Honestly how much is our ideological obsession with extroversion a direct result of the capitalist mode of production. We sort of have this fake, parasitic anthropophilia that issues forth, this charismatic sort of false enthusiasm for everything- the babbling, rambling manner of speech employed by people who are actively trying to market themselves/sell something. It’s all fucking garbage. 

By all means, I’m not an advocate of misanthropy, but this phony sense of “self-help”gregariousness that bourgeois liberals and reactionaries surround themselves in- it makes me fucking sick. 

It’s natural to be reserved. It’s natural to be reflective. Attempts to pathologize natural, healthy anxiety or to shame those seeking solitude (REAL solitude. Ideological solitude. Not this bullshit white male “Into the Wild” solitude) are purely counterrevolutionary in nature and must be thoroughly rejected.  

I need tumblr to stop acting like capitalism is the only system of government that requires people to have jobs and earn their living and that keeps people in poverty. I need tumblr to stop pretending like there aren’t thousands of people starving in North Korea under a system
That is not capitalist, or like there weren’t thousands of people starving in Russia or China or any other given country that has had systems other than capitalism.
I need tumblr to start fucking recognizing that while yes, “Capitalism IS violence”, it is not the polar opposite of communism and that many of the systems of government that are glorified and romanticized on this site have resulted in the deaths of millions.

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Do you know anything about kibbutzim? Do you think they're a viable model for communist society?

I don’t know much about them, but from what I read, there’s certainly a lot that more mainstream communists could learn from the Israeli Kibbutzim, if they would just tamp down on the anti-semitism a bit.

Jacksonville holds vigil for Sandra Bland
Jacksonville, FL – Over 100 activists and community members gathered here, July 26, to honor Sandra Bland. Bland, who supported the Black Lives Matter movement, became national news when she was found dead in her jail cell after being arrested for a minor traffic offense.
Communism, regardless of the trimmings, is an attempt to make a static world in a dynamic and changing universe. To whatever degree it succeeds partially – for a length of time – it will be at the expense of progress. The scale of living will tend to remain at the same or a lower level than when the commune was first established.
—  H.G. Weaver, The Mainspring of Human Progress (p.51)

Socialist Fashion, 1964 ☭

The Sixth Conference of the Light Industry Permanent Working Group on Questions of Clothing Culture for countries of the Council of Economic Cooperation (Comencon) took place in the Moscow’s Sokolniki Park of Culture and Recreation.

Various designs were displayed by fashion designers from Bulgaria, Hungary, the German Democratic Republic, Poland, Romania, the Soviet Union, and Czechoslovakia.

On the stands of the exhibition were products made of wool and cotton, artificial and natural threads. Thanks to chemistry we can now wear clothing that won’t get crumpled, will not shrink after washing, and will cost significantly less.


Russia: bad idea
Ukraine: bad idea
Belarus: bad idea
The Baltic states: bad idea
Kazakstan: bad idea
Uzbekistan: bad idea
Kyrgyzstan: bad idea
Poland: bad idea
Former Yugoslavian nations: bad idea
Romania: bad idea
Bulgaria: bad idea
Germany: bad idea
Czech Republic: bad idea
Vietnam: bad idea
Cambodia: bad idea
Tumblrinas: it could work

  • capitalists:*believe in indefinite growth*
  • capitalists:*grossly misallocate scarce resources*
  • capitalists:*support wage theft*
  • capitalists:*constantly in crisis*
  • capitalists:...
  • capitalists:communists don't understand economics.