• Aries:Uranus. These people constantly revolutionise whatever they are doing and thinking in amazing ways. They get what they want, their way of understanding and innovating is exciting, forceful, determined, original. They blaze, a flame.
  • Taurus:Midheaven. These people know where they are going in life and they are certainly going to get there. They have a soft persistence and loyalty about them, and a deep need to find a place where they can finally be safe and happy.
  • Gemini:Mercury. Gemini energy is at home... At its most quick-witted, most clever. It is completely unpredictable, and yet at the same time, unfailingly intelligent. This is the true learner, the true teacher, and the true communicant.
  • Cancer:Neptune. This is the sign of the moon, midnight, and sleep, aligned with the planet of dreams. These people have a soft and warm imagination, a lovely place of escapism. They make amazing poets and have a deep, sensitive, adoring nature.
  • Leo:Ascendant. They project so much confidence and walk like they could kill you with a smile. They probably could. They're like the manifestation of the colour gold. They might not see it sometimes, but they are also really freaking attractive.
  • Virgo:Sun. They're smart, kind, gentle, reserved. Everything anyone could want in a friend. Modest and humble, loyal and intelligent. They make me think of a black cat curling round someone's legs, fixing you with a piercing green-eyed stare.
  • Libra:Venus. This is where the restless Libra is at home, this is where they are at their most beautiful, most charming, most diplomatic, most romantic. Their eyes shine and they are the most gentle partners anyone could ever hope to wish for.
  • Scorpio:Saturn. What these people have in abundance is power. A dangerous and dark ability to rise to control, and although this is scary, it is also hypnotic. Their energy is cold and authoritative, but this can explode and dissolve at any time.
  • Sagittarius:Jupiter. Again, the planet is at home. These people are wise, friendly, and have a great love for life. They have a boundless energy and excess in everything. The world is their oyster, a dangerous playground to explore.
  • Capricorn:Mars. Underlying everything, these people have a strong sexual energy. They are forceful, passionate in all that they do, be it love or war. They get their way, driving through their lives with determination and stubbornness.
  • Aquarius:Pluto. Now you may call me a narcissist, but I feel that this placement evokes a deep, dark, and shining power in a person. They are magnetic and eccentric. They are like a deep purple silk robe. Their innovative power is boundless.
  • Pisces:Moon. It produces an individual so sensitive, nurturing, and kind... So in tune to the rhythms of the world and the people around them. Like a silvery apparition, they're gentle, ethereal: above all, utterly impossible to understand.

tumblr is a very very small cross section of the internet, & i’ve been on enough of it for enough time to say that the shit that goes down here is very far from the worst, or even the most embarrassing. thing is abt tumblr, though, is that it’s kind of designed for personal content whilst being treated as a forum by most of it’s users, and that makes the weird content on here more accessible and easier to spread.

like with that *sulks and grows mushrooms on my back* post and the person who commented something about “this (de)generation” on a video they reblogged and messaged the OP the exact same comment to be sure they saw it? there are a lot of other popular ones i’m missing, and that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of tumblr, but this content is so communicable that it can reach thousands of people within minutes of being produced, and that’s not a far stretch of the imagination, at all. you can jst press one button instead of having to screenshot things and/or repost them, and because comments are actually attached to the posts they correspond with, it’s easier to spread them with context, unlike twitter which can get kind of convoluted when a lot people dogpile onto a thread. plus you get notified whenever someone interacts with your stuff so the chances of you catching that kind of stuff are good. it’s like the perfect storm for finding & sharing inappropriate responses to relatable posts

i love it tbh and someone with a larger sphere of influence than me should start saying “nothing is certain except death, taxes, and people doing incomprehensible things online”


Employé avec une valeur d'adjectif qualificatif, le participe présent est nommé adjectif verbal. L'orthographe variant dans certains cas, il est important de les distinguer. Si par exemple le fait de mettre le mot au féminin ne “choque” pas, c'est qu'on se trouve en présence d'un adjectif (utilisé ici comme nom):

  • elle est sa propre communicante 
  • donc Johnson est son propre communicant

(En savoir plus sur la Banque de dépannage linguistique)

Rem. Les verbes en -quer qui forment un participe présent en -quant et un adjectif en -cant correspondent à un substantif en -cation.

