commuity radio


M+ Magazine asked them about the trials, tribulations - and joys! - of setting up an online community radio station in the age of internet pirate radio; and why local communities need online radio now. More than ever.

We spoke to the station managers, Liz Southall and Dr Gavin Hammond, co-founders of Gavin has a background in local radio that spans over five years and several radio stations, depending on where/what he was studying at the time (he has a PhD in Nuclear Physics). Liz has a background in marketing and teaching. Gav and Liz felt there was a need for a broader community involvement.  Gavin, or Dr Gav as he is better known, having returned from working 18 months as a patent writer in Munich had no desire to rush into another “anything will do” job.  Instead, he began talking to Liz about setting up some science and business based radio shows that Liz (with her background in marketing and teaching) would sell into schools.

And yet a new community station was born. We asked how.

What was the driving force, or were the forces, behind starting up Red Shift? What inspired you? (Okay, two Qs in one there….)

Liz: Gavin and I met whilst volunteering on another community radio station trying to get a full time FM license. The programme schedule was heavily weighted towards music and the presenters all did it as a hobby outside of fulltime employment.

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