Grad Student Blog Roll
If you want to take part in this, please send or submit your name (optional), pursued degree, subject, year and other degrees you may have.

It is finished! Behold, the grad students of tumblr! Let me know if I got any information wrong. I tried to double check as much as I could, but you know how it goes. 

Also, if anyone else wants to take part in this, please send or submit your name (optional), pursued degree, subject, year and other degrees you may have. 


➾ Katie

➾ Alicia

➾ Zach

➾ Lori

  • Blog: lionsgobrawrg
  • Degree: MA (Applying for PhD in Communications/Media, Technology & Society/Public History)
  • Subject: Communications
  • Other Degrees: BA, Anthropology (Focus: Archeology) with minor in Urban Public Health

➾ Ariel

  • Blog: ariel-sade
  • Degree: M.S, 2017
  • Subject: Interdisciplinary Biomedical Science
  • Other Degrees: B.S, Biology (minor in Chemistry)

➾ Katie

  • Blog: handsofhulk
  • Degree: Masters (1st year)
  • Subject: Marine Science (Marine Biochem)
  • Other Degrees: B.S, Zoology & Life Science Communication

➾ Madeleine

  • Blog: awstudying
  • Degree: Masters (1st year)
  • Subject: Speech-Language Pathology
  • Other Degrees: B.A, Speech, Language and Hearing Science (minor: Linguistics)

➾ Odette

  • Blog: qwertyscribbles
  • Degree: Masters
  • Subject: Business Administration (Quantitative Methods for Business, Accounting & Human Behavior & Resource Management)
  • Other Degrees: BS, Agricultural Economics

➾ Rebecca

  • Blog: singlegradstudent
  • Degree: Masters (1st Year)
  • Subject: School Counseling
  • Other Degrees: BS, Psychology

➾ Christine

  • Blog: cferaday
  • Degree: Masters (2nd Year)
  • Subject: Communication & Culture

➾ Mina

  • Blog: minadreamsof
  • Degree: Masters
  • Subject: Bioinformatics
  • Other Degrees: BS, Chemistry & Computer Science

➾ Danika

  • Blog: studynightatthemuseum
  • Degree: Masters, 2017
  • Subject: Museology (Museum Studies)
  • Other Degrees: BA, History, 2014

➾ Katie

  • Blog: katie-caffeinated
  • Degree: Masters (M.Ed.)
  • Subject: Higher Education & Administration
  • Other Degrees: BA, English Literature (minor in German Studies)

➾ Lisa

  • Blog: mllemouse
  • Degree: Masters
  • Subject: Museum Studies
  • Other Degrees: BA, Visual Arts

➾ Patricia

  • Blog: frondiestudies
  • Degree: M.A., 2017
  • Subject: Music Performance
  • Other Degrees: BA, Music Performance

➾ Grace

  • Blog: dreadnoughtus
  • Degree: MFA., 2019 (1st Year)
  • Subject: Cinematic Production
  • Other Degrees: BA, Communications

➾ Blanka

  • Blog: black-lodge-gatekeeper
  • Degree: Masters (2nd Semester)
  • Subject: English Language & Literature + Czech Literature and Intercultural Communication (Adaption, Translation, Editorial Work)
  • Other Degrees: BA, English Language and Literature

➾ Elizabeth

  • Blog: seriousacademic
  • Degree: Masters
  • Subject: Higher Education
  • Other Degrees: BA, Political Science and Theater

➾ Jin

  • Blog: jinstudies
  • Degree: MA (applying to PhD Programs)
  • Subject: Music
  • Other Degrees: BA, Music and English Literature

➾ Loryn

  • Blog: sacardia
  • Degree: MSc (Canadian Edu System)
  • Subject: Cardiovascular & Respiratory Sciences
  • Other Degrees: BSc, Biomedical Physiology & Certificate in Liberal Arts

➾ Katt

  • Blog: MA-in-crying
  • Degree: MA, 2018
  • Subject: English
  • Other Degrees: BA, English and Gender & Women’s Studies

