Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Before Mass

O most blessed Virgin Mary, mother most loving and most merciful, I, a miserable and unworthy sinner come before thee, with the heartfelt prayer, that of thy loving kindness thou wouldst vouchsafe graciously to be near me and all who throughout the whole Church are to receive the body and blood of thy Son this day, even as thou wert near thy most dear Son as He hung bleeding on the cross, that, aided by thy gracious help, we may worthily offer up a pure and acceptable sacrifice in the sight of the holy and undivided Trinity.


дружелюбный [druzhilyùbnyj] - friendly
храбрый [khràbryj] - brave
замкнутый [zàmknutyj] - unsociable
коммуникабельный [kamunikàbil'nyj] - communicable
отчуждённый [atchuzhdyònyj] - aloof

справедливый [spravidlìvyj] - fair
несправедливый [nispravedlìvyj] - unfair
верный [vèrnyj] - faithful
надёжный [nadyòzhnyj] - reliable
ненадежный [ninadyòzhnyj] - unreliable
прямой [pryamòj] - straightforward

искренний [ìskrinij] - sincere
двуличный [dvulìchnyj] - two-faced
честный [chèstnyj] - honest
подозрительный [padazrìtel'nyj] - suspicious
милосердный [milasèrdnyj] - merciful
безжалостный [bizzhàlastnyj] - merciless

лживый [lzhìvyj] - false
сочувствующий [sachùstvuyusshij] - sympathetic
безразличный [bizrazlìchnyj] - indifferent
открытый [atkr`ytyj] - open

For Republicans in 1797, Maria Reynolds was more an idea than a person. If that idea of feminine virtue was then but in its formative stages, by the 1820s it developed into a full-scale ideology of domesticity. Maria Reynolds, by then, had merged rhetoric with reality. Sometime after returning to Philadelphia, she married Joseph Mathieu, a respected French physician. In 1813, she was amongst the original communicants of the evangelical First Reformed Dutch Church of Philadelphia. Maria was “serious, sedate, and religious,“ words similar to those used to describe her church’s first preachers, Joseph Eastburn and Jacob Brodhead. The Reformed church maintained that religion was essential to the preservation of republican virtue. So perhaps when Maria looked back during these years on her liaison with Hamilton, she would have agreed with Brodhead when he sermonized: "Let the salutary restraints of religion and morality be put upon the possession of men, to regulate their opinions, and keep them in a correct and uniform course; and more will be done to save their republic, than can be effected by all appeals made to patriotism." Perhaps, too, she joined the Female Hospitable Society or one of the many other benevolent and missionary societies associated with the Reformed Church in Philadelphia. What is clear, though, is that before she died in 1828, at age sixty-six, Maria Reynolds had become the virtuous woman Republicans had depicted thirty years before. 

The Reynolds Affair and the Politics of Character, Jacob Katz Cogan. Journal of the Early Republic, Vol. 16, No. 3 (Autumn, 1996), pp. 389-417 Stable URL:

World No Tobacco Day: Could plain tobacco packaging deter kids?

The United Nations is pushing for the use of plain packages on tobacco products as countries around the globe mark World No Tobacco Day, an advocacy effort convened every year on May 31.

By using plain packaging, without logos or distinctive color schemes, advocates hope to reduce demand for tobacco products – especially among young people – which public health officials estimate kill 6 million people each year.

“Tobacco use is one of the largest causes of preventable non-communicable disease,” UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a message marking the day on Tuesday. “On this World No Tobacco Day, I call on Governments around the world to get ready for plain packaging.”

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A move to restrict the visual appeal of tobacco products is gaining ground. Australia became the first country to implement the measures in December 2012, while a British court recently overruled a challenge by four tobacco companies and upheld rules that make cigarette cartons a uniform olive green.

Separately, India’s Supreme Court also dismissed a challenge by tobacco companies and upheld a law requiring larger warning labels, while the European Union also adopted stricter regulations. A slew of other countries, including Chile, New Zealand, Panama, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates are also mulling similar measures, the advocacy group Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids notes.

“As more countries adopt plain packaging, what was once seen as a revolutionary policy is well on its way to becoming a standard practice in national tobacco control policies worldwide,” said Matthew Myers, the group’s president, in a statement.

