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During the United States Red Scare after the end of World War II, the term “premature anti-fascist” came into currency to describe Americans who had strongly agitated or worked against fascism, such as by fighting for the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War, before fascism was seen as a proximate and existential threat to the United States. The implication was that such persons were Communists or Communist sympathizers whose loyalty to the United States was suspect.

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It’s become your daily morning ritual. Wake up. Open Twitter. And here come’s your fix. It’s something like, “Trump Surrogate Says Jews in the Holocaust Didn’t Have it So Bad!” and you’re off to the races. How could he!? Do they know how insensitive that is!? And so on, and so forth until tomorrow, when it’s something else. It’s the rage machine and it exists on both sides.

For every “Trump Eats Steak Well Done With Ketchup,” you see on on the left, folks on the right will see something like “Communist Sympathizer Lena Dunham Thinks Pedophiles Should Teach Kindergarten.” And the big secret is: both sides are getting played. The nonstop outrage engine is a contrivance, a counterfeit system made by people trying to profit off notoriety, and fueled by humanity’s physiological addiction to anger. We hate it. And we love it. And we can’t fucking stop.

THIS WEEK: Jack O'Brien is joined by Cracked editors Jason Pargin (aka David Wong), Katie Goldin and Alex Schmidt to break-down how the non-stop rage machine works, who’s profiting from it, and why this snake eating its tail is so addictive to the human psyche.

How Ann Coulter And Milo Yiannopoulos Are Playing You

Campaign poster for the Communist Party ticket in the 1940 American presidential election. By 1940, news of the Nazi-Soviet Pact had shocked communists and their sympathizers around the world and membership in the Communist Party had begun to stagnate. This was the third run for Vice President by James Ford, one of the many African-American candidates that ran on the Communist ticket. Browder and Ford tallied 46,000 votes in the 1940 election, compared to 80,000 in the 1936 race.

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The alt-right's foundation is a victim narrative. Whites are under attack according to them, and to be frank, the communists/antifa sympathizers on the left are validating their narrative. The alt-right often describe themselves as reactionaries. The alt-right would cease to exist if the marxists would as well. It's a snake eating its tail. Why are people so surprised when are opposed to both factions?

it’s the exact same stabbed in the back narrative that the Nazis used.

Hitler held that Germany didn’t lose the war, but that they were undermined by cowards, communist sympathizers, and Jews.

sound familiar?

at the same time, engaging with the dudes violently at a point when they haven’t done any violence and are just marching/demonstrating never ends well

if they didn’t get punched or stomped they’d have no foundation to work with

no victim narrative

people look at their ideas and they’d be like “holy shit you’re stupid”

rather than the “holy shit is this guy ok” thing if you saw someone with their head cracked open on the street

Yo, here goes a fact about women I don’t think many young people know: the term “woman” didn’t exist until recently. Before 1979, in fact, women were more commonly known as “Those Who Speak Softly and Walk On Misted Grounds At Dawn’s Break”. The term “woman” didn’t come into usage until the 80s. It was invented by feminist philosopher, author, and mathematician, Lisa R.W. Hardinger, who created the term as an acronym. However, Hardinger kept the meaning of W.O.M.A.N. a strict secret only known to those in the inner circle of her feminist sect.

The meaning of the acronym was so sought after that the CIA, believing Hardinger may be a witch or a communist sympathizer, infiltrated her group. Recently declassified documents reveal that, while they were unable to find out the meaning of all of the letters, the W stood for “Women in STEM fields” and the M stood for “Measles”. To this day, no one knows the true meaning of the term woman, but it has passed into normal American vernacular, all but replacing more archaic terms.

However, European English speakers and older Americans still refer to women as “Those Who Speak Softly and Walk On Misted Grounds At Dawn’s Break. So if you were wondering why meemaw and poppop say that sometimes, this is why.

Day One, July 15th - What would you do as a Vault-tec. executive?

Can you come up with a new vault experiment? What are you going to do with the poor people of pre-war America? And if you can’t come up with a new experiment, what is the one you like the most?

Johanna, like all New Salemenes, is descended from the people of Vault 126. Its experiment was designed to test how people reacted to mass hysteria. (The fact that the vault closest to Salem, Oregon, was chosen for this experiment isn’t a coincidence. Somebody in Vault-Tec thought they were being clever.) The Overseer manipulated the Vault to make it seem as though it was being sabotaged: important systems failed, things went missing, etc. Given the pre-War cultural climate, it wasn’t long before anti-Communist paranoia reared its ugly head.

A month after the Vault door closed, the trials began. Of the 203 initial inhabitants of Vault 126, 45 were executed for conspiring with Communists to sabotage the Vault.