➾ Cassie

  • Blog: thecassiegene
  • Degree: MSc (Graduated)
  • Subject: Genetic Counseling
  • Other Degrees: BS, Biology (minor in Chemistry & concentration in genetics)

➾ The Hell Kitten Letters

  • Blog: thehellkittenletters
  • Degree: M.A (2nd year)
  • Subject: Comparative Literature (Focus: Asian Literatures)
  • Other Degrees: B.A, English Literature

➾ etbrprincess

  • Blog: etbrprincess
  • Degree: Masters (Finishing Undergrad)
  • Subject: Molecular Biology

➾ omniscribe

  • Blog: omniscribe
  • Degree: Masters (1st Year)
  • Subject: English

➾ thepianobabs

  • Blog: thepianobabs
  • Degree: Masters
  • Subject: Music (Collaborative Piano)

➾ Inconocible

  • Blog: inconocible
  • Degree: Masters, 2017 (Future: MLIS)
  • Subject: English (Future: Library/Information Science)
  • Other Degree: BA, English (Concentration: Technical Writing) & BA, Spanish

➾ Academia In The Arts

➾ Read-Write-Travel

  • Blog: read-write-travel
  • Degree: MA (Just Applied!)
  • Subject: European & Russian Studies (history, political science, languages, literature)
  • Other Degree: BA Honours

➾ mereswyne

  • Blog: mereswyne
  • Degree: MS (applying for PhD next fall!)
  • Subject: Microbial Ecology and Evolution / Bioinformatics
  • Other Degrees: BA, Integrative Biology

➾ unknownwind

  • Blog: unknownwind
  • Degree: Masters (applying for next year)
  • Subject: Public Policy and Administration
  • Other Degrees: Public Policy & Health Studies, 2016

➾ camchuckforever

  • Blog: camchuckforever
  • Subject: Literature, Creative Writing, Popular Fiction

PhD - Sciences & Engineering

➾ Krystal

  • Blog: caffeinatedcraziness
  • Degree: PhD (2nd Year)
  • Subject: Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Other Degrees: BS, Chemistry, minor in environmental science

➾ Paige

  • Blog: vancomycinandveganism
  • Degree: PhD (1st Year)
  • Subject: Natural Products and Analytical Chemistry
  • Other Degrees: BS, Chemistry, minor in mathematics

➾ Danielle

  • Blog: onetwothreemany
  • Degree: PhD (1st Year)
  • Subject: Wildlife and Soundscape Ecology
  • Other Degrees: Masters

➾ Meg

  • Blog: thegeologist
  • Degree: PhD (Currently Applying)
  • Subject: Planetary Geology
  • Other Degrees: BS, Geology

➾ Lourdes

  • Blog: lifeandtimesofindigostarr
  • Degree: PhD (1st Year)
  • Subject: Material Science and Engineering (Focus: Metallurgy)
  • Other Degrees: SB, Material Science and Engineering

➾ Ana

  • Blog: parttimebiologistfulltimeninja
  • Degree: PhD (2nd Year)
  • Subject: Biology (Biotechnology, Synthetic Biology & Metabolic Engineering)
  • Other Degrees: BSc, Biology

➾ Aly

➾ Melissa

  • Blog: ghostly-smoke
  • Degree: PhD (1st Year)
  • Subject: Biochemistry
  • Other Degree: Biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology

➾ Marissa

  • Blog: marissadee
  • Degree: PhD
  • Subject: Social Neuroscience

➾ Carly/Carlo

➾ Natalie

  • Blog: smilesandvials
  • Degree: PhD (1st Year)
  • Subject: Chemistry (Nanoparticles)
  • Other Degrees: BS, Chemistry

➾ Colbie

  • Blog: quantumleviosa
  • Degree: PhD (starting fall, 2016)
  • Subject: Biomedical Engineering/Bioengineering
  • Other Degrees: BA, physics and biology

➾ Carly

➾ Kayla

  • Blog: EternalAcademic
  • Degree: PhD (5th Year)
  • Subject: MIcrobial Ecology
  • Other Degrees: BS, MIcrobiology

➾ MJ

  • Blog: mj-the-scientist
  • Degree: PhD
  • Subject: Theoretical/inorganic chemistry
  • Other Degrees: BA, Chemistry with a minor in Math

➾ Ellin

  • Blog: labness
  • Degree: PhD (Second Year), 2019
  • Subject: Cancer Pharmacology
  • Other Degrees: MSci, Molecular and Cellular Biology

➾ K.T.

