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gotta have music on while cleaning

I put this up on redbubble - available as t-shirts/stickers if anyone’s interested!!


A small preview of additional art assets being made for Written in Light vol. 1. Most of what we have here is still in the sketch phase, and will end up being modified & completed as we vectorize the line art - and we will be adding color, obviously!

Look out for another update from us this Thursday or Friday. We may have a much larger preview to show than just a few samples of art assets ;)

It’s funny to think that it’s been a full year now since Anti first ever appeared on @therealjacksepticeye‘s channel. Btw, I looked on the first sister location video he made and the date that he uploaded it. If he appeared earlier then feel free to correct me on that but it was a bit of a surprise for me when I first saw it. :P

It honestly looked like so much fun to do and I’m glad that he had fun doing it. :D

Btw, this took a hell of a long time to draw and I kept on changing little bits of it so I hope you like it. :D