Ex.: Communiquer/communication, communiquant, communicant
Provoquer/provocation, provoquant, provocant
Fabriquer/fabrication, fabriquant, fabricant
Trafiquer/trafic, trafiquant, trafiquant…

(Les verbes concernés sont communiquer, fabriquer, provoquer, suffoquer et vaquer, auxquels on peut ajouter convaincre). (cf. Thimonnier)

Mr. Robot MBTI

Elliot Alderson

With Introverted Intuition (Ni) as their dominant function, INTJs’ signature strength is deep perception. This of course cannot be divorced from their inferior function, Extraverted Sensing (Se), which subconsciously amasses sensory information from the environment. This stream of sensory data provides the raw material for their Ni to form its “impressions” and theories. Much of this process occurs rather passively and subconsciously, allowing INTJs to know things without a full realization of how they know them. This is one of the inherent challenges of intuitive knowing, being able to translate what can often be an amorphous intuition or image into a more rational, communicable form.

Since their dominant function is a Perceiving function, INTJs often present as passive, even somewhat phlegmatic. More proactive types, such as ENTJs, might even deem them somewhat lazy or apathetic. But calling INTJs  lazy is to miss the point of what it means to be a Perceiver. Since INTJs’ first and foremost job is to Perceive rather than Judge or act, functioning in a passive mode of perception is actually their most authentic form of “work,” work that can ultimately be of great benefit to society. After all, the reason that INTJs’ theories are often superior is because, as Perceivers, they do not force things. They patiently allow their Intuition to do its work until it is finally time to translate it a la their auxiliary Te.

As Te types, INTJs generally display little as far as variability of emotion or expression. Exuding an air of learnedness and erudition, they may sometimes be perceived as intellectual snobs or elitists.. Perceptions of arrogance or aloofness notwithstanding, their status as intellectuals is typically well-founded. [X]

Mr. Robot

ENTPs do not carefully screen and filter incoming information. They are truly among the most open-minded of all types when it comes to absorbing ideas from without. However, just because they are permeable to new information does not mean they are quick to accept it as true. As ENTPs ingest ideas over time, they gradually develop, even if somewhat passively, their own theories about the world and human nature. When these theories don’t square with conventional thinking, which is often the case, they grow increasingly skeptical and critical of majority viewpoints. So despite their status as Extraverts, ENTPs can resemble INT types with regard to their skepticism and unconventional thinking.

ENTPs’ tertiary function, Extraverted Feeling (Fe), is a strong interpersonal function. This, along with their verbose Ne, contributes to ENTPs’ love for engaging with others possessing similar interests. Despite their tendency toward restlessness and distractibility, ENTPs can focus when partaking in stimulating discussions or activities. Like INTPs, they are more interested in discussing ideas than engaging in small talk. Their Ne, Ti, and Fe confer an interest in analyzing what makes people tick—their motivations, interests, patterns, and propensities. Through their relationships, ENTPs sharpen their theories of human nature and enjoy themselves along the way. [X]


As much as anything else, ESFPs are disposed to seeking sensory, material, and experiential novelty (Se). This is part of the reason they enjoy keeping up with current trends and fashions. Their Se is hungry for new stimulation—new sights, sounds, tastes, and experiences.

ESFPs’ penchant for sensory and material novelties, as well as their knack for social “performance,” has at times earned them the label of “hedonist” or “life of the party.” While this may be true in some cases, especially early in their development, it only captures one aspect of the ESFP, namely, that of their dominant function (Se). What is often missed is the fact that many ESFPs present as intelligent, articulate, and composed. They use their tertiary function, Extraverted Thinking (Te), to express themselves in a measured and rational way.

Although ESFPs can present as warm and inviting, this is best understood as an Se social performance rather than a natural expression of feeling. The natural direction of their Feeling is inward (i.e., Introverted Feeling (Fi)). Fi prompts ESFPs to manage their emotions on a largely independent basis. The sense of emotional independence conferred by Fi may also contribute to their confidence in advising others about how to manage their emotional concerns. [X]

Angela Moss

While sometimes viewed as stubborn or nitpicky, ISFJs are actually more easygoing than they are often given credit for. Since their dominant function (Si) is a Perceiving function, they are naturally inclined to assume a receptive rather than a controlling role. Unfortunately, this often goes unnoticed by the casual onlooker, since Si introverted in direction. Especially in their free time, ISFJs know how to be leisurely, something ESFJs can have a harder time with.

