I hate attracting attention to myself. I don’t like crying in front of others. I don’t like telling people about my problems. I don’t like worrying or troubling other people. I hate trying to explain why I feel something. So I keep everything to myself and hope no one would see, though I think my feelings often time show on my face. But sometimes, I just want someone to notice and ask what’s wrong. Even though in the end I would probably still answer with a ‘Nothing’, just having someone ask me that question do wonders to unload the burden from my shoulders. Selfish, right? In the end, I still want someone to pay attention to me.
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I think an important thing to understand about Hollywood blockbusters is that they are almost never flukes; they are preordained. Sure, we have the occasional surprise indie hit, but you need a lot of money and marketing behind you to become a blockbuster. Just look at the top ten films in each of the last five years: nearly every single one had a budget of more than $100 million (a lot of them were also sci-fi/fantasy films).

Meanwhile, there hasn’t been a single film released this year starring a person of color with a budget of more than $50 million, let alone a sci-fi film, which is naturally going to be more expensive. The same goes for most of the last decade. So for anyone who might say “people just don’t watch sci-fi movies starring people of color,” or “there’s no evidence that this would work,” the truth is that we have no evidence that it wouldn’t work.

—  Imran Siddiquee, Director of Communcations for The Representation Project, on why there’s so little diversity among top-earning sci-fi and fantasy movies.
How to reach an ISTP

When you are communicating with an ISTP:

  • Be logical, precise, direct and objective

    ISTPs do not like sharing emotional or personal information, especially at work. When you are presenting information to an ISTP, keep it short and sweet, and keep it objective. 

    There is little need to go into small talk or social niceties with them before you get down to business. 

  • Present the practical problem and talk about immediate solutions

    As mentioned above, ISTPs do not like abstract or theoretical problems. 

    Presenting the big picture or global issues and future consequences of such issues will not move them to action. 

    To communicate with them, bring these global issues down to a practical problem and then talk about what immediate actions can be taken to solve these problems.

  • Give concrete data, evidence or information to work with

    ISTPs trust concrete facts and data, and especially information that link to what they already know and trust. Explain new information in a sequential step-by-step manner. 

    If it is possible, let them use their five senses to absorb the new data, rather than just telling them about it. ISTPs trust information they learn experientially.  

  • Tell them ‘what’, not ‘how’

    Because ISTPs are motivated to find the most efficient way possible forward, as much as possible, just give them the objectives of the task and allow them the freedom to operate independently and let them find their best way there. 

    Resist the temptation to tell them what methods they should use to get to their objective; ISTPs actually find it stifling.

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“Oh? Who is he? Where is he? And how do I fIGHT hIM?????”

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#FreeSharisa Joy Kochmeister

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Sharisa Kochmeister is in an undisclosed “host home,” separated from her family and communication supports. Jefferson County, CO took an autistic advocate who types to communicate, based on shaky allegations, and refuses to let anyone she knows near her.

They did not just take her and put her somewhere else. They took her keyboards and what she uses to communicate. The hospital decided she had nothing to say, without trying to understand. They have violated her right to free speech by taking her communication devices; they institutionalized her involuntarily.

Please see this post here to see what you can do, including links to commissioners’ social media and the county’s social media:

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Z\w\a\r\t magazine

“Between your lips, the dark field meets a night sky. I am inside each ragged breath and the pause between.”

Carole Glasser Langille,
from “When You’re Not Here and When You Are,”
Late in a Slow Time (Mansfield Press, 2003)

X screaming \ silencing X

the complexity of communcation between ‘artistic’\poetic - and journalistic\(mass)media levels\approaches

research related to the project X book of black drones and loud screams X
lms if u read prtty plz!

aa hi just a little psa! 

as u may have seen my skype name if u have me added, i rly cant handle messages atm! u can still send anons nd stuff but im most likely not gonna answer!!

im rly rly overwhelmed by communication nd low on spoons rn nd would rly appreciate it if no1 messaged me (like for just conversation) unless its super super duper important !!  

anons r probalby the most direct form of communcation i can hav rn, but even then theyll probably b hard for me! nd when i say anons i mean like one message 2 tell me somethign, not a whole convo on anonymous ;~; im rly sorry!!

im srry !! my mental state/health is jst not workign with me @ all for communcation atm so unless i directly told u that u can message me rnight now, id  appreciate absolutely no skype/text/off-anon (or continuous anon) messages !! 

thank u very much for understanding or @ least complyinf even if u dnt understand!  thank u vry very vry much !! 

i love u all vry much, i hope ur days are going lovely! !!

okay but really: “next time you’re going through something like this you have to be honest with me" 

like???? kurt???? really?????? "i don’t want to talk about this”?? “sometimes i think we talk too much”???? 

like that had to be intentional, right? they had blaine try to talk to him TWICE and get brushed off each time. and then kurt says this. so there should be a point to that, right? i mean, kurt will get called out on that eventually?

because i’m having flashbacks to blaine trying at least three times to really talk to kurt about his fears of long distance and getting brushed off each time, and how they’ve never really talked about that either.

but i just want to believe that there is a point to this. that this particular failure in communication will get addressed.