  • Blog: astudyinphd
  • Degree: PhD (1st Year)
  • Subject: Molecular Biosciences
  • Other Degrees: BS, Biological Sciences

➾ Dennis

  • Blog: roundlittledog
  • Degree: PhD (3rd Year), 2019
  • Subject: Physics
  • Other Degrees: BS, Physics and Abstract Mathematics

➾ Lara

  • Blog: geneswithpockets
  • Degree: PhD (1st Year)
  • Subject: Biological & Biomedical Sciences
  • Other Degrees: BS, Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology (Minor: Biomedical Research)

➾ Chemislife

  • Blog: chemislife
  • Degree: PhD, 2016
  • Subject: Organic Chemistry

➾ Science Sarcasm and Other Stuff

➾ myselfoverme

  • Blog: myselfoverme
  • Degree: PhD (1st Year)
  • Subject: Material Science

➾ Anon et al.

  • Blog: roninlioness
  • Degree: PhD, 2019 (3rd Year)
  • Subject: Extragalactic Astrophysics
  • Other Degrees: BS, Physics

➾ Vegan Loves You

  • Blog: veganlovesyou
  • Degree: PhD (1st Year)
  • Subject: Computationally-intensive biology
  • Other Degrees: Bachelors

➾ Neurodiversitysci

➾ Ethnically Ambiguous Vagabond

  • Blog: ethnically-ambiguous-vagabond
  • Degree: PhD, 2020
  • Subject: Gerontology (Aging and Health)
  • Other Degrees: MPH, Epidemiology, B.Sc, Biological Science (Focus: Health Studies)

➾ tmt-withlove

  • Blog: tmt_withlove
  • Degree: PhD, 2019
  • Subject: Analytical Chemistry
  • Other Degrees: BS, Forensic Science

➾ liebeliebes

  • Blog: liebeliebesxx
  • Degree: PhD (2nd Year)
  • Subject: Interdisciplinary Biomedical Science (Immunometabolism)
  • Other Degrees: BA, Biology/Biochemistry with minor in Chemistry

➾ clittleninja

  • Blog: clittleninja
  • Degree: PhD
  • Subject: Virology
  • Other Degrees: BS, Biology

PhD - Humanities & Social Sciences

➾ Juliana

  • Blog: caffeinebooks
  • Degree: PhD (2nd Year)
  • Subject: French Medieval History

➾ Cristina

  • Blog: madeinromania
  • Degree: PhD (1st Year)
  • Subject: Critical Social/Personality Psychology

➾ Laura

  • Blog: lauralovegoods
  • Degree: Masters
  • Subject: Secondary Education (Emphasis in History)

➾ Kristen

  • Blog: netsirk-studies
  • Degree: PhD/EdD
  • Subject: Education/Ed Tech
  • Other Degrees: MEd, Adult & Higher Education; BS, Interdisciplinary Studies

➾ Becky

  • Blog: weesmolhistorian
  • Degree: PhD, 2016
  • Subject: Ancient History (Focus: Egypt)
  • Other Degrees: BA, Ancient World Studies & Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

➾ Brie

  • Blog: roadto-phd
  • Degree: MA/PhD, 2020
  • Subject: Cultural Anthropology (Politics of identity & memory in Native Hawaiians)
  • Other Degrees: BA, Cultural Anthropology, History & American Studies

➾ Anne

  • Blog: creativityobsessed
  • Degree: Dual MLS/PhD (3rd Year)
  • Subject: Musicology and Library Science

➾ Marie

  • Blog: howtophd
  • Degree: PhD, 2nd year
  • Subject: Early Modern History (17th Century, Spanish Empire & Great Britain)
  • Other Degrees: Secondary School Teaching Degree (German Staatsexamen) in English, History, German

