Makeup Tip: Keep trying till you get it right!

Soooo not all of us are makeup artists. Some of us have to learn through trial and error but the key word is LEARN! Don’t be afraid to try different products or experiment with different colors! Also take advantage of the consultants there at the stores. They are paid to be knowledgeable of their products. Now wait a minute…there is a flip side. Pay attention to how their makeup is done! Trust I will NOT be asking for your advice if your foundation is 10 shades lighter than your natural skin tone! Eeeek!



Happy Friday!!! I plan on learning this “Grown Woman” routine by Beyonce over the weekend. LOL When I visit Kourtney in LA Ill perform it for her. Lol!!!!



@melaniefiona has one of the best voices in the industry! Love her and this song! Can I just point out that I love her outfits in this video?! Her stylist did a fantastic job! Oh and hello hot guy @Omarihardwick!


Get Out of Debt and Stay Out!

While in LA this weekend, Lauren and I had the pleasure of chatting with an affluent couple during lunch at The Ivy. The story of how they met was intriguing, both had been married several times and both have children around our age. They weren’t married to each other but evidently very much in love, nonetheless, and super friendly. She: draped in Chanel and he: clean cut, blue eyed, and fawning over her.

I digress! Our conversation with them sparked a conversation between us about our ideal financial status we would like to achieve before/by the time we get married. We both agreed that everyone must have stellar credit. I want to own something, before I get married while Lauren wants to be debt free. As business women, this is so important! I stumbled upon this article from my favorite blog Refinery 29 about how to relieve yourself of debt even if not as a preemptive step to marriage.