As defined by a World Health Organization (WHO) Framework Convention, plain packaging restricts or prohibits the use of logos, distinctive colors, brand images, or other promotional information other than the brand and product name in a standard color and font. In his message Tuesday, Mr. Ban also noted that plain packing could help increase the effectiveness of health warnings.

In Britain, the High Court also framed the issue as a “moral” one, rejecting the argument by four tobacco giants that plain packaging would make the packages indistinguishable and harm their intellectual property rights, as the Christian Science Monitor’s Lucy Schouten reported.

“[Tobacco companies’] last stand on the issue has really been in the courts because they’ve lost on the science, they’ve lost on politics, and they’re really trying to shift the debate into the courts,” Stanton Glantz of the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education told the Monitor.

Dr. Margaret Chan, the WHO’s director-general, pointed Tuesday to evidence that Australia’s effort had led to more than 100,000 fewer smokers in the first 34 months since the proposal was implemented.

“These results are a cause for celebration, but governments must remain vigilant,” she added. “On this World No Tobacco Day, we are telling the world to get ready for even more comprehensive tobacco control.”

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Auprès de la métairie, Bélesta, octobre 1895 by Bibliothèque de Toulouse
Fonds Trutat - Photographie ancienneCote : TRU C 892 Localisation : Fonds ancien (S 30) Original non communicable Titre : Auprès de la métairie, Bélesta, octobre 1895 Auteur : Trutat, Eugène Rôle de l’auteur : Photographe Lieu de création : Bélesta (commune de Cahuzac-sur-Vere) Date de création : 1895 Mesures : : 7 x 10 cm Mot(s)-clé(s) : – Homme – Costume masculin – Femme – Costume féminin – Enfant – Costume d'enfant – Métairie – Arbre – Chaise – Automne – Bélesta (commune de Cahuzac-sur-Vere) – Cahuzac-sur-Vère (Tarn) – Castelnau-de-Montmiral (Tarn ; canton) – Midi-Pyrénées (France) – 19e siècle, 4e quart Médium : Photographies – Négatifs sur plaque de verre – Noir et blanc – Portraits de groupe – Paysages Bibliothèque de Toulouse. Domaine public

Language communicates the linguistic being of things. The clearest manifestation of this being, however, is language itself. The answer to the question “What does language communicate?” is therefore “All language communicates itself.” The language of this lamp, for example, communicates not the lamp (for the mental being of the lamp, insofar as it is communicable, is by no means the lamp itself) but the language-lamp, the lamp in communication, the lamp in expression. For in language the situation is this: the linguistic being of all things is their language. The understanding of linguistic theory depends on giving this proposition a clarity that annihilates even the appearance of tautology. This proposition is untautological, for it means, “That which in a mental entity is communicable is its language.” On this “is” (equivalent to “is immediately”) everything depends. […] Or, more precisely, that all language communicates itself in itself.
—  Walter Benjamin, “On Language as Such,” Walter Benjamin: Selected Writings, Vol. 1, 1913-1926 (via heteroglossia)
Flores de Mayo Culmination 2016

