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We’re taking questions about social media & mental health

As researchers and advocacy groups examine the impact of social media usage on mental health, they are discovering both positives and negatives. While social media fosters community and allows people to connect in ways that are possible only because of the Internet, social media can also come with risks– bullying, harassment, and language of hate. This Tumblr Issue Time discussion brings together panelists from media, advocacy, and healthcare to discuss the relationship between social media and mental health, explore the positive effects it has on community, and examine solutions for how you might mitigate or address some of the negative risks. 

Our panelists will answer your questions in an Issue Time right here on @postitforward on Tuesday, May 30th. Ask anything you’d like. 

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"37 Slogans For College Majors If They Were Actually Honest"

Accounting: selling your soul for money.

Aerospace Engineering: “it actually is rocket science.”

Anthropology: it’ll get you laid, but it won’t get you paid!

Archeology: if you don’t know what it is, it’s probably ceremonial.

Art History: and you thought making art was pointless!

Astrophysics: “Eh, I’m within an order of magnitude…”

Biochemistry: spend 4 years aspiring to discover the cure for cancer, and the rest of your life manufacturing shampoo.

Chemistry: where alcohol is a solution.

Communications: “we’ll teach you everything you need to know about convincing your friends that your degree is actually meaningful.”

Computer Engineering: tons of chicks, just not very many.

Computer Science (for a straight girl): the odds are good, but the goods are odd.

Creative Writing: because job security is for pussies.

Criminal Justice: we’re here because of Law & Order reruns.

Dental Hygienist: “something to do until you get knocked up.”

Engineering: the art of figuring out which parameters you can safely ignore.

English: so you want to be a teacher.

Film: forks on the left, knives on the right.

Finance: “accounting was too hard.”

Graphic Design: no, we’re not artists.  We’re designers; there’s a difference.

History: history may repeat itself, but you definitely will.

Information Technology: let me Google that for you.

Journalism: learn how to construct an argument that no one will listen to.

Latin: because useful is overrated.

Linguistics: studied 17 languages, fluent in none of them.

Marine Biology: “I wanted to play with dolphins, but I’m looking at algae instead.”

Music Performance: if you don’t hate yourself, you’re doing it wrong.

Nursing: learning to save others’ lives while struggling not to take your own.

Philosophy: think about it.

Photography: it’s worth a shot.

Physics: “everything you learned last week was wrong.”

Political Science: your opinion is wrong

Pre-med: “I’ll probably switch majors in two years.”

Psychology: good luck doing anything until you get your Masters.

Speech Pathology: we have a way of making you talk.

Statistics: where everything’s made up, and numbers don’t matter.

Structural Engineering: because architects don’t know what physics is.

Zoology: because you can’t major in kittens.

If I see another 'you me her' post tagged with lesbians I'm going to scream.

They’re fucking Bi!
Stop fucking ignoring the Bi community because you want more representation.
You know the only other Bi females OUT in the media that I can think of?
Sarah Lance and HarleyQuinn!

I get it, you’re starved of representation and looking for it everywhere.

And I know Jack is coming off as an ass but I honestly see it as realistic of someone who’s insecure and just found poly, you know why, because I’m at that point where I’ve now dated multiple people who are new to poly and they struggle with it, I’ve been poly for years now and I struggle with it.

Jealousy and coming out and finding a balance and working out communication is scary sometimes, especially when it’s new, especially when society tells you to deal with it differently to how’s actually healthy.

And I get pissed when you act like he’s just being an asshole, because yes he needs to grow the fuck up, but life change is scary and they’re working on it and that’s fucking important.

Do you realise how badly we needed this polyamorous model? Not of a happy and perfect polyam fam… but of a struggling, new to it, bunch of consenting adults.

That’s important and it’s helpful and you’ve got to stop pretending they’re not bi and he’s not insecure and new to this and that they’re all not insecure and new to this. Because I was nervous as hell and I knew I wanted poly with all my heart.

Just stop freaking ignoring this shit because it’s not perfect.
Especially if you’re not bi or poly and looking at this from a purely straight/gay monogamous standpoint.

