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A Sugar Baby’s Guide to a Luxury Wardrobe and Brands

FOLLOW ME ON MY SB INSTA ~ I have like no followers because I just started the account & would love to connect with more sugar sisters on another platform! I will be posting shopping hauls and inspiration photos. There will also be restaurant, bar and club recommendations and travel pics! SISTERS ONLY!!! @citysugarbabe

Disclaimer: This is my own opinion, and you are free to disagree! I am not being sponsored or gifted items by any of these brands (I wish!). I am simply just trying to share some of my style tips based off of my own wardrobe :) xo

Will continue to update as I think of more things! This was just off the top of my head. Feel free to send in suggestions, if I use it I will give you credit when I edit the post! Questions also welcome. 

Although I am relatively new to the sugar bowl, dressing stylishly and well is something I have done all of my life. I hope my advice can help others! A top, big fish SD is going to dress well, and he’s going to want his SB to do the same. You must exude confidence and style for him to want to pursue you. 

If you are a sugar baby looking to build an ultimate, timeless luxury wardrobe look no further - check out my guide below!

T-shirts & Tank Tops - ATM (wonderfully flattering, especially for bigger busts), T by Alexander Wang, Helmut Lang, James Perse
Jeans - rag&bone/JEAN, J Brand, Citizens of Humanity, 7 for all Mankind, J Brand, Current/Elliott, AG Adriano Goldschmidt. Yes I love my denim :)
Anything with a blatant logo on it like True Religion is a NONO.
Shirts - Equipment
Sweatpants - I used to absolutely detest sweatpants but after seeing photos of Rihanna and Gigi rock them, I’m kind of into it. Have my eye on a pair from Fenty X Puma now!

Agent Provocateur (DUH) has the most sexy pieces, they make you feel wonderful about yourself, however I would only wear their stuff to show off for my man. Their bras, corsets, bustiers etc. don’t give much support so if you’re just wearing them trying to run errands your boob may pop out of its cup lol! Very annoying to constantly keep having to tuck it back in under your shirt.

I have quite a large bust, so I shop at Journelle, Stella McCartney, Elle Macpherson, and Chantelle because a lot of other nice brands don’t make my size as much (32DD/E) - these are for sexier but still functional pieces.

Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret for the most functional underwear.
Hanky Panky has great one size fits most thongs, and Commando for underwear for a tight dress or something that gives NO VPL (visible panty lines!)

Sneakers (for fashion, not the gym) - Golden Goose, Common Projects
Sneakers (for the gym) - Nike
Gianvito Rossi - The new Manolo in my opinion. Not as overdone and not flashy like Louboutins. Wonderfully classic. Something I’d wear to a dream job interview or meeting a boyfriend’s parents.
Louboutins - even though they’re a bit trashy now I still love the sex appeal of a red bottom.. who can resist?
Rochas does beautifully embellished flats that you can wear with a cocktail dress if you aren’t feeling heels!
K. Jacques for flat sandals. Made in St. Tropez but they sell it on Shopbop etc.
Chanel and Lanvin for ballet flats
Love Stuart Weitzman’s highland and lowland boots, even though it seems like everyone and their mother owns a pair. They’re just so flattering and I love that they have them in so many neutral colors.
I like Saint Laurent’s basic flat Chelsea ankle boots. Go with everything in the fall.

Dolce & Gabbana - I LOVE Dolce & Gabbana!! As I said I am quite curvy, and their dresses are absolutely made for my body type.
Cushnie et Ochs - Also sexy AF
Giambattista Valli - When you want to look like an elegant, high fashion flower child
Saint Laurent - SO expensive, more for the extremely thin Kate Moss types, but I just like to look anyways :)
Less expensive but still great: Zimmermann (love Aussie clothing brands), Wheels&Dollbaby, Nicholas, L’Agent, Reformation, For Love & Lemons, Maje

Ralph Lauren, Loro Piana, Brunello Cucinelli
J Crew, Joie, Vince and Everlane (cheaper)

