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There’s a sanctuary inside your ribcage.

I will light candles with the softest fire 

(For devotion lies in affectionate warmth)

And yes,
they will shine like fervent stars in the bluest moroccan night. 

—  “Sapphire”, The Cynical Idealist.

donnerhall-darling  asked:

The book Van Gogh: The Life (which was written in conjunction with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam) contends that contrary to popular belief, Vincent was murdered but that it would be hard to change the minds of the Art Community because it's become Vincent's "Crown of Thorns". What do you think about that?

Yeah, I was a fan of this for a while, but ultimately I think there’s overwhelming evidence that Vincent took his own life. First off, if you read the letters, he talked about it often (once mentioning around 1883 that he was going to do as much work as he could before taking his own life).

He exhibited many symptoms related to anxiety, depression, possibly full-on bipolar, maybe epilepsy, and so on. Not to mention, he couldn’t find love, he wasn’t appreciated very much, he was malnutritioned and worn-out, and he had gonorrhea for at least 6 years before he died (talk about suffering). I think he was just ready to die.

The big confusion is in regards to the gun - where is it, etc.
Vincent likely threw it in to a field and no one found it, or someone got pissed or scared that he did this to himself and threw it away, or who knows, but it’s not as huge of a puzzle piece as people like to think it is.  

The rumor was that two teenagers did this, but in my opinion, that’s just not true - it was 1890, not the dark ages - there would have been evidence, teenagers talk, and the real crime would have been exposed. 

This is the letter Vincent had in his pocket when he shot himself, it’s widely seen as a suicide note:

“My dear brother,

Thanks for your kind letter and for the 50-fr. note in contained. There are many things I should like to write you about, but I feel it useless. I hope you have found those worthy gentlemen favorably disposed toward you. Your reassuring me as to the peacefulness of your household was hardly worth the trouble, I think, having seen the weal and woe of it for myself. And I quite agree with you that rearing a boy on a fourth floor is a hell of a job for you as well as for Jo. Since the thing that matters most is going well, why should I say more about things of less importance? 

My word, before we have a chance to talk business more collectedly, we shall probably have a long way to go. The other painters, whatever they think, instinctively keep themselves at a distance from discussions about the actual trade. Well, the truth is, we can only make our pictures speak. 

But yet, my dear brother, there is this that I have always told you, and I repeat it once more with all the earnestness that can be expressed by the effort of a mind diligently fixed on trying to do as well as possible - I tell you again that I shall always consider you to be something more than a simple dealer in Corots, that through my mediation you have your part in the actual production of some canvases, which will retain their calm even in the catastrophe.

For this is what we have got to, and this is all or at least the main thing I can have to tell you at a moment of comparative crisis. 

At a moment when things are very strained between dealers in pictures of dead artists, and living artists.

Well, my own work, I am risking my life for it and my reason has half foundered because of it–that’s all right–but you are not among the dealers in men as far as I know, and you can still choose your side, I think, acting with humanity, but que veux-tu?“

Lastly, you mention Vincent’s “crown of thorns” - Jesus was a martyr if nothing else, and how better to become a martyr than to be murdered, not die at your own hand? Vincent was sad, tired, and finished - he did what he came to do, and the world is much better because of it. 


Happy Birthday, Jack.

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