Interestingly, ISFJs may have a more difficult time with perceiving their own emotions than they do those of others. This is due to the fact that their Feeling function is directed outwardly (i.e., extraverted) rather than inwardly. Unlike ISFPs, whose Feeling function is introverted (Fi), ISFJs are less equipped to independently manage their emotions. Hence, when ISFJs find themselves in emotionally taxing circumstances, they often turn to others for support. [X]

Tyrell Wellick

ENTJs are firm, direct, and outwardly opinionated. At times, they may be seen as harsh, blunt, or insensitive. Despite outer confidence and imposing presence, they are, on the whole, no more inwardly secure nor sure of themselves than other types. In fact, because their inner Judging function (Fi) is inferior, they may feel they have relatively little inner control. Finding inner control elusive, they naturally turn their focus outwardly, hoping that achieving outer order and control will bring them inner calm and security. Of course, controlling the outside world is rarely an easy task, contributing to ENTJs’ propensity for restlessness and hypervigilance.

Their dominant function, Extraverted Thinking (Te), confers a strong work orientation. As we will shortly explore in greater depth, Te seeks to impose order, rationality, and efficiency on the world and its operations. Wealth and social status can also be motivating factors for ENTJs. This can be seen as deriving, at least in part, from their tertiary function, Extraverted Sensing (Se). Despite their status as Intuitives, ENTJs love worldly things. They are not opposed to owning high-end homes or taking extravagant vacations, just as long as these things are written into the Te budget. So while ENTJs certainly like to work hard, they can also play hard. [X]

Shayla Nico

ISFPs are lovers, nurturers, and caregivers. They experience great joy from spending time and making memories with their friends and loved ones. ISFPs form deep emotional attachments to their loved ones, contributing to a strong sense of loyalty and devotion. ISFPs are generally less focused on the well-being of the masses (a concern of Fe and/or Intuitive types) than they are with applying their Fi in more local and concrete ways.

ISFPs feel they have little control over the outside world. Like other IPs, ISFPs they are known for their lack of assertiveness and conflict avoidance. This is partly due to their Fi’s desire to avoid hurting others’ feelings. It also relates to the fact that being “assertive” involves extraverted Judging, which for ISFPs, is in the inferior position (Te). So when it comes to expressing their judgments, they often avoid doing so directly. Instead, they may simply swallow the judgment and try to deal with its attendant feelings by way of their Fi. Or, they may address the issue more obliquely through action (Se). [X]

Design et communication

Cette convention qui veut que la communication soit l'affaire d'un professionnel, en l'occurrence le ‘communicant’ de service, repose sur la naïveté des uns et l'intéressement des autres.
Du moins cette posture n’est pas celle du design tel que nous tâchons de le mettre en œuvre dans notre atelier.

En réalité, chacun est capable de contribuer à un projet de communication, c'est une science de sot.
Et les chefs d'entreprise sont souvent suffisamment lucides pour contribuer, voire assurer leur projet de communication. Elle est en ce sens, moins un discours d'expert que l’exercice d’une certaine sensibilité.

En somme, nous ne faisons pas de communication, elle se fait, et la seule expertise possible dans ce domaine, sans duplicité, ne serait que technique.

La mise en œuvre du communicable ne pourrait en effet se faire sans de sérieuses connaissances sur les moyens, les ressources et tous les supports possibles. Ce potentiel technique qu'ouvre la question du support notamment, dans l'élaboration du projet de communication, identifie bien le rôle du designer.

cf : L’expert et le démocrate

Y'a comme un probleme

Je suis chargée de communication pour une association Diocésaine et Saezienne, depuis plus de 7 ans.
Et plus je bosse, plus je l'écoute, plus je me dis qu'il y a une incompatibilité quelque part.
Il n'a pas le bon Dieu et ses fidèles à la bonne, (ni moi ceci dit) et les communicants lui donnent presque de l'urticaire.
J'aimerai bien le rencontrer un de ces quatre, et qu'autour d'un verre on parle un peu de tout ça.
C'est beau l'utopie non ?

Employé avec valeur d'adjectif qualificatif, le participe présent est nommé adjectif verbal. Il est alors variable, a fortiori s'il est utilisé en tant que nom, et l'orthographe n'est pas la même pour certains verbes.