Maxmara for the elegant, most classic pieces EDIT 10/9/2016: Maxmara carries very well-cut and stylishly professional coats. Think Olivia Pope-esque. This is also where Kim K got her iconic camel wrap coat and yes, they still carry it. I have one!
AllSaints for a great rocker chic leather biker jacket - try a mens one to increase the cool factor
Rick Owens - Also great for leather jackets, but more elegant and definitely more expensive 
Chanel: Their tweed jackets and coats are ultimate and so timeless- wear one with a simple white t shirt, jeans and booties to achieve that Parisian je ne sais quoi.
Yves Salomon does a great fur coat, EDIT 10/9/2016: that isn’t AS expensive as other top fur designers… think $5000-$10,000 which is still mega expensive but still far cheaper than J Mendel whose furs can fetch up to 60k (or even more)! and the quality is still great. I used to get Elizabeth and James furs for like a $1000 but tbh they looked cheap. I think if you can’t afford good fur, it’s best to spend on other areas, because cheap fur just makes you look, well, cheap!

Chanel. Duh.
Never used to like Gucci but their new horsebit Dionysus bags (in plain suede without the Gucci logo) are to die for
Valentino Rockstud (a little bit passé but I still like mine)
Mansur Gavriel for something timeless and not too flashy
Saint Laurent for a tote bag. If you’re young, in my opinion this is a much better alternative than an Hermes Birkin or Kelly. I think for a young girl to be carrying a Birkin is a little bit… much. Although if you have found an SD who will buy you a Birkin then I say the more power to you, you’re clearly doing much better than me and feel free to ignore my advice - if fact can I have your advice?? lol

EDIT OCT. 9, 2016:

Where do I shop?
Great question - so. many. places.

Online (just google the names, I’m too lazy to hyperlink haha. Maybe another day):

Net-a-porter: love, and they do same-day courier delivery in NYC, London and Hong Kong
Moda Operandi: swoon-worthy site. You can pre-order next season’s clothes custom made for you straight off the runway, and they show up at your door just in time for the season! You put a 50% deposit down when you place the order at first, and pay the rest a few months later when the clothing piece is completed. I trick myself into believing that it’s budgeting, lol.
Revolve Clothing
TheRealReal (You can get some GREAT designer pre-owned and vintage on the cheap here, AND sell your old designer stuff you don’t want anymore! Note they only accept from a preselected list of designers, check that your item’s brand is on the list before sending anything in to sell)
Vestiaire Collective (same as theRealReal)
Forward by Elyse Walker
TheOutNet (Net-a-porter’s sale site. I’ve found some fantastic deals here. But be sure to check everyday because they definitely sell out fast)
Barneys, Saks, Selfridges, Bergdorfs etc. - I know these are department stores, but their websites are surprisingly well-maintained and carry a really good stock of stuff from top designers.

Stop the press!

Forget everything you’ve ever learned about the tale of how the propane bombs were planted at Columbine High. We all know how slick and cool REB and VoDkA  came across in the famous scene of Zero Hour. They strolled into the Commons with fierce purpose shrouded in their uber school shooter dark aesthetic: black trench coats, combat boots and shades carrying their pièce de résistance bombs in their “bags of terrorism” (yes, they referred to them as that).  Casually kneeling down and setting their instruments of terror with ease right in front of their peers. 

But in reality?  

Well, reality paints a very different picture demonstrating how banal the entire thing looked. Amazingly ordinary and casual..yet as we’ll later learn, they almost look a little too slow pokey considering their very tight schedule.

I lightened these images up and sharpened them as well.

‘Eric’ approaching the column from the left
wobbling a bit with his orange gym bag held in his right hand

A wild ‘Dylan’ lopes forth approaching the column from the left
carrying his navy blue gym bag in his left hand

slowed down…

Here be some ordinary looking dudes hauling their heavy but lethal gym bags near the columns in the cafeteria. ‘Eric’s’ small frame is struggling a slight bit barely managing to prevent the bag from coming into contact with objects or people walking by. The two are having no trouble being themselves, looking effortlessly awkward yet casual af while ironically implementing something deadly.. 

