human young require constant stimulation in the form of games or information. They will constantly question things and can spend extraordinary amounts of time asking “why”, often while poking the subject in question

- human young will try to eat anything at least once. Anything. If it will fit into their mouth they will attempt to eat it. If it will not fit into their mouth they will lick it. 

-human young will voluntarily deprive themselves of oxygen to the point of unconsciousness in an attempt to trigger protective instincts in older humans so they get their way

- human young display great interest in mimicry, often dressing up as different professions, species, and objects. They also display great skill in mimicking the calls and body language of other species. 
      *Example: one human young had me quite concerned there was another Treawalbil in distress and I searched for quite some time before I discovered that the young was mimicking a Treawalbil distress trill with complete accuracy. 
     *Second Example: Human young have begun to wear wear “hats” with artificial crests similar to a Treawalbil and some have begun painting colorful patterns to their arms in imitation of our camouflage. 

- human young communicate constantly and spread information quickly not only among their own social group but other social groups as well.
    *Example: The human young who mimicked a Treawalbil distress trill taught their social group and soon I was surrounded by human young calling out in distress. This caused the Treawalbil researchers much anxiety so the adult humans suggested teaching the young other calls. The human young learned enough for basic communication at an astonishing rate, but then other social groups we had not taught began using the same calls as well. Even adult humans began using the calls to communicate with us without translators. 

- Young humans will gift beings and creatures they believe to be in their social group with handmade objects, interesting specimens they have collected, or food. Strangely enough, a being does not have to be human in order to belong to a human’s social group. 


Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful

I’ve seen the world, done it all
ho visto il mondo, fatto tutto
Had my cake now
ho avuto la mia fetta di torta ora
Diamonds, brilliant, in Bel-Air now
diamanti, brillanti, a Bel-Air adesso
Hot summer nights, mid July
calde notti d’estate, metà luglio
When you and I were forever wild
quando tu ed io eravamo perennemente selvaggi
The crazy days, city lights
i giorni folli, luci urbane
The way you’d play with me like a child
il modo in cui giocavi con me come una bambina

Will you still love me
mi amerai ancora
When I’m no longer young and beautiful?
quando non sarò più giovane e bella?
Will you still love me
mi amerai ancora
When I’ve got nothing but my aching soul?
quando non avrò nient’altro che la mia anima addolorata?
I know you will, I know you will
so che lo farai, so che lo farai
I know that you will
io so che lo farai
Will you still love me when I’m no longer beautiful?
mi amerai ancora quando non sarò più bella?

I’ve seen the world lit it up
ho visto il mondo illuminato
As my stage now
come se fosse il mio palcoscenico adesso
Channeling angels in the new age now
incanalo angeli in una nuova era adesso

Hot summer days, rock ‘n’ roll
caldi giorni d’estate, rock ‘n’ roll
The way you’d play for me at your show
il modo in cui suonavi per me al tuo spettacolo
And all the ways I got to know
e tutti i modi in cui sono riuscita a conoscere
Your pretty face and electric soul
il tuo bel viso e la tua anima elettrica

Will you still love me
mi amerai ancora
When I’m no longer young and beautiful?
quando non sarò più giovane e bella?
Will you still love me
mi amerai ancora
When I’ve got nothing but my aching soul?
quando non avrò nient’altro che la mia anima addolorata?
I know you will, I know you will
so che lo farai, so che lo farai
I know that you will
io so che lo farai
Will you still love me when I’m no longer beautiful?
mi amerai ancora quando non sarò più bella?

Dear Lord, when I get to heaven
Oh Signore, quando arrivo in paradiso
Please, let me bring my man
per favore, lascia ch’io porti il mio uomo
When he comes tell me that you’ll let him in
quando viene dimmi che lo lascerai entrare
Father, tell me if you can
Padre, dimmi se puoi
Oh, that grace, oh, that body
ah, quella grazie, ah, quel corpo
Oh that face makes me wanna party
ah, quel viso mi fa venire voglia di far festa
He’s my sun, he makes me shine like diamonds
è il mio sole, mi fa risplendere come diamanti

Will you still love me
mi amerai ancora
When I’m no longer young and beautiful?
quando non sarò più giovane e bella?
Will you still love me
mi amerai ancora
When I’ve got nothing but my aching soul?
quando non avrò nient’altro che la mia anima addolorata?
I know you will, I know you will
so che lo farai, so che lo farai
I know that you will
io so che lo farai
Will you still love me when I’m no longer beautiful?
mi amerai ancora quando non sarò più bella?


