Kant: on being reclusive

A further comment is needed.  It is true that our liking for both the beautiful and the sublime not only differs recognizably from other aesthetic judgments by being universally communicable, but by having this property it also acquires an interest in relation to society (where such communication may take place).  Yet we also regard isolation from all society as something sublime, if it rests on ideas that look beyond all sensible interest.  To be sufficient to oneself and hence have no need of society, yet without being unsociable, i.e., without shunning society, is something approaching the sublime, as is the case of setting aside our needs.  On the other hand, to shun people either from misanthropy because we are hostile toward them or from anthropophobia (fear of people) because we are afraid they might be our enemies is partly odious and partly contemptible.  There is, however, a different (very improperly so-called) misanthrophy, the predisposition to which tends to appear in the minds of many well-meaning people as they grow older (my emphasis).  This latter misanthrophy is philanthrophic enough as regards benevolence [Wohlwollen], but as the result of long and sad experience it has veered away from a liking [Wohlgefallen] for people.  We find evidence for this in a person’s propensity toward reclusiveness, in his fanciful wish that he could spend the rest of his life on a remote country estate, or for that matter (in the case of young people) in their dream of happily spending their lives with a small family, on some island unknown to the rest of the world–all of which novelists and writers of the Robisonades use so cleverly.  Falseness, ingratitude, injustice, whatever is childish in the purposes that we ourselves consider important and great and in the pursuit of which people inflict all conceivable evils on one another, these so contradict the idea of what people could be if they wanted to, and so conflict with our fervent wish to see them improved, that, given that we cannot love them, it seems but a slight sacrifice to forgo all social joys to avoid hating them.  This sadness, which does not concern the evils that fate imposes on other people (in which case it would be caused by sympathy), but those that they inflict on themselves (a sadness that rests on an antipathy involving principles), is sublime, because it rests on ideas, whereas the sadness caused by sympathy can at most count as beautiful …. This comment is intended only as a reminder that even grief (but not a dejected kind of sadness) may be included among the vigorous affects, if it has its basis in moral ideas.  If, on the other hand, it is based on sympathy, then it may indeed be lovable, but belongs merely to the languid affects.  My point is to draw attention to the fact that only in the first case is the mental attunement sublime.

–Kant, Critique of Judgment

Inasmuch as it is nothing but pure communicability, every human face, even the most noble and beautiful, is always suspended on the edge of an abyss… . The only face to remain uninjured is the one capable of taking the abyss of its own communicability upon itself and of exposing it without fear or complacency.
—  Giorgio Agamben, Means Without End (96)

Hi there. I know you’re a big Sam fan, so I was wondering if you might have any advice along the lines of what fic writers tend to miss when writing him or stuff that makes his voice seem off in fic. I don’t read a lot of fic that has his perspective extensively so I haven’t picked up on anything yet myself, but I’m sure there are things. Thanks!

First of all, thanks for asking this. The only way to prevent the spread of the plague of Sam Abuse is to talk about it like it actually is a fucking communicable disease because that’s really how badly it can take over.

Second, I’m going to direct you to a tag on my blog, #Sam Winchester is BEST Winchester.

Now, this isn’t just so you can reblog literally everything there because I know you want to (he’s so perfect????). Rather, in answer to your question, I think it might be easier to use the posts in that tag as a reference than to say “WELP maybe watch each of the episodes 26 times like I have and you’ll get a better idea.”

(I haven’t watched every episode 26 times.)

And I’m sure I write Sam badly sometimes, so, just, bottom line? I’m not an authority but if you’re gonna give me the opportunity to gently guide you to good Sam writing, I’mma do my best to gently guide the fuck out of you.


Sam Winchester Died For Us.

First and foremost every. single. fucking. time. I will scream about it until I’m dead and gone. Sam chose to throw himself in a hole with the one creature we’re all supposed to fear and as if it weren’t enough to save us from the Devil himself, he also grabbed the second angriest archangel and dragged him with so these two pricks could pick on each other for the rest of time, knowing full well he’d likely be their greatest fucking chew toy in that cage.

And Sam did these things to keep his brother safe, yes. But he also did these things to save all the lives on. the. planet.

One of the main reasons that Sam does things is

Sam Winchester Loves His Brother and Wants Him to Be Happy.

And a lot of what you need to know about Sam comes from the way he was raised – thus a lot of what you need to know about Sam is what kind of man raised him. And we ain’t talkin about John.

The man who raised Sam didn’t know how to raise a kid because he was a kid himself. So he just clung on and did his best and that means he loved too much and too close and so Sam’s formative idea of love is intense. Too much. Too close.

