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hey everyone !! my blog is still pretty new (only about a week old!) and i’m still trying to find animal crossing blogs to follow as a lot of the blogs i followed at first seem to be inactive!!

if you are an active animal crossing blog i’d love it if you could give a like/reblog so i can check u out !! i’d love to make some new friends ! ( i follow back on my main blog, by the way!)

don’t let me go.


here’s the finished version! i’m reading ACOWAR right now and i have high hopes for this ship (please no spoilers). also i didn’t draw wings on cassian because of The Incident…

spell to dull your feelings for someone

This spell is designed to quell (but not obliterate) romantic feelings you have toward someone. If this person is taking up too much of your heart’s and mind’s energy, this spell is for you. You will need:

♦  Bay leaf (healing, protection, purification and strength)

♦  Cinnamon stick (healing, success, power)

♦  Pink fabric (self-love, calming, personal harmony, matters of love)

♦  Black pen/paint and string or ribbon

1. Cut a small square of pink fabric and lay it on your workspace.

2. Write your name on one side of the bay leaf in large letters, and your chosen’s name on the other side in smaller letters. When finished, whisper to the leaf: “May my heart loosen its grasp on (name) and promote healthy feelings.”

3. Lie the bay leaf in the center of the fabric, and pick up the cinnamon stick. Whisper to it, “may your magic heal my heart and allow health in love.”

4. Place the cinnamon on top of the bay leaf and gently fold the fabric over it into a little envelope. Hold it in your hands for a moment; visualize you and your chosen holding hands, and then let go of their hand. Feel contentment in this thought.

5. Wrap the ribbon/thread around the envelope and hide it in a drawer.

hey this ones for bi mlm who struggle with internalized biphobia

you’re not any less mlm because you’re bi, your attraction to men isn’t lessened by your attraction to other genders, you arent less of a mlm if youve only dated/gotten with people who arent men, you also arent any less bisexual if youve only ever gotten with men

being bi is okay. being into multiple genders is okay. there is no wrong way to be bisexual. you are okay.

The Zodiac Signs As Serial Killers

Aries - Seduces you. Blunt force trauma. Exhibits their victims. Cries when caught

Taurus - Stalks you after you break up with them. Poison. Feeds bodies to pigs. Finds Christ in jail.

Gemini - Con artist. Giggles when they stick the knife in. Hates blood. Taunts the cops and then gets caught.

Cancer - ‘Angel of Death’ type. Plays music while they torture you. Visits graves. Creates shrines to their victims.

Leo - Wants to become famous. Kills flamboyantly. Hides bodies in the attic. Screams “thats me!” when sees their crimes in the news.

Virgo - Looks sweet but has a scalpel in their sleeve. Keeps body parts in china cabinets. Mommy issues. Smiles in their mugshots.

Libra - Copies other people’s crimes. Whistles while being led to the gas chamber. Foot fetishes. Likes guns.

Scorpio - Killer grin. Loves playing psychological games with their victims. Falls asleep during trial. Keeps a scrapbook of their crimes.

Sagittarius - Roams for victims. Drives a shitty car. Loves strangulation. Takes a bite out of you.

Capricorn - Hammers and screwdrivers. Married but their partner has no idea. Has a torture chamber. Keeps trophies in a little box under the floorboards.

Aquarius - Likes to make homemade bombs. Maniacal laugh. Caught because they cant help but brag. Has Hitler’s speeches on tape.

Pisces - Worst killer of all. Simply snaps one day and goes beserk. Pleads insane. Keeps cyanide pills in a fancy locket around their necks.

Fun fact

Jeffrey dahmer, Charles Manson, Richard Ramirez, Dylan roof, Eric Harris, and Dylan klebold all lived at the same time during some point in their lives.

