A good reason to make home made vegetable stock.

So I’ve been busy with culinary school lately. Recently I learned something very interesting in the kitchen, and it just happen to be one of the most powerful witches’ bundle I’ve come across…I bet it would even pacify the pestring mom in law…

Let me introduce to you: Bouquet Garni.

Basically a bundle of powerful herbs, bound in a bundle and tossed into the stock or soup. It’s purpose culinary wise, to give aroma to the stock and strenghten the soup wth it’s subtle taste.

Why is it a powerful witches bundle? A bouquet consist of

Bay leaves: use to protect onself from getting jinx, un jinx, attract wealth, love and dreams. Use in wish spells.

Thyme: Clairvoiyance, exorcism, protection, courage, dreams, love

Parsley: Purification, divination, happiness, pyschic development

Pepper corn : Dispel negativity, despel negative energy, stop rumors spreading

Leek: Protection and strenght.

There you have it, an all round witches bundle that could be use for multi puposes. Love, strenghting communcation, pacifying negative energy and rumours, and general health of family and loved ones!

Hope you enjoyed it!

Natsume’s book of friends, season 6, ep 3

So, I know these Thoughts about episode 3 of Natsume 6 are late, but  I am just. so proud of how far Natsume has come and so amazed with the show’s character development. Sometimes you forget how much Natsume has grown, because it’s happened so slowly and naturally. But then something will happen that just starkly demonstrates how much more confident and comfortable with himself he’s gotten and episode 3 of this season where he sees Shibata again really really does that. 

The fact that Natsume is able to be so openly annoyed with Shibata and bicker with him and calls him on his bullshit and doesn’t just sit there and take it is HUGE. 

Especially when you contrast it to the last episode where he interacted with him, seasons ago. Shibata said ALL KINDS of shitty things to Natsume he first arrived and Natsume didn’t really defend himself much or act annoyed about it all that much. He was scared of him- scared of him revealing his secret to his friends, scared of being bullied again and he basically slipped back into having very little confidence with himself.

 It never even crossed his mind Shibata should talk to him in a nicer way because being treated that way was still the default for him, he didn’t even feel like he deserved more respect. There was no way he would have gone  “you know what you’re not showing me very much respect and it’s super annoying” to Shibata back then.. He also seemed to genuinely think if his friends interacted with Shibata too long, they’d start treating him like Shibata did when they were kids and everything would revert to how it was when he was a kid. He felt his friendships were that fragile. 

Of course, Shibata apologized at the end of this episode and showed some understanding towards Natsume, which is partly what’s responsible for Natsume feeling less threatened by him and more comfortable with him- he has changed since they were kids and he bullied Natsume.

But I really think a lot of Natsume’s behavior in ep 3 is a testament to how much more confident and comfortable with HIMSELF he’s gotten since that episode. He’s like “yeah Shibata isn’t very nice so. that’s why we don’t really get along”, like he’s explicitly acknowledging that it’s a problem on Shibata’s end that he isn’t nice. Natsume doesn’t assume, like in the past, that it’s his fault for being weird and that people will be “not nice” to him by default, because he’s now had enough friends and loved ones care for him to know that this is NOT TRUE and people SHOULD and CAN be nice to him. 

And for him to be like “Shibata I can’t see you I’m hanging out with a friend” “Haha YOU have friends?” “yeah i sure do also screw you and do you want me to hang up” “no waitwaitwait” like can you imagine Natsume having standing up for himself like that in early seasons? He would have agreed with Shibata that it was weird he had friends. instead he’s like “YEP SURE DO AND FUCK YOU FOR ACTING SURPRISED”.

He was also comfortable enough to take Tanuma to see Shibata. He wasn’t worried that Tanuma would have a magic “oh wait I should really be being a lot meaner to Natsume like this guy is” epiphany when he interacted with Shibata he trusts Tanuma enough at this point to know he’s better than that.  In fact, he’s worried about Shibata annoying Tanuma and is alll “HEY TANUMA i’M SO SORRY WE HAVE TO MEET WITH HIM HE’S PRETTY TACTLESS IF HE ANNOYS YOU EVEN A LITTLE BIT TELL ME AND WE’LL LEAVE IMMEDIATELY OKAY SERIOUSLY JUST TELL ME”. And there’s still a little insecurity in that- he’s nervous and overly solicitous there and worried about making Tanuma will be mad at him for having such an obnoxious friend, which is ridiculous considering how chill Tanuma is- so that shows Natsume is still not COMPLETELY confident in his relationships and has a lot of the anxiety and over-attentiveness still, he’s not magically over all the effects of his abuse. 

(And how friggin’ adorable was it when Shibata was like “you look like a beanpole” to both of them and both Tanuma and Natsume immediately yelled at him on the other one’s behalf”).

And then overall he was just basically able to comfortably bicker with Shibata, demand Shibata tell him what was going and even tease him and call him a scaredy-cat, which is wow, SUCH a big step to see Natsume confident enough to comfortably do things like that.

Speaking on Tanuma, it also shows how much Natsume has grown that he basically told Tanuma immediately what was going on and took relatively less convincing this time when Tanuma wanted to help. He’s still obviously pretty nervous about burdening people. but he’s come a long way.

And this show is so good about characters actually comminicating openly and honestly- that moment where Natsume apologized to Tanuma for asking for his help and Tanuma being like “I actually really prefer knowing what you’re dealing with to being kept in the dark because that makes me worry about you way more. I actually wish you’d let me help you more, but I know that freaks you out and sends you into a guilt spiral when I push it to hard. It makes me happy you’re trusting me and even relying on me even a little bit.” LIKE WOW. A PLUS COMMUNICATION, A PLUS FRIENDING. 

Basically this show has an end-goal of showing how much better it is when people communcate and are open with their feelings, but also acknowledges that it takes real work to get to that point, especially when you’re dealing with characters who are dealing with a lot of trauma like Natsume is. But Tanuma and Natsume and the rest of his friends DO put in the work and it’s beautiful to see how that is resulting in really healthy, honest relationships where they truly consider and understand each other’s feelings and that these relationships grow and get stronger with each passing episode.

I also have to praise the development on Shibata’s part too. I was very grumpy with him his debut episode for how he treated Natsume. (not because he didn’t feel like a realistic character or that his growth wasn’t good even in that episode, just. he spent most of it being a fuck so). He did apologize, but he didn’t seem to fully grasp exactly how much hell he put Natsume through. In this episode, though, he had a lot of growth. he fully gets all the scary shit Natsume has to deal with and is horrified and genuinely does his best to help and take responsibility for his part in it and lets Natsume know “hey I know I was shitty to you and I still am a little bit shitty but I really like seeing you and don’t want to hurt you”. LIKE YES EXACTLY THANK YOU. LET’S ALL JOIN THE “PROTECT NATSUME” SQUAD. It’s honestly one of the better “reformed bully” sidestories I’ve seen.

(And Natsume realizing that he gets what Tanuma’s talking about because it also makes him happy that Shibata reached out to him and relied on him!)


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Hello! I have been spending time with a friend for a little while now knowing she was moving away from where we live. We spent most days together and though we were never physical in any way, it felt like dating. She decided that she's not ready to start a new relationship and that we should stay friends, which I'm totally cool with. She moves away in a week. Meanwhile, her roommate is adorable and flirty and I'm attracted to her. Would it be betrayal to my friend to start dating her roomie? 😧

Hey anon,

The only way to know is to ask your friend. She may be totally fine with it or she may have boundaries and feelings about it. You’ll never know if you don’t ask.


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10 things about Gemini risings?

I’ve never met a Gemini rising, but that’s how I imagine them…

1. Bubbly and friendly
2. Communcation is the key
3. REALLY smart
4. Often the weird one
5. Inside jokes!!!
6. Pretty tall
7. Probably bright hair (like blonde or red-ish)
9. Always down for spontaneous things
10. Gives great advice

Remind me never to mess with my wife.

My ex texted me a week ago. We hadn’t communicated in years after she disrespected my wife and I dropped her from what little social media I had at the time.

I dated this girl from when I was 19-21 and thought she was the one at the time. The breakup was all her needing to “make mistakes” and shit. Since then I’ve been the one that got away and she’s pursued me relentlessly. My wife does not appreciate this.

So last week after no communcation I get a text from a number I don’t recognize. It’s her, and she wants advice on the LICENSE PLATE FRAME for her new Mazda. Like you couldn’t fuckin google this you transparent ginger. So the mask slips literally ten minutes in and it’s all “you never thought I had a thing with your friend Joe did you?” and “tell me the truth about the Czech girl in Taipei” and I’m just rolling my fucking eyes and screenshotting this shit for my wife to see.

I am flying to Vegas on business for the week and as a nice thing for my wife I washed her car. Little did I know I was being spied on. While I was diligently washing her white 430i coupe my wife took a picture of me, sent it to my ex and said “he’s spending his last hour home washing the BMW he just bought me, enjoy your fucking Mazda and collection of engagement rings, signed Mrs. Cyrodiil”

What Is Your Problem?

My communcations professor approached me today during class after I moved toward the back of the classroom with my laptop in order to be able to charge it if it ran out of charge so I could get my transcription. She was just passing out stuff from our last speech, so I didn’t think anything of it, until she said, 

“I really love that you moved to the back of the classroom. Your laptop and setup is so distracting to other students, I wish I could have just put you back here to begin with. I wasn’t going to say anything, but other students stare.”

Meanwhile she’s the one who’s constantly trying to look at my screen, only to see that the only thing on it is exactly what she just said to the whole class. This woman obviously does not understand how Deaf students work, and she says she’s been teaching for like 10 years???

Imagine Happy getting a new smiley tattoo as revenge for you.

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Reader x Happy
Reader x Family!Clay and Jax

How do you find words for Happy Lowman? Crazy bastard are the ones that you saved his phone number under and he’d had a dark little chuckle over it when he found out. He’d laughed even more when he’d seen Tig saved as ‘Sex Pest’.

Describing your relationship was even harder, there were mad levels of attraction between you two and he’d be lying if he said he hadn’t imagined it was you moaning beneath him rather than the same faceless boring croweaters. But the club made it difficult, being Clay’s daughter and Gemma’s stepdaughter made you what Tiggy called a ‘Reaper Princess’. You hated the nickname but it stuck fast, your step brother Jax and partner in crime Opie had it embroidered on almost all of your hoodies and shirts, the bastards.  
Well there was that and the slight age gap. You were a grown woman in your early twenties but he still had years on you. Both good points well made by your stepmother after you’d been caught. There was a warning throughout the club of Nord Prospects acting dangerously to try and secure their patches. When Happy had offered to be your escort (Gemma had Clay and Tara had Jax) the club had been thrilled. Who would be better to protect you?

Of course none of them knew of the growing sexual tension and blossoming romance between you both. Not until you were sat on the hood of your car parked behind the clubhouse, with Happy stood between your legs with his lips on your neck and his hands slipping under your top. That’s when Jax yanked him away from you and when Chibs and Opie joined in you were worried that you were finally going to get an answer to a question the club had pondered a while now. How many Sons could Happy beat on his own?

It was tense. All four men were out of breath and bleeding when Gemma and Clay showed up. Jax had spat out what he’d caught you pair doing, he made it sound worse than it was because lets face it, Jax can be dramatic. Clay got in two good punches which Happy didn’t try to return before Piney and Tig demanded that they call church.
You tried to protest but they ignored you so in the end you pleaded to Tig, your favourite Uncle, to not let them hurt Happy, that it was mutual.  He gave you a stern look and pressed a kiss to your forehead before running after the other men.

The verdict came back : If Happy stayed away from you then they wouldn’t pressure him to go back Nomad. No talking, no communcation. Nada. Zip.

You and your dad and your Step Brother spent hours shouting at each other that night until you stormed out with Clay shouting at you not to bother coming back until you saw sense.

You’d only been walking 30minutes before you saw the headlights coming up behind you and with an almighty pain everything went dark.


You woke two days later in hospital, the Nord Prospect had ran you down and reversed over you. For a while it was touch and go. That’s when you found out about Happy demanding to be by you in hospital and how your dad was going to force him to go nomad because of it.

You were so furious you refused to speak to him until he promised he’d take the decision to a vote. That gave you time to persuade them all. He was their brother, surely their protectiveness should take a back seat to pride knowing that Happy would always protect her. But that all had to wait until after this prospect was wiped off the face of the earth, the Nords had disowned the idiot.

You’d been trapped under house arrest for a week and your dad and Jax continued to keep Happy busy so that you couldn’t see him. It pissed you off, not only were you in constant pain but the only person you wanted to see was banned. Chibs, who admitted later he reacted too harsh jumping on Happy that day in the yard, had let you know that Happy was using his time away from you productively and have already gone through three leads trying to find the guy who knocked you down.
You tried to ignore the pain in your stomach as you read your book in the club house when Tig approached you with a big grin, “Guess who’s free from house arrest?”

“You got the bastard?” You gave him an honest smile, now you’ll be able to leave the club house without an escort.
Tig gave you an exaggerated nod, “Happy gotta hold of him so there’s not much of him left.”

As if on cue the rest of the Sons barrelled into the room, Jax, Happy and Clay were covered in blood.

“Hap sit down.” Jax voice came out as an order and Happy perched on a bar stool looking apprehensive and as much as he wanted to look over at you he didn’t. Jax came back with a tattoo gun and Happy instantly removed his shirt. Jax slipped on some gloves and leaned down and started to tattoo another smiley onto his collection. Your dad slid over a shot of Jack Daniels to him down the bar which Happy downed.

Something must have happened when they went after that bastard, something to click the club back into place. It was obvious that Jax and Clay appreciated Happy’s work when dealing with your attacker.

You looked up at Chibs when you felt his hand on your shoulder, “I think things will be okay Lass.”
“Yeah okay,” Tig chimed, pretending to look thoughtful, “I mean dunno why you’d pick Hap over me though.”

You laughed as Chibs clipped the back of his head. Happy came over to you and while still seated you were at the perfect height to see his new tattoo.

“For you.” His deep voice rasped.

“It’s perfect,” you smiled inspected it, “You’re really lucky that Jax has been working on his line work though.” You teased. Jax stuck his tongue out at you and flicked the rubber glove he’d used while tattooing at you.

Happy leaned down and pressed a kiss to your forehead. In your peripheral vision you saw a few of the Sons flinch but no one made a move to hit him.

Chibs was right, things might be okay.

Starry Eyes - part 07

Part 01 - Part 02 - Part 03 - Part 04 - Part 05 - Part 06

A task force was quickly assembled.

North’Ark was part of the unit. Their orders were clear: Get in, kill everyone, find the prisoner, and get out. The shaman sharpened his axes and gave offerings to the elements to pray for their safe return. Once that was done, he prepped Icefang with a war saddle. He glances over at One-Ear and Firemane. Neither wore a saddle, or any other sign that they were tamed. North’Ark remembered the first time he had seen Kelutra fight mounted. She had been astride Black-Ember, and they had been so in tune with each other that no saddle or reins were necessary. They simply moved like a single unit, all communcation done through weight and touch and subconscious understanding. He was envious. Both were children of Warsong, but only she could fight like one.

The horn sounded, and he mounted up, followed by Kelutra’s worgs. The troop was mainly composed of Horde soldiers, though some Alliance and Demon Hunters had joined. Korrash was leading the host, and they moved out.

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First time praying to posideon

So he was the first god i prayed to and actully felt somthing (i grew up christian and posideon is the first god in hellenic polytheism that i felt a strong connection to thus hes the first i pray to and introduce my self to)so ig ill tell you how i did it first?before talking about the awesome experience

For starters i burned a white candle to protect me while i meditated(i did this before praying to clear my mind.i also said a quick blessing type thing to let any negtive energy know it should leave basiclly lol)

I then lit my favorite blue candle(my only blue candle tbh)as a offering to him then placed some of my favorite cool toned seashells i collected around my candles and offered my sun & moon water to him (bc he rules the sea which tides are comtrolled by the moon or some sciencey shit and the sun has alot of associations with the beach my logic right?)anyways i start meditating and not to brag but i have what youd call ‘natural ablities’ so it doesnt take very long for me to get intune.

Now as for what happened i dont wanna say too much bc i have a gut feeling posideon doesnt want me blabering every thing but there were tears from my end ofc and a very overwhleming feeling of protection ,safety,and general love and was so undescribable yet i understood it completely i never felt like this with the christian god (even when i was sobbing and screaming at the dude for help but i got nothing ) 

The way me and posideon communcated was through my mind(?)thats the best way i cam explain it like i spoke outload amd in my head and sometimes hed interupt me and trust me i had doubt i was being a crazy person and making it all up but i couldnt explain the feeling i got or how i could posibly brimg my self to tears wothout outside help plus the voice of posideon was so unique to me i would share with you what we disscussed but its a bit too personal bc to me praying os a very very personal thing.anyways laterrrrr(p.s be yourself while praying yes be respectful but not like your talking to a freaking king thatll kill you if you look them in the eye).     

                                             ~xoxo gabriella~

I hate attracting attention to myself. I don’t like crying in front of others. I don’t like telling people about my problems. I don’t like worrying or troubling other people. I hate trying to explain why I feel something. So I keep everything to myself and hope no one would see, though I think my feelings often time show on my face. But sometimes, I just want someone to notice and ask what’s wrong. Even though in the end I would probably still answer with a ‘Nothing’, just having someone ask me that question do wonders to unload the burden from my shoulders. Selfish, right? In the end, I still want someone to pay attention to me.
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Confessions / Reveal

YOU KNOW I’ve done two vaguely LadyNoir fics for this week already but 1) that’s never enough and 2) has Marinette suffered enough? I think not

Also this is a TOTALLY different side of that love square so

Honestly I don’t see how the final reveal or some kind of communication within the love square couldn’t be super sweet and saccharine, but if anyone would react badly to anything I think it would be Marinette. And hey! it’s fun to write bad reactions so herrreeeee we go

Confessions / Reveal - a Ladrien / Adrinette angst fic (1837 words)

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i’ve been listening to that audio post with all of doomfist’s voicelines and

  • im in love
  • he has one that goes “i need to be revived” and “revive me” - does this mean we’re getting a patch that’ll allow characters to ask to be resurrected? or are these uprising lines?
  • he also has these lines - “OR-14 destroyed!”, “Null trooper eliminated!”, “Enemy Bastion destroyed!”, “Detonator destroyed!”, “Eradicator destroyed!” and “Slicer eliminated!” along with other similar lines, meaning we’re getting Uprising as a game mode again in the future!
  • he also has “yes,” “no,” and “goodbye” voicelines… do all characters have those? if not, does this mean we’re getting more communication options?
  • listening to various pain noises for minutes at a time… lol
    • EE AAH OH AH E OH EH O is my favorite
  • “Rude.” “That was rude.” please tell me this is a new communcation wheel option
  • “[laughs] I’m having a good day!” WE’VE BEEN BLESSED BY AN ANGEL
  • “The world decided it didn’t need you anymore.” is this a soldier interaction? hmm.
  • he has some beautiful evil cackles and then one laugh that is just. angelic. beautiful. the laugh of the cherubim.
  • i love him

Everyone tells me I should go see a therapist again but I really want to leave that phase behind. I know, I know but I really want to leave it behind. For the last couple of years I’ve tried my best, I seriously did, but I think I haven’t changed anything. I don’t  know what I should do, right now, I just wish I could talk more freely and have more people to talk to so I could start communicating properly again. If only I could talk more and for longer, I think I could get better by myself.

Gemini sun/ Libra moon/ Cancer venus

Poem for: @geministrology 💐

Every human form of intimacy
is connected by one important thing:
the key is always communcation
everything else will come
like the flowers grow
during spring