A sad fact is that

Sam Winchester Thinks He is a Dirty Infection.

Even before he knew he was fed demon blood, he suspected something was wrong. And we learn toward the end of Season Gr8 that he actually boxed away and hid a lot of serious sadness and self-loathing and held deep a very toxic belief that he was unclean and impure.

Now as far as writing Sam goes, these are the three blocks of foundation that I find most contribute to standing him on his own and telling a story about him.

If fics don’t remember these things, I usually put the fic down.

Sam feels dirty, Sam loves his brother, and he wants humanity to be free of infections like himself and he wants his brother not to have to deal with his bullshit.

So he saved all. of. us.


Sam is also heavily susceptible to being the absolute King of Best Intentions.

In order to shove monsters and mean freaks off the planet, in order to save people and preserve human life and keep his brother safe, he has done bad things with the best of intentions. That doesn’t mean that his intentions have never gone sour.

Because he’s a fucking human being.

So what I really need from writers is to allow Sam Winchester to be complex and flawed. The way he really is.

He is drawn to power and he has noticed this about himself and tried to check his behavior. He is quick to anger and he has noticed this about himself and tried to check his behavior. He is naturally big and intimidating and so he slouches in his clothes and hangs off his pockets and smiles like a big, cute dope when he looms accepts hugs from short people. Being tall isn’t something he can help, but he knows how to use it by now. He has learned how to make it mean safety and make it mean murder.

So now go back through some eps or through that tag with me.

Watch gifs or watch Sam on mute sometimes. Notice the way he moves.

He can’t help but be sure of where his feet go, and he doesn’t always restrain his physical movements, but he is dorky and hesitant sometimes, the way people are when they’re overjoyed to meet a new dog or something. Like, “I’m bigger than you, so let’s not make this scary, let’s find out how kind we can be to each other.”

Sam bites back words. He stops himself from going in certain directions sometimes and others he just kind of rattles stuff off because he just didn’t engage his filter.

Sam isn’t a people person!!

Sam doesn’t actually play well with others. He was raised to fit in with the normies – he was raised to act. But he’s not wild about hanging out with them. He sits hunched into himself or makes goofy, stilted, comedic movements.

Sam doesn’t understand family dynamics!! It’s something he’s read about in novels and watched on TV and something he thinks he gets and he’s just kind of annoyed by it? Sam is the kind of person who would choose who to love. If he had graduated with his people at Stanford, they probably all would have backpacked Europe together, after, and moved into the same apartment complex and tried to make every week of their lives a Friends rerun. He would want to choose his family.

That’s not to say that the family he has – Dean – is someone he would not choose.

At this point, however, his family relationship with his brother is a pretty unhealthy attachment that he can no longer function without.

This is something that the show doesn’t seem to want to fix, so, frankly, the more fanfic tackles the issue, the better. Because LAWD knows that Sam likes to keep his body healthy. If he could only care that he wasn’t keeping his mind healthy, he’d be in superb shape.

Sam encourages children!!

Sam Winchester grew up raised by another kid. They had tantrum hissy fits when dad wanted them to practice their shotguns and hand-to-hand combat. Guaran-fucking-teed. So Sam doesn’t get the whole innocent children thing. From afar? Maybe yeah. Protecting innocents? Yes, okay.

But when kids are all set to do evil, anyway, he’s like, could you at least grow up doing evil correctly??? Please.

I know I’m skipping around a bit.

But there’s just so much to cover.


You need to remember that this nerd is FUKKEN’ RIPPED. Sam exercises on top of running around and ganking things for a living. He pushes his body to the limit but it’s also likely that he gets up and jogs real early like some absolute fucking fruitbat. STOP SAM WE WANT YOU TO GET MORE SLEEP.

On that note: SAM DOES NOT GET ENOUGH SLEEP. I can basically guarantee that. And it feels too normal to him so someone really ought to shake him out of the habit of only sleeping two hours in a 72-hour period.

Sam eats well. He probably doesn’t keep snacks around to mindlessly eat or pick up candy whenever it’s offered. He probably has two reasonable meals and one Really Good Super Healthy Meal every day. He doesn’t consider hamburgers toxic, but he’s not gonna have a soda if he also eats his fries. That kind of thing. Then, one meal per day? QUINOA WITH GOAT CHEESE ON SPINACH AND KALE WITH A LEMON VINAIGRETTE. Bam. Somewhere Dean is shifting uncomfortably just knowing that sentence exists in the world.

Sam sprawls.

Please make sure that when you apply your Sam Winchester to your scenery, you hit italics on that motherfucker and let him sprawl. He is too long for conventional chairs and I imagine his knees are continually bruised. His back is probably achy.

