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There was a post that was like “we need to treat nazis like we did w t**fs” but it’s like I’m not sure that ignoring them for decades, allowing them to run our communities and define our terminology, and accepting them into our communities even if we disagree w them, esp if they put even the slightest amount of effort into obscuring their politics, and whining abt it being purity politics and saying that they have some good points is a good way to approach f4scism, personally

As ~ the ~ \||/eather ~ gro\||/s ~ colder, ~ one ~ of ~ the ~ most ~ magical ~ events ~ of ~ the ~ s\||/eep ~ also ~ gro\||/ ~ closer…

You ~ guessed ~ it.

It ~ is ~ time, ~ once ~ again, ~ for ~ The ~ Ball ~ of ~ 12:th ~ Perigee ~ Eve!

I ~ look ~ for\||/ard ~ to ~ see ~ you ~ there.

Best ~ regards,

Your ~ host, ~ Zamiir ~ Paradi.

Once again, it is time…

The past four years I’ve been hosting this event, The Ball of 12:th Perigee Eve, which is supposed to be a sort of Alternian Yule Ball.

Each year, the event has been quite a success, and been bringing the community, roleplayers and their characters together… Thus, it has become a bit of a tradition for me to host this for the Fantroll Community!

I hope you’ll join in on the fun!

- @taimatrolls

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Like, if I were a liberal (or maybe this is why I’m not) I would at least be hoping to counterbalance the oncoming fascist government w some sort of organized leftist movement, at the very least to hope that they would fight w each other enough for my centrist platform to overtake both.

But the US has been so awash w anti communist propaganda that many people can’t even see that without the USSR, Europe would have been completely overrun by f*scist armies.

Has the date you wanted slipped out of your grasp? Perhaps they didn’t want to go to the ball, or maybe they had already been asked by someone else. Maybe you can’t bring yourself to spit it out, but still don’t want to go alone. Perhaps you lack a potential date all-together.

Whatever the case, we here at 12th Perigee Assistance want to help you find someone to enter those grandiose halls with, arms hooked, and smiles bright!

All you have to do is simply fill the form provided below. You will then be randomly assigned someone that meets your criteria, thus (hopefully) getting you a wonderful date for the evening! Who knows, perhaps fortune favors you, and the date lasts beyond the ball~

Note that there are two forms, one for romantic and one for caliginous dates. This is to prevent someone hoping for a kiss on the cheek to instead get an elbow in the jaw. Any troll may fill out and submit both, if they wish.

Furthermore, none of the given information will be released to the public. We here are 12th perigee ball value privacy; you and your date will not know each others name, profession, etc. You will only be told where to meet.

(( That said, every mun will be given the full application of their assigned date for convenience. I hope everyone will resist the urge to metagame ))

Finally, while we will try to meet every preference, we cannot guarantee perfection. It is up to you as much as us to make this night as great as it can be.

(( On a related note: Unfortunately, not everyone in the community can get along. While this sucks, we’re going to try our best to accommodate for this, so be sure to list any blogs you refuse to RP with. Just don’t overdo it, or it might be difficult to find you a match at all. Also, we will not share this with anyone, no matter what. It will be only be between you and the mods of the blog. ))

The applications are down below.

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Mid-Week Oracle Update for Aquarius

Crystal Ball

You wish to grow and move forward in your current situation but you have to take steps to get where you want to be. It is time to clear your head and focus on what you can do to achieve your goals.

Deck: Divination of the Ancients by Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, Flavia Kate Peters, and Richard Crookes, Copyright 2016 Llewellyn Publications