communist control act

Instead of Punch a Nazi how about Punch a Communist

All over the Media, Tumblr, Etc a common standing point is labeling Trump as a Nazi and using phrases like “Punch a Nazi”. Even though Trump is NOT a Nazi, what if he was? Who would be the Lefts alternative? Bernie Sanders. The Leftists LOVE Bernie Sanders because he believes in Communist ideals. The only reason he was allowed to run was because he ran as a Democrat (It is illegal for a communist to hold office according to the Communist Control Act of 1954 despite how unconstitutional that law may be).

Let’s compare Stalin a communist to Hitler a Nazi.

Communist Genocide - 20 million people
Nazi Genocide - 6 Million people

Or look at Communist North Korea people can’t even slouch without being executed

Clearly communism is worse than fascism. All of antifa, the liberal left, and most other leftist groups are all hypocrites and should punch communists instead. So why not support Trump, a CAPITALIST.

(I do not support Nazis but y'all are a bunch of faggots)