Sam sprawls on furniture and leans back in chairs and he looks weird and squished when he’s on couches. Please remember this just for my enjoyment, thanks. Please remember, also, that his toesies hang off his bed and that’s really sad and he needs proper accommodations. (I love him so much, I’m heartbroken.)


You guys. I have had Sam-length hair for most my life. Mine is agonizingly curly, though, not a silken wave of bliss.

But I need you to remember that, when he settles down, he tosses his head a little to get it off his neck or away from his face. He pushes it behind his ears and there is ABSOLUTELY a secret length at which it drives him nuts and he has to get it cut. He’s got great boring white boy hair, though, so probably anyone can do it (probably he doesn’t have to rely on one person WHO KNOWS HOW TO DO IT RIGHT AND PAY HER A LOT OF MONEY I JUST DID THIS IT’S VERY IMPORTANT).

Please remember the heaving-bosom thing he does for maximum Samness.

Please remember that Sam is full of cringe-worthy moments of hilarity. He goofs up all the time just like that one time you fell down the entire second half of the Hall 100 stairwell on your ass and literally everyone who has ever hated your guts was watching and got the opportunity to laugh heartily.

He tries to laugh it off but he could proBABLY USE A DAMN HUG AFTERWARD I’M JUST SAYING.

Sam is very, very, intimately familiar with pain, ache, anguish, agony, failure, and desperation. He is suicidal. He is depressed. He does a very good job being functional and trying his best to be happy and there for the people who need him. He does an incredibly good job staying alive under those circumstances. But, again, we circle back around to the fact that Sam blames himself for the evil that was fed into him as a child. Blames himself for the predestined, cattle-prodded, bullshit fate he fulfilled in letting Lucifer out of the cage. And he blames himself every subsequent time there’s been an opportunity to save the world that didn’t quite pan out.

Sam didn’t finish school. If you think this doesn’t bug him, this is understandable because the show kicks this fact around maybe once a year like a deflated soccer ball. If you think this wouldn’t bug someone, then that might mean you haven’t had to pause school for any reason and you don’t know what an absolute joke that can make you feel like. When you’ve proven you’re smart but life doesn’t let you have the stupid fucking paper. So people look at you a certain way and tell you for the rest of time that “employers will think this way about you” and then list the 92 ways in which you are, I GUESSED IT, I WIN, a total failure.

Sam is smart. But he didn’t get the stupid paper. Didn’t get to go be a lawyer. Probably worries that he’s actually just a meathead hunter. He has a passion for being the first to LEARN why some phenomenon is going on. But we don’t reward a passion for learning in this country unless that’s a fakeass line you shove on your scholarship application.

Now, here are some things from fics that need to stop:

  • STOP calling Sam selfish
  • STOP sending Sam to the library
  • STOP making Sam and Cas out to be in opposition (they are LITERALLY friends and PROBABLY brothers-in-law so STOP)
  • STOP calling Sam moose non-fucking-stop
  • STOP writing him as if he looks down on Dean and thinks of him as lesser
  • STOP assuming he wants to make babies unless you write a good fucking reason for a change of attitude because the show as a whole ACTUALLY does not support the six seconds in S08 when he thought he wanted to maybe, possibly, some day reproduce
  • STOP making him super-serious 100% of the time, hello, he is a fucking goofball, it’s adorable

And finally, fanfic is largely about FIXING the inane crap that the show has been pounding down our throats, so feel free to explore the ways that Sam can find what he does not have in canon and what has not been offered to him. I will repeat myself from here:

  • a best friend
  • a life
  • meaningful relationships outside his brother
  • relationships without mourning at their center
  • relationships based on health and happiness
  • romantic attraction and some dates at least ffs
  • a texting buddy
  • a hobby or something i mean goddamn
  • i don’t even care about dogs and i recognize that Sam needs a dog
  • a fucking vacation

One final point:

Sam is powerful, he is so so pretty when he smiles, and, bottom line, he puts other people before himself.

Sam loves us and wants us to be happy.

Among beings who would always already be enacted, who would always already be this or that thing, this or that identity, and who would have entirely exhausted their power in these things and identities – among such beings there could not be any community but only coincidences and factual partitions. We can communicate with others only through what in us – as much as in others – has remained potential, and any communication (as Benjamin perceives for language) is first of all communication not of something in common but of communicability itself.
—  Giorgio Agamben, Means Without End (10)
The Work of Art in the Age of Communicability

If I were a good writer and if I had somehow managed to study philosophy, I would probably write an essay entitled The Work of Art in the Age of Communicability. 