Missing person: Joey Hoffmann

On the 5th of July 2017, the 21-year old Joey Hoffmann (first picture) from the Netherlands went to Turkey with his friends, married couple 34-year old Bjorn and 26-year old Derya Breukers (second picture), to help them with building their house. But on the 8th of July, Joey went missing. Shortly after, on the 9th of July, Bjorn was admitted to the hospital with serious injuries which he said he got by tripping over rocks on the beach. Suddenly, on the 21st of July, Bjorn and Derya went missing as well. Nobody heard anything from them for a while, but Derya became active on social media again on the 29th of July and that’s when Dutch news station RTL contacted Derya by calling her to ask what was going on, she answered the call but responded with ‘‘I don’t have time for this.’’ before ending the call abruptly. 

Bjorn and Derya got arrested in Silifke, Turkey. So far they have told different stories about what happened that day: Joey became homesick, they all took drugs, Derya and Joey got into a fight and so on. Their car is currently being investigated. There has been a search for Joey, on the 5th of August, on the spot where he was last seen but sadly with no results. 

Joey Hoffmann is still missing as of today. (08/06/2017)

UPDATE (08/14/2017): The body of Joey Hoffmann has been found this morning near Silifke, Turkey. Police said his body was in ‘very good state’, no wounds were visible. The cause of death is still unknown, they will perform an autopsy on his body soon.

la commedia - comedy
la farsa - farce
la pantomima - pantomime
il teatro sperimentale - experimental theater
la tragedia - tragedy

l(o) attore/l(a) attrice - actor
il cast - cast
la comparsa - extra
il costumista - costume designer
il drammaturgo - playwright
il macchinista - stagehand
il mimo - mime
il produttore - producer
il pubblico - audience
il regista - director
lo scenografo - set designer
il sostituto - understudy
il tecnico - the technician

A play
l(o) antagonista - antagonist
l(o) a parte - aside
l(o) atto - act
l(a) audizione - audition
la battuta - line
il copione - script
il costume - costume
il debutto - debut
l(o) epilogo - epilogue
il finale - finale
l(a) improvvisazione - improvisation
l(o) intervallo - intermission
la locandina - playbill
il monologo - monologue
il personaggio - character
la prima - premiere
il protagonista - protagonist
la prova - rehearsal
la prova generale - dress rehearsal
la quarta parete - fourth wall
la scena - scene
la scenografia - scene design
lo sketch - skit
il soliloquio - soliloquy
la trama - plot

In a theater
la balconata - balcony
il botteghino - box office
il camerino - changing room
il dietro le quinte - backstage
il fondale - backdrop
la galleria - gallery
le luci - lights
il palcoscenico - stage
la platea - stalls
il proscenio - apron
la quinta - wing
la scena - scenery
il sipario - curtain

Let me know if I missed something, I’ll gladly update this!

fun fact: in the Chinese-speaking Fannibals community, they call Hugh/Will little tea cup (If you don’t know why please rewatch S1E1 XD) and Mads/Hannibal Uncle Bal (the bal in Hannibal).

And the Will/Hannibal pairing is called Pluck(ing) Cup, ‘cup’ obviously refers to Will, pluck refers to Hannibal, because (Hanni)bal sounds similar to the word pluck in Chinese (拔: pluck, extract, pull out).

How do other fannibals around the world call this pairing? Do Hannibal and Will have other nickname in other language? 
please tell me, I’m interested! 😋

Hear, boy? Pet translators will be on sale soon, Amazon says

Imagine talking to a tiger, chatting to a cheetah, as Dr Doolittle once sang – what a neat achievement that would be. Well, Amazon has revealed that the animal-loving doctor’s ambition might not be entirely fantasy.

Pet translators that can turn woofs into words and make sense of miaows, might really be on the horizon, according to a report backed by the internet retailer.

Futurologist William Higham of Next Big Thing, who co-authored the report for Amazon, says he believes devices that can talk dog could be less than 10 years away.

“Innovative products that succeed are based around a genuine and major consumer needs. The amount of money now spent on pets – they are becoming fur babies to so many people – means there is huge consumer demand for this. Somebody is going to put this together,” he says.

My Fave Japanese YouTubers + some YouTube Vocab

I was introduced to Japanese YouTube and J-Vloggers through a friend and I watched a lot of videos when I was first learning Japanese. I do admit that I couldn’t understand EVERYTHING but YouTubers tend to repeat themselves often and you can see what they’re doing so you pick up a lot.

