Why I don't support Bernie Sanders.

I’ve been seeing a lot of support for Bernie Sanders and I just felt like I wanted to take a minute to explain why I don’t support him and why his progressive economic views are flawed because this is something I feel strongly about.

The first reason as to why I don’t support Bernie Sanders is because he keeps promoting all this “free” stuff like free health care, college….etc. and yeah I can agree that all *sounds* really nice.

It’d be great if all those things were truly free, however what I don’t think most people realize is that if we get all this stuff for “free” it’s not necessarily going to be free. what’s going to happen is our taxes will most likely be much higher than they are now. Just like how most of our taxes supposedly go towards things that are “free” to us now such as public school.

I’d also like to address the issue with raising the minimum wage….which again, I agree. $15 an hour!? Sounds great. However if we raise the minimum wage, this will create less jobs because employers will not be able to afford their workers.

Also let’s not forget that the price of things tends to rise with inflation. So, even if the minimum wage goes up, so will the price of the things that we buy meaning that the buying power will remain the same as it is now.

I could probably go on with more reasons as to why I don’t support him but I don’t want to make this too, too lengthy. (; if anyone would like me to explain this further feel free to inbox me.

It’s still crazy to my mind that when. I’m debating with people from the older generation about why welfare is necessary their retort is that people are lazy or are taking from the government or that items shouldn’t just be given away. But that’s the “radical” idea, giving people the things they need to survive is so unfathomable that the older generation believes that people should die working than to continue living because we as humans helped another human. And that is something I’ll never forgive the older generation for.

every post about communism on this website

person 1: communism is p cool
person 2: Hmph. Look at this fool, everyone. Take a basic economics course. It’s Human Nature, you child. You privileged moron.
person 3: why does tumblr romanticize communism!! don’t you realize it’s problematic!
person 4: um actually communism and capitalism are both bad, and we should embrace socialism, which is a mix of both; This is 100% true and I can confirm because I live in Canada, a socialist country

Tired of these American so called communists and socialists that refuse to vote because all they can think about is revolution instead of doing everything they can to alleviate the suffering of the working class.

There might not be a candidate that represents true socialist ideals but there’s sure as hell at least one that will actually help the proletariat much more than any of the other candidates. Only so called communists from bourgeoisie and petite bourgeoisie backgrounds care more about discussing revolution than actually advancing the cause of the working class because their privilege allows them the luxury not to vote. You can bet your ass that actual working class communists will be participating in the upcoming election because they know they can improve their plight with strategic voting rather than waiting for a revolution that may not come in their lifetime.

Bernie Sanders


1. any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods

2a : a system of society or group living in which there is no private property

2b : a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state

Synonyms: communism, Marxism

The thought that anyone eligible to vote would even consider Bernie Sanders as a good presidential candidate scares me more than anything. The fact that people are supporting Hilary Clinton and praising Obama’s presidency makes me sick.
Allowing government to gain more control over our lives will only result in less freedom and fewer rights.

Anarchism in Greece could be a reality?

The idea o anarchism (as a post-state ideology) can have it’s roots tracked down into Greece, as we have the school of cynism, and to be more specific, Zeno of Citium. Also we cannot ignore that the word “anarchy” comes from greek language. But now I’m curious to see if anarchism will come back to it’s homeland. Greece is passing through a severe crisis, as we all know, and today, as I write (06/30/2015) is the last day Greece have to pay it’s debts. And through this, they must pay the crisis and also feed it’s population with their money so they won’t starve (or riot).

As I’ve seen through the news, and it’s an obvious reaction, greek population isn’t even a little bit happy, they blame the government of being “able to eat and drink” while they are hungry, they seek someone to solve the crisis only because they can’t see further on. If they are mad at a crisis, they should try to prevent it, not only solve it, the root of crisis is the monetary system. The greek population is already angry, they only need a prophet to lead them through revolution, and if this prophet appears, anarchism in Greece is more than a possibility.

(note: we should not ignore the external pressure all other countries would have against a anarchist “country”, but popular pressure would win, or generate the extinction of their people)