Of course, we didn’t really expect that level of dramatic professionalism from Eric and Dylan now did we?  Nah.. Not really.  

This is going to be long. so read on under the cut. :)   

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Hi! So I was wondering if you could draw locus pinning Felix down? Thanks <3

…wait what kind of pinning down did you mean the i-just-beat-you-in-a-spar pin or a in-about-five-seconds-we’re-gonna-start-making-out-pin

okay both then

Sweaty af n mean muggin but I’m happy … I love it when I have this place to myself

A Softer World (part 2)

“How about we throw in a little hot-rod red?” Tony asks, breaking the silence. “Red and gold? We’ll match. You can be Iron Boy.”


You comfort Bucky while he gets a new arm.

part 1 - part 2  - part 3

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)

pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

word count: 4309

Alsooo, I made a little blog in which I’ve been posting things that inspire me to write this fic. It is an ADULT NSFW blog, but if you’d like to check it out, here it is

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Aqua Mutante- Part 4

Originally posted by gliceria

Summary: Ever since you were younger you could manipulate water. Your life changes when your secret gets out.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1.8K-ish

Warnings: Betrayal, fighting, cursing, taunting, language, angst

A/N: I know I said when the third part got 50 notes I’ll post the next part but I was really excited to post this part! This whole series was beta-ed by the very very awesome @the-witching-hours12-3. After this part there’s just one more left! If you want to be tagged let me know! Enjoy!

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Last time I checked, the purpose of gym was to expose students to activities they won’t experience outside of class and to get the blood pumping every other school day. Last time I checked, this is not an academic course and we do not take notes. This is not a health lecture with quizzes and tests and flashcards, nor is it supposed to be one. I would love to be able to get 60 minutes of physical activity a day. I’d love to. Physical activity is a wonderful thing. It promotes good self-esteem, improves overall wellbeing, helps sleep cycles be consistent, and is beneficial in countless other ways. I’d love to have time to do that, but my schoolwork is demanding. It’s so contradictory, actually, because my teachers who are perfectly well-meaning and who genuinely want to foster growth in my peers are forced to accept standards that they can’t live up to. Last time I checked our academics, they’re unbalanced due to standardization; now you want to infuse them into GYM? Not only that, but they are forced to adopt new curriculums. That means more coursework and more homework and therefore less time for us students to pursue our personal interests. Are personal interests not what fuel innovation and curiosity and lifelong pursuits? It is nearly, with few exceptions, impossible for students to reach such a goal unless they call themselves athletes. I know it’s impossible for me. So you know what I’d say to the 75% whom you claim are unhealthy? The best advice I’d give to someone who is trying to reach a routine of 60 minutes of exercise per day is to start taking factor eight classes, forgetting about AP credits, and become mediocre students. Because we’re all the same anyways, right? Is that not what the Common Core is all about?
—  The essay my friend Natalie wrote on her gym pretest

Pull Me Closer Part 5

Mckayla had only ever seen Stark Tower in passing. And on TV. When the attack on New York happened, by some nut named Loki, she had seen it then too.

But she never had the opportunity to see it up close and even be inside it. She wasn’t even sure if she could go inside without a bunch of ID cards and security checkpoint to go through.

So it was to her surprise, when they pulled up to the tower, that inside was fairly airy and open. She was expecting guards at every door, and security gates at every entrance.

There was a metal detector at the entrances, and to get to the elevators you needed to talk to the receptionsists and have an ID card, but that was about it.

“This is it.” She wasn’t sure if she was disappointed with how easy it was to access the inside, or relived.

“Good day, Mr. stark!” The few receptionsists closest to them, popped their heads up and offered bright, beaming smiles.

“Good morning.” Mckayla side-glanced at Clint, feeling a little hesitating and wary.

“It’s not always this easy to access. As you go up, there are more security features.” She nodded and followed Clint and Tony, passing though the first set of desks to get to the elevator.

“What else is in this building?” Tony was tapping away on his phone beside her, giving Mckayla the impression that he wasn’t going to answer her question.

