SUBMISSIONS (POC, Queer, Trans, etc. Folks encouraged)

So, as most of you have seen, I’m running a start-up publishing press, and I wanted to take this moment to invite you all to submit to our online journal. As a QTPOC writer, I feel like there are not enough venues for non-cis, non-white, non-straight folks and took this opportunity to create a safe space for disadvantaged writers.

I invite all of you to investigate the guidelines on and submit poetry/short stories of any genre! I have already received some, and seriously, they are SO GREAT. Please reblog and tag anyone you feel necessary. I want as many people to know about this as possible, so please please please let your followers know!!

To The Artist Afraid of Self-Portraits

I am sorry. I did not know.

When I told you
    I saw the soul of an angel
    between your brush strokes, I was unaware
    you had already painted yourself
    into a dark corner.

I could never have imagined
    your distaste for acrylic reflections.

Watching you work
    I believed every image
    sprang forth from careful consideration.

How could I have known that
    you were afraid
    of tainting paints
    with your sullen hues?

Everything you fear
    about the nature of mirrors is
    but a reflection of me, because
    in you, I see a masterpiece.

I beg you:

    Do not hold the brush so tightly.
    Do not cover unfinished canvas
        like a scar, in search of better.
    Do not hold hostage the color in your eyes
        in exchange for what you believe
        others wish to see.

Share yourself,
    your thoughts,
    your love,
    your envy,
    your pain —

    the fresco
        adorning the roof
        of your mouth
        when you refuse to
        speak your name.

Share yourself,
    your soul

    for empty eyes of the world
        to see. Share yourself.

Share your light —
    even if it never reaches me.
Written and read during the workshop at last night’s Commonwealth Slam.
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Reminder that Quick Fox is looking for submissions! We will be featuring written and visual media from all walks of life but strongly encouraged all marginalised and oppressed identities to submit work that will encourage a productive dialogue. These are some of the frequently asked questions and submission guidelines for online features. Please reblog and tag those you think would be interested!

What kind of work are you looking for?

We are looking for manuscripts and submissions mainly focused around the experiences of oppressed peoples (queer identities, POC, women, trans identities, etc.), and ideally, the work will help to communicate, inform, and create dialogue between the oppressed and the privileged. Not to say that nothing else will be considered, but those are the starting points for how the work will be judged in the review panel.

Will visual media be considered for publication?

Due to the overwhelming popularity of this request, yes! Manuscripts may include illustrations, photographs, etc. that relates to the work. As for online features, we ask that all pieces encourage dialogue and include a short artist statement or other written component to provide this encouragement. As with written features, please email your submission with your preferred name and a short biography.

Can I submit multiple pieces?

Yes! But please do not submit the same piece if you have not received an answer. We are only human and are reading as fast as we can.


We welcome submissions of all genres to be featured on the site!

To submit a short story, visual piece, or poem to be featured on the Quick Fox website:

  1. Compile your information (Name, Short Bio (no more than approx. 200 words), and Genre) and piece in a single PDF .
  2. Log on to your handy dandy electronic mailing client.
  3. In the Subject line, include your name and title in this format:
    "Subject: Online Submission (John Doe, "Leaves Walking")"
  4. Attach the PDF with your name and the title of the piece as the file name.
  5. Send that there email to and wait!

Responses are not automated, but we do reply to all submissions as they are received. If you do not get a confirmation that your piece was received within 48 hours, please send a follow up email. After that, we will be reading through all submissions as they come in and will let you know if your piece is chosen as a feature. We look forward to your work!


Wrap your most delicate things in newspapers and old towels. Cradle them in cardboard labeled ‘fragile’ and ‘handle with care’ and then handle with care, because things like determination and Grandma’s dishes break easily.

—How to Move, Megan Rickman

Saw this performed live last night at Commonwealth Slam; exactly what I needed to hear. Megan is an amazing human being.

Seven Reasons To Keep a Kempt Lawn

When your mom bursts through the front door, hysterically panting and teary-eyed, saying, “Please come here, it’s an emergency!” you will not immediately jump to, “Did you run over a puppy?”

While mowing the lawn, your mom will not lose her wedding ring in the grass and have absolutely no idea where it landed.

She will not lose her wedding ring in grass so tall that you’re sure it could hide stray animals. The search will not accurately depict half of the movie Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

You won’t have to wonder, while searching, if nature is trying to commune with you. As the hours pass, the birds will not be confused with the whoop of a metal detector. You will not wonder if they’re whistling at you because they think you’re cute or if, while shirtless, you resemble a bear and they’re just warning their friends. Also, your mind will most definitely not confuse the wind for a push in the right direction.

You will actually be able to feel the wind below your elbows.

You will not need to purchase a metal detector to find a shiny piece of diamond adorned metal within a 10’x10’ search area.

Your entire family will not arrive en masse as if assembling a search party for a missing child. Your nosy neighbors will not call or slow to a crawl as they drive past. You will not have to check yourself for ticks every time you go inside for a drink. You will not have to imagine what you’re stepping on (and pray it doesn’t yelp) as you tread barefoot through the grass searching for your mother’s precious wedding ring.