Grabee, sobrang paos na, tipong wala ng boses na mailabas. Yung culmination namin medyo fail lalo na pagdating sa mga students ko, specifically ang first communicants. Nagkaproblema kasi kami sa head catechist namin, at halos kaming lahat galit sa kanya, kaya ayon sobrang gulo ng kinalabasan. Readyng-ready na nga akong mapagalitan ni father, pero buti nalang okay lang sa kanya lahat. As in, naiyak ako ng sobra kahapon at nung wednesday dahil sa mga pangyayari. Dahil na rin sa pagka-irresponsible medyo ng head catechist namin at hindi naayon sa plano ang lahat. Ginawa ko na lahat, tinawagan ko lahat ng pwedeng tawagan. Akala kasi namin, tinapos na lahat ng head catechist ang mga gawain kasi nga sinabi nya. Pero it turned out, palpak lahat. Buti nalang talaga di kami pinabayaan ni Lord. Naging okay na lahat. Halos maubos na luha ko. Nasabi ko na rin lahat sa head catechist namin ang lahat ng gusto kong sabihin, pati na galit. Pero peace na kami. Nung umiyak ako, lumapit mga estudyante ko at niyakap ako. Aba, naiyak ako lalo. Pero sobrang saya ko, at napaluha ako kasi nagbunga ang lahat ng sakripisyo at paghihirap ko para lang makapag-confession at communion sila. Natulog pa ako ng 12am para lang gawin lahat mag isa ang mga veils ng girls. Buti nalang talaga mababait parents nila at naiintindihan ako sa mga pagkakukulang ko at sinusuportahan pa nila ako. Sabi nila, baka raw ako na magiging head catechist next year, pero oh no. Basta I’m so happy, kasi after all the hardships, nagbunga rin ng mabuti ang lahat. Salamat sa lahat, Lord! 😊😄❤
Blessed Imelda Lambertini, Patroness of First Communicants
When Imelda Lambertini was five years old, she asked to receive Jesus in the Eucharist for the first time. She loved Christ deeply, to the point of wondering, “Can anyone receive Jesus into his heart and not die?” However, as it was the year 1327, her request was out of the question. At that time ch

May 12: My confirmation saint’s feast day is today!

HISTOIRE 3 (PUTE à male)

Je devais revoir en fin  septembre 2015 deux mecs actifs à Paris que j'avais rencontrés précédemment à Cannes l'été dernier. Je suis arrivé en moto en plein paris, quartier montparnasse. Les deux mecs m'attendaient dans leurs apparts respectifs et quasi communicants. A mon arrivée, je l'appellerai Marc par discrétion me fit entrer. Déshabille toi putain me dit il direct et mets toi à 4 pattes. Je m'exécutai et lui présentai mes trous. Il mit sa bite en bouche puis m'encula assez rapidement avec une bite raisonnable de 19 bien large. Mets cette cagoule , ton joks strap et suis moi putain. Nous sortîmes de l'appart ainsi dans le couloir commun d'étage , waouu, gonflé le mec, de me trimbaler à poil à la vue peut être de ses voisins. Il ouvrit la porte de l'appart contigu (ils n'avaient pas eu le droit d'ouvrir une porte entre leurs apparts, la coproprio ayant refusé) rentre salope, max t'attend. Il était allongé sur un lit, suce moi la putain me dit il, une énorme bite de 22 par 5 au moins. Je le suçai puis tous deux me lancèrent : présente nous ta chatte grosse putain, t'es venue pour ça hein ! Je me mis sur le canapé selon leur ordre et présentai ma chatte, écarte tes cuisses et fait ta pute. J'écartai aussi tôt  au maximum mes cuisses et je cambrai ma croupe afin que se dégage bien ma chatte. Belle chatte, t'as une superbe chatte , t'es née putain toi dit Max. Allez, montre nous comme tu encaisses salope !Pousse sur ta chatte grosse salope.Je poussai sur ma chatte le plus possible après m'être bien gazée.Ils m'entreprirent franco, ayant déjà eu en aout mon trou à dispo.

Ils commencèrent à me doigter, deux doigts chacun, puis trois, puis les 5 doigts de max et la main y passa. Il se retira après avoir  bien fouillé ma chatte, hmmmmm t'as un trou bien ouvert, donne le mieux que ça putain que tu es ,gaze toi grosse putain, et il dit à son copain Marc d'y aller. Vas y Marc, elle prend toujours aussi bien. Marc me fista d'emblée, le passage était ouvert. Trop bonne cette putain, t'es encore plus performante qu'à Cannes en aout dernier, il commença à me boxer puis se retira et aussitôt Max s'enfonça au poing dans ma chatte , je me gazais total. Quelle putain tu fais . Tu es bonne pour des tournantes toi. Et tour à tour pendant plus de deux heures, ces deux actifs vicieux me fistèrent allègrement en me traitant régulièrement de putain, que je n'étais que ça, une pute pour les mâles.Plus les insultes pleuvaient, plus je devenais soumise et pute.Mon cul devenait une chatte éclatée. Après une pause,ça repartait, le cul offert total à mes deux actifs. je fus à nouveau exploité aux mains, mains de 9,5 chacun quand même !! J'aime avoir du lourd dans la chatte. On t'éclate la chatte dit Marc, et Max aussitôt d'ajouter :on va te l'exploser grosse putain. J'avais la chatte béante à chaque sortie de pogne, tu penses pas, t'as pas de cervelle ajoutait Max le meneur, t'es qu'un cul, t'es qu'une chatte et rien que ça.Tu peux te prendre tout un chantier sale pute.T'es qu'un garage à bites, t'es bonne pour le tapin grosse salope, putain. Allez donne toi encore, j'étais bien shooté au poppers et j'en redemandais tellement j'étais excité. Il faut dire que je revenais de Lille, que j'avais fait plus de 200 km sur la moto avant d'arriver chez eux, en ne pensant qu'à ça, leur donner ma vulve de pute, juste un peu en retard suite à la difficulté d'arriver à leur adresse sans gps.

