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Hi! So I was wondering if you could draw locus pinning Felix down? Thanks <3

…wait what kind of pinning down did you mean the i-just-beat-you-in-a-spar pin or a in-about-five-seconds-we’re-gonna-start-making-out-pin

okay both then

Why Team Instinct makes me Smile
  • Team Mystic: Most of our gyms are common tourist attractions, so lots of people come to challenge them.
  • Team Valor: Most of our gyms are places where people with political power work, so you might run into a congressman or senator.
  • Team Instinct: One of our gyms is an obscure tree in an obscure park, and once we saw a grown man in a business casual suit break down in tears trying to claim it for his team.
Things I’d like to see in future updates for Pokémon GO:

-Pokémon Centers. Make them about as common as gyms, but spread apart, so that you can save on items from battling. 

-More Pokéstops in suburban and rural areas.

-Special incense to catch the legendary trio birds (at a certain level). Like a chilly incense, cloudy incense, and warm incense to lure out Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres respectively when you’ve reached a certain level. Maybe make this an event?

-More items available in the shop. (i.e. add Great/Ultra balls, new items like different types of incense that attract specific types like bug, ground, flying, etc., repels that repel common Pokémon away like Rattata and Weedle)

-Items like coupons at stops that you can redeem for items of your choice in the shop.

-Bicycle. So that if you’re riding in a car, the gps tracker for steps can pick up at higher speeds and count towards hatching eggs. 

-Friend adding/friends list

-Trading/battling among friends

-Some sort of breeding system for producing eggs of your own

I’ll add more when I think of it.