I’m naturally polyamorous, it completes me in a way nothing else does and I wouldn’t give it up for the world. And me and some of my partners/potential parents/ex’s were insecure people and acted like twats at times because we didn’t know how to handle that and it’s a learning process, something I learned off older polyamorous people in the community, some of which have been polyamorous advocates since the early 90’s and have grandkids, others who are in their late 40’s, 30’s, early 20’s, 50's… they taught me how to see my jealousy and envy was based off my own insecurities and how to communicate and find solutions.

These three don’t even HAVE that, they’re seeing someone tho and that’s important.

I know this is a massive tangent about fandom discourse and reality, but still, I had two points:

1. Stop calling Emma and Izzy Lesbians, they’re Bi, it’s like if I called you a phase, it’s an insult and I will continue to be insulted by it because I’m sick of my identity being ignored.

2. Stop being pissy at the fact they’re being displayed as not perfect and as insecure and jealous and that they haven’t learned everything that it takes polycules years to learn anyway.

The Swings

Beth, age 8, had to write an opinion essay for class, identifying a problem at her school and offering a solution. Although she only had to write one solution, she wrote three, and her solutions are simple examples of answers to most community and governance problems.

Her text is below, exactly as she wrote it, including misspellings and grammatical errors, and then what I said to her about it.

The Swings

Half the people at recess want to go on the swings, but they don’t always get to. We have rules about the swings but they ar'nt being followed, many people are hogging the swings, sometimse even when people ask they won’t get off!

You mite say: “Oh, well it can’t be to big a problem because I don’t see any people trying to get on the swings,” but realy, that’s just because they’ve all given up!

The problem: community resources (swings) are not being used fairly. Apparently, some people have dismissed the problem without full consideration of all community members.

There are diffrent solutions for this, the first is: we could have limited time on the swings. If someone asked to get on and your time was up, they'ed get on, if it was not, they'ed wait. A teacher would make sure this hapend.

This would be fairness through law: equal limits respected by the community and enforced by the government (teachers).

The second solution is getting another swing-set. It could be smaller than the one we already have, but this mite be more fair than limeted time on the swings.

By increasing the number of resources available, this would improve access for community members.

The third solution is much more simple then the first two, it is: well, because most of the people who hog the swings get out to recess first, we could just make sure that nobody got on the swings intil everyone was outside.

Some people have the unearned privilege of faster access to the resources. This solution would eliminate privilege by giving everyone the same starting point.

This is a school, where kids learn, I hope they’re not learning to hog! Only one person from my whole writing class thinks that hogging the swings is not a problem, that’s proof of how unfair it is to the people who arn’t hogging them!

Here, she recognizes that allowing an unfair system to continue is not good for the community — and that the vast majority of the community also recognizes the problem.

This is'nt the bigest problem but it should be fixt, I hope the school can find the best solution and put it in action.

Finally, she recognizes the scope of the problem in light of all the other potential issues facing the school.

As her dad, I think the swings aren’t really that big of a deal. But these approaches to community problems — law and enforcement, increased available resources, and elimination of privilege — are solutions that adults try when dealing with community issues. I told Beth it was pretty amazing that she thought of all three on her own, and suggested she remember these approaches, because she will encounter them throughout life.

The Unaired Pilot is Gay: A Meta

inspired by the-7-percent-solution

[ General required / recommended things ]
— meet deadlines
—acknowledge all sources of information and ideas in an approved academic manner
— start early!!
— plan out when to research & when to write, leaving extra time in case of any previously unforeseen problems
— this goes w/ the last point: make your own deadlines for the small stuff that doesn’t have a deadline set by your advisor / dp coordinator
— have a backup topic / issue and solution incase: the first is rejected by your advisor, there are not enough primary sources on the first, or the you can’t seem to be able to properly communicate your solution for the first issue you chose
— pick something you are interested in but never got around to actually learning about, that way you are willingly doing the research instead of trudging through the essay
— keep a spare document in google drive (we’ll explain why you should use it in a sec) / folder in your favorites bar with all your sources; make this list as you go along with your research rather than try to compose a list at the end
— use google drive! you can easily share stuff with peers and your advisor (for them to read over) & it compiles all of your documents into one place! plus, there’s an auto save feature so your document is saved as you go, aka: one less thing to worry about !!
— make friends w/ your advisor, or at least get on their good side. it will be much easier to go to them if you have a problem later on if you do this
— don’t be afraid to hit up your school or local library in search of some tangible sources
— make an outline / template / skeleton w/ all of your research before you start writing your first official draft