The wave of mass hysteria ended when someone found evidence that everything had been manufactured by the Overseer on Vault-Tec’s orders. The Vault’s remaining inhabitants wanted to execute the Overseer as retribution, but Rose Aiello — a highly respected member of the community, whose own sons had been executed as alleged Communist sympathizers— talked them into showing mercy. The Overseer was thrown into prison, where he died of natural causes several years later.

Vault 126 knew they had been tested— and they knew they’d failed. In repentance for this, they agreed to destroy all weapons in the Vault and to abstain from all violence. They began to revere the victims of the executions as martyrs; as the years went on, people believed that a return to violence would bring the wrath of the Martyrs upon them. It became customary in Vault 126 to name children after one of the Martyrs, or after Rose, who finally put an end to violence in Vault 126.

All of this is recounted in a New Salemene nursery rhyme that Johanna’s parents taught her, which was written about seventy years after the executions stopped:

The Overseer tumbles down
See the people break his crown
Tests were planned and tests were laid
Trials done and judgments made
Husbands, daughters, wives, and sons
To the gallows one by one
Three sons lost and none remain
And Rose Aiello has her say

Slay him, slay him not I pray
So Rose Aiello has her say
The test was his, the choice was ours
’til the Martyrs’ final hours
The choice was ours both now and then
Let us not spill blood again
Toss the gallows on the flames
And Rose Aiello has her say

Burn your weapons one by one
Your pistols, knives, your blades and guns
The Martyrs are in heaven now
Always, always looking down
Honor them and stay your hand
So the Martyrs still demand
Keep their lessons day by day
And Rose Aiello has her say

Burn your weapons one by one
Your pistols, knives, your blades and guns

Many people fear nothing more terribly than to take a position which stands out sharply and clearly from the prevailing opinion. The tendency of most is to adopt a view that is so ambiguous that it will include everything and so popular that it will include everybody. Along with this has grown an inordinate worship of bigness. We live in an age of “jumboism” where men find security in that which is large and extensive–big cities, big buildings, big corporations. This worship of size has caused many to fear being identified with a minority idea. Not a few men, who cherish lofty and noble ideals, hide them under a bushel for fear of being called different. Many sincere white people in the South privately oppose segregation and discrimination, but they are apprehensive lest they be publicly condemned. Millions of citizens are deeply disturbed that the military-industrial complex too often shapes national policy, but they do not want to be considered unpatriotic. Countless loyal Americans honestly feel that a word body such as the United Nations should include  even Red China, but they fear being called Communist sympathizers. A legion of thoughtful persons recognizes that traditional capitalism must continually undergo change if our great national wealth is to be more equitably distributed, but they are afraid their criticisms will make them seem un-American. Numerous decent, wholesome young persons permit themselves to become involved in unwholesome pursuits which they do not personally condone or even enjoy, because they are ashamed to say no when the gang says yes. How few people have the audacity to express publicly their convictions, and how many have allowed themselves to be “astronomically intimidated”!

Martin Luther King, Jr. in “Transformed Nonconformist” (Strength to Love pp. 12-3)

“How few people have the audacity to express publicly their convictions, and how many have allowed themselves to be “astronomically intimidated”!” 

This really strikes home right now. 

I try not to get too personal on this blog, but I am tired of hearing “Never Again” being spoken by hypocrites.

In 1941, several of my relatives living in Europe–a family in Vienna with four children coming of age and a father who liked to play violin–were deported to Ukraine as part of the Nazi purges. There, most of them starved to death in the winter of 1942. The youngest was 15. Only two of the daughters, Elsa and Paula, survived to even tell of what had happened to their family. In my family there are many others who we can’t even say what happened to them. Their life stories end in question marks, often with a little note attached that reads, “Killed in the war?”

Escaping to the US was impossible: Americans were still afraid that people posing as Jewish refugees would actually be communists or Nazi sympathizers, and would topple America from within. 72% of Americans were opposed to admitting large numbers of Jews.

The day after Holocaust Remembrance Day, we are still reeling from the effects of Donald Trump’s executive orders. While these resulted in a lot of policy shifts, the short of it is that programs to admit refugees have been suspended and that all people traveling from Muslim-majority countries are banned from entering the US, even if they already have a green card. Of the refugees, most of them are children, mothers, and families desperate to escape the large-scale violence that has consumed countries like Iraq and Syria for years. Children live in shelled-out homes and people try to reconstruct their lives under rubble. Government forces, rebel forces, and in some places ISIS serve to make every place an utter hell. 

This is how it begins: in America, we see the footage of drowned children whose parents were desperate to give them a better life, and instead we spend hours on the news babbling about the “risk” of an ISIS terrorist posing as a refugee and bombing our cities. The same way that in the 1930s and 40s, we crowed about how Nazis could pose as Jews and infiltrate our country. 

“Never Forget,” they say. I think they’ve forgotten.