➾ Katie

  • Blog: soc-grad-studies
  • Degree: PhD (5th Year)
  • Subject: Sociology
  • Other Degrees: B.A. Sociology and Environmental Science

➾ Jack

  • Blog: lastlettersfromhav
  • Degree: PhD (4th Year)
  • Subject: English Literature
  • Other Degrees: B.A. English and Music

➾ Adi

  • Blog: lastlettersfromhav
  • Degree: MA+PhD Combined Program (Year 1 of MA)
  • Subject: International Relations - Counter terrorism Studies - concentrating more on Indo-African and Indo-European relations.
  • Other Degrees: Bachelor of Medicine in Psychiatry + Language Certs

➾ Nicole

  • Blog: omnia-est-vanitas
  • Degree: PhD
  • Subject: Art History (focus on medieval, minor in Renaissance Art)
  • Other Degrees: B.A. Art History and Museum Studies

➾ Katie

  • Blog: commgradblr
  • Degree: PhD (3rd Year)
  • Subject: Communication
  • Other Degrees: MA, Communication and BS, Communication Disorders

➾ Caitlin

  • Blog: crimefighterphd
  • Degree: PhD (1st Year)
  • Subject: Criminal Justice (minor in Statistics)
  • Other Degrees: BS, Psych; BA, Asian Studies, MSc, Psych; MSc, Forensic Psych

➾ Academic Mermaid

  • Blog: academicmermaid
  • Degree: PhD, 2016 (6th Year)
  • Subject: Religion and Politics

➾ Protagonistanormal

  • Blog: protagonistanormal
  • Degree: PhD, 2018
  • Subject: 21st Century Spanish Literature & Culture
  • Other Degrees: MA in Spanish; BA in English & Spanish

➾ The History Grad

➾ A Blonde Bibliophile

➾ Curious Grad Student

  • Blog: curiousgradstudent
  • Degree: PhD, 2019
  • Subject: Art History
  • Other Degrees: B.A. Medieval Studies & French


➾ Murphy

  • Blog: onemoresoultothecall
  • Degree: PsyD (5th Year)
  • Subject: Clinical Psychology (Forensic, Child/Family & Trauma Studies)
  • Other Degrees: Two Master Degrees (Clinical Psych)

➾ Abby

➾ Once Upon a PsyD Student

➾ Kitty-Wine

  • Blog: kitty-wine
  • Degree: PsyD (2nd Year)
  • Subject: Clinical Psychology

➾ Jayropa

  • Blog: jayropa
  • Degree: PsyD (5th Year)
  • Subject: Clinical Psychology

➾ Balance and Blessings

  • Blog: balanceandblessings
  • Degree: PsyD (2nd Year)
  • Subject: Clinical Psychology
  • Other Degrees: BA, Psychology & Mindfulness/Meditation


➾ Kari

  • Blog: kari-and-kaffeine
  • Degree: JD (2nd Year)
  • Other Degrees: BA, Philosophy & English Lit

➾ Another Something The Same

➾ Nureshka

  • Blog: nureska
  • Subject: Math
  • Other Degrees: BS, 2017 (soon!)

“We can’t claim to be for equality if we show up for marriage and not black lives.” Watch this video. 


This is mostly a message to previous group participants.

Due to multiple requests I’ve received, I’m highly considering the event’s continuation. Your feedback is valued by me and I am very grateful for your continued interest. Should the event resume, there will be a stricter policy when it comes to activity. The main issue that caused this event’s cancellation in the first place was the failure to commit to the terms provided to each participants. 

We understand that not everyone can respond to threads as promptly as required. Needless to say that all types of events, not just in the roleplay community but in other medias and societies as well such as games, offline communities, marketing etc. will not wait for you to come around. Everyone has a valid reason to be unable to meet the expected activity. Do note that regardless of your reason’s validity, it’s expected that the event will continue and will not fall short on schedule due to one or two person being unable to respond on time. This isn’t to say that we aren’t considerate of you, but mostly to imply that we value those who are responsible more. If they can be active, you should be able to do the same.

