A là 'Ancient One' in 'Dr. Strange'

In terms of connection, it’s all about the point of extending far or near enough-
not just to reach, to truly touch
Otherwise, if it isn’t felt as relevant
and consistent with the universal narrative,
I might as well throw words away
(It was never about me anyway)

In fact, if it’s not met with mutual acceptance
then attempts to contact may be seen as aggression-
It is vital -essential to respect each position
and individual inclination of contribution
rather than to advance heedless of imposition
Better to wait & invite in welcome extended
to foster exchange in mutual interest & relevance
Connection must be by & for both sides’ benefit!

22/03/17 || The longest day at uni is finally coming to an end, I’ve had 6 hours of lessons this morning/afternoon and I’ve woken up so early this morning and I have another early rising tomorrow. I finally finished my book whilst commuting and I schematized that when I got home. I also studied my notes and now I’m probably going to bed lol, too tired.

Dear parents who wonder why their kids never talk to them...

Think about what you were saying when they used to talk to you. Think about your choice of words and tone. Think about why they tried to come to you and why they don’t anymore. When you shut them out, belittle them, and blame them for all of their problems, you will lose them. And that will be permanent.


Pilot, the real-time universal translator, is straight out of a sci-fi novel

  • The ability to understand someone speaking a foreign language could soon be as easy as wearing a new earpiece.
  • Waverly Labs is behind an earpiece called the Pilot that is eerily similar in scope to Star Trek’s Universal Translator  that allows individuals to translate languages in real-time.
  • The smart earpiece works by canceling out ambient noise to concentrate on what is being said by a speaker
  • And then funnels that data to a complementary app that screens it for translation and speech synthesis, according to its website.
  • Pilot isn’t the first — and likely won’t be the last — piece of tech made for the translation marketplace.
  • However, where this device really shines is with its instantaneous translation possibilities that remove the sometimes awkward waiting game. Read more

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One of my favorite things about Maggie is that she is an excellent communicator AND listener. Regardless the situation, she will always try to make sure things are okay and/or that the person she is talking to has an open channel to communicate further, if they want to.  If they don’t want to talk about it, she never presses further. You can tell it’s important to her that the people she cares about are okay. That they feel that they are being cared about. That they feel they are being heard. 

Maggie is excellent at detecting changes in verbal and non-verbal cues and understands the communication atmosphere on another level. She is always gentle when questioning further and doesn’t seek to just get answers; she questions to understand. 

This is such a wonderful characteristic because you can see just how much Maggie cares for those around her. She wants to make sure there isn’t conflict in her relationships and that those she cares about are emotionally healthy. While we don’t know her backstory, we can gather that Maggie values healthy communication in her relationships and prioritizes others’ emotional well-being, even over her own. Protecting those she loves is of high priority

Maggie really cares about those she surrounds herself with and she values clear and open communication. Maggie Sawyer is a model communicator and a wonderful girlfriend/friend. 

Typical Traits of Mercury in the Signs

What style of communication do we use? How do we make decisions? How do we pick up, process, absorb, and exchange information? These questions are answered, in part, by Mercury’s placement by sign of the zodiac. Mercury refines the Sun sign, and it helps to define how we take in and give out information from the world around us.


  • fast decisions, often driven by the need for instant gratification 
  • childishly assume that others will accept their opinion smoothly, criticism or negative feedback can be taken personally
  • excellent at promoting their new ideas


  • rely on their senses when it comes to processing information (smells, noises, and mood)
  • brutally honest. That “say it like it is” style gets mistaken for rudeness and disrespect sometimes
  • when it comes to learning, they prefer demonstrations, concrete answers, and basic concepts


  • they know a little about everything, though their learning is a little superficial — they generally have too many interests to delve too deeply into any one
  • a nervous energy here is unmistakable
  • able to quickly spot human weaknesses and then play around with them it’s done, usually, with a sense of humour


  • very subjective and personal (if Sun in Gemini or Leo they may come across as more sensitive than they actually are)
  • fast at forming opinions and making decisions on first impressions
  • best listeners of all the signs


  • they speak with authority, some come across as know-it-alls
  • very attached to their opinions, taking pride in their beliefs, which are often rather idealistic, desire for self-expression
  • with intellect and ego so closely tied, the ability to separate fact from fiction can be complicated


  • adept at organising, planning on a short-term scale, and doing errands 
  • capable of learning a lot
  • rarely flashy in their communication style, but they do appreciate it when others acknowledge their brainpower


  • very diplomatic,  long for equality in the intellectual world
  • trying too hard to score intellectual points instead of truly listening to people, which often comes across as self-centered
  • extraordinarily uncomfortable with extremes of opinions


  • tendency to focus on the false in order to get to the truth 
  • very distrusting towards strangers’ opinions, therefore observant and wary
  • absolutely driven to win every argument, which they usually reach with the help of destructive criticism, sarcasm and manipulation 


  • communicate in an optimistic, forward-looking manner, their ideas are generally very big, not focused on details
  • restless intellect, they learn best when they are given the freedom to think for themselves
  • they’ll be the first to spot bias or prejudice in everyone else’s communication, but they can be a little blind to their own


  • easily get frustrated when too much information is thrown at them at once, tend to close themselves off
  • don’t appreciate being taken off guard, and they quickly become impatient with people who don’t honour their word
  • ability to listen carefully and to choose their words wisely