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I hope you know that using the blanket term Communism to describe different implementations of the political ideology of Communism is technically wrong. Maoism, Stalinism, Kruschevism, Leninism, Trotskiism, etc., are more correct terms. Also, before you call me a Communist fanboy, I studied the U.S.S.R and the rampant spread of Communism in the 20th century, so no, I am not a Communist-sympathizing angsty liberal lol.

Sure, but when you’re trying to remain brief and straight to the point, specifying exactly which type of cancer you’re referring to in every individual situation doesn’t seem very practical.

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Hey don't feel bad, I got accused of being a Communist and a Nazi sympathizer for posting something vaguely political once.

I just really hate this “Aha! You’re actually racist/bigoted!” sort of response, because it’s putting the burden of proof on you to prove you’re not racist, and that’s all sorts of…frustrating? Like, this person decided that my criticism of a fictional character of color capturing and selling slaves proved that I’m actually pro-murdering Palestinians?? Nothing I can say will ever convince that blogger otherwise. 




I was in San Juan for Hurricane Maria. I’ve been through enough crap this year that I don’t want to put up with people proclaiming demonstrable falsehoods as facts or other nonsense.

…I’m hungry.

Wait, how does one be both a Communist and a Nazi sympathizer???

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i saw your post about george orwell and was wondering what you view of him is, re why hes not worth the lauding he gets. i havent seen any other either pro or anti orwell posts or essays and the only reading ive done of him is a few of the usual highschool texts so im not that informed on the topic

just search “orwell” on my blog and you’ll find a million posts of me complaining about him but the easiest one is that he was a fuckin informant that gave a list of communists and communist “sympathizers” to the government and in the process did some fun shit with some ethnic labeling (making sure to note anyone that he thought might be jewish, for example) which including mentioning that paul robeson was “anti-white” and all sorts of other fun things like that. there’s also his intense hatred of gay people and women, the latter being an obvious problem due to his fascination with writing disgusting and completely unnecessary (as in, even more than the usual amount of unnecessary) rape scenes, which possibly has something to do with his own attitude toward women in his life and the allegation that he attempted to rape a woman. i could go on and on but you probably get the point. he’s really not worth defending in any sense and his shitty views obviously work their way into his writing and honestly it doesn’t help that he basically helped write the anti-communist history of the west to the point where we can’t even talk about socialism without someone bringing up animal farm. so like on top of everything else, he’s responsible for the fact that now whenever i want to have a serious discussion about communism with someone, first i have to wade through several minutes of explaining why we shouldn’t be taking political lessons from fictional farm animals.

Shirley Temple Black in Prague, 1990.

Shirley Temple was the first and only female US ambassador to Czechoslovakia. Temple was a personal witness to two crucial moments in the history of Czechoslovakia’s fight against Communism.

Temple was in Prague in August 1968, as a representative of the International Federation of Multiple Sclerosis Societies during the Prague Spring. Temple, who was stranded at a hotel as the tanks rolled in, sought refuge on the roof of the hotel. She later reported that it was from here she saw an unarmed woman on the street gunned down by Soviet forces, a sight which stayed with her for the rest of her life.

Later, after she became ambassador to Czechoslovakia, she was present during the Velvet Revolution, which brought about the end of Communism in Czechoslovakia. Temple played a critical role in hastening the end of the Communist regime by openly sympathizing with anti-Communist dissidents and later establishing formal diplomatic relations with the newly elected government led by Václav Havel. She took the unusual step of personally accompanying Havel on his first official visit to Washington, riding along on the same plane.

Portrait of Karola Neher (1929). Rudolf Schlichter (German, 1890-1955). Oil on canvas.

Neher, a German actress, played Polly Peachum in the 1931 film adaptation of the theatrical hit The Threepenny Opera by Kurt Weill and Berthold Brecht. A Communist sympathizer, Neher fled to Moscow with Anatol Becker in 1934. There they became victims of the Stalinist purges, Becker being executed by firing squad in 1937 while Neher was sentenced to ten years in a labour camp. She died of typhoid in a camp in 1942 aged 41.

“A recently declassified photograph showing the execution of 1,800 South Korean political prisoners in Taejon over three days in July 1950. The retreating South Korean Army feared that the suspected communist sympathizers might collaborate with the advancing North Koreans. Both sides routinely executed citizens and soldiers alike as the fighting continued.”


This U.S. Army photograph, once classified “top secret”, is one of a series depicting the summary execution of 1,800 South Korean political prisoners by the South Korean military at Taejon, South Korea, over three days in July 1950

Historians and survivors claim South Korean troops executed many civilians behind frontlines as U.N. forces retreated before the North Korean army in mid-1950, on suspicion that they were communist sympathizers and might collaborate with the advancing enemy.