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Reconstructed Norse and Celtic Cross, Jorvik, York 20.5.17.

I really hope that @therealjacksepticeye will see this (pleasepleaseplease)

It’s my second pixel-art with Sean (gosh i LOVE making pixel-art). I was really caught by idea of some old school fighting or rpg game about Jacksepticeye.

Also.. I’m not a very optimistic person and sometimes I dont know what to do with my life and with everything that’s going on around but every evening when I open youtube there are few people that make me smile. And one of them is @therealjacksepticeye. Thank you, Sean, from the bottom of my heart for making everything better.

And here we go with some bonus (this gif is bigger than original)

Forreal, people love jerks, and we live in a hateful generation so it makes sense

@therealjacksepticeye as Gregg from Night In The Woods I also drew Sam in the same style :D I hope ya guys like it :3 I was bored and im sicky rn… i have strep throat D: so i thought id draw somethin… so yea. :P