[Title ]
— Should be concise
— Makes the topic of your essay very clear
— Try to make it as short as you can — under 18-20 words is a good rule to follow (this make seem like a lot, but when you’re summarizing the topic of a paper this long, that many words may be necessary)

[ Abstract ]
— This! is! not! an! introduction! but, rather, a sort of guideline for what your paper covers & what is being investigated
— Should include: your research question; the scope of the investigation; the conclusion of the ee; the two areas of study you’ve chosen & how they are connected to your study (not the complete analysis of how, just a brief thing); & the countries you’ve chosen
— This should go right after ! your title page
— Should be between around 200-300 words (the max word count is 300 and while there’s no definitive min word count, you’ll probably need about 200 to get your points across

[ Table of contents / Contents page ]
— Placed at the beginning of the essay
— This lists every single heading, sub-heading, sub-sub-heading, ect. that you put in your paper
— Everything should have a page number attached to it

[ Introduction ]
— In here you should introduce your: thesis; research question; your two areas of study; & the countries you’ve chosen to look at (at least these things, please feel free to add more !)
— Start with an attention grabber and not your question

[ Body ]
— Act as if your reader knows nothing about your topic (because, if you did a good enough job of coming up with a topic, they probably won’t)
— BUT remember: analysis, analysis, analysis!! you should have more analysis than anything tbh
— Always follow up quotes with substation and claims for why that person / law / etc is for or against your issue

[ Conclusion ]
— This is it, your big time to Reflect !
— Talk about any questions that arose when you created your knowledge question and the answers to that question
— Also mention if your research & writing your paper made you want to do anything about the issue (for instance, I wrote about human trafficking, so I talked about how my research made me want to get involved with some of the organizations to help out victims of the issue)
— Be sure to loop back in all the stuff from the intro, just in different words
— This is the place to definitively answer your question — try to answer it in no more than one or two sentences.

[ Illustrations ]
— Like text, if it’s not value added to your paper, don’t add it
— These are not required, but can go a long way in helping your argument !
— Any images / illustrations / graphs / etc. should relate directly to the text where they’re located
— Make sure to explain their purpose for being there and for existing (like, if it’s a graph, explain why you included it and why it was made)

[ References / Citations ]
— Goes at the end of your paper
— This is like any other citations page you’ve written — be sure to include ANY sources that you used (and don’t add in ones you didn’t use just to appear like you did more research than you did, this should be self-evident, but still)

[ The Viva Voce ]
— This will occur once you’ve turned in the final copy of your Extended Essay
— It is basically a presentation of and interview about your essay
— Should take no longer than 15-20 minutes
— Is the time to show just how much you’ve accomplished, as well as any difficulties you had while writing your paper and what you learned overall from the experience

Our Kaupapa

The purpose of No Pride in Prisons is to achieve prison abolition in Aotearoa. Everything we do is grounded in these fundamental principles:


Capitalism is the reason prisons exist in Aotearoa. No Pride in Prisons recognises that capitalism is an exploitative economic system that is responsible for immense inequality, poverty and suffering. At the same time that capitalism creates hunger, homelessness and imprisonment for those at the bottom, it creates incredible wealth for those at the top. Capitalism is a destructive force that kills our communities and the environment. We see the prison as a cog that keeps the capitalist machine running and believe we must do everything we can to stop the injustices of this economic system. Meaningful justice requires a world beyond capitalism.


