communal bath

Things to do as a Broke Witch

Copy all those spells you’ve been saving online into your Grimoire

Tidy up your altar, if you have one

Reset your crystals with new intentions

Go on a walk, in nature or city, reconnect with your environment’s energy


Look up upcoming moon phases and mark them in your journal/planner, plan out your rituals and readings for them 

Purifying/Cleansing bath with just water

Go through your tarot journal and find any cards that keep popping up in your readings, do a “stalker reading” to figure out why the card being a creeper

These are just some things I do when I’m broke af but want to progress with my craft.

Kickstart My Heart Bath Spell

Summertime always reminds me of love.  Some of my favorite romances of my youth were spent pining over certain someones throughout the months of June, July, and August.  So, if you are looking to boost your confidence and open yourself up to some of that feel-good, prepare yourself before a night out in this bath!


  • 1 cup Epsom Salts
  • Petals from 1 Rose
  • 2-4 drops Vanilla Fragrance Oil


1.  Combine all your ingredients.  I actually used a food processor to make sure all of my ingredients were finely cut and mixed.  The petals were sliced into beautiful tiny pieces and the salt remained intact.  (I would suggest keeping this concoction bottled for up to 6 months before making a new batch.)

2.  Prep a warm bath.  I drop a couple of scoops in (because I am extra), but for a sufficient bath, I would say 2-4 teaspoons worth of our bath salts.

3.  Soak for fifteen minutes.  Relax, shut your eyes, and focus on the stream of consciousness that occurs when thinking about love, what you want in a partner, and what qualities you want them to possess.  I would also suggest visualizing all the positive aspects you could bring to a potential relationship.

4.  When you are ready to get out of the bath, recite the following incantation:

Salt, sweet vanilla, and petals of rose,
open my heart to passion’s fervent throws.
Allow entry of romance, love divine!
May my sweetheart hear this call of mine.

5.  Drain the bath and pat dry.

I hope this helps on your journey to love, romance, and passion!  Much love!

Spa Witch Tips

🛁 Hot glue water-safe gemstones to the tops of your shower gel and shampoo to empower them with a burst of energy.

🛁 Hang herb bundles near your shower head for natural scents. Eucalyptus works well for this, I have heard of others using cedar.

🛁 Use a salt scrub all over your body before getting into the bath or shower. Say “As salt purifies stones and vessels, let it remove hindering energies from me.” Before washing it off.

🛁 Carve sigils into your soap bars that are oriented toward self-care, courage, confidence, or health.

🛁 Using moonwater, chamomile, calendula, hibiscus, and any other herbs you would like, make an herbal hair wash. Place the liquid in a basin, or pour over your head. Do what you can to keep the wash in contact with your hair for about five minutes. When it washes out, feel the earthy boost you get.

🛁 Use incense or aromatherapeutic candles while taking a bath or shower that correspond with the energy you are trying to channel.

🛁 Put drops of your favorite essential oils on the inside of your toilet paper roll, and smell freshness in the room at all times.

🛁 Keep at least one item that was given to you in your bathroom. It helps you start and end your day with a sense of abundance. 

🛁 Keep different bath products for different moods so you may empower yourself in different ways every day.

🛁 Find a good lotion or body oil for when you get out of the bath and shower. Give yourself a full-body massage for 5-10 minutes, being attentive. This is a prominent practice in eastern medicine, and western medicine has found it releases positive hormones in the body.

🛁 Keep this room the cleanest, and others will follow. The room in which you pay homage to the temple of the body should be the one that you maintain the most. This energy will flow throughout you and your home.

🛁 Write affirmations on your mirror using a dry-erase marker.

🛁 Feel free to enchant aspects of your bathroom to do their job better. Enchant a mirror to make you feel confident. Enchant a toothbrush to give you a better and more confident smile… the more magick we do, the stronger we get, so no worries about wasting energy.

🛁 Make sure not to use anything or attempt anything on this list that could cause skin irritation or negative side-effects!

Aftercare ideas.

😍 Cuddles.
🍵 Tea or coffee.
🍇 Fruits or berries.
🛁 Bubble bath.
🐈 Stuffies.
👧 Playing with her hair.
🍫 Chocolate.
🎥 TV shows.
💆 Massage.
💑 Tell her how much you love her and what a good little girl she is.
💏 Kisses all over her body.
P.S. care about her and give her all the love.

