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Norinco AK47S

Chinese made AK variant that was imported into the U.S for a short period of time before being banned. Different importers often marked the same model rifle with different names which can cause some confusion. Commonly known as the Spiker because of it’s bayonet, there is a small possibility that they may end up returning to the U.S market if the ban on Chinese made firearms and ammunition is lifted. Although the AR-15 is America’s modern day gun of choice, the AK platform is just as prolific. (GRH)

What is the Higher Self?

Just today alone, I’ve answered three asks/fanmails that were talking about the Higher Self and what exactly it is. I think the Source is trying to tell me something. It’s a commonly confused subject, since the Higher Self isn’t the spirit that travels outside of our body (consciously or subconsciously). I’ve tried to form the best explanation I can gather, with the help of some of my spiritual comrades too, and I’d be more than willing to add to this with input from anyone. 

Let’s do this in question format, since that’s the easiest to format! 

When I travel outside my body and I’m not aware of it, is that my Higher Self?

In this case, it isn’t your Higher Self that’s causing you to travel. This is your spirit just in another plane/dimension, that you consciously, as a spirit, chose to travel to. We can all exist in many dimensions at once, which I’ll explain in more detail below. Your Higher Self never leaves your internal being, but instead travels as a self inside yourself in all the ways you exist and every will exist. The Higher Self travels with you, as the internal intuitive force/Source connection, but is not the consciousness choosing to travel. 

Then what is the Higher Self if it can’t leave my being?

The Higher Self is something that every spiritual being and human soul has. It is an aspect of ourselves that is within the very center of our spiritual being, and is our intuitive guide. In a way, it’s the personification that we mentally create to communicate with the Source-aligned center of our being. The Higher Self is pure divinity, truly our “highest self.” The Higher Self will never do harm, since the Higher Self is our mental interpretation of the pure Source energy within us all. The Higher Self is our True Self, completely free of ego and attachment, but translated through our mental personification. The True Self can’t be mentally interpreted, since Source energy is too much for the mind to directly comprehend, so our minds and spiritual consciousness translate this True Self into something more mentally palatable: the Higher Self.

How can I communicate with my Higher Self?

The Higher Self is best reached through meditation, specifically ones that call for aligning with the Universe Within/the Source inside your spirit. Often, this translates easiest, in the everyday, as a pure and strong intuition. The kind that’s strong enough to prevent you from harm when there are no logical signs, but you just know you’ll be harmed if you don’t listen to your intuition. Or the intuition that steers your towards your best and highest purpose and reminds you “hey, maybe you shouldn’t do _____ because it’s going to harm you in the long run.” Intuition, and listening closely to it until you can clearly discern your intuitive voice from anything mental or egoic, is a great gateway towards communicating with your Higher Self. 

Is my Higher Self another being that isn’t “me?” 

Nope! The Higher Self is as much you as your every thought, in fact, it’s more you than thought (since thought is in the mind). The Higher Self is your truest and brightest form. The “healer within,” the “universe within,” “inner god(dess),” the “all you are.” These are all names for the Higher Self. Communication with this Self just means deeply listening to that pure voice inside yourself. The Higher Self will always communicate what is in your best and highest interest, and you will know that very deeply, since it takes a lot of dedicated meditation and energy work to really get to know your Higher Self. Talking to your Higher Self is basically talking to the personification of your Life’s Purpose/Dharma. The Higher Self will perfectly align you to who you are meant to be and what you are meant to do. The Higher Self has no purpose traveling outside of your being, since it is you (and you can’t travel outside of your spirit) and, even if this was possible, there would be no purpose to it. The Higher Self is for your own personal guidance and alignment to the Source, not for communicating with other beings–your consciousness is for that (whether you mentally remember it or not). The Higher Self totally accepts who you are, where you are on your journey, and everyone in your life. The Higher Self is totally open to emotion and experience, understanding that sadness, grief, anger, fear, joy, love, completeness, and acceptance are all divine emotional experiences that can be experienced with total compassion. The Higher Self brings compassion into emotion: in a way, your Higher Self is your heart. Your deepest, most loving, most open, Self. 

I don’t understand how I can spiritually travel if I don’t have another self. How does this happen? 