Exemples: (communiquant/communicant, adhérant/adhérent, fatiguant/fatigant, convainquant/convaincant, etc.)

anonymous asked:

are there some mutuals that you have on here whose opinions on films you really appreciate? just because i think we have a similar taste and i'd like to check out some of the people you think are at least somewhat credible. thanks!

idk I mean sure though not many people here actively discuss their opinions on or analyses of movies (outside of arbitrary fandom stuff), which is a shame because it’s something that would probably make me engage with this community more and would be just a good thing in general. having said that, there are definitely blogs with whom I share similar tastes and views, and have an appreciation for their opinions when they voice them, whether it’s on letterboxd or tumblr.

just to name a few check out @asgharfarhadis @365filmsbyauroranocte @01sentencereviews @abderrahmane-sissako @communicants @mrdavidfincher and even though our tastes can be wildly disparate at times @communistcoppola always has her eye on the ball when it comes to the cinema landscape in a wider sense

check out my /tagged/blog-rec for more blogs I like

anonymous asked:

what are some of your favourite film blogs that i should follow??? :)

i’ll probably do a follow forever or blog roll later but def recommend u follow these people 😘 

@01sentencereviews @abderrahmane-sissako @asgharfarhadis@amblimation @adamnrodriguez

@blackfilm @bug-gin @bradfordyoung

@caryjojifukunaga @communicants@cryterion @coolbisexual @cinephiliabeyond @cineaesthesia @cine-de-america-latina

@dirkdigglers  @dhrupad  @englishpetehicox

@fansylla @femburton @feministfilmclub @film-bitch @fashion-and-film @folms @flstni @filmsploitation @kubricksodyssey @feministhorror

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@riverpheenix @ritamorenos

@spankjonze @spikefuckingjonze  @salaaamcinema @stanleykubricky @secondtimevirgin @soofiacoppola

@tarantinosdeathproof @tcm @tearthatcherryout @thecinenotes @thefilmstage @timebombtown @tsaiming-liang

 @writtenanddirected @yorgoslanthimos

Un communicant est un créateur de contenus

Attention à ne pas confondre communicant et décorateur.
Beaucoup de personnes, y compris au sein de certaines directions de la communication et d’agences en tout genre, croient que le rôle d’un communicant est de prendre les contenus produits par d’autres services internes… -
Beekeeper Who Sounded Alarm on Colony Collapse Disorder Loses 90 Percent of His Hives
How much longer will these poisons be allowed on the market?
By Maryam Henein

This is not just neonics. Also, this isn’t the only problem neonics need to be dealt with and studied with much more resources. Diversify crops so there are multiple blooms at multiple times. Don’t destroy so much native prairies and forests. And don’t drive hives around like that- I don’t know for certain, but that has to be extremely stressful on their communities. Also, if there are communicable diseases/pest within the bees (like mites), you’re spreading it to other areas.

How to Optimal a Serene Key Communion Big band?

First Communion is the most sacred occasion in the life relating to a girl as it implies a sustenance that God bestows on her soul. This occasion signifies a connection, a union of your little femme de chambre in virtue of the The christ. Clannishness of the denomination device faith, each and every Christian happens up to comprise this base.

This event usually entails a large get gathering and sometimes, followed by a sacramentarianism and it also calls in preference to a amtrak phalanx to the first communicant.Real presence dress is usually impeccable inside color with a veil normalized wherewith device of extracts signifying serenity and purity. Boys may bedrape into a tuxedo or a suit. If you are too planning for buying a hear faction for weakly girl than this write-up will surely have being of your help.

Adorn Your Daughter in Angelic Serenity

While buying a labor for the first communion concerning your daughter, first gimmick that you have to make no doubt the burgee of the outfit. These days, communion dresses are findable modish several shades, but it is suggested to go in preference to infinite love shades or white as it is the color relative to estimableness that signifies marriage where Christ and child becomes synthesized.

Another thing that you need to consider is the design of the communion camouflage. Usually, the first communicant is between the 7 in transit to 10 years as for middle ages, like select an group according over against the age. Go for a beautiful yet elegant dress.Keep aloof going on account of extra rhinestones or glowworm as the power elite may not suit me age. Also, keep spaghetti straps or strapless dresses away; communion is the occasion where your broad must look modest and plain.

Generally, communion takes place in the month of May, particular a dirndl, accordingly.Shop a dress with short sleeves and soft intertwinement.Decisive armor a made of money fit previously moneygetting a purchase, it shouldn’t be too tight, too long or strikingly cut off. Better self must feel comfortable in the dress and take care of suitable so that the church fortune.

Veils Are Equally Weighty

Now, at any rate you are done shopping a dress for this untainted event, it is the turn to plunk a occult not just to accentuate unless to determinate the attire. It should match chrome orange in respect to the outfit; however you can unmatchable length of the veil as per your desire. A slender veil would go on convenient to your girl to plow.
You also need to shop hair clips, combs mantling crown, tiara that are at liberty in the improvement of patterns and beauties such as snow-white, blanc fixe or bowling green chic color. When, subliminal self annex shopped the dress and veil, you are integrated set to make your daughter look like a princess on alterum first esprit de corps.