It’s important to distinguish J-Vloggers from Japanese Youtubers.  

J-Vlogger is a term that usually refers to foreigners living in Japan who vlog regularly.  Simon and Martina, Taylor R, Sharla, Micaela, Rachel & Jun, VenusAngelic, and Mimei are all J-vloggers.  Their channels are mostly in English and they speak very little Japanese in their videos.  Mimei actually does a lot of her videos in Japanese now but I wouldn’t recommend learning Japanese from her because she isn’t a native speaker.  Her content is still really cute though. 

Japanese Youtubers are usually native Japanese content creators.  Their videos are all in Japanese usually with subtitles created by the community.  They usually belong to the big partner group UUM but there are a few independents like PDR.  


This is a great channel for beginners.  @uni-venture​ mentioned him in her own post about this as Just Duncan.  He’s a British-Japanese ハフwho spent much of his childhood in England but now currently lives in Japan with his wife and their cats.  He speaks in Japanese in most of his videos with an even pace and simple videos.  All of his videos are subtitled in English.  He’s pretty unusual for a Japanese Youtuber because he isn’t attached to a major partner company and he mostly makes sarcastic joke videos and vlogs.  He often talks about Convenience store customers and things that annoy him.


PDS is PDR’s younger brother Dante.  Dante was much younger when the family moved back to Japan so he speaks no English and all of his videos are completely in Japanese.  Only a few of them are subtitled in English (mostly older videos that Duncan subbed for him when they both still lived at home) and he speaks a lot faster.  Despite his speed, Dante tends to repeat himself more often or use captions to emphasize words he’s using.  For example I learned the word 交ぜる from one of his videos.  Mostly he sits in his house and screams while doing something unnecessary like turning himself into a water balloon or fucking up one of his coffee tables.   Occasionally he also make 20 minute long videos of himself trying to win something from a UFO catcher (claw machine) and throwing away like $35 in change.  He is also a bodybuilder? So he occasionally makes videos about his fitness, but most of the time you would never know that because he does things like eat 100 Umaibo or deep fry an entire watermelon.

If you want to know how to use the particle ね you should really watch his videos.

はじめしゃちょ Hajime Syacho (President Hajime)

Hajime is probably the most difficult of these YouTubers. He talks FAST and his words often are kind of slurrred to together. But I think his videos are often translated by the community and he repeats himself a lot so you can learn lots of stuff from him.  He does a lot of dumb stuff like Dante. His videos include drinking too much of a drink that is meant to inflate your stomach to curb your appetite, making slime alone and nearly spilling it on the floor, and covering an entire room in those heat pads that you can stick to your skin.  He also does some science-y videos sometimes.  He’s a pretty big YouTube celebrity in Japan so his videos are usually a lot of fun.

If you want to learn how to use the phrase やばい!his videos are the best.  

Kinoshita Yuka: Oogui Eater

Yuka is kind of a legend. She’s a little Japanese woman who eats a LOT of food. The nice thing about her is that she eats pretty normally and unlike YouTubers who do this for the weird factor, she like legitimately enjoys everything she eats. She will like eat the entire Mister Donuts holiday menu and take time between don’t to discuss how fluffy the dough is and how refreshingly light the glaze is and so on. All of her videos are translated by the community. The translations are pretty good except the regular translator always translates 美味しい to Oishii which is not helpful and is really kind of annoying.  In all honesty, Yuka is my life goals.  Like she is my fave of all time.  If my job could be to just eat like this girl, I would be living a dream. 

If you want to learn how to talk about how you can’t handle spicy food, Yuka’s your girl.


I used to watch him all the time but now I really don’t?  He is one of the biggest Japanese Youtubers who got famous for beatboxing.  He often beatboxes in his videos and even has a video where he beatboxed for Ariana Grande when she was on tour in Japan.  He mostly does like food and snack reviews where he gives a review at the end.  Most of his videos have been subtitled in Japanese so that you can read while you watch if you want. I don’t know he’s really not my favorite tbh…

モーニング娘 Morning Musume

So this isn’t really a Youtuber.  This is an idol group with an audience of middle aged men and young girls.  However, Morning Musume is one of few Japanese music groups that has its music videos available to view in the United States and all of their music videos have English  and Japanese subtitles which is very rare.  If yo ucan get past the cheesy costumes and the general idolness of their videos, you can learn A LOT from them.  Remember to keep in mind that the Japanese you’ll learn will be a little bit more awkward than vlog-style Japanese because it will come from song lyrics.  To be completely honest though, I love muting their videos and playing like hip-hop and rap underneath of them because they match up shockingly well.  