Bath Magic: Where to Begin

Hey y'all, C here. Today we’ll be talking in depth about the practice of bath magic. 

If you look around most traditional parts of the magical community, you’ll notice that bathing for ritual work or spell work is a fairly common practice. So what do I mean when I say that I specialize in bath magic? For me, bathing and witchcraft go hand in hand, and I do a ritual in the bath once a month at the very least. I’ve always loved the serenity and focus (not to mention complete selfishness) of taking baths, and so as I’ve grown into my craft it seemed like a natural place to draw magical energy. I find that the hot temperature of the water makes it very easy for me to get to a trance-like state (if not outright do trance work) and being naked in the water gives me a great place of vulnerability and rawness to begin any kind of spell work. T and I also use bathing in our shared craft to begin most of our major rituals, and that entails doing a cleansing bath with a special kind of locally made bath salts that we have been using since the very beginning. 

So what do my bath spells usually look like? To be honest, they vary a lot based on my resources at any given moment and the purpose of the spell. There are some things that I do every time such as: 

 • dedicating the bath for myself by placing a talisman or crystal (or other object I carry a lot/feel represents me) on the rim of the tub  

 • placing candles (often in corresponding magical colors and scents) around the tub and bathroom to add to the magical energy of the space 

 • making sure the water drawn is hot enough to remain warm for 40+ minutes and get me to a trancing state but not too hot as to burn my skin or make it uncomfortable for me to be in the water 

I also put something into the water every time I do bath magic, and in fact that is where I believe most of the magical intent is decided. This also widely varies with the type of spell. Some things I’ve done are: 

 • just throw in a handful of Epsom salts for a super basic cleansing. I also use these (in addition to some other ingredients) when I’m doing a real trance or astral travel or trying to communicate with a deity because they make me feel floatier in the water and therefore easier to forget my body

 • put in a few drops of different kinds of essential oils based on their magical associations

 • drop in some tea bags (like mint or chamomile or bags I’ve already used first for drinking) while the water is running to get a good infusion 

 • use bath salts that already have essential oils or herbs (or even glitter!) in the mixture. I use bath salts that I make myself, that T makes for me, and store bought and locally made mixtures, all with good results. It all depends on what I’m feeling at the time. 

 • use pre-made bath bombs, melts, and bubblers from Lush (although I’m sure one could use stuff like this from anywhere) based on the ingredients and names of the products. I’ve used Sex Bomb for a glamour and sex spell, Space Girl for glamour and deity exploration (I do a lot of glamours), etc. 

The practice of bath magic is great because we live in a society where bathing itself is so culturally charged to be reflective and purposeful. For that reason, it is also a great way to practice your craft that is not suspicious, or questioned by people you may live with. Even at their worst, taking long baths appears only over-indulgent. But I can live with that.


Divine self love spell

This is a simple spell to help you heal and feel divine love.

What you will need:

⚜️orange peels




⚜️Rose petals

⚜️Rose and or lavender oil


Steps: Dress your candle. Hold your candle and imagine a pink energy leaving your palms filling and consuming the candle till it reaches the candle wick.

Light the candle and chant:

I feel divine, my body healed and my mind is replenished. I am enchanting and living. My candle is my light and I am its goddess. The bath is my ocean, it coaxes me and it heals me. Divine love swims me.”

After chanting, add a few drops of oil to the bath and take the herbs mentioned above and set them in the water. Enjoy and embrace this moment, feel your divine love.

When you finish bathing, drain the water and imagine all negativity flowing down the drain.

~By Thistleseidr~

pracktical magick,

i’ve made candles, as well as soaps, scrubs, and salves for a long time personally. i really enjoy applying witchcraft and astrology to the items i make, because it creates this deeply personal experience with cleaning and cleansing my body and home.

recently someone asked me if i sold my products, but i haven’t before. i make personalized gifts for people, but i’ve never actually sold them.

if i were to start selling these, would my followers be interested? what products would you like? scents? would you like them to be astrology or craft related? i’d definitely include a personalized item category. maybe even bath bombs!

it’s just a thought, but if you have any interest maybe i could bring these to you as well.

Day 1: Fever - Lance

For the Voltron whump week! Poor Lance~♡


Lance broke the surface of the water, disoriented and gasping for breath, hands reaching blindly for anything to find purchase on. He felt someone grab him under the armpits and help him sit up in the bath, which was filled to the brim with ice cold water.