“There’s a floor for weapons testing, biological studies, a few floors for paperwork and various offices. The top floors are housing and recreational. There’s one floor that is a common area. There’s a gym on that floor and a pool. Steve and Bucky share a floor and have an condo and tony has one as well.” Mckayla was very impressed. She was more than impressed. The building seemed amazing.

“It’s really amazing! This is a lot nicer than my buildings and apartment times ten.” Mckayla continued to follow Clint and Tony. She stepped off the elevator and walked down the hall until they came to a large board room.

“Just wait here and they’ll be in soon.” Mckayla sat down in one of the oversized Esther chairs and leaned back.

Mckayla sighed and looked down at her wrists, at the dates and felt both nervousness and bitterness. These dates on her wrists had caused a whole lot of bullying in the past, and she still bared those scars today.

Mckayla stood in the bathroom of her jr. high, yanking on her sleeves. She had thought she grabbed a long sleeve shirt, but by mistake had grabbed a ¾ sleeve. Her soulmate dates were standing out, the black ink popping against her light peach skin.

“No, no, no! Come on!” She felt tears building as she tried to pull her sleeves down. She needed these covered!

“Mckayla! I know you’re in there!” The shrieking laughter of the girls in her grade met her ears. It sent chills down her spine. Why were they so cruel?

“Come on!” With a final attempt, she tugged at her sleeves. Nothing changed.

“Mckayla! Sugar baby! Come out here! I have two old men who’d like to meet you!” Mckayla shut her eyes and gripped the sink in front of her. If maybe she wished hard enough, it’d all go away.

“They haven’t completely dropped dead yet!” She was a freak. That’s why she had these dates. She was a freak. She’d been told that all through school. She was a freak.

“I found her! The freaks in here crying! Aww! Does someone need their diaper changed?” Mckayla grit her teeth. She was a freak.

“Sugar baby! Sugar baby! Waa, waa, waa!” The laughter and giggling was making her feel weak and small.

“What a freak!” She sniffled and glanced down at her dates. There they were. Black and bold, staring at her.

“Gonna go find your sugar daddies, Mckayla?” She let out a weak sob and wrapped her arms around herself. She pushed through the crowd of girls in the way and fled from the bathroom.

She could hear the laughter as she ran. It seemed o follow her, never giving her peace.

“I hate you!” She collapsed into a small corner at the end of the hall and held her wrists in front of her.

“I. Hate. You.” She scratched at her date on the left. She dug her nails in and scratched, barely feeling any pain.

“I. Hate you!” She felt her wrists throbbing, either from the scratching, or the soulmate mark itself. She couldn’t tell and she didn’t care.

“I hate…” When she stopped scratching, she curled into a ball and wrapped her arms around her knees. She shoved her head down into her arms and bit her bottom lip.

“I need you..”

Mckayla jerked as the door creaked open. She lifted her head and looked over her right shoulder. She furrowed her eyebrows and stood. She took in the form in front of her and then the one next to it.

“Hey, I’m Natasha. This is Wanda. We’re just here to make sure you’re comfortable.” She received a smile from Wanda, but Natasha kept a cool composure.

“This is Steve. He was born July 4th, 1918.” He was the left so the other one must be the right.

“And this is Bucky. He was born March 10th, 1917.” She looked at Steve first, even though she’d seen him before.

She heard and felt her heart pounding at the sight of the pair of them. Steve had beautiful eyes and a straight nose. Bucky had bright blue eyes and a square jaw.

They were both standing in front of her. Steve had a grin on his face, the same one he had when they first met. He had his hands shoved into the pockets of his jeans casually and didn’t seem to nervous.

Bucky on the other hand, had his arms crossed over his chest and was hunched over, even just slightly, giving her the impression that he was the nervous one.

“H-hi. I met Steve before. But I haven’t met you, B-Bucky. P-properly anyway.” Her voice was shaking. She had clearly remembered the day she tried to scratch their dates off of her wrists and it wasn’t helping with her nerves.

“Nice to meet you.” Bucky’s voice was deep, like Steve’s, but it was raspier.

