communications assistance for law enforcement act

His name is Eddie Meltzer and he’s 34 years old, but according to NPR’s Ari Shapiro, he looks about 10 years younger. Meltzer’s youthful appearance, however, isn’t what brought him to Shapiro’s attention. Rather, it’s his humanitarian act to assist many families of the victims of the Orlando shooting massacre.

Meltzer tells Shapiro that he’d left Pulse nightclub just five minutes before the shooting began. The next day, as relatives of the victims — many of whom don’t speak English — met with FBI and other law enforcement officials, Meltzer volunteered as a translator and liaison, interpreting dialogue from English to Spanish and back again for all parties.

The Orlando community is slowly shifting from a sense of shock to a deeper understanding of what happened and who the people were that were affected by the tragedy. Shapiro spoke with Meltzer in Orlando about his role in helping to bring some measure of comfort to the grieving families.

Orlando Shooting Survivor Volunteers As Translator For Victims’ Families

Photo: Courtesy of Eddie Meltzer