“Wh-What-tt, wh-where a-am I-I, w-what’s-s-” The paladin managed to force out between the cold-induced spasming of his jaw.

“Lance, you’re okay, you’re in the communal baths.” Shiro reassured, rubbing the sick teen’s back in what he hoped were reassuring circles. “Your fever got too high…so I had to cool you down with an ice bath - you passed out.”

Shivering, Lance nodded feebly, and tried to stand up. Needless to say, he failed miserably, as the fever blurred his vision and took his balance by storm. He ached with every fiber of his being, eyes so raw and tired he seemed corpse-like.

He felt pathetic.

He felt like a burden. This was the fourth time he’d had to be carried to the baths for an ice bath in the past two days. Turns out being exploring new planets and meeting new lifeforms made for high risk of illness and infection, no matter how hard they tried to keep exposure to a minimum.

Lance had already fallen ill to alien viruses several times since joining Voltron, each which brutal symptoms. Most of the time ending with him in a healing pod until the ailment cleared.  

As if reading his mind, Shiro interjected.

“Lance, it’s okay. You’ll get through this-”

“I-I kn-know-w, Sh-hiro-o, I k-know…i-it…ju-ust-t…su-ucks” Lance said, defeated, still shivering violently. But he had to build immunity. He couldn’t just jump into a pod any time he got the sniffles. They all needed to build up immunity to these new viruses if they were to be successful as paladins.

Still, it sucked.

With leaden limbs, Lance managed to stand in the bath, thankful for Shiro’s added support. His paladin pajamas were soaked, and stuck to his fever-sensitive skin uncomfortably. The tired teen’s body trembled with the effort, joints feeling spent and sore.

Uncaring of the feverish paladin’s soaked clothing, Shiro guided Lance to Hunk’s outstretched arms, and gave the two some privacy. Hunk helped Lance get dried off and dressed. Gave him water. Took his temperature anew.

39.5°C (103°F)

High, but lower than earlier at least.

“Alright, Lance, buddy, let’s try and get some soup in ya. I even found some alien saltine crackers! They’re blue, but taste pretty similar, I swear-”

Lance let Hunk continue mother-henning, grateful for his friend’s love. Of his team’s support.

“-and Pidge and I made a blanket fort in the Foyer! We stole some of Keith’s bedding - but don’t tell him that-”

Lance smiled, despite the gutting ache behind his eyes, and tried to laugh, but ended up coughing. Sure, being this sick sucked, but it had its moments. It served to remind him that people cared.

He forgot about that sometimes.



The Acid Bath Lady
Larissa Schuster

On the 9th of July 2003 in California, Larissa Schuster and her lab colleague James Fagone lured her ex husband Tim Schuster out of his home. The pair used chloroform and a stun gun to render Tim unconscious. Afterwards, whilst still alive the pair put Tim’s body in a giant barrel of hydrochloric acid. It wasn’t long before police found Tim’s liquified remains in Larissa’s storage unit.

In 2001, the Schuster’s had a tricky divorce leaving one of their two children to live with Larissa. It’s believed the motive was for financial gain and that James was manipulated to help.

In May 2008, Larissa Schuster was sentenced to life

Autobot behavior?


Adhesive I just had the cutest idea
Okay so this started cause I was seeing posts on alot of decepticon behavior and their comparisons to packs and lion prides and im just

Why isn’t there alot of posts on Autobot behaviors?
So I was like if Deceptiocns are more like predators that act like cats/big cats/Dogs/wolves  wouldn’t authors technically act more like large preys/predators? Instead of packs they have herds or pods?
 Like Whales, and elephants?
I just had this thought of Autobots in the washracks and all the youngest are acting like little kids and spitting cleanser or throwing suds in water. Bath time is social time for all members who had finished their shift. The autobots have a huge communal bath and showers and often help each other clean and tidy up.

Autobots get this reputation of being prude, strict, and distant emotionally from each other but that’s cause decepticons and quite a bit of neutrals actually don’t realize they tend organize socializing so they can they maximum amount of time to be with each other. They also know when to break off into smaller groups for higher survival.

They tend to make cohort groups or bond groups(think like the Rod Squad in this case) that often will go thick or thin with eachother and have developed to knowing other wuoelrks inside jokes ect. The autobots are mostly made up of these bond group and when they come together is almost like a family clan. Bonds group tend to like to integrate new comers and when new comers join this helps build bridges and bonds with other bond groups. (Nautica for example and Velocity ended joining Rodimus bond group and end up binding two smaller bond groups the scientists and medics to Rodimus command group).