Texan In Tokyo

So this is technically more of a J-vlog channel but whatever.  So this channel has actually ended but it’s the channel of Grace and Ryosuke, an international couple.  Most of their videos are travel videos in English but some of them are cooking videos done entirely in Japanese with subtitles.  Ryosuke is really good and speaks slowly in simple sentences so you can see what he’s making and hear him talk about it.  He tries to do the videos with time constraints but doesn’t always do that.  Their other videos are good too for culture lessons and general information about living in Japan.  

Kirizaki Eiji 桐崎栄二

So in all honesty, you probably won’t learn anything from him at all but I put him on here because I love his stuff.  He, like many male Japanese Youtubers, is just like the master of pure idiocy.  His channel is mostly him messing with his sister and making videos with quick, sudden jump cuts and loud slapping noises.  He talks way too fast but he uses a lot of subtitles so you’ll get something. Eiji lives in the suburbs somewhere with his sister, grandparents, and parents and frequently just messes with all of them.  Occasionally he purchases expensive cuts of beef, pours himself a couple of glasses of Mugicha (barley tea, god’s gift to mankind) and feasts alone in his kitchen.  I just find him really entertaining I don’t know. 

I think the lesson with him is to find things that make you want to learn Japanese.  I don’t quite completely understand all of the humor in his videos but I really want to so I study Japanese. 

Other Reccs: 

AskJapanese – Interviews by Cathy Cat

Mahoto – He eats giant cicadas once a year

JPCMHD – Commercials usually in one to two week intervals


Lorde - Green Light

I do my makeup in somebody else’s car
Mi trucco nell’auto di qualcun altro

We order different drinks at the same bars
Ordiniamo drink diversi allo stesso bar

I know about what you did and I wanna scream the truth
So cosa hai fatto e ho voglia d’urlare la verità

She thinks you love the beach, you’re such a damn liar
Lei pensa che tu ami la spiaggia, sei un maledetto bugiardo

Those great whites, they have big teeth
Quegl’enormi squali bianchi hanno denti grandi

Hope they bite you
Spero ti mordano

Thought you said that you would always be in love
Pensavo avessi detto che saresti sempre stato innamorato

But you’re not in love, no more
Ma non sei più innamorato, non più

Did it frighten you
Ti ha spaventato

How we kissed when we danced on the light up floor?
Come ci siamo baciati quando danzammo sulla pista da ballo illuminita?

On the light up floor
Sulla pista da ballo illuminata

But I hear sounds in my mind
Ma sento dei suoni nella mia mente

Brand new sounds in my mind
Suoni nuovi di zecca nella mia mente

But honey I’ll be seein’ you, ever, I go
Ma tesoro ti vedrò ovunque vada

But honey I’ll be seein’ you down every road
Ma tesoro ti vedrò lungo ogni strada

I’m waiting for it, that green light, I want it
La sto aspettando, quella luce verde, la voglio

‘Cause honey I’ll come get my things, but I can’t let go
Perché tesoro verrò a ripendermi le mie cose, ma non riesco a distaccarmi

I’m waiting for it, that green light, I want it
La sto aspettando, quella luce verde, la voglio

Oh, I wish I could get my things and just let go
Oh, vorrei poter riprendere le mie cose e lasciare andare tutto

I’m waiting for it, that green light, I want it
La sto aspettando, quella luce verde, la voglio

Sometimes I wake up in a different bedroom
A volte mi sveglio in un’altra camera da letto

I whisper things, the city sings 'em back to you
Sussurro cose, la città te le ricanta

All those rumors, they have big teeth
Tutte quelle voci hanno dei gran denti

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anonymous asked:

What happened in the manga about some Gochi news?

Hi!! For those of you who are confused, when I say “Gochi news” or “news about Goku" or “Son family news”, I am talking about this: LINK

A 5-Step Guide to Writing Intoductions

I get it, writing an introduction is friggin’ hard. Just as in real life, the first impressions you make in an essay are so important and basically the introduction will set the tone for everything that follows!

This is something we were discussing today in class and I thought a lot of it would be very useful so I decided to share it (#yourewelcome). Basically one of the assignments for our main class is to write an abstract which will essentially be the introduction to our dissertations. We were told what sort of format it should take and just reading through the different points it should cover, I thought it would make a very strong introduction for any topic!