True Crime Would You Rather
  • 1. Would you rather have a personal conversation with Charles Manson or Arthur Shawcross?
  • 2. Would you rather have the Zodiac Killer's identity be discovered or Jack The Rippers?
  • 3. Would you rather have dinner with Jeffrey Dahmer (a vegetarian one, of course) or run around in a clown suit with John Wayne Gacy?
  • 4. Would you rather attend an AC/DC concert with Richard Ramirez or go arm cast shopping with Ted Bundy?
  • 5. Would you rather hang out with Dylan Klebold, sharing a Dr Pepper or watch a movie with Eric Harris while chewing on Slim Jim's?
  • 6. Would you rather clear up TJ Lane's skin or give Dylann Roof a new haircut?
  • 7. Would you rather play Dance Dance Revolution with Adam Lanza or play DOOM with Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold?
  • 8. Would you rather have a personal conversation with James Holmes or Kip Kinkel?
  • 9. Would you rather try to solve a cold case from 20 years ago or solve a brand new one (if you were an investigator or officer).
  • 10. Would you rather interview a survivor from a mass shooting or interview a person who survived a serial killer's attempt to murder them?
  • 11. Would you rather risk your own life to save others or have others risk their own life to save you?
  • 12. Would you rather be one of the "hot girls" that TJ Lane supposedly responds to or be the only (that we know of) person who has gotten a response from Dylann Roof since 2015?
  • 13. Would you rather watch a true crime documentary or read a book?
  • 14. Would you rather visit the Columbine Memorial or attend one of the annual Boston Marathons?
  • 15. Would you rather only be able to read about your favorite case and no others, or not be able to read about your favorite case but have access to all others in the history of the world?

I love the langblr community and honestly after a while you don’t even bat an eyelid when someone says they’re learning 4 languages at the same time. And then you feel like that’s what everyone does in their spare time, until you talk to someone irl and you’re like ‘oh yes I’m learning French, Russian, Danish, Arabic, Mandarin…!!’ and they’re like ‘are you okay???’ Then it hits you. And you remember that the average person doesn’t keep a bullet journal in three languages and cry over the smell of grammar books and you’re like OH. OK

I love overhearing sincere girls calling other girls cute because while the motives may vary from queer reasons to friend reasons to just ladies supporting ladies or aesthetic appreciation, it’s all so fucking GOOD.

I also want to be clear that this post is for cis and trans and genderqueer and intersex girls. Even if you are only a girl on the weekend or 9 to 5, you are welcome on this post.

All girls are fucking cute.

overwatch stuff you can watch and read because why not

Cinematic trailer and teasers. Also gameplay trailers:

►  Overwatch Cinematic Trailer
Overwatch Cinematic Teaser: “Are You With Us?”
Overwatch Theatrical Teaser: “We Are Overwatch”
► Overwatch Gameplay Trailer (1) & (2
Overwatch Animated Shorts Teaser

Origin Stories and hero reports (so far): 

Soldier 76
The Junkers
King’s Row Uprising Origin Story

Animated Shorts (so far): 

► “Recall
“The Last Bastion”

Seasonal Events (so far):

Summer Games
Hallowen Terror
Winter Wonderland
Year of The Rooster
Overwatch Uprising
Overwatch Anniversary

Comics (also available to read in animated form with music on Madefire)

McCree: Train Hopper
Reinhardt: Dragon Slayer
Junkrat & Roadhog: Going Legit
Symmetra: A Better World 
Pharah: Mission Statement
Torbjorn: Destroyer
Ana: Legacy
Ana: Old Soldiers
Junkrat: Junkenstein
Tracer: Reflections
Bastion: Binary
Tracer: Uprising

Map Previews (so far):

Volskaya Industries & Numbani
Horizon Lunar Colony

Even more stuff: 

Overwatch Origins Edition: Digital Bonuses Preview 
Colossal Collectibles: The Making of Overwatch’s Oversided Action Figures
Overwatch Mural Time Lapse
Overwatch World Cup 2016 - Everything You Need to Know 
Overwatch World Cup “Training” Regimen
Introducing the Overwatch League
Overwatch League: The Path to Glory
Introducing the Game Browser
New Hero Preview: Orisa
Overwatch Anniversary: Year One
Overwatch Anniversary Murals: Behind The Scenes
New Map Preview: Horison Lunar Colony

feel free to add stuff if you have more