Since the Higher Self is an internal part of one’s spirit, not the spirit that goes out subconsciously and interacts with people and beings and stuff, it is not the you that can travel. It is a part of yourself that you can be conscious of in all travels, but not the part of you that does the traveling. When you access your Higher Self, you do so through conscious intention, and you will always consciously feel the guidance (or at least the rise of an intuitive reaction!). This interaction will always align you with your dharma/life’s purpose, and will never do harm or close you off from pure compassion. It’s a common belief to think the Higher Self is one’s spirit outside of their physical consciousness, but this is a misunderstanding. It’s easy to see how this is a hard thing to figure out, though! Terms are really tricky, and it took me a long time to make sense of this concept. (And now I’m doing my best to explain and hopefully provide a bit of clarity). 

When you get to a certain point (like 3-6 years of spiritual work), you’ll usually start being conscious of what your spirit does in higher planes, but most people are subconsciously traveling higher planes, not mentally aware of what their spirit does (if you were completely aware, your mind would have to comprehend all memories from shards, all dimensions you’re in, etc etc). You can easily be in multiple planes at once, but reflecting these multiple existences into one consciousness (the human mind) is incredibly overwhelming. 

Sometimes, most commonly, people will experience their subconscious or higher plane travel through dreams or meditation. This is just you in a different plane, out of your body, like spiritually projecting. All spirits are multi-dimensional beings, and can travel with or without a body. The mind just rarely comprehends most, if any, travel outside of what the mind intends to do (conscious travel). Think of an analogy to dreaming–you always dream during a night’s sleep, but your mind doesn’t always remember your dream travels. They still happened, but all your dreams are sometimes too much for your mind to comprehend, or unneeded information, so the mind doesn’t hold onto it. We only witness, mentally, what we need to for our role in this body with this mind. Our whole spiritual experience can’t be comprehended through our mind, so our travels are often not “recorded” mentally for us (though they are recorded in our personal Akashic field). 

This traveling is still wholly us, though. The Higher Self never travels, since it’s the internal connection to the Source that is within us all. The more integrated and aware of this Intuitive or Higher Self, the more Source-aligned a person is. The more bright and unconditionally loving they are as a result. Spirits can do harm, like during subconscious or conscious traveling, but the Higher Self will never ever do harm. In beings that harm others, they are disconnected from the presence of their Source self, their Higher Self, not reacting as their Higher Self, which is what most people believe the Higher Self does–acts as a spiritual being. The Higher Self is really just an internal guide. 

During spiritual travel, we can (and always do) exist in multiple places at once (like when astrally or spiritually traveling, you’ll be aware of both your body and astral self; you’re multidimensional, yet still one self). Only someone who views you will interpret you as a separate self spiritually, astrally, physically, etc; despite you actually being all one conscious self, just viewed in different states. It is difficult to comprehend the idea of multidimensionality, since thinking of yourself as one being in many states is an odd (and not commonplace) concept. When your spirit acts without you knowing, you’re still conscious of it (and can return to the memories, know what you did if someone says you did something, etc), but you just can’t always remember it when it happens, since not all that information is comprehensible to the mind instantaneously. All the acts of our spirit are still accessible, we just have to intuit it consciously, to tell our minds to perceive something specific. 

I hope this all makes some sort of sense! I tried to make this as in-depth as possible, for such a philosophical and esoteric topic. 

Ok, sit down I’m gonna tell you a story.

There are demons, and there are demons.

Demons #1 are the things that cause mischief and are used as scapegoats by humans. They’re pretty close to our dimension, and can lap over and are commonly confused with strong poltergeists. These guys don’t like holy water or religious energy, because it butts heads with their energy and their vibrations can’t support them on this plane, thus they go back to their dimension when exorcised. Exorcism is quite literally causing an explosion of a ton of energy, resulting in breaking that connection between dimensions. They’re what hold demon types such as incubus and succubus, and are pretty similar to earthly sexes. They may dwell in a hot place. These guys are so close to this dimension, they may share religious with us. So, if you’ve got a christian demon #1, throw a cross at that guy and it’s gonna screech and run for the hills. They’re ruled by something to the equivalent of Satan from what I hear from demonkin friends.

As for kin traits, these guys might like soul stuff and spicy stuff. Their style might be red, or black, or scaly, or etc, but they might have rather humanoid attributes, and might be super comfortable fitting up to the demons humans portray! They may have that mischievous side, and might have a slight beef with angelkin, depending on your religion standpoint.