Basically, we were told that writing is like a funnel - you should start with the broadest idea and get more specific throughout your work. So, an ideal introduction should be quite broad - but it should also highlight some of the specific things you’re going to write about in your essay.


So here are the 5 steps as promised:

  1. Opening premise - this should be a broad statement that is difficult to disagree with. We were given the example of ‘Intertextuality is central to the production and reception of translations.’ Can’t really disagree with that now, huh. (That’s written by Lawrence Venuti, btw - the rest of this is further down the post).
  2. Problematic - what problems arise from that opening statement? What are the main issues in the field? Have there been any recent (relevant!) developments?
  3. Research questions/purpose - what questions are you hoping to answer? What is the purpose of your essay/work? This is where the general ‘In this essay I’m going to…’ phrase comes in - this should be a statement of specific purpose that also demonstrates how relevant your main argument is in relation to the field mentioned in 1. Although please don’t actually say ‘In this essay I’m going to’. Please???
  4. Method - how are you going to answer those questions? Are you going to look at a particular example or case?
  5. References - this overlaps with number 4 a little. Basically, are there any particular texts, authors or works that you’re going to be referring to?

The basic way of wording all this, however, is what > why > how. Simple as that. 4-5 can blend together and they are less important depending on your level in the education system. These two points though can just be something as simple as the book that you’re going to discuss in a literature essay for English class.


Here’s the rest of the Venuti text, so you can (hopefully!) see these steps more clearly:

Intertextuality is central to the production and reception of translations. Yet the possibility of translating most foreign intertexts with any completeness or precision is so limited as to be virtually nonexistent. As a result, they are usually replaced by analogous but ultimately different intertextual relations in the receiving language. The creation of a receiving intertext permits a translation to be read with comprehension by translating-language readers. It also results in a disjunction between the foreign and translated texts, a proliferation of linguistic and cultural differences that are at once interpretive and interrogative. Intertextuality enables and complicates translation, preventing it from being an untroubled communication and opening the translated text to interpretive possibilities that vary with cultural constituencies in the receiving situation. To activate these possibilities and at the same time improve the study and practice of translation, we must work to theorize the relative autonomy of the translated text and increase the self-consciousness of translators and readers of translations alike.

To explore these ideas, I will discuss three cases: Rossella Bernascone’s 1989 Italian version of David Mamet’s play Sexual Perversity in Chicago; Kate Soper’s 1976 English version of Sebastiano Timpanaro’s study, Il lapsus freudiano. Psicanalisi e critica testuale (The Freudian Slip); and my own 2004 English version of Melissa P.’s fictionalized memoir, 100 colpi di spazzola prima di andare a dormire (100 Strokes of the Brush before Bed). The discussion makes use of a number of theorists, notably Ezra Pound and Philip Lewis.


Other pro tips:

  • Sometimes it can be useful to write an introduction when you have finished writing the main bulk of the essay - that way when you say ‘I’m going to write about xyz..’ you know for a fact that you’ve actually written about said things.
  • Your introduction should somehow match with your conclusion. Copy & paste these into a separate document from the rest of your essay and compare/contrast the both. Make changes as necessary
  • Sometimes you have an original thought in the conclusion of an essay - put that in your introduction!


I hope this helps at least one person out there! And, as per, my ask box is always open for questions/suggestions!

[DL] Touken Ranbu Stage 2 - One-Eyed Dragon of Daybreak

From the 4th of september to the 4th of november i’m going to share the second tousute. 

Cast : 

Mikazuki Munechika: Suzuki Hiroki (鈴木拡樹)

Yamanbagiri Kunihiro: Aramaki Yoshihiko (荒牧慶彦)

Ookurikara: Ino Hiroki (猪野広樹)

Shokudaikiri Mitsutada: Higashi Keisuke (東啓介)

Taikogane Sadamune: Hashimoto Shohei (橋本祥平)

Tsurumaru Kuninaga: Kento (健人)

Sayo Samonji: Naya Takeru (納谷健)

Kasen Kanesada: Wada Takuma (和田琢磨)

Date Masamune:(富田翔)

Hosokawa Tadaoki:(早乙女じょうじ)

Katakura Kagetsuna:(高松潤)

For those who cas afford it please purchase it. has the dvd version quite cheap (currently 7000yen)

[Rules] under the cut

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Boku No Hero Academia, Vol.7 Limited Edition Drama CD Translation : Sweep! Community Clean Up!

