communal melancholy

Days of silence

Days of quiet sorrow when melancholy threads are woven around your heart

Days on which I do not want to utter anything

Days on which silence envelops me

And I lose the will to speak

So I quietly rest and repose my thoughts inward

Superimposed to the harsh reality life sometimes faces us with

I hope you just know just to let me be

Maybe tomorrow you will hear me again

Once more jovial and composed

But for today hear not the words my mouth refuses to utter

But the words that pour out of my soul


Your absence is like a sore throat, you are always on the back of my mind, I get used to it but it still hurts. 

It is like the trembling of a jaw before the fall of the first tear drop, I fool myself into thinking that I am strong without you.

And it is like the sudden headache you get right before having tried but failed not to burst into tears, as blue as the sky and as heavy as a grey cloud all my colours turn into rain. 

—  There are many things like the absence of yours but nothing as meaningful as you.

anonymous asked:

Don't you think those song lyrics Harry tweeted make it seem like they're going to kill off the baby? Like maybe sudden infant death syndrome or something? Those lyrics were morbid and now I'm worried.

For reference:

On the day that he was born, a proud dad took him home
Wrapped in dreams that reached to the sky
Said “You’re the only one I’ll ever call son
And I’ll call you son because you shine”

By the time he turned 18
He’d been everything
A leader in church and in school
Yeah, the old man had been blessed
Because on every list the boy was
Voted the “Most likely to”

Now there’s a monkey on his back
And it’s leaving it’s tracks
On arms that were once muscle bound
Yeah the old man sits on his front porch everyday
Watching his son going down
Watching his son going down

Nine years old, shooting basketball goals
Now his goals just aren’t the same
But when you’ve got to get high, just to survive
Scoring’s still the name of the game
From a Pepsi and a Baby Ruth
To pills and 90 proof
And his coke is not the carbonated kind

Cause the old man’s not forgotten
His only begotten
He says “I just call you son now
Because you’re mine”

Yeah the horse he rode away
Didn’t live on oats and hay
But still he rode that horse into the ground
Now the old man stands with flowers all round
Watching his son going down
Watching his son going down

Jeff Bates, Watching His Son Go Down

The lyrics are morbid. And I did side-eye for a couple of reasons, one being off blog rumors about 1DHQ’s plans that I don’t wanna talk about. But I believe the lyrics are meant to communicate Harry’s melancholy regarding this whole ugly stunt and the eventual outcome of Louis having his baby taken away via a negative paternity test. I certainly hope that’s as deep as it gets.I don’t think they’d “kill” the baby because that would drum up sympathy for Louis and I don’t think 1DHQ wants that. I think their objective is to make Louis appear either as a total fool and huge mark who got played or a shameless, stuntin’, closet case.