On va te transformer en grosse putain toi, dit Max, tu n'es bonne qu'à ça, t'es née pute répéta t il. Arrivé vers 14 h, je ressortis de chez eux vers 19 h, quelle baise ! Max après m'avoir boxé une dernière fois me dit “ fou le camp grosse pute” on travaille demain. Marc me reconduisit à son appart et là m'ordonna à nouveau de me mettre à 4 pattes au sol et il m'encula et jouit dans ma chatte. T'es vraiment une grosse salope. Tu reviendras quand tu voudras. Habitant dans l'est, je lui promis de revenir et d'être à nouveau leur putain soumise.Je quittai l'appart , j'étais déjà bien  cassé car trop bien  gazé par les deux mecs. Je repris ma bécane avec difficulté et je regagnai la Bastille. C'était dimanche et le Keller était ouvert depuis 17 h. Le cul bien défoncé, bien ouvert, je me sentais devenir encore plus pute. Je me mis très vite en joks et boots dès l'entrée et je pénétrai avec avidité dans ce temple du fist. Je descendis aussitôt dans les caves du club et je m'installai dans un box où je me mis à 4 pattes, tendant ma croupe au premier venu qui ne tarda pas. Un mec la quarantaine me palpa les fesses , me trouvant peu farouche, il alla alors direct sur mon fion et après avoir graissé ses doigts et sa main de crisco, me badigeonna la chatte et commença à me pénétrer doucement. Voyant que ça rentrait facilement, il me dit : tu prends bien salope ! Vas y boxe moi, j'ai la chatte en chaleur et je suis déjà bien défoncé lui répondis-je. Il me boxa pendant une bonne demi heure puis s'en alla. Un autre mec pris la relève, visiblement, il attendait son tour, il avait une énorme main, je le connaissais,  il s'enfonça dans mon fion, sa grosse main formatait encore mieux ma chatte. Il ferma son poing puis me pénétra au poing plus profondément. Une main de 13 , ça vous écarte une chatte croyez moi. Je n'étais plus qu'un trou, je ne pensais plus effectivement, gazé total, je n'étais plus qu'une putain encore une fois.Je finis la soirée avec un autre mec que j'adore, il me fista et m'encula.Le cul si bien ouvert, j'aurais pu prendre une bonne tournante de bites. Je rentrai  cependant à mon hôtel non loin de là sur le boulevard Voltaire, au bout de la rue de la roquette, il était minuit , presque en titubant. j'ai dormi jusqu'au lendemain midi, la chatte en chaleur, car plus je baise ou me fais baiser plutôt, plus j'en ai encore envie…. Je dois revoir mes deux étalons à Paris ce mois de janvier 2016 et je m'en réjouis. J'aimerais qu'ils me prêtent à d'autres mâles vicieux. J'ai la bonne cinquantaine, encore bien foutu de corps, un beau cul parait il,endurant,  une grosse chatte gourmande, totalement et naturellement imberbe, mince, belle croupe, j'excite les mâles quand je suis à 4 pattes devant eux soumise et ouverte. Si ça vous dit, écrivez moi et essayer la putain….Je compte faire un tour de France cet été avec ma bécane et ma chatte en chaleur….sinon, je réside dans l'Est . n'hésitez pas si vous êtes de bons baiseurs très vicieux, car il m'en faut dans la chatte….je suis nympho , je suis une chatte, je suis une pute à dispo…

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1. Have you ever written in an unusual place?