Disclaimer: Full translation of the drama CD which you can hear at this link, many thanks to op for sharing this lovely track. I got most of track 1 explanation from the manga so just a heads up. Loads of error probably, but I’m weak for my trash son baku so i just have to share it. Enjoy!

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Thegiornalisti - Riccione*

*Riccione, Italy, is famous for having very beautiful beaches and it’s become one of the main destination of summer tourism.

le navi salpano
ships sail

le spiagge bruciano
beaches burn

selfie di ragazze dentro i bagni che si amano
self-loving girls’ bathroom selfies

la notte è giovane
the night is young

giovani vecchi
old young men

parlami d'amore che domani sarò a pezzi
speak to me of love for tomorrow I’ll be dead tired

intanto cerco il mare
meanwhile I seek the sea

un'aquila reale
a golden eagle

tra poche ore, tra poche ore
in a few hours, in a few hours

sotto il sole, sotto il sole
under the sun, under the sun

di Riccione, di Riccione
of Riccione, of Riccione

quasi quasi mi pento
I almost regret it

e non ci penso più, e non ci penso più
and I won’t think about it, and I won’t think about it

faccio a schiaffi, faccio a schiaffi
I’m hitting, I’m hitting

con le onde e con il vento, le prendo
the waves and the wind, I’m getting a beating

come se fossero te
as if they were you

come se fossero te
as if they were you

come se fossero te
as if they were you

i treni frenano
trains brake

le serie iniziano
tv series begin

video di ragazzi persi dentro ad un telefono
videos of boys lost inside a phone

la notte è giovane
the night is young

sognami adesso
dream of me now

parlami d'amore che domani non sarò lo stesso
speak to me of love for I won’t be the same tomorrow

intanto cerco il mare
meanwhile I seek the sea

un'aquila reale
a golden eagle

tra poche ore, tra poche ore
in a few hours, in a few hours

sotto il sole (sotto il sole) di Riccione (di Riccione)
under the Riccione sun (under the Riccione sun)

quasi quasi mi pento
I almost regret it

e non ci penso più, e non ci penso più
and I won’t think about it, and I won’t think about it

faccio a schiaffi, faccio a schiaffi
I’m hitting, I’m hitting

con le onde e con il vento, le prendo
the waves and the wind, I’m getting a beating

come se fossero te
as if they were you

come se fossero te
as if they were you

come se fossero te
as if they were you

sotto il cielo, sotto il cielo, di Berlino, di Berlino
under the Berlin sky, under the Berlin sky

mangio mezzo panino
I eat half a sandwich

e ti perdo
and I lose you

faccio a schiaffi, faccio a schiaffi
I’m hit, I’m hitting

con l'asfalto e col cemento, le prendo
the asphalt and cement, I’m getting a beating

come se fossero te
as if they were you

come se fossero te
as if they were you

come se fossero te
as if they were you

nuovo sentimento, nuove scarpe, nuova casa
new feeling, new shows, new house

nuova gente in centro con la macchina del tempo
new people downtown with the time machine

nuovi ristoranti, nuovi amici per la pelle
new restaurants, new friends for life

parte il campionato e si riaccendono le stelle
the championship begins and the stars light up again

si riaccendono le stelle
the stars light up again

si riaccendono le stelle
the stars light up again

sotto il sole (sotto il sole) di Riccione (di Riccione)
under the Riccione sun (under the Riccione sun)

mi pento
I regret it

e non ci penso più, e non ci penso più
and I stop thinking about it, and I stop thinking about it

faccio a schiaffi, faccio a schiaffi
I’m hitting, I hitting

con le onde e con il vento, le prendo
waves and wind, I’m getting a beating

come se fossero te
as if they were you

come se fossero te
as if they were you

come se fossero te
as if they were you

come se fossero te
as if they were you

come se fossero te
as if they were you

come se fossero te
as if they were you

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Langblr - Norwegian Vocab ✏️🗣

et språk - a language

et alfabet - an alphabet

en setning - a sentence

et tegnspråk - a sign language

et fremmedspråk - a foreign language

et morsmål - a mother tongue

et ordforråd - a vocabulary

en grammatikk - a grammar

en dialekt - a dialect

en kontekst - a context

en kommunikasjon - a communication

et uttrykk - an expression

en oversettelse - a  translation

et synonym - a synonym

et sitat - a quotation

å lære - to learn

å øve - to practice

å snakke - to speak

å skrive - to write

å uttale - to pronounce

å uttrykke seg - to express

å tolke - to interpret

å kommunisere - to communicate

å oversette - to translate

tospråklig - bilingual

skriftlig - written

muntlig - verbal

uleselige - illegible

leselig - legible

Attention Langblr Community!

