communism can be religious. religion can exist in communism. peter kropotkin literally wrote about some of the first communist societies being religious. religion doesn’t have to be eradicated for communism to exist. 

to keep hiding under marx to justify your islamophobia, antisemitism, etc., is fucking bullshit. he’s not the final say on communism, and communism quite literally preexists him.

Honestly, imagine how many young people would be relieved by communal life. Where folks wouldn’t have to worry about paying off debt, buying a house, losing a job, or not affording food or water. Where even if things become scarce, you’ll always have others looking after you. 

23 of March 2017, Maracaibo, trying to return home after class, I successfully avoided an improvised roadblock just a block from college, no idea why these ladies decided to do it, but since a supermarket is nearby (the red building on the right), my bet is something related to food.

After I passed another car went through and then they stopped coming, so I arrived just in time. 

Roadblocks like this one are becoming increasingly common in Venezuela, as the situation in the country continues to deteriorate.  

No audio as it was all distorted. 

LISTEN communist fuckers,

capitalism is the only thing that drives us.

you love capitalism, you just don’t know it.

capitalism is getting a job, working hard and getting a raise

capitalism is creating your own business and choosing what to pay your employees 

capitalism is being able to choose between different brands of electronics because some are more expensive than others therefore some are better than others

capitalism is knowing you can better yourself by getting a better job, therefore getting more money

capitalism is exchanging money against a service and knowing that the price you pay will equal being served decently.

capitalism is consensual sex. socialism is rape.

capitalism is a paid job. socialism is slavery.

A few years ago, I really wanted to go to a good college. I wanted to meet people and learn things I never could in a small-town school. I wanted to get an English degree, or maybe something in creative writing. 

But I was lazy in high school. Slacked off on assignments because they felt tedious. With the exception of junior year, my grades were either mediocre or garbage. So from the POV of the more selective colleges, I was out of the question.

And hearing about all the debt people had to bear. All the anxieties, all the years spent paying it off. Knowing that the state turns a profit out of this shit. Why would I suffer all that for a degree that would never get me a high-paying job? What’s the point?

It’s not like my family had a lot of money either. Most of them work at a cereal plant. We’ve had to live on rented property for over a decade.

Rejecting college sucks. It feels like you’re going to stagnate the rest of your life. Like you have no future. Like you’re going to be stuck behind a counter for the rest of your life. Legs always tired. Always going straight to bed, just to wake up the next day and do the same menial bullshit all over again. I can only imagine what it’s like for some folks to drop out of college. But what other choice do I have?

I think a lot of young people suffer those kind of anxieties too. Worrying about leaving home for an unfamiliar place, possibly without any support from their families. They probably have an idea about what happened to all the old decent-paying jobs in the US. They probably have an idea how relentlessly the market will punish them if they fail, especially if they’re part of a marginalized community. Capitalism is already reaching its cold, clawed hand toward them.

These are real and valid anxieties. I had them. I still have them. Part of the reason why so many young people are turning to socialism, communism, and anarchism is because of these anxieties. Don’t write them off as uneducated children. Everybody, regardless of age, deserves freedom, equality, and well-being.


Anarchist Cookbook DIY at work and other places; this is genius.