But their is also Autobots who don’t have a particular bond group so they hover around others(Trailbreaker and Pipes). Their more like Bull males and tend to be more solitary or join other bull males(Getaway, Atomizer, Blaster). Or the wreckers who members tend to change often.

All Autobot leaders are like closer to a matriarchy Elephants. When the leader is dead or too tired to continue the eldest daughter will lead(Bumblebee leading Cybertron after Optimus left). Autobots leader have this innate need to care and look after others and will often make big groups that can have smaller bonds groups made.(Rodimus and the lost light plus its many cliques)

It’s very typical for much older and wiser mechs to guide younger inexperienced ones. As older ones tend to be effective descions makers.(Ratchet, Magnus, Rung) and also keep younger ones in lime because their cut through the bullshit attitudes tend to tamper their more aggressiveand hothead behaviors. (Tho this doesn’t always work)

Autobots have a very hard time welcoming Decepticons because of this Big Prey vs Predator relationship. Deceptions won’t typically go after the older mature  Autobots  (the big developed prey) and instead the go for younger weaker bots (the less developed inexperienced prey) cause like big cats it’s much easier.

Newsparks and new Autobots tend to be the center of attention for a while often sticking close to the Autobots who brought them in. This usually lasts until everyone finds a new rhythm with the new addition.

Touch is a big thing, but it more subtle then cuddle piles and hugs. They tend to be more private about affection like hugs and cuddling but more open about hand holding, shoulder bumping and shoulder touching.

And that’s all i got right now.

Some SnK prompts/ head cannons/ fic ideas

1 • Levi teaching Eren how to make a perfect cup of tea, at least, perfect to Levi’s particular taste.

2 • Hange now commander of the corps, misplacing her glasses, forgetting to human, and with Moblit gone (rip stress Jesus) and Erwin gone (rip commander eyebrows) Levi has taken to watching after her now.

‘Tch. Your desk is filthy. No wonder you can’t find anything shitty-glasses.’

‘It smells like Titan shit in here. You need to bathe, now.’

‘What is it? Ah! Levi it burns!’

'Quit your whining, it’s soap’

3 • Pre-commander Erwin being a workaholic robot in his cadet days and Mike being the only one able to get him to stop and chill out.

4 • Armin confiding in Erwin and talking about the outside world, the walls and their parents.

5 • Mikasa and Levi discussing the Ackerbond and how heart wrenching it is to literally be attached to reckless, and annoyingly selfless idiots.

6 • Annie and Mikasa actually having their sparring match, like I wanna see this in some form, I want people’s interpretations of the fight.

7 • Some soldier telling Sasha to 'save some food for the rest of humanity’ and Connie and Jean going absolutely ballistic.

8 • Eren making Jean promise to stay with Mikasa after his and Armin’s 15 years are up. Because, she deserves to have someone entirely devoted to her for once, that won’t leave her, even if they do look like a horse.

9 • Levi with a ponytail.

10 • Hange and Levi taking the piss out of the nobles, Nile’s beard and the venue at each and every event they’re made to attend and keeping a tally of the best quips. Much to the pain of Erwin desperately trying to gain funding for the corps.

11 • Nile and Marie inviting Erwin and Mike out for drinks, like old times.

12 • Hange and Levi talking about their childhoods, over some shitty hooch on the rooftop.

13 • Historia having a life-size statue/ monument of Ymir in her courtyard, and having conversations with her over important Royal decisions, because Ymir always gives the best advice.

14 • (A romanticisation of the Ackerbond) Kenny explaining to child Levi the demands of an Ackerbond… How it’s an unbreakable attachment of absolute loyalty and devotion to someone- being away actually hurts, like a knife wedging its way into your gut, ice entering your heart: which, in his unclear-indirect- mysterious-Kenny-way, is his explanation for leaving (abandoning) Levi without really explaining.

15 • (a romanticisation of an Ackerbond) Levi understanding, after Ackerbonding with Erwin, why Kenny abandoned him. As Kenny, staying away from his Ackerbonded any longer than he already had, just wasn’t physically and emotionally possible for him.

16 • Armin, Eren, Hange and Levi having a conversation about killing people, about how to get over the guilt (if there is any).

17 • Bertolt confessing his feelings to Annie.