I’m getting a tattoo next year and I’d like to add the sentence “You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind” to it. However, I’d like to translate it into a foreign language! (I haven’t decided which one yet)
So please please please translate the sentence into your native language!
Thank you!❤

okay u nerds sit around and lemme tell u a story of boueibu’s origin and creation process !! !!!!! but jokes aside thank u guys so much for all the nice comments on my past boueibu translations / informational posts they make me rly happy and i love seeing u guys being excited over them !! 

just a reminder if you have any queries about boueibu feel free to send me an ask bc im always up for answering your questions !! + they make me happy bc im trash

ok so lets go all the way back to 2013 to start off with-

before boueibu even aired there were heaps of rumours about it being extremely similar to free! and it being the male version of pretty cure ;; but in reality what the producers said were completely different.. after the airing of ‘ixion saga DT’ which takamatsu shinji (the director of boueibu) was in charge of, pony canyon as u may already know, a very renowned company in japan for the anime it produces asked director takamatsu if he wanted to create an anime that will be well-selling. now pony canyon is in charge of all the boueibu soundtracks and etc 

(x) (rough) translation : “because i wanted to create the idea of ‘basically spending their daily lives loosely in their clubroom’ and under kawahara san’s order, the ideas ‘boys transforming’ and ‘for women’, the three ideas were combined to make this plan. written on april 2013.”

pony canyon’s kawahara san’s orders were ‘boys transforming’ and ‘female-friendly’ whereas director takamatsu probably wanted something in line with gintama and daily lives of highschool boys so something relaxed loose and chilled… im so glad their ideas were combined lmao

its actually revealed later that this is their second planning but from these plans we can understand that they were in fact originally targeting boueibu to be ‘BL- like’,, although its already extremely intentional bl imo aha

a rough translation of the planning-

original anime plan バトルラクラスタ-

battle lackluster (title needs to be worked on)

the protagonist who is beginning his school life in some all boys school is invited by a senior student with the eyes of a dead fish to join a club that basically does nothing called the ‘earth defense club’ as they are lacking new members. but later found out that they really are an organisation that defends earth. 

the unproductive daily lives of high school boys 

the defense club consists of four unique seniors and a problematic teacher dispatched by the earth defense institution. the characters effortlessly spend their daily lives in the clubroom. when theres a problem, they tranform into battle lacklusters and fight their enemy organisation that desires world domination. 

an earth defense club consisting of ikemen (good-looking) high schoolers 

the main story is ‘targeted for women’ and an earth defense club consisting of good looking high school boys that defend their planet therefore in other words a ‘male version of sailor moon’. the battles and their daily lives will both be illustrated along each other and during their daily lives, each characters’ ‘lukewarm relationships’ (in many contexts) will be shown. 

school background + promised battles

the main story is not only their earth defense battle backgrounds but also their school background including this ‘do-nothing club’ or ‘earth defense club’ and an illustration of the daily lives of these high school boys within this so called club. each episode’s beginning section will show the carefree lives of these boys in the clubroom and the ending section will be comprised of the ‘transformation scene’, ‘catch phrases’, their burning ‘killing move’ within these ‘promised’ battles. after everything is over, they always visit the ‘karaoke’ to sing a song. this will be the ending of an episode.

may look routined but a developing story

the main story follows a routined format like an anime predominantly targeted at children and slowly unfolds the story throughout the episodes. why was the protagonist chosen? what are the battle lacklusters? who are their enemies? their objective? etc. each episode, an important element can be hinted leading to the next episode.

ok first of all… battle lACKLUSTERS?? ???,,?? earth defense institution??? ?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME 

so this is basically where boueibu began… we can see that some things were kept whilst some other things were completely trashed like fucking en yufuin (the senior student with the eyes of a dead fish im guessing) going out on his way to actually ask someone to join the club imc yring..,,, by ‘lukewarm relationships’ did u mean bl ????? ???l the extra bit at the end about them visiting a karaoke lmao that was obviously changed to a bath but i noticed that pony canyon did somehow keep the karaoke element bc as i added before pony canyon is in charge of all the soundtracks and if we look at the cd covers of boueibu theyre all in a karaoke aha ;;; tbh boueibu is nothing like pretty cure its definitely like sailor moon 

