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The new Amazon Prime commercial is on point. 

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I would love it if you made that master post of all the places to post your art. Thank you so much you're amazing 😘

Hi there anon! Sorry for the delay (finals & holidays!), I finally got around to making this.

Places to Post Your Art Masterpost

Places to Sell Art

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November 9th, 2016 - The day that America officially solidified themselves as the dumbest fucking country in existence.

The real irony is that the free market naturally aims to eliminate people’s dependence on work and make it a smaller part of their lives while upping their living standard, and socialism in all forms naturally maintains the status quo of all people being enslaved to a regressive job market until the end of time.


01.06.2017 HAPPY 2017! I’m sorry I’ve been off the radar. Life got very very crazy. But I’ve been busy on break setting up for a new semester! I love how my 2016 memories page turned out. I’m planning on using the page across from my goals to write down bills and such. The layout with January through April is my semester overview which I’ll fill out as my syllabi become available. More coming soon!

War On Drugs?

See, if the War On Drugs was actually about reducing drug crime, the capitalist state could win it in a matter of months. Decriminalise most drugs, legalise and tax the least dangerous drugs, plough the massive policing budgetary savings and tax revenues into treating drug addiction as a disease, and you’d completely undercut the demand which fuels black-market capitalist drug enterprises virtually overnight - and you’d still have a huge slice left over for all the fancy medals to award to ‘reforming’ police chiefs you could wish for.

The capitalist establishment know this; it’s bleedingly obvious. The War On Drugs is not even remotely about drugs - it’s about the social control necessary to enforce the managed decline of working-class communities via institutionally racist harassment.


It’s often said that, without a planned economy, there is no way to ensure full employment.

Capitalism consistently operates under capacity. This means empty facilitates, full of productive machinery, while those who could operate it are unemployed.

That’s true. But it’s not an accident.

Competition for jobs drives wages down. If 1000 people are willing and able to fill one post, the employer can choose the cheapest from a large pool of workers, all undercutting the cost of each other’s labour to secure the job.

If there are only a handful of people to do a job, wages cannot be forced down as far.

Near-full employment would leave employers with a very small pool of potential workers, forcing wages to increase or stay the same.

The market incentivises high unemployment, demanding the longest possible hours from the cheapest available labourers.

I thought I had a job interview tomorrow, but after a bit of research on the company and reading some of the reviews on Glassdoor, I do not have a job interview tomorrow.  

Potentially I could go learn about a scam, but I think I have better things to do with my time.