18 • Reiner apologising to Marcel for not being strong enough, for not being a good soldier, for being a pathetic excuse of a warrior, and finally for being an absolutely terrible brother. Bertolt overhearing and shutting that crap down, and explaining why that isn’t true.

19 • Connie rebuilding his old house, and moving in with Sasha, and eventually having little Springers.

20 • Kutchel and Kenny taking care of their extremely ill grandfather, as best they can. Their methods of income are a bit different, and somewhat illegal but they’re only doing their best to ease the pain of their slowly passing guardian. (Le cry)

21 • Armin doubting himself, his worth and his bravery and Jean quickly consoling him, explaining the many times where Armin has saved entire expeditions, the lives of the whole corps, and Jean’s life. Armin could never be useless, at least not to him.

22 • Whenever Eren and Jean go to the bar; they order extra shots for their dead comrades. Cheers speckled Jesus, and poor Hannes.

23 • Kutchel and Kenny reuniting in the afterlife and smacking each other upside the head for the stupid shit they pulled. Cue Grandpa Ackerman slapping them both upside the head for being noisy brats, and to shut-up whilst he’s trying to watch over his favourite grandchildren.

24 • Levi and Pixis going shot for shot all night whilst Erwin and Nile fight over chess.

25 • Erwin taking Levi to Sina for afternoon tea and cake for the first time, and after that it just becomes post-expedition tradition.

26 • Levi making sure Eren and Armin are taken care of after their transformations, because the shitty brats just don’t know when they’re overdoing it.

27 • Mikasa apologising to Levi for his ankle with the female Titan, and Levi just shrugging 'The Ackerbond makes you do stupid shit.’

28 • Armin and Jean chilling on the wall and Armin splurging about what he believes to be beyond the wall. Jean hanging onto every word Armin says.

29 • Jean being Connie’s best man at the Springer-Braus wedding.

30 • Badass Mikasa and Levi being super assassins when against the Marley.

31 • Hange absolutely shrieking with joy at Eren and Armin’s Titans interacting and listening to her.

32 • Mikasa and Levi stitching and bandaging each other’s wounds whilst snarking at one another about their injuries.

33 • Ymir teaching Hange about other languages outside the wall, and how life there works.

34 • Eren shopping for a gift for Mikasa’s birthday.

35 • Historia teasing Levi, and Levi actually laughing.

36 • Mulan inspired ancestor/ afterlife AU- where the dead relatives/ friends of the scouts are in an afterlife with their founder Ymir Fritz. They are watching over events, and commentating on what’s happening and reacting. The living characters can’t exactly see or hear them… Or can they? And when they pass, they join the watching party. With little shipping wars and squabbles between them over their stupid friends/ kids/ families.

37 • Levi meeting Marie at one of the stupid galas Erwin has dragged him to, turns out she’s been dragged there too by Nile. Leaving both their partners to their jobs, schmoozing around the nobles for funding, they are left to make great friends, finding out they’re both snarky shits with a coarseness about them which the stuck-up snobs of the interior frown upon.

38 • Historia and Ymir getting married, because I want a royal Snk wedding.

39 • Sasha’s dad being thrilled over his new grandchild.

40 • Carla and Kutchel watching over their kids with absolute worry and pride.

41 • Levi dying and reuniting with everyone he’s lost.

42 • Hannes and Pixis reminiscing about the days of Kenny the Ripper over drinks.

43 • Annie’s Dad being proud of her

44 • Levi taking care of rapidly declining Eren and Armin.

45 • The corps having a cat mascot and calling it ‘Levi’ because its so smol. And Levi looking pretty pissed about it, but secretly loving the little devil, especially when it terrorises everyone, especially Mike’s shoelaces, Nile’s ankles and rips Erwin’s curtains.

46 • The scouts taking care of their horses, and spending quality time with them. Dealing with different scenarios like, what does this universe do with injured horses? Are the horses able to get along? Do they have different personalities? Are they best friends with Jean? I just gotta know.

47 • Mike, Erwin, Hange and Levi sharing the communal bath after an expedition, because nothing speaks of superior ranking than first dibs at the hot water and the soap.

48 • Mikasa and Levi teaching each other different moves and sparring.

49 • Eren thanking his new family for everything, at a Christmas dinner/ thanks giving.

50 • The Corps getting absolutely bladdered at a celebration and starting a brawl with the military police. Yes it is completely acceptable to throw horse-faced teenagers in these circumstances.

I actually have a massive SnK problem. I blame you Hajime Isayama and my muse.