communified-is-my-blog asked:

you don't like jesse eisenberg?


i dont know enough about jesse to decide whether i like him or not, but i have literally hated almost every character jesse eisenberg has played with a burning passion. i think the only character i didn’t dislike was columbus from zombieland. he’s like michael cera where all of his characters are the same, but instead of being cute and only slightly asshole-ish like michael cera’s characters, his characters’ douchey snarky passive aggressive asshole factor is always ramped up to 1000%.

and don’t get me wrong, i realize that most of the time someone’s character is not the reflection of who they are, but i’ve been annoyed by his characters so much that i feel like bashing my own head into whatever screen i’m watching when i see his face now. EVEN IF IT’S AN INTERVIEW OR SOMETHING.

when i see jesse eisenberg i see mark zuckerberg’s bitch ass. i see that little smug prick from now you see me. i hear blu’s annoying ass voice from rio.

so no i dont dislike jesse, but i get a silent rage whenever i watch a movie and i see him because i know, I JUST KNOW, that i’m gonna end up hating his character.