(x) another rough translation : “i aimed for it to be something like sailor xxxn so i could make the producers laugh but since kawahara p hasnt watched sailor xxxn since they lived in another country ‘usagi? what’s that?’ (bitter laughter)”

u dont even know how much i laughed at this tweet omg poor takamatsu but anyways these are the original character plans for the battle lacklusters and all i can really say is…,, its basically chaos-


tsukino sabaku (hakone yumoto - battle lover scarlet)

a first year student who entered binan high school this spring. a handsome boy with girl-like features. joins the ‘earth defense club’ as recommended by mizuno as the club is lacking new members. but as the club was really the secret headquarters for an actual organisation defending earth, tsukino transforms into lackluster moon and fights their enemy.

mizuno tadakuni (yufuin en - battle lover cerulean)

*laughing bc this is an actual name of a famous figure in japanese history

a third year student with the eyes of a dead fish, earth defense club’s president. a master at doing things at his own pace and being carefree. always seen spending his time in the clubroom. transforms into battle lackluster mercury.

hino shohei (zaou ryuu - battle lover vesta)

*means to be well known for being a player in the japanese entertainment world

a long haired second year student with a flippant personality and enjoys playing with girls. an expert at playing around, is able to turn any situation into some sort of a play. calls himself popular but doesnt give out that impression at all. transforms into battle lackluster mars.

kino kuniya (naruko io - battle lover sulfur)

*this is a bookshop name boueibu

a cunning second year student with excellent accounting skills. an expert when it comes to business and thinks of everything as cash. transforms into lackluster jupiter. 

aino kusabi (kinugawa atsushi - battle lover epinard)

a third year student with a man-like personality. holds the principle ‘live for love, die for love’ very deeply. transforms into battle lackluster venus. 

uh director this definitely makes boueibu look like a parody of sailor moon im crying but as u can see some of these aspects have been kept like ryuu not being popular with girls so after all the planning they gathered all the staffs and worked with diomedia nice nice happy ending !! !! after a meeting with producer sekiyama san and the president of diomedia kohara san it was finally decided that the characters would be named after bathhouses lmao

and that is how boueibu came into being..,, 

oh wait but i also have the very first illustration of boueibu-

(x) translation : “an illustration created at the very beginning of the plans. chizuru(the chief designer), im sorry for uploading this.”

im peeing just looking at this i mean yumoto looks the same but look at rYUUS GLORIOUS SCARLET HAIR AND ENS BLUE HAIR im guessing the one with the green hair at the very back is…. io?? i cnat even tell who atsushi is lmao

anyways this is the end of this post (there is ofc more to come ww) but i hope u guys enjoyed this and feel free to add anything yea !! !!!!! 

Elodie - Una Strada Infinita

C'è chi ama senza avere in cambio niente
There is who loves without getting nothing back

E niente chiede
and who asks for nothing

C'è chi dice che la vita è solo un viaggio verticale
there is who says that life is just a vertical trip

Ma si perde l'orizzonte
the horizon gets lost

E la linea che divide il nostro mondo d’altri mille
and so does the line that divides our world from another thousand

C'è chi vuole esser grande
there is who wants to be great

Se hai coraggio sei un gigante
if you’re brave you’re a giant

C'è chi pensa di rischiare tutto senza farsi male
there is who thinks of risking it all without getting hurt

Chiudi gli occhi per vedere
close your eyes to see

Tu sai tutto del mio cuore
you know everything about my heart

Ma non il suo confine
but not its limit

Quello che sei lo salverò
I will save what you are

Sono anche tue le forze che ho
the strength I have is yours, too

Contro ogni male, un deserto di sale
against any evil, a salt desert 

Non è possibile stare a guardare
it’s not possible to stand there and watch

Non vale niente
it’s worthless

Se è soltanto un momento che resta poesia
if it’s just a moment that stays poetry

Per sempre

Perché l'amore è una prova infinita
because love is a neverending trial

Più della vita
more than life is

C'è chi semina nel vento le sue idee e il suo tormento
there is who sows their ideas in the wind, and their torment too

Perché vadano lontano
so that they may go far 

Perché servano a qualcuno
so that they may be useful to someone

A chi cerca d’insegnare
to who tries to teach

A suo figlio a camminare
their child how to walk

E conta i sogni per dormire
while counting their dreams trying to sleep

Non vale niente
it’s worthless

Se è soltanto un momento che resta poesia
if it’s just a moment that stays poetry

Per sempre

Perché l'amore è una prova infinita
because love is a neverending trial

Più della vita
more than life is