Demons #2 are otherworldly beings that inspire demons #1 a lot due to humans inability to differentiate (don’t blame them). They can also visit this dimension, but they’re further away and don’t do it quite as often, and tend to get stuck here when they do. An example of one is black shucks. These guys vary on friendliness just as earth creatures do, so the mischievous/mean ones are genuinely just little shits doing it for kicks, hence why the two entities are commonly misconstrued. Their religions and languages and species is entirely different. They have four sexes; malen (mawl-en), femen (feh-men), chromos (kroh-mohs), and zemos (seh-mohs). They’re very animalistic, meaning that if you saw them, you would describe it as a beast, and not a humanoid creature. They are predominantly “ruled” by a big black fuzzy horned thing that is a fifth sex and is moreover a grumpy old butt. Not anything to be feared, though.

These guys are very fluid on presentation, so they are a typically a very vague form, and can fluctuate between how they feel. In fact, they can usually adapt to the species they are talking to. These guys can get pretty humanoid looking if they so desire. They don’t possess inhabitants of this world, but they have different abilities, as you might expect. Hellhounds can fall between either category, depending on how said hellhound behaves and looks, of course.

As for kin traits, we frickin LOVE chocolate and sweet stuff. I joke and say that’s why devil’s food cake is chocolate, because Big Black Fuzzy Horned Thing (my dad, lol) loves chocolate like you wouldn’t believe. They may be fluctuant or indecisive of what their kintype looks like, because as said, these guys are really fluid on appearance. They might be on the darker, spookier, vaguer side (multicolored strong bipedal horned fanged winged thing compared to black dog with millions of red eyes) as far as appearance, and Big Black Fuzzy Horned Thing‘s face looks a little like this when it’s trying its hardest to be humanoid.

The two overlap a lot, so it’s pretty tricky differentiating them, even if you are one, heheh. Don’t stress too much over it.


fun fact: people commonly confuse jealousy with envy, technically in this imagine it should say envy, I just didn’t want to confuse you guys soooo


Formosan Mountain Dog

“The Formosan Mountain Dog (or Formosan) is a breed or landrace of small or medium dog indigenous toTaiwan. These dogs are also known as Taiwanese Dog/Canis (Chinese: 台灣犬), Taiwanese Native Dog(Chinese: 台灣土狗) or Takasago Dog (Chinese: 高砂犬). They are well-adapted to the uneven and thicklyforested terrain of Taiwan, having become a semi-wild breed prior to the arrival of several colonial reigns andforeign powers. Notwithstanding these adaptations, Formosans retained the potential to be trained, and arenow used as hunting dogs, guard dogs, stunt dogs, rescue dogs, or simply as companions.[1][2] Formosans areclassified into one medium type and two small types.[3] However, now the pureblood Formosan Mountain Dogis still close to extinction due to limited conservation efforts of the Taiwanese and their government. Native Dog(Chinese: 土狗) is the common name in Taiwan nowadays to indicate that the dog is an offspring of Formosanwith foreign dogs, it is commonly confused with Taiwan Native Dog (Chinese: 台灣土狗).”

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coming out

as i was sick today, i spent a lot of time watching youtube videos, mostly transition videos and coming out videos bc those make me really happy, and i realized that i’ve never made an official coming out post !!

so now here it is, me coming out to all of you ! in two senses of the term ✩

the first coming out bit deal with my romantic and sexual orientation !! i identify as panromantic and pansexual. this has several definitions, such as liking someone for their personality and not really having a preference to their gender, or just seeing their soul and not their physical presence. the definition i identify with is simply that i feel attraction to all (therefor, pan) genders !! this is commonly confused with biromantic/bisexual, which is defined as liking two or more genders, but is separated from pan in that biromantic/bisexual people are not necessarily attracted to all genders such as pan people are !!

the second coming out feels much more personal to me, and if you’ve been part of the adventure squad for awhile, you’ve gotten to see more of the process of this realization. i am a transgender demiboy. when i was born, i was assigned the gender “female” due to my body’s appearance. however, this assignment, as i’ve realized over the past year and a half, was incorrect. my gender is actually demiboy ! what this means is that i’m partially boy, partially nonbinary. for me, these percentages have developed into pretty non-fluctuant ratios: i am around 85% boy and 15% nonbinary. i am so so lucky to have such a supportive family and community around me, i feel every day so appreciative to be in such a positive and supportive place. thank you so much to you all for being supportive of me, using my correct names and pronouns, and being such fantastic people !! 

love you all very much,