Does work count as unusual? When I have breaks at work I’ve gotten really good at typing on my ipad mini.

2. The word/phrase you know you overuse, but can’t get rid of it.

HAHAHA. Oh man. I know I’m really bad with, like, quantifying adverbs (almost, very, all-but, faintly, slightly). Everything is terrible or things are done terribly, all the time. Characters smirk, murmur, chuckle and (wtf self) purr a lot. Their eyes and expressions flicker and their mouths twitch constantly. Everyone is VERY twitchy. I think it’s a communicable disease at this point.

And this is a syntax thing, but when I write in the past tense and I’m doing incidental action between dialogue I fall into the pattern of “character verbed, verbing blah blah blah.” I HATE IT.

3. Do you keep notes? Do you have a notebook?

NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOPE. I’ll occasionally scribble things down in an old college notebook or random scratch paper, but judging from the most recent such scrap I can find lying around the last time I did so was over a year ago.

4. What’s the hardest part of a fic to write for you?

The beginning. No question. I always think of the climax first, and the ending after that usually isn’t too hard because at that point I’ve gotten enough thematic or poetic notes I can hit to tie everything up with a nice pretty bow, but figuring out exactly where to start it, what notes to hit, how much to give away and not give away - fuck that shit. I hate it.

5. Have you ever based something in your fic on your personal experience?

Not in a “this happened to me” sense, but it’s pretty impossible to not inject some emotional truth into everything, no?

6. What’s that one fic you want to write but somehow know you never will?

Oh, god. At this point I’m just grateful that I got That Skyrim Fic off my chest. Let’s leave it at that.

(I DO have one more Dishonored fic I want to get out there before the sequel comes out so that I can definitively CLEAR MY PLATE of that game. It’s about Delilah figuring out gender and sexuality with help of Jessamine and Sokolov and will probably be structured around the Rosewater Hag rhyme. I don’t know what it IS beyond “Delilah figures out gender and sexuality structured around the Rosewater Hag rhyme,” so here we are)

7. What do you usually do when you procrastinate?

I fuck around on tumblr or in a mindless, low-stress videogame. Lots of Banished and Cities: Skylines and The Long Dark, lately.

8. What’s the funniest typo you’ve made?

On several different occasions, I have typed ‘Metatron’ as ‘Meatatron.’ This will never not be hilarious to me.

9. Do you listen to music when you write?

Usually not! I used to. First I could listen to music with lyrics in a language I didn’t understand, then it was all instrumental stuff, but now it seems like even instrumental stuff gets between the page and my brain. That said, occasionally I will have some random song looping on youtube fifty times in a row, but that means it’s truly become background noise.

10. Your favorite comment a reader has left on your fic?

Any sort of keyboard flailing and emotional distress is like catnip for me. I will never get tired of it. Let’s be honest, any comments at ALL are like catnip for me.

But one single specific comment? Hm. It’s a tossup.

1) I remember distinctly that someone, on some fic - I can’t remember which fic or who, or on which website, google is turning up nothing, so I’m sorry to whoever you were - commented “I’M GOING TO CRY MY HEART RIGHT OUT OF MY FACE. IT’S ON THE FLOOR AND COVERED IN LINT.”

2) When I finally posted That Skyrim Fic, @soaringsparrows commented “i just finished reading this and i think my brain fell out of my ears somewhere around sermon fifty.” FUCKING SUCCEED.

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Blessed Imelda Lambertini

1322 - 1333

Feast Day: May 13

Patronage: First Communicants

Blessed Imelda Lambertini had a burning desire to receive the Holy Eucharist from a very young age. She joined a Dominican convent at age 9 and would sometimes say “Tell me, can anyone receive Jesus into their heart and not die?” One day after Mass she was seen with the Sacred Host miraculously hovering above her. The priest was called and gave her First Holy Communion. She died in ecstasy immediately after and is believed to be incorrupt. She was only 11.