Of course, the link is to Benjamin’s The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (1936), where the author addressed important issues about the effects of reproducibility of the work of Art.

It’s been a while I’m thinking of this, and a few days ago I shot these pictures in the tunnel that connects to South Kensington station. 

Message patchwork, South Kensington tube station, London (11.2013)

Posters accompany people throughout the tunnel, and generally they are displayed on raws. Here, the communication game begins. Posters for Art exhibitions, films, TV series, records releases, Christmas events and so forth melt into a patchwork of meanings that I’m not sure the overall effect on people of it might be.

Though I might not question what I see, since we are sort of used to this visual collage, I believe things change pretty much when posing the attention on meanings. And questions arise.

How meanings around Impressionism or Klee (and in general the overall ones about Art) that I’ve acquired through exhibitions, readings and education are being affected when placed side by side the electric guitars of The Killers, or the intimate shot of Don Draper + new wife? And how Art messages affect mainstream culture when melting into these kind of meaning’s patchworks?

These are naive questions (and I’m sure there are a lot of answers out there), but I’m not following bias thinking. I don’t cry out loud for any presumed corruption of ‘high Art’ by a lower (by contrast) mainstream culture. I’m just curious about how communicability change the work of Art (and therefore Art itself).

The work of Art is in fact open, according to Eco (The Open Work, It., Opera Aperta, 1962), that is to say, its peculiar configuration is subject to continuous (potentially) interpretation. Day by day, month by month and years over years, the meanings of a work of Art keep changing. 

The work of Art , as a communication device that offers different 'states of the world’ through aesthetics, is supposed to 'differ’, somehow. But to what? Can you still call Art anything that is injected in the stream of communication? And then, who can claim to be an Artist? Is the one that joins the stream, or is the one that escapes from it? 

A lot of questions, no answers.

(I also failed to follow the post 'This Archive #2’)

hzlhrst asked:

pls can i have a list of some of your fave blogs naz? i need new people to follow^

Hihi!! I apologise for this late reply lol but sure! I’ve been asked this a few times this month so thank you for letting me publish this publicly! Alright, these ppl/blogs are my absolute faves:


That’s all I can think of for now, so yeah I hope you find some inspiring stuff! All of them have gr8 blog content :-3

Full Moon Approaching, notice below.

This is your monthly reminder to keep all Wellies, large buckets of water, meat pies of questionable origin, and things that squeak far away from Captain Von Uberwald. As she works on instinct, any expenses incurred will not be charged to her.

As we only have the one werewolf member thus far, the issue isn’t a big one. This will change. Just remember, communicable diseases come in all sorts.


Cpt. V Hmpdng

#badhairbeware #headbitchincharge

*sees moronic post in the Carol tag*

Okay.  I know this won’t do that person any good because clearly their capacity for understanding logic is lacking.  But I’ll proceed all the same.

1)  let’s look at the definition of “cold-blooded”

These are pictures of Carol’s response to what she did to Karen and David.  Is that what some people call a “complete lack of emotion” to what she did?  And then’s there’s the whole thing in season 5 where Carol tried to leave the group because she felt that she didn’t deserve to be with them….Yeah, what a cold, remorseless person…*rolls eyes*

2)  Let’s talk about how diseases generally work:

So when communicable diseases spread, generally the first people to become sick have the most severe symptoms.  As the disease is passed down for awhile, the symptoms become less severe.  Got that?  Okay, next point.

Patrick was not exhibiting any symptoms at the beginning of the day (though, undoubtedly he already had the flu in his system).  Later in the day, he felt like he was going to puke.  Some time during the night he died.  So Patrick probably died within 12 hours of showing symptoms.  Got that?

So who were among the first people to get sick?  You guessed it!! Karen and David!!  Do you know what that means??  That means they would have had some of the most severe symptoms, probably not much better than Patrick.  Maybe they would have had 24 hours to live instead of 12 after showing symptoms.  Did the prison group have antibiotics to treat them?  Nooooooooooooooopppppppppppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

So do you know what logically was going to happen to them?  They were going to die, just like Patrick.  And I might point out that people who became sick AFTER Karen and David also had extremely severe symptoms and died from it (and some nearly avoided dying from it).  Only someone with a severe case of delusional optimism would think that Karen and David were going to survive the flu.

Was it awful for Tyreese to discover Karen and David burned like that?  Yes.  Of course it was awful.  But Karen was still going to die no matter what.  Carol’s motivations for killing Karen and David were: A)  to try to stop the spread of infection (a misguided action) and B) put Karen and David out of their misery because they were going to drown in the their own blood if she just left them there.

So please tell me again how Carol showing emotion over what she did and how her motivations of protecting the group and preventing Karen and David from suffering needlessly is an example of how Carol is “cold-blooded.”

I’m all ears…

20 of my fave movies

tagged by kurylenkos

  1. Mulholland Dr. (2001)
  2. Celine and Julie Go Boating (1974)
  3. The Hourglass Sanatorium (1973)
  4. Cyclo (1995)
  5.  Ciao! Manhattan (1972)
  6. Confessions Among Actresses (1971)
  7. Mademoiselle (1966)
  8. Noite Vazia (1964)
  9.  Tongues Untied (1989)
  10. Times Square (1980)
  11. From the Journals of Jean Seberg (1995)
  12. Walkabout (1971)
  13. Footprints on the Moon (1975)
  14. Manila In the Claws of Light (1975)
  15. Bubù (1971)
  16. Julio Begins in July (1977)
  17.  The Mother and the Whore (1973)
  18. Visage (2009)
  19. Soy Cuba (1964)
  20. All That Heaven Allows (1955)

um im tagging ikaristwincommunicantsfuckindivaidasessions and whoever else wants to do this <333

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what languages do all of the members speak? & has casper always been able to speak korean or did he have to learn? thanks

Takuya and Shin both speak Japanese and Korean well
Sangmin, Seyoung & Yongseok are Korean with varying degrees of Japanese language skills. I’m not sure where they are at with that or any other languages.
Casper can speak Chinese, Korean and communicable English. He had to learn Korean after he joined the group. 

In the beginning Cross Gene couldn’t communicate properly with each other. The group had to make their own way of communicating while they were learning. 

Random fact for lols: Yongseok actually started regretting Takuya learning Korean well because the more he learnt to say, the more he asked Yongseok to do for him. XD


In 2006, Lu Jun co-founded the Beijing Yirenping Center as an organization to advocate against discrimination of people carrying Hepatitis B and other communicable diseases. The group has since grown to become one of China’s largest and most respected NGOs dealing with public health and rights issues. As Xi Jinping’s government tries to rein in China’s civil society, Yirenping has been repeatedly targeted: several of the women activists detained in March had worked with the group, the group’s Beijing offices were raided during their detention, and two former staff members of Zhengzhou Yirenping Center have been detained (and since released). In April, the Foreign Ministry announced that Yirenping would be investigated for illegal activity, but did not clarify what activity that was.

Lu Jun is currently a visiting fellow at the New York University U.S. Asia Law Institute. In 2005, Southern Weekend named Lu one of the “Top Ten People of the Year.” China Digital Times Executive Editor Sophie Beach recently asked Lu to share his insights into running an NGO in China, the current status of civil society given the recent tightening, the proposed Foreign NGO Management Law, and the recent detentions of lawyers and rights activists. Read the interview here.

anonymous asked:

I'm pretty sure I'm an infp and I know I use Si and Ne but the only thing I'm not sure about is Fi dom. I'm not the most self confident person but I do I have a very strong value system; I just find it hard to always defend it, for lack of better wording. is this typical in an infp? sometimes I feel like because I'm not outspoken or confident enough, I don't use Fi but I am working on it.

Fi is not inherently outspoken or confident. In fact, it’s by nature terribly subjective, personal, and hard to explain. Introverted functions don’t really have ‘rhyme and reason’ that’s understandable to the outsider, let alone communicable. Ne makes it easier to communicate than Se, but it’s still going to be harder for an Fi-user to talk about their feelings than an Fe-user.

Because of this, NJs and NPs have fairly different communication styles. NJs tend to speak as they think; since they extrovert a Judging function, they process out loud, and this helps them work through the problem. NPs, on the other hand, think ‘on the inside’ - this means they’ll come out with a fully-formed thought, then retreat figure out what they’ll say next.

The combination of those two things, as well as lack of practice (I suspect), contribute to strong feelings and an inability to express those strong feelings. That’s normal! Defending your values will come more easily with practice. Don’t be afraid of criticism: odds are, it’s not about you, it’s about the ideas you’re bringing to the table. If you let your values be tested, you’ll come to better understand why you believe in them. And if you realize you actually don’t believe in them, well, that’s fine too. It isn’t forbidden to change your mind!

University Professor Says Ebola is a Genetically Modified, Lab-Made Virus

University Professor Says Ebola is a Genetically Modified, Lab-Made Virus

Is there truth to these shocking allegations? Image Credits: niaid, Flickr Christina Sarich | Natural Society In a recently released report titled “Estimating Ebola Treatment Needs, United States,” the CDC is still playing down its latest round of fear-mongering for the virus which was “meant to infect every man, woman, and child in the US.” To date, and by their own admission there have been…

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