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Save Chase Brody plan #2,153

OK so I have been seeing all this anti hype and everyone seems to be thinking that he’s gonna go after chase Brody who is a precious bean and must be protected at all costs. And the fact that, since he’s an ego and therefore could actually be eliminated by anti (unlike jack) makes this development even more worrisome. Now. I has occurred to me and probably others that the last time anti killed someone he said that we could have stopped him. So if we really truly don’t want chase to die we should be able to do something about it right? Now don’t get me wrong I want to see what happens as much as everyone else, but I really don’t want an ego to disappear from the channel forever. My thinking is that anti is fueled by our ideas (or to break the fourth wall a bit jack sees what fans come up with and works it into what he does.) So we just need to come up with a way that chase is present because that at least has already been basically confirmed, but where he doesn’t end up dying or is saved. I know I sound like I’m taking this way too seriously, lol, and chase has only shown up on the channel once as far as I know anyway, but I still want the possibility of him showing up again you know? TL;DR Chase Brody is precious and must be saved. Therefore we must band together and create theories in which he DOESN’T DIE! @therealjacksepticeye please don’t kill him off for good! Pleeeaaaseee!?

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Best advice I’ve received so far
  • the time you take being jealous of other people’s success is the time you could be using to build your own
  • you’re never going to “feel like it”
  • doing and practicing now is better than waiting for the perfect moment
  • eliminate people with toxic habits from your life
  • you are in control. Everything you’ve done up to this moment led you here. Therefore, your future is determined by what you do now.
  • everything is as it should be and only later in life you can connect the dots.
  • self discipline will give you freedom. consistency will give you results
  • everything is temporary. You should find freedom in this concept
  • the rich stay rich acting poor and the poor stay poor acting rich
  • being healthy means finding a balance between the good and the bad
  • the people that outranked you have outworked you.
  • you can’t be grateful and negative at the same time.

Meditate on these statements. They are so very powerful! Xxx


blackface 2.0 “White girls are evolving”

The whole problem with this is that she is choosing to look black only when it suits her. She’s reaping the benefits of black beauty without any of the difficulties people of colour have to live with. That it what cultural appropriation is! And some black people actually think this is acceptable and it’s not. Y'all will support BS like this but won’t support black businesses..