A year ago, I got to see England win third place in the Women’s World Cup! One of my favorite moments that day was after the game. Germany’s Simone Laudehr had collapsed on the pitch after the final whistle and stayed there for a good while until England’s Lucy Bronze walked over and helped her to her feet.

What Really Happened in Edmonton

Alright guys, we’ve all heard the jokes about the Edmonton show, I was there and I want to set a few things straight.

1.  The venue was not Ready:Commonwealth Stadium was grossly ill equipped to handle this event. (To put it in perspective, Edmonton is about a million people, we have a big stadium show every 3 years or so, its not a regular occurrance here) They only had two doors open to let people in, so thousands of people were stranded outside at the end of Icona Pop’s set. A lot of people were stuck outside for 3+ hours and missed the first couple of songs.

2. Security: I was on the floor, Security didnt allow anyone to jump around, we kept being told to put our hands down. They had shoulder to shoulder guards preventing us from seeing between sections & difficulty seeing the stage, and were telling girls to sit down. We were barked at, if one toe went outside of our seats.

3. The Weather: It was pouring rain. This isnt an excuse, obvs the boys have played in blizzards before, but for everyone claiming people were leaving because of the rain, the ones leaving were families with little kids. It was very cold so a lot of them ducked out early. The majority of the fans stuck around though!

4. The Boys: I know I’m gonna catch serious flack for this, im sure. But guys, the boys WERE QUIET TOO. Louis only spoke to the crowd to intro No Control. He was coughing, looking very tired, perhaps he’s sick? His voice faltered a few times. Harry spoke a fair bit, but almost no dancing, only one small “whale spray”. Niall introduced Dont Forget Where you Belong but didnt speak or interact much, no leaping.They didnt seem to interact much with eachother either, something just seemed off? They read one “Its my Birthday” sign, no others. Harry did a brief Happy Birthday for that girl which was sweet.

Liam was his usual Daddy Direction self, trying to make sure everyone had a good time, but when the focus was off of him, he had a few pained expressions. 
I think something was definitely up.

5. The Crowd: I’m not full of excuses, there was definitely some people that I was like “why are you here, you clearly are not fans!” as they were texting, taking selfies etc. and generally not much into the show. BUT there so many people, like me, who were having a blast and trying to soak in every minute, take loads of photos, but don’t scream. I know the “polite Canadian” trope sounds tired, but it is true. We’re quieter than a lot of countries, but it doesnt mean we enjoyed it any less.

6. Low Attendance: As Ive mentioned in other posts, tickets for this show were Buy 2 Get 2 Free on Groupon. The stadium can seat something like 60 000 people, and there was definitely huge sections of empty seats. This was their first concert ever here, and I was shocked at how low the numbers were. A small crowd in a space that huge, didnt do much to amp up the atmosphere.

I’m so proud of Liam for defending us, and I wish we could have given them a better crowd. They deserve it. Happy 5 Years Boys, can’t wait to see you in Winnipeg on Friday xx 

OTRA:  Commonwealth Stadium Edmonton, Alberta - Canada   July 21, 2015


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