For example, if there is an event in an MMORPG (Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) you do not contact the game or app developers when you fail to finish the event quests on time and tell them that you have not been able to participate more because of offline or timezone concerns. You do not hold them accountable for not being able to adjust to your needs. Likewise, you cannot blame this event’s moderators for skipping on your turn.

A lot of us are having trouble managing our schedules and rest time. The moderators of this event are no exception. Still, you have joined this event with activity being highly prioritized in mind.

So if we do continue this event, we would like to be clear now that when your turn gets passed, it will be passed. There is no exception to this. Even when you notify the Discord channel or the moderators personally, you will be skipped because that is the condition you agreed upon before joining and during the entirety of the event. The Tain Singularity is, admittedly, a long journey that bore fruit to a lot of writing and research. It is unfair for the progress to halt or pause because of certain participants be it for a few seconds, minutes or hours.

In spite of the event’s previous cancellation, it will be promised that no such occurrences will be experienced again if we do continue. In the same line, if you are skipped, you cannot complain.

For solo participants, you will still have the privilege to respond on your own pace. The roleplay mechanics remain the same, but we will be stricter with group threads.

If you are interested in participating once more, please send us a message on this blog. Depending on how many will return, the previous progress will be resumed. In the event that we lack participants, we will simply find more and provide retroactive continuity on the most recent progress.

That is all.

anonymous asked:

You can't actually say fat is subjective. Fat is fat is fat. There are defining characteristics for fat, and Terry had them. I know you'll disagree, but if your BMI is over 24.9- you're fat. Unless you are the Rock, BMI IS a reliable guide, for non athletes, and I have yet to find any articles to convince me otherwise. (Help me out if you know better.) What you're doing is washing away MY representation.

I actually..CAN say that it’s subjective since I’m basing this off of what people think?  And you know, what people consider fat is widely varying.  I was talking about my personal opinion - I explained that very clearly to you.  I also mentioned that I did indeed refer to her as a fat girl later as well as say that she is obviously not what you would typically see on a show like that - which is exactly what you were accusing me of taking away from.  Even though I said in my original post that she IS not the traditional kind of girl you would see.  

I haven’t washed away anything from you.  Terry still exists, she’s still the size she is, if you relate to her and you consider yourselves both fat (which I can get)..then COOL.  I’m not trying to erase characters like Terry or take away any kind of representation.  Where in that post did I say that I didn’t want to see more girls like her?  Can you tell me that?  Furthermore, since you’re incredibly caught up with how I worded it, you could see that I DID indeed change it so it was strictly stating that is was MY opinion and not a general consensus.  

I’m just gonna say it - I’m tired of the only time fat girls ever being represented is when they have no visible rolls, there’s hardly any belly, their limbs are hardly thick at all, they have relatively thin/no double chinned faces.  And this isn’t some kind of attack on you or girls like Christina Schmidt - this is coming from a person who gets virtually NO representation for people who resemble me.  It’s tiring seeing companies get models who are the spitting image of what traditional models look like, only a bit bigger in the bust/hips..and being praised for using plus sized/fat models and showing a wide variety of women.  It’s tiring seeing campaigns from a goddamn plus size company like Lane Bryant and every single one of the models is below a size 20.  It’s tiring saying that we’re getting representation when we’re not and people telling us that we should just accept that it’s a step in the right direction.  No, it’s always been a step for smaller fats.  And no, I’m not trying to take away from that or say that you all shouldn’t have people who look like you out there.  What I’m saying, and what the majority of bigger fats are saying, is that it’d be really fucking nice if we weren’t constantly excluded.  

We aren’t looking to steal away your limelight..we’re just looking to have ANY for ourselves.  I’m not taking away anything from you because small fats are the entirety of the representation the fat positive community gets in the media/by society.  Anything above what you guys are is treated like we’re going to topple over and die any minute and that it’s horrid for a child to see us in anything but a negative light.  

Also, I don’t use BMI for..anything?  I mean, here’s this I guess: