There are only two people on my Facebook who have posted anything about the fact that over fifty people with disabilities were stabbed in Japan.

And to be fair, those two people are in the disabled community.

I’ve seen three tumblr posts about it.

And to be fair, those three bloggers are in the disabled community.

No political speeches about how this is a hate crime, no flags at half-staff, no big posts about how we should all stand in solidarity, no hashtags, nothing.

In a few days, the abled community will forget about it, if they haven’t already.

Fifty people with disabilities are stabbed by someone who thinks that all disabled people should disappear and the world just goes on turning.

I mean I know we’re all expendable to you people but come on.

At least pretend to care.


Michelle Obama’s Speech At 2016 Democratic National Convention:  The White House was built by slaves

Of course, the White House was built by slaves. America was built on the backs of slaves and the genocide of Native Americans and slaves alike. Why would you want to erase that part of history and/or have selective memory about it? People would know this if the crazy ultra conservatives weren’t always rewriting history and putting it in the history books that children are taught from. My ancestors deserve to have their memory kept alive too. #Love it!

Phone calls with daddy
  • Daddy:Daddy is feeling a little sad today
  • I just miss you is all...
  • basil - creativity 
  • rosemary - creativity
  • nutmeg - confidence
  • spearmint - mental clarity
  • chili pepper flakes - energy

I want to do this jar a little differently than my others. I want you to craft and make this jar in your creative space. I want you to add bits of other things if there are specific things that inspire you or mediums that you work with (glitter, pencil shavings, etc) to make this more personal. I made this particular one for my wife, so I didn’t add anything particular because her medium is more musical than anything else.

So, I want you to do this all in your creative space because I want you to be able to visualize yourself creating the whole time as clearly as possible and to be able to draw energy in this mindset as best as possible.

As you layer in the ingredients, speak out loud that you are going to create, what you want to achieve, how you want to do it, etc. But say it as an “I will” or “I am” rather than “I wish”.

Once you are finished, meditate a bit and really visualize yourself and your creativity physically blooming out of you! Cork and seal that baby up (I wanted to add glitter to my wax, but again, this was for my wife and not for me! Haha!) and keep it at your workspace. Give it a little tap or shake or meditate with it when you need a boost, and don’t forget to charge it in the moonlight from time to time!

If you don’t know how to seal it up with wax, I have a tutorial here. I have all my other spell jars here. And if you’re interested in personal spell jars, I take personal requests and create specific-for-you spell jars for commission!

I also love love LOVE seeing your recreations of my jars, you can mention me, or tag me (I track the witchy-woman tag!)

And as always, I am always here to answer questions!

Okay new rule:

If you’re not going to talk about the fact that fifty people with disabilities were just stabbed by a man who wants the disabled to ‘disappear’ then you are not allowed to call yourself a disability advocate. 

I don’t care how many ramps you want to put in. I don’t care how many words you want us to stop saying. I don’t care how many people with disabilities you know. If you’re not going to talk about the fact that people are killing us every single day, if you’re not going to give our deaths the same amount of attention that you do for other minority groups, you are not a disability advocate and you never were.


So…ummm…how did that work out for you, mate?

I know, I know, you were going to be a hero. You were going to kill all of the cripples and stop World War III and prevent the global economy from collapsing. You spent months planning.

And in the end, you were able to accomplish 4% of your goal.


I’ve seen people throw virtual pokeballs with more accuracy.

Let’s see. There are over seven billion people in the world. The documented disabled community takes up 18% of that population. Which mean you only have 1,370,000,000 (or one billion three hundred thirty million) people left to go. Give or take.

(Don’t get me wrong, this was a tragedy and I am saddened and angered by the fact that nineteen people are dead. But as a cripple, I take absolute delight in patronizing a man who failed in his attempt to revolutionize the eugenics movement. I mean he just completely and utterly failed!)


Cradle Identity by Matthew Hancock

“A brand identity system for Cradle, a London-based design consultancy that specialises in helping organisations to grow.”

Matthew Hancock is an independent creative working with identity, print, digital, and environmental design. He possesses a sharp aesthetic judgement and fierce critical facility, combined with the ability to quickly generate strong, original concepts. He has worked with a variety of unusual clients and agencies, which has given him a highly adaptable and transferable skillset. This leads to elegant and considered design solutions, free of visual cliché. He is driven above all to create, craft, and communicate.

Adding a crown to the Coat of Arms of Poland after the fall of the Soviet Union, and at the end of the communist era in Poland, c. 1990. During the period of Soviet control, the Polish eagle was stripped of its crown as it was a connection to Polish monarchy and nobility, which did not sit well with the leaders of the People’s Republic of Poland. Any and all connections to the former class system were eradicated by the Soviets.  


hey everyone! It’s Rachel, back to self-indulgingly share a brief story about my language learning journey, how I came to speak the languages that I do speak and introduce myself properly on the channel.

26/7/16 • my [incomplete] economics notes/homework

heyy how are you? school just started and the teachers gave us so much homeworks on the first week, but my checkpoint scores (if you also joined the checkpoint exam pls tell me! :3) are out and i’m pretty happy about it



This Day In Crime History
Ed Gein Dies

On July 26th 1984, American murderer and body snatcher Ed Gein died aged 77 at the Mendota Mental Health Institute.

Ed Gein committed his crimes around Plainfield, Wisconsin. Gein’s crimes became notorious when authorities discovered he exhumed corpses from graveyards, and made trophies and keepsakes from their bones and skin. Gein confessed to killing two women. At his first trial he was found unfit to stand, but in 1968 he was found guilty but legally insane and sentenced to a psychiatric hospital.

In popular culture, Ed Gein’s crimes have been used. Silence Of The Lambs, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Rob Zombies ‘House Of 1000 Corpses’