“Please sit, we’d like to talk.” Mckayla sat in the chair she had been before, but her eyes wandered to Natasha and Wanda.

“You’re pregnant?” She didn’t mean to sound surprised, but she was. Natasha and Wanda were attached at the hip, and it was easy to see that they were soulmates.

“4 months.” A proud smile crossed Wanda’s face. She placed her hand on Natasha’s stomach and rubbed back and forth.

“Our first baby.” She watched, interested and excited, when Natasha leaned over and pressed her lips to Wanda’s.

“Congratulations!” Mckayla felt like squealing. They were the cutest couple she’d seen in a long time.

“Mckayla? We’d like to talk to you.” Her bubble was burst when Steve’s voice got her attention. She didn’t want to talk about this.

However, she said she would give them a chance, and this was the chance.

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After watching that Zaluma video, I legitimately hate myself for having the image of Zayn and Louis filming themselves stunting in their overpriced workout clothes in the mirror, but never actually working out, stuck in my head. Like…Zayn’s wearing some $400 Dior t-shirt ripped up cause, “…I cut my own sleeves, BITCH!” While Lou’ playing with his hair and giving full-length pans up and down in his Palm Angels matching tracksuit set, totalling nearly $1,000. These heauxs sure know how to wear it well. But I would very much have a coronary if I ever saw either of those two actually working out, sweating diamonds from their pores. Lort, please just…help.


Meanwhile, back at the house…

Prelude: Well, King, this isn’t unfamiliar territory for you – immunity again! How are you feeling?

King: Not too bad. A little concerned that immunity is the only thing keeping me in the game, but I’m going to stay positive and just do my best.

Prelude: That’s all you can do! So are you saying you still aren’t feeling like you’re getting close to Nocturne?

King: I think we’re having some hard time finding some common interests. The gym is my life, and she likes staying home and gaming. She’s really awesome to talk to, and I hope we can find some more common ground, but I’m a little afraid some of the other contestants are more compatible with her!

Prelude: A valid concern – we stated with quite a few gym rats, so I’m sure you’re not the only one with those worries. I hope that’s not keeping you from enjoying yourself!

King: I’m definitely enjoying myself! Even if I don’t make it all the way to the end, I’ll definitely be going home with plenty of new friends.

Prelude: Well, you’re safe for another couple of days, so the best of luck to you for the rest of the competition – King Baxter, everybody!

“Suck my nonexistent dick!”

Alex rushed to pull on a nude binder and a black hoodie. Sure, it was springtime, but he didn’t feel comfortable wearing anything else. Besides, he could always just roll up his sleeves. He decided to grab a loose-fitting white t-shirt last minute, stumbling over his shoes as he rushed out of the house. He was only a freshman in high school and he was already pulling all nighters. Well, that’s what happens when you have a crappy Math teacher and you have to look up the material by yourself and practically teach yourself.

It was the dreaded gym day in health class. It was a common occurrence; they had gym days on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and occasionally on Fridays. But Alex didn’t like them still. He was thankful that the teacher let him change in the bathroom as opposed to the locker rooms, that way nobody had to know the truth behind him. It was halfway through first semester and nobody, except the teachers, knew that he was a transboy.

He jogged over to his group of friends upon entering the gym. At first, they asked him why he changed in the bathroom and not in the locker room like everybody else. “Body shy,” he had excused quickly, and they bought it. Though, John usually joked that he was probably ripped and didn’t want to show off. Hercules added that he had to “show off those abs sometime.” Alex just nervously laughed. Yeah, maybe after surgery if he could even afford it.

They lined up to play dodgeball, able to choose their own teams as long as the number was equal. Of course, the four friends were on one team while Jefferson, Burr, and Madison were on the other. Madison was usually always the first one out, not that he could do much anyway. He was supportive from the bench, warning Jefferson if the others were planning to gang up on him. It wasn’t against the rules, and the warning was nice so he could prepare himself.

Alex wasn’t as into dodgeball, or sports in general, as much as the others were. But he was good. He was small, so he could easily dodge attacks. He was also quick but unpredictable, able to surprise people. And he had great aim, always hitting someone in the shoulder, careful not to hit them in the face or stomach. At least it hurt the least, whilst some kids were getting hit in the chest and face. Blame John, who could get people out easily but had no sense of aim.

They were the only two people left on their team, facing Charles Lee and Jefferson on the other side. Good, it was even. Though, John was so caught up trying to get Lee out, and Alex was doing his best to deflect Jefferson. But when Alex least expected it, Jefferson tossed a ball at John. “John, look out!” But he didn’t warn him fast enough. John was hit in the shoulder by the red rubber ball, stumbling back from the sudden force. As he sulked to the bench, Alex caught a ball that Lee was throwing at him, right before it would have hit him square in the chest. Lee grumbled as he joined the rest of his team on the bench.

Jefferson laughed, “You’ve got some skills for a girly boy!”

Alex’s brow twitched. “I’m sorry, what did you just call me?” he asked through gritted teeth.

Jefferson cupped his hands around his mouth. “I said that you’ve got some skills for a girly boy!”

Alex inhaled sharply, squeezing the ball in his hand. “Gee, Jefferson… Does your mouth also happen to be your anus? Because the only thing that comes out of it is crap.” His friends on the bench burst out laughing, and even Jefferson’s teammates chuckled.

Jefferson growled and tossed the ball he was holding. “Oh, shut up, girly boy!”

Alex easily deflected the ball with the one he was holding. “Would you stop calling me that?” he huffed, jumping out of the way of another ball.

“Girly boy!” Jefferson taunted, sticking his tongue out at him. “Come on, girly boy! Give me your best shot!”

Alex grinded his molars so hard that he could hear the enamel cracking. “Suck my nonexistent dick, Jefferson!” he roared, throwing the ball and hitting him directly in the chest. Jefferson fell back. “That’s what you get!” he shouted. He winced when he felt arms around his shoulders, being hoisted into the air by Hercules Mulligan, rewarded by cheers and applause from his team. After settling down, the coach instructed everyone to get changed.

“By the way Alex, what was that about?” John asked as they headed to the locker room.

“What?” Alex asked, opening and closing his shirt to feel that puff of air to cool him off.

“You were getting pretty worked up by Jefferson calling you ‘girly boy’,” John pointed out. “I’m pretty sure he just meant that you’re pretty for a boy, even if he was using it as an insult. I mean, he’s not wrong.”

Alex winced. “Uh…” He twiddled his fingers.

“Yeah! And why did you say ‘suck my nonexistent dick?’” Hercules asked.

Alex went silent. He didn’t mean to have said that. It was just an insult that he used in middle school, but he had stopped using it upon realizing he was a transboy. He didn’t think it was still in his catalogue. He sighed. Well, he had to tell them eventually. Now was a good time. He gestured for them to follow him into the boy’s locker room, leading them to the corner where his locker was. He pulled out his hoodie, exhaled to calm himself, and pulled off his t-shirt to reveal his binder. When they just stared, he dropped his head with teary eyes and flushed cheeks. It was okay if they didn’t want to be his friends anymore. He had expected this.

He lifted his head when he felt four pairs of arms around him, his friends embracing him tightly. “Dude! Thanks for telling us,” John said with a smile.

Alex blinked. “Huh? You guys… You’re not freaked out?”

“Why would we be freaked out?” Hercules asked. “You’re our friend, man! We love you!” He ruffled his hair.

“We’re honored that you trust us enough to tell us,” Lafayette added, wrapping an arm around him. “Do you want us to keep it a secret?” he asked.

“Y-yeah, I’m not really ready to come out to the whole school yet…”

“Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us,” John assured, and they pulled him in for another hug. Alex smiled. He really did feel safe with them.

…Terrigenesis has befallen Stage 16. For four years, the SHIELD headquarters was home-first a Providence, then the Playground. The common area, laboratory, hallways, gym, locker rooms and director’s office were the sites of indelible memories both in front of and behind the camera-laughter and tears, early mornings and late evenings, friends made and lost. The Tuesday morning following production wrap, the set had been stripped down to the studs-the Playground ceased to be. The stage was a clean canvas. The bare flats and skeletal Framework became a cocoon. By Friday, the chrysalis was broken. Gone were the brick and mortar SSR elements, replaced by stainless steel and chrome designs unlike anything seen on the show-futuristic and clean, but cold and sterile. What had Stage 16 become?
—  AoS S5 preview from AoS S4 Declassified by Troy Benjamin

“Request from: @cartersbarnes

Hey bby. If you have the time, can I suggest a Bucky x Reader where the reader is on her period? Just pure fluff while Bucky tries to cheer her up because I’m suffering through the torture of mine atm and cramps are killing me lol.

Thanks so much! I love your fics btw :) ❤️”

Note: ahh fluffy Bucky is the best isn’t he? i kind of got carried away with this and focused more on what was distracting the reader from her situation. i hope thats okay. its kind of random but if you hate it, i can try again! but i hope you like it and feel better! .c

Bucky x Reader: Request

You were a groaning mess in your bedroom. You had a heating pad on your lower abdomen and it wasn’t helping at all. You curled up in a ball and heard a light knock on your bedroom door. “Y/N? Are you alright?” Bucky walked in, sitting at the edge of your bed. You looked at him and sighed. “My cycle decided to end my life today. You’ll have to go on without me.” Bucky chuckled and moved to sit beside you on your bed.

“Come here, doll.” You moved into Bucky’s arms, lying your head on his lap. His hand started to play with your hair, massaging your scalp gently. You hummed, closing your eyes. “Tell me something to cheer me up.” Bucky thought for a moment. He smiled when the memories of him asking you out flashed in his mind. “Remember when I asked you to be my girlfriend?“ You giggled and nodded your head, the memory still fresh in your mind. 


Bucky had avoided you the whole day that day. You had plans for a movie night, so you hoped he’d show his face soon so you could ask him what was going on. "Have any of you guys seen Bucky?” Everyone was sat around in the kitchen, eating lunch. Steve and Bucky were the only two missing. “No, I haven’t seen him.” Sam spoke up. Nat and Wanda nodded in agreement. Tony didn’t really care where Bucky would be so you left to go find him.

You checked the gym, the common room, literally every room in the tower and didn’t find him or Steve. Next thing you know, FRIDAY alerted you that Bucky wanted you up on the roof. You told her okay and you made your way up there. Why was he on the roof? What could he possibly be doing up there?

You opened the door and gasped, the whole floor of the tower was covered in red rose petals, your favorite flower. You looked around and spotted Bucky holding a bouquet of red roses. You blushed and walked towards him, smiling like an idiot. “Bucky! What is all of this?” He chuckled and handed you the bouqet of roses, which you happily took. “I wanted to ask you something.” He looked nervous, his hands running through his hair. 

You smelled the roses and looked up at him. “Well, go ahead.” You giggled as he stepped closer to you. “Well, Y/N, we’ve had this connection for a while. I really like you and I hope you like me the same way, or else what I’m about to ask you will be very awkward.” You both laughed and he grabbed one of your hands. “Y/N, you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met. You helped me realize I’m not the same as the winter soldier. You showed me that I’m worth being alive. You’re always here for me. Doll, will you be my girlfriend?”

You gasped and your heart started racing. “Bucky, oh my god. Yes! I will!” He laughed and picked you up in his arms, twirling you around. Your eyes filled with tears and he set you down, his face red from blush and a proud smile etched on his face. “I can’t believe I get to have you all to myself. I’m so lucky.” You giggled and pulled him in for a kiss. “I’m lucky.” He kissed you again and you felt something land on your head.

You looked up and Steve was standing on a stool behind you, sprinkling rose petals on you and Bucky. Steve laughed and hopped down when the petals were gone and hugged you and Bucky. “Congratulations, guys. Now, Bucky, you have to top this somehow when you propose one day.” You laughed and rolled your eyes at Steve. Bucky patted Steve’s shoulder. “I agree.” Bucky winked at you and you honestly have never been happier than you are right now.

-flashback over-

You sat up, feeling a whole lot better. You smiled and kissed Bucky’s cheek. “That was the best day ever.” Bucky gave you a small kiss on your forehead and held you close. “I agree.” You both laughed and you got up out of bed, holding your hand out for Bucky. “Let’s go watch a movie and cuddle. I don’t feel that bad anymore.” Bucky smirked and grabbed your hand. “I must be some sort of magician or something.” You snorted. “No, just my amazing boyfriend.”

Note: ahh omg im sorry if it sucked! again, i really focused on what cheered her up, not so much the cycle, haha. enjoy!! .c

anonymous asked:

As a bookworm, how do you think libraries and museums would function in solarpunk society?

I was just imagining the other day a library as the core of a community. In this case, it would be a much broader functioning space than just a traditional book library, but the idea is the same: resources are managed so that they can be effectively used by the collective of an entire community.

Features would include makerspaces, common rooms, public gyms, a library of things, computer labs, media centers, and, of course, books. It’d be, as much as possible, 24/7, and would probably also be a good place to have a hostel for visitors from out of town. 

Museums are a more complicated idea, because they often rely on things that are fundamentally about scarcity, like old art. I have no thoughts that spring to mind, except tons of affection for museums in my personal experience, and a solid sense of queasiness about things like the British Museum’s centuries of theft and cultural destructiveness.

Day 243: A Cuppa for Medic

Fluffy? I can do fluffy! Enjoy @pir8kng!

“Hey, Doc!” Scout bounded into the infirmary, fresh of his morning run. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and everything felt right with the world. Right now, the only thing missing was one workaholic doctor who was just begging to be dragged outside for a quick roll in the hay.

The literal stuff.

For some reason Soldier had requisitioned about twenty bales. Go figure.

“Medic?” He called out again when there was no answer.

Soft cooing came from the far side of the room, and Scout stepped around the examination table to see the dovecot still filled with its occupants. Archimedes poked his little white head out through the chicken wire, his feet scratching against the door in a bid for freedom. As he approached the coop, Scout saw that the feeding pan was empty and the water nearly dry. It wasn’t like Medic. Normally by now the birds would be in the rafters, just waiting for any unsuspecting merc who was still stupid enough to let themselves be opened on the table.

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House of Memories

Something I wrote awhile ago based on a prompt I had where Peggy became Tony’s mother after a one night stand with Howard, but was raised as Howard and Maria’s son.  Tony constantly brings Peggy up around the other Avengers, especially Steve, and Steve doesn’t take it well.

Part One.  Unbeta’d

It wasn’t something Peggy regretted, but she regretted how it happened.

She regretted that her job wouldn’t let her be with her little boy the way a parent should be there for their child.  She regretted the times that the boy was brought into–where having a child out of wedlock would most likely damage her position in the career she’d fought so hard for.  She regretted that she took out her grief with sex and alcohol, instead of in a more positive fashion.  She regretted that it was with Howard of all people, but it was just one of those nights, and there were very few things to do on one of those nights.

So they fell into bed together.  Just once, only once, but once was enough.

And while she knew she could keep the baby, she knew it wasn’t right.  With no husband and nowhere near the funds that Howard had, she knew the child wouldn’t grow up right, wouldn’t grow up properly.

And perhaps that was a mistake on her part–she knew Howard, knew him as one friend knew another friend, but how could she have known who the man was behind closed doors?

At least the boy had Jarvis.  Thank God for Jarvis.  

But, when she held her child in her arms for the first time, staring into his soft brown eyes, how could she have felt regret?

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Why Team Instinct makes me Smile
  • Team Mystic: Most of our gyms are common tourist attractions, so lots of people come to challenge them.
  • Team Valor: Most of our gyms are places where people with political power work, so you might run into a congressman or senator.
  • Team Instinct: One of our gyms is an obscure tree in an obscure park, and once we saw a grown man in a business casual suit break down in tears trying to claim it for his team.