ep 12: communication

tl;dr: I wish episode 12 would make Viktor and Yuri communicate and truly say how they think and feel – especially Viktor who sometimes keeps quiet or brush things under the rug with his “wow.” Perhaps because he feels so secure about their relationship that he thinks there is no need to. But by now, we know Yuri. Some things must be expressed verbally in order for things to work.

I want to start with the acknowledgement that their relationship really is amazing. It’s so supportive and loving and overall healthy. They’re engaged. Viktor loves Yuri so much he never had to second guess or hold any doubts. He believes in Yuri. He is proud of him. He doesn’t want to or ever plan to leave him. Viktor has been dedicating more than 20 years of his life to skating and now he found a new life, and a love that he wants to hold on to. And Viktor said it’s because of Yuri. But Yuri doesn’t know that. He doesn’t know because Viktor rarely communicates what he’s thinking. And episode 11 is not the only time he failed to do so.

In prior episodes we see Yuri telling Viktor not to brag too much because as he keeps telling him:

“Wow.” That’s it. I’m sure Viktor doesn’t mean to brush Yuri’s worries aside. In his head, he’s most likely thinking, “I’m bragging because I believe you can do it. Don’t worry, it won’t be like the last time.” But he didn’t say it.

He did the same thing here:

No reply. He never really addressed the issue. He said hi to Phichit and Celestino and then proceeded to being a silly drunk.

And here. 

Of course, he can’t just outright say, “That’s ridiculous ladies. I’m planning to marry him. There’s no way I would leave him.” But there are still many times in many ways that he could have reassured him that he plans to stay. (thankful for ep 9 “I wish you’d never retire”) Anyway, I’m glad this one turned out for the best and Yuri ended up being motivated.

But as this series shows us (and I love Yuri on Ice even more for handling anxiety in realistic and non-romanticized way), love does not and cannot just magically turn someone into a completely different person. Did it turn Yuri into someone who believes more in himself? Yes. Did it make him stronger? Yes. Did it make his anxiety go away? No. It’s still there. It still affects him and sabotages his way of thinking. And man, I really, really, wish Viktor said something.

Especially here:

I like and support Yurio but that’s just crossing the line. Even in episode 10 when he insulted Yuri and kind of stomped on Viktor’s happiness, I tried to understand where he’s coming from. But honestly, what’s the point of this? I don’t see any underlying message behind this except that he is simply being rude and insensitive. And this could have been the perfect time for Viktor to step in and reassure Yuri that he did great. That it’s okay even if he didn’t land it perfectly. That he is still so proud of him, especially now that he is able to take risks. But no, he just kept quiet. He watched the other skaters with stars in his eyes, making Yuri think Viktor wants to go back to skating. That he’s holding him back. That maybe he disappointed him.

So this? Viktor filled with so much thrill he just has to skate with yuri?

and this? 

and even this? 

These are all great and they truly make my heart warm. But Yuri, the person who needs to be aware of this the most, doesn’t know this. Because they’re all just narrated in Viktor’s head. He never expressed them verbally. Does it make Viktor a bad guy? Of course not! In fact, I think, he just feels so comfortable and secure about their relationship that he thinks it doesn’t need to be said.

But Yuri has anxiety. And as someone who also has anxiety, I know that my thoughts do not make sense. Deep inside, I know I am loved and appreciated. But sometimes those thoughts get the better of me. It breaks me. It’s painful and suffocating. It makes me do things that I know I never would have done had I been in my “normal” state. Thus, Yuri saying “let’s end this.” (if that’s what he really means by it)

So in episode 12, I want them to talk. I want them to understand each other more. I want Viktor to know that he is so loved by Yuri that he’s even willing to let him go, and that Yuri is so loved by Viktor that he is now ready to start a new life off ice with him. Yuri on Ice is such a progressive show and its writing is just amazing. I believe they’ll address this. Yuri and Viktor… goodness…. they’ve come so far. They treasure each other so much. I have faith they’ll be okay.

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I hate attracting attention to myself. I don’t like crying in front of others. I don’t like telling people about my problems. I don’t like worrying or troubling other people. I hate trying to explain why I feel something. So I keep everything to myself and hope no one would see, though I think my feelings often time show on my face. But sometimes, I just want someone to notice and ask what’s wrong. Even though in the end I would probably still answer with a ‘Nothing’, just having someone ask me that question do wonders to unload the burden from my shoulders. Selfish, right? In the end, I still want someone to pay attention to me.
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mindunabridged  asked:

Hello, baby witch here! I was wondering if you had any suggestions for a communication spell? I feel as though the wires are crossed with a good friend of mine who clams up on me when I try to speak with him. While, I am respecting his space and allowing for breathing room, I would like to put some good energy out there to clear things up. Suggestions and spell tips welcome!