  • enjoy breaking the rules, even though they aren’t necessarily loud or flamboyant people 
  • their perspective on issues can be delightfully unusual, quirky, and surprisingly insightful
  • always express their opinions, speak up for themselves, sometimes in a quite detached and even impolite way


  • an unpredictable way to communicate, you never know when they’ll be in a quiet mood or a yakking state 
  • dreamy and indirect, it’s easy to adapt them to anyone’s belief or decision, they are an easy target
  • they instinctively express what others want to hear to make them feel comfortable, which often comes across as lies
Mercury Retrograde Cycle – Dec. 19, 2016-Jan. 8, 2017


The planet Mercury will be entering a retrograde cycle in the Earth sign Capricorn on December 19, 2016, until January 8 of 2017.  It is a period where Mercury “goes backwards”. However, this is an optical illusion.When Mercury goes retrograde, you can expect communications to go haywire.  This occurs approximately 3-4 times a year.

Mercury is the ruler of communication, clear thinking, as well as travel.  During the retrograde cycle, things may start to get ugly in these areas.

What to do:

  • Stay Calm.  Everyone goes through it and it effects everyone differently. Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini and Virgo, and those with Gemini or Virgo placements may feel the difficulties of the retrograde more than others. 
  • Try and go with the flow. Things are most likely not going to go your way since Mercury wants us to think backwards spiritually.  It wants us to re-evaluate our thinking and re-evaluate areas in our lives that may need some work.
  • Take extra precautions. 
  • Be good to yourself!

What NOT to do:

  • Refrain from large purchases such as buying a house, car, electronic devices, etc.  Most likely, computers may crash, cars may break down more than usual and travel will be more difficult during this period as well.
  • Do not enter new relationships. This is a time of reflection and re-evaluation.  Exes are likely to appear! Do NOT go back to them either, because it is likely the spark will die out after the retrograde is over.
  • Avoid large contracts or entering into a commitment.  Many started projects remain unfinished during a Mercury retrograde.
  • Don’t start a job. Things are not what they seem to be during a Mercury retrograde period!
  • Avoid moving in with someone. People may not be “themselves” during a retrograde cycle, and once Mercury goes direct, this person may be a totally different person.

Other things you can expect:

  • Deceitful people; especially with Neptune in Pisces.
  • Sleep deprivation is likely.
  • Greater stress is likely.
  • Slower thought process
  • Travel delays or traffic
  • More arguments with friends/family
  • Unhappy/more angry people

Best of luck everyone! 

there’s no one in the world worth suffering over. if you feel unhappy you have the right to leave without explanation. yes great communication is usually key, but beware of those who try to use your words, thoughts, and emotions against you. those who never find fault in themselves are not worth explaining anything to. you deserve love and you deserve happiness. you never deserve to be with somebody who brings hurt and discomfort to your life. always put yourself first.

this goes for not only romantic relationships, but also friendships, work relations, school, etc. you are never bound to anyone. trust your gut and leave anything that feels abusive.
Mercury in the Signs

Mercury in Aries: Quick-witted, Straight forward, Sharp
Mercury in Taurus: Careful, Melodious, Sturdy
Mercury in Gemini: Intelligent, Witty, Curious
Mercury in Cancer: Reflective, Intuitive, Gentle
Mercury in Leo: Creative, Loud, Boastful
Mercury in Virgo: Intellectual, Sharp-witted, Accomplished
Mercury in Libra: Critical, Fair, Social
Mercury in Scorpio: Passionate, Observant, Sharp tongued
Mercury in Sagittarius: Philosophical, Honest, Enthusiastic
Mercury in Capricorn: Serious, Methodical, Disciplined
Mercury in Aquarius: Thoughtful, Indifferent, Unorthodox
Mercury in Pisces: Imaginative, Artistic, Inspirational

honestly, do you want me or not?
i can’t keep sitting around stressing about who wants me and who doesn’t want me in their life. not once have i ever been sure if someone was serious about me, since day one it’s been all talk. “i want u” “i care about u” “i love u” and then they leave, they leave every fucking time. no, i’ve never been in love, no, i’ve never had something real, it’s always me helping the other person, and then we realize we were just “meant to be friends”… but maybe it’s not that, maybe it’s that they didn’t want it as bad as i did. maybe they didn’t have the passion, the motivation, or the strength that i did. “understanding love is one of the hardest things in the world” …. but one thing i know about it, is that you have to fight for it. you can’t just expect it to come easy, because it’s not. and you can’t keep giving up when it gets hard. i like to believe you have more than one soul mate in this world, maybe you’re meant to be lovers, maybe friends and either is okay. but if you find someone you have a deep connection with and someone who understands you and wants to know more about you, you should fucking go for it. talk about it, work on it, work for it, prove every fucking word you say because i swear to the entire universe actions speak so much louder than words. for example, i don’t believe one thing someone says until they prove it, thats why i always work so hard to go out of my way and prove what i say. all i know is that, love isn’t easy. it’s something you have to work for, everyone needs to learn how to open up because it’s something you have to talk about, show how you feel, prove what you say… trust and communication are the two biggest parts. but all in all… i’m here and i’m willing to work through this, work for this, i want this. i want something real. something worth it.