The need for new markets and ever-growing profits is part of the reason for the colonisation of Aotearoa. The introduction of capitalism to Aotearoa led to large scale theft of land and the destruction of Māori society. We recognise that this racist violence is foundational to capitalism and the prison system, and support Māori revolutionary struggle against it. No Pride in Prisons is committed to tino rangatiratanga and mana motuhake, as they are expressed in Te Tiriti o Waitangi and He Whakapūtanga. We believe that the prison stands in the way of decolonisation.

Prison Abolition

Prisons do not keep communities safe. Instead, they do serious harm to people in prison and make them more likely to harm others once they leave. While we support immediate reforms to police, courts and prisons which will reduce the damage they cause, we do not believe that justice can be achieved without their complete abolition. Prison abolition means a world without prisons and the violence they create. We believe that a revolution which will destroy prisons once and for all is the only way we will be able to create a just world.

Alternatives to Prisons

No Pride in Prisons is committed to alternatives to prisons that address harm and help people to change their behaviour. We recognise that no one is disposable and that everyone is capable of change. We believe in community-oriented solutions to harm that do not punish or dehumanise those who have done wrong. Justice for all those involved requires a commitment to changing harmful behaviour and repairing damaged relationships.


No Pride in Prisons is committed to building a world of equality between all people. We see prisons as an obstacle to this equality. Capitalism, racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression are made stronger by prisons. While we believe that prisons are always violent, we recognise that certain groups are more likely to experience further violence in prison than others. We are committed to ending the system that inflicts this violence. None of us are free until all of us are free.


Equality between all people is not a goal we can achieve on our own. Prison abolition, decolonisation and anti-capitalism in Aotearoa cannot be separated from international struggles. No Pride in Prisons stands in solidarity with the revolutionary efforts of others within Aotearoa and across the world. In unity, we are strong.

Seemingly unpopular opinion: Communication isn’t the solution to everything.

It’s important, yes. It’s integral. It helps with understanding and compromise, I know. Relationships will fall apart without it, yesiree.

But sometimes people need space. They need time alone to sort things out by themselves, get their bearings, calm down. Yes, it’s possible that communication can just aggravate the situation.

And yes, there’s such a thing as too much communication. Or maybe I’m just an introvert or someone who still likes to have some personal things to myself. Don’t mistake it for withholding important information, however.

My take on the constant and open communication thing is that a couple should feel comfortable enough to open up about their day, their opinions, their feelings, etc. to each other because yeah it breeds intimacy, but also just because they feel it’s a nice thing?? It’s a form of bonding. And more importantly, you’re supposed to feel good after. But if someone is a bit uncomfortable opening up about something, respect that. They may need to warm up to it. Let them know you’re there if they want to talk about it, but don’t pressure them.

The goal isn’t to know every single possible detail about the other. It’s to develop and cultivate a dynamic of openness, respect, trust, and understanding.

bigjellymonster  asked:

Harry gets stuck speaking and understanding only parseltounge. He can only communicate with snakes (who are unhelpful) and you-know-who...

Rain splattered on the roof of the cabin, battering the windows that were rattling violently in the wind.

“The storm is bad,” the adder curled around Harry’s arm hissed.

Harry did have an appreciation of snakes and he liked them well enough, but they were pretty useless conversationalists, only ever able to point out the obvious and unable to grasp anything with deeper meaning. It was their lack of true human comparability that had driven Harry to this shack in the woods.

It had started unexpectedly one morning, with Harry waking up and being unable to understand a word Ron or Hermione said, their voices coming out garbled. They looked equally as confused–and somewhat horrified–when Harry spoke back to them.

Hermione wrote something down but the letters looked just as jumbled, and the same happened for Harry’s writing to them, even though to Harry everything he wrote and said felt like perfect English.

In the end Ron had simply drawn a picture of a snake and Harry realised what was happening; his ability to speak and understand English had been replaced with Parseltongue. He had suspected, and Hermione had drawn to reveal her agreement, that the locket Horcrux was to blame. Harry had been wearing it a lot after noticing the especially terrible effects it had been having on Ron, and it seemed like Harry had to suffer its consequences now.

Hermione had done a lot of research, and Harry had spoken to various snakes, but neither of them were able to come up with any solutions, communicated by a simple sad shake of the head.

So Harry had been forced to send a letter, addressed to someone he never thought he’d be writing to and unsure if it would even reach them. The letter detailed a time and a place to meet, in a cabin heavily warded on the outside against magic, and magic blocking charms on the inside.

Ron and Hermione had put up the wards as Harry was unable to get his spells to work for anything, even non-verbally, as though even his thoughts were in Parseltongue and wouldn’t translate to his wand.

Harry had since sent Ron and Hermione far away, though he suspected they lurked in the trees even though he made them promise they wouldn’t. It was far too dangerous for them to be around; even Harry knew he was putting himself in an extremely perilous position, but he had no choice.

The door creaked open, and the air in the cabin suddenly became ice cold.

Indistinguishable words were murmured, and Harry finally turned around to fix Voldemort with a sad smile.

“When you think about it, we essentially have our own secret language,” Harry hissed, watching Voldemort’s red eyes gleam with curiosity. “I’m willing to make a deal of sorts with you in return for your help.”

“Oh?” Voldemort purred, switching to Parseltongue. “What could possibly drive you to ask for my help? Are you a fool or simply that desperate?”

Harry sighed. “I have lost the ability to speak and understand English. You are the only human I can communicate with.”

“You are brothers, are you not?” The snake on Harry’s arm spoke up, flicking its tongue out. “Your scent, Harry, carries some of the same as the stranger’s.”

Harry glanced down at the adder in confusion. When he looked back at Voldemort he was incredibly unnerved to see a possessive, knowing look in those red eyes.

Harry swallowed heavily. “I’m willing to listen to your negotiations if you’ll call a temporary truce and assist me to learn English again or fix the original problem.”

A cold smile that looked far too delighted crossed Voldemort’s face, and Harry instinctively took a step backwards.

“I wonder,” Voldemort drawled, eyes fixed on Harry. “How you came to be in this predicament in the first place.”

Harry was glad he’d left the locket with Ron and Hermione.

“Moreover,” Voldemort continued. “It’s rather interesting you developed this ability in the first place. I simply believed I transferred some of my powers to you the night my curse rebounded, but perhaps I transferred more than that. You carry my scent…”

Voldemort’s hungry, almost lustful look made Harry feel nauseous, and he realised now he’d made a grave error to even think of asking Voldemort for help.

“If you’re not willing-” Harry started, taking a big step towards the door, when suddenly Voldemort was in front of him, blocking the only exit.

“I’ll help you, Harry Potter,” Voldemort said, his tall figure looming over Harry. “And I only require one thing from you in return; something I desire to possess.”

Voldemort must have known about the locket.

“What is it?” Harry asked in defeat.

Voldemort said something much worse.


That was the last thing Harry heard before his world went black.

Our Statement on YouTube’s Restricted View

The It Gets Better Project fulfills its mission to empower LGBTQ young people around the world primarily through the incredibly inclusive platform that is YouTube. We are aware of the hundreds of It Gets Better videos that are unavailable in “restricted view” and are in communication to find a solution with YouTube as soon as possible.

I do think that there’s danger in dissecting every disparate identity related to gender + patriarchy as if it’s some kind of unique oppressed / privileged dichotomy in and of itself. we shouldn’t act as though it’s a grave offence to speak or think or try to open dialogue about identities that don’t apply to us, suppressing the ways in which our oppression is connected. homophobia, lesbophobia, dyadism/intersexism, misogyny, transmisogyny, these things are all forged in patriarchy. I can’t “keep my gender theory away from intersex activism” because the oppression of intersex people is, obviously, deeply woven into the system of gender. we should be, instead of working to further isolate ourselves, working to understand the ways in which we and our oppression under patriarchy–though it may take different forms–are connected. patriarchy (and white supremacist imperialist capitalist heteropatriarchy more broadly) already works to isolate us. the solution is community, not isolation.

of course this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t listen to each other, or that we should ignore the voices of people who do have the identity in question, or that we shouldn’t learn from each other’s experiences. and it doesn’t mean that intracommunity conversations don’t have value or shouldn’t take place. all it means is that we shouldn’t pretend that our oppressions / the keys to understanding those oppressions are fundamentally irreconcilable, and we shouldn’t resist recognition of the fact that our oppression has been caused by the same thing (and so, yes, this will have to involve SOME kind of theorising about gender). it also means that we shouldn’t play games of “if you don’t have this identity that I have then you’re not allowed to disagree with me on this subject” (which quickly gets confusing because many people with a certain identity disagree within themselves!)

I have so many feels about Minkowski’s Polish roots
  • Her deep deep love for space that came not only from reading too many Lem’s books and just getting so much into it?  
  • Cursing in Polish/French whenever she’s really pissed off.  
  • She can speak perfect English without any sign of Polish accent whatsoever. She can also perfectly speak English with very heavy accent.  
  • Getting really pissed off whenever anybody suggests her that she made a gramma error following with her giving a lecture on English grammar
  •  Knowing lyrics to musicals in 4 languages and comparing them? Also this (legit polish musical for kids. this song is about a duck)
  •   “Oh I read this book in original” 
  •  “Why don’t you have a word for that?!”  
  • Arguing with Hilbert in Russian. Also just talking to Hilbert in Russian whenever she’s really, really pissed at Eiffel. (Eiffel finally starts learning it at some point). 
  • All kinds of hybrids of Polish, French and American food? aka. why is there so much cabbage on our thanksgiving 
  • Drinking straight vodka or posh wine (followed by “how is your head so strong?”)  
  • Rolling eyes whenever someone mentions how communism is the best solution to everything 
What are some things in life that get you thinking everyday, that drive you. Music, art, problems in the community, the government, solutions or ideas on what to do, what ever tell me about it! What do you care about?!
I will not pretend

I will not pretend white people have not historically done despicable things to others based on race

I will not pretend that men have not historically used and abused women and depraved them of basic human rights

I will not pretend cis people generally understand the issues of the trans community

I will not pretend religion hasn’t lead to mass murder and genocide

I will not pretend that “fat” people have suffered a huge amount of harassment from “thin” people

I will not pretend that the mentally ill have not suffered greatly from being abused by those who have no mental illness 

I will not pretend that Capitalism causes there to be more poverty and increases the gap between the rich and the poor

I will not pretend that heterosexuals historically have not tortured the LGBT community


I will not pretend that every white person is racist

I will not pretend that every man is a sexist abuser and/or rapist

I will not pretend that a person hates trans people just because they’re cis

I will not pretend that religion has not helped people through hard times and inspired breathtaking artwork

I will not pretend that thinner body types are not also shamed and stereotyped in harmful ways, nor will I pretend that a person hates fat people because they’re thin

I will not pretend that a person lacking mental illness automatically hates and abuses the mentally ill, nor will I pretend mental illness is an admissible excuse for hurting someone else

I will not pretend Communism is the solution to Capitalism

I will not pretend a heterosexual cannot understand and help the LGBT community

 I will not pretend that hating someone and calling them a terrible person because of how they were born

I will not pretend people do not have feelings just because their race, gender, or sexuality differs from my own

I will not pretend the way someone is born has any impact on their


Finding the solution to a problem 

Help tarot community! This is my very first spread I ever posted, so I’m very nervous. I know it doesn’t look perfect but I’m pretty proud of it. So please do it if you have a problem in your life that you want to fix and give me feedback
The bow of the key represents the problem. Because before you can solve or fix anything you need to analyse it 
And the blade of the key is the solution. 

Thank you all so much :) 

Spoonie Cake Idea :)

I needed a spoon friendly cake to make my daughter for her birthday and I conjured up this delicious divinity. 

All it is, is freshly whipped cream with oreos crumbled into it, ice cream sandwiches stacked up (used 16) and slathered on the oreo cream icing. Put it in the freezer over night and voila, 10 minute cake that took maaaybe one spoon up :) 

And tomorrow all of the om nom noms ^_^

Wanted to share in case any other spoonies could make use of a simple solution, or indeed any foodies :)