Hello <3

Before doing anything magical, I would always recommend mundane way. I hear they refuse to talk to you but maybe sending them a message telling them how you feel and would like to know what is happening? I really hope things will get sorted out!!

As for what I have to offer:

Spell for clarity of mind and communication


In an envelope or little bag, put the name of your friend on a piece of paper (or a photo of him), add roses petal, thyme and/or rosemary. Add a carnelian. Stay focused on your intent all the time, on what you want for your friendship. Then, whisper your wish to the envelope, seal it and put it under a pillow for a night.

After that, carry it in your bag and let it help you ;)

Starry Eyes - part 07

Part 01 - Part 02 - Part 03 - Part 04 - Part 05 - Part 06

A task force was quickly assembled.

North’Ark was part of the unit. Their orders were clear: Get in, kill everyone, find the prisoner, and get out. The shaman sharpened his axes and gave offerings to the elements to pray for their safe return. Once that was done, he prepped Icefang with a war saddle. He glances over at One-Ear and Firemane. Neither wore a saddle, or any other sign that they were tamed. North’Ark remembered the first time he had seen Kelutra fight mounted. She had been astride Black-Ember, and they had been so in tune with each other that no saddle or reins were necessary. They simply moved like a single unit, all communcation done through weight and touch and subconscious understanding. He was envious. Both were children of Warsong, but only she could fight like one.

The horn sounded, and he mounted up, followed by Kelutra’s worgs. The troop was mainly composed of Horde soldiers, though some Alliance and Demon Hunters had joined. Korrash was leading the host, and they moved out.

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(Who was he again? Black and white cat name began with an S and ended with a vester. It’s right on the tip of my tongue, I should be able to remember correct? Bah! Who cares? He hardly has the brain capacity to converse with me. The two of us might have shared a feathered enemy within our shows but I at least was smart enough to never get on the wrong side of Granny. Still, I suppose I should show some form of respect since he knows what it’s like to be hurt constantly.)


The smug air of superiority was plain to see even though the coyote used one of his many signs in order to communcate. He hadn’t seen the other toon in a few years but then again that was true for all of his old colleagues. Wile had cut himself off from the other WB toons following the end of his cartoon carrer.

The reason why he’d done so wasn’t certain. Then again, it wasn’t like he needed to tell anyone what he was doing. A genius didn’t need friends! They wasted time!

@all of pewdiepies minions…you guys realize that he is part of this evil “media” you’re blaming him for, right? Like…YouTube videos are part of the media we all consume. He started this by creating that media and putting it on a platform that would reach many people in a mass communcation kind of way. His viewers have interacted with it, as all viewers of media do, and this is what’s come out of it. Don’t blame journalists for doing their jobs and reporting on that with full background of the story; yes, his past antisemtism is relevant because it is a story about him being antisemitic. They’re reporting. That’s their jobs. If that hurts your feelings, that really is just too bad. He’s a high-profile creator in a world where antisemitism is very mich on the rise; he was well aware of the risks of posting that video now. All media content exists in the context of its time. He took the risk, and this is what he got. Journalists reported on Disney’s decision; Disney can’t afford to be associated with that sort of behavior after its dark history of antisemitism that is still fresh in the minds of many, specifically jews. So, they cut ties, and journalists reported on the whole story. They wouldn’t have reported on it if there hadn’t been a mass reaction, but there was, so they reported. That’s how it works. So you can stop blaming the big bad media, and start looking at why there was a story at all: Because people reacted. Which begs the question: Why? Start trying to understand why people reacted the way they did, and maybe you’ll have learned something really important here.

Thea and Oliver Queen. I love this relationship.

I have been loving the relationship between Oliver and Thea this year. Now that Thea is part of the team, we are able to see more of the communication, trust, and love between the 2 siblings. OLIVER TOLD THEA ABOUT THE RING!!! Thea thought that is what the announcement was about!! How great that Oliver and Thea had this conversation and Thea is excited about it!! And Oliver’s face here is exactly what I would expect a big brother to give his little sister for almost spilling the beans:

I can’t find a pic of this scene, but the talk Oliver and Thea regarding why he wants to be mayor and now has doubts, was beautiful. I first thought the scene would be one of Felicity and Oliver, but I am glad it was Thea. We know Felicity is Oliver’s light and has guided him to  this point. However, Oliver’s other love is Thea, and no one can understand your former and current life like your siblings can. She knew what her brother was capable of. What a touching moment when Oliver realized Thea procured all those interns for him, wrote him a speech, and that she believed he can be good for Star City.

 Felicity helped Oliver kick start his mayoral run and Thea is the one who gave him a platform.

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the … movement for so-called ‘politically correct’ language does not threaten our freedom to speak as we choose, within the limits imposed by any form of social and public interaction. It threatens only our freedom to imagine that our linguistic choices are inconsequential, or to suppose that any one group of people has an inalienable right to prescribe them.
—  Deborah Cameron, Professor of Language and Communcation, Oxford