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The Etiquette of Herb-Gathering

As a practicing Witch and small-scale herbalist, I often find that when I’m out and about I’m also absentmindedly on the lookout for any new, interesting or useful herb species that might help me in my practice. I even carry a small clean jam jar and a sharp penknife in my handbag at all times for if I spot a herb I just can’t resist and need to take a cutting of it for my collection back home. However, while I’m avidly seeking out roadside feverfew or happily snipping cuttings of a rare cultivar of lavender or sage, I’m always acutely aware of why I call the etiquette of herb-gathering.

These are a few simple rules by which I suggest all foraging Witches, alchemists and herbalists should abide that dictate the correct course of action for those who seek to collect herbs from places other than their own gardens. They are mostly fairly common-sense, but a few are ones that might be overlooked, but which can actually be of profound importance!

I will list the rules below, but bear in mind that it’s not like this is some onerous obligation that must be fulfilled, and nor is it some sort of “Witchcraft commandment” or infallible and unchanging list of sacred laws. These are a few things that I created for my own usage, and nobody else is under any obligation to use them. If you choose to do so, I’ll be thrilled; if you find a way to improve them, please do reblog this post with your corrections! 

The Etiquette of Herb-Gathering

  1. Remember that all plants are living things, and if you harvest them too severely, they will die. This seems obvious, but you’d be shocked how many people forget! This is especially important when what you’re harvesting is the plant’s leaves - always remember that leaves are how plants make their food, so leave enough of them to enable the plant to keep growing strongly.

  2. Never forget that you may not be the only one foraging. Make sure that, when you harvest a wild growth of a herb, there may be others in the area who would also like to harvest that plant. Take only a little from a lot of patches, rather than using only two or three patches, but taking almost all of what is available at each one. This will not only ensure that other foragers can use that patch too, but will mean that when the patch regrows, you’ll know where to go back to in order to find it again instead of needing to hunt down a new patch each time.

  3. When foraging on another’s land, ask their permission first! This seems so straightforward, but sadly people forget that plants growing in other people’s gardens (yes, even their front lawn) are that person’s private property! Taking cuttings or fruits from plants on that property without the owner’s permission is legally theft, and can be punished just like shoplifting or stealing a bike from a railing. It also means that the owner will know that their plant is looking smaller because it’s been harvested, rather than them thinking it’s died or been eaten by some wild herbivore.

  4. Always cut stems at a diagonal angle. Never snip a stem so that it forms a circular, blunted end, because this can allow rainwater to build up on the surface of the cut. This rainwater can trap fungal spores, and cause the plant to get a serious fungal infection that may damage or even kill that whole patch. Instead, cut the stems at a roughly 45° angle, so that water beads up and rolls off more easily. 

  5. When collecting flowers, remember that other people like to look at wildflowers. Never take ALL the flowers from any wild plant, both because it prevents that plant from reproducing as it naturally wants to do, and because it means others who walk past the plant don’t get to see it’s beautiful blooms! If you own the plant, that’s another matter - you may WANT to snip off all flowers to prevent it from bolting, like with parsley. However, with wildflowers, always leave at least half the flowers on the plant so that it can continue to reproduce as nature intended.

  6. Never pick a plant you can’t identify with total certainty. Yet another seemingly-obvious one that is nevertheless often ignored. This is often quoted for fungi, because some fungi can be quite poisonous, but if anything it’s even worse for plants. The medicinally fabulous plant known as yarrow, Achillea millefolia, is a very useful plant and a common component of herbal medicines. However, it looks almost identical to spotted water-hemlock, a species of plant so deadly that one bite can kill you in 20 minutes. Make completely certain that all plants you collect are positively identified, and that you flag all plants with commonly-confused poisonous cousins for further identification later if you’re not 100% sure.

  7. Never harvest flowers from plants around beehives. Bees are one of the most important families in the natural world, being responsible for the pollination of tens of thousands of species of flowering plants all over the world and on every forested continent. Whilst most species of bees are solitary, and don’t form the large hives we assume are common to all bees, those that DO form vast colonies need similarly vast numbers of flowers to support themselves. When you come across a beehive, especially a boxed hive that’s clearly domesticated by humans, try to avoid harvesting any flowers from within 500 metres (about a third of a mile) around the hive(s). The hive needs all the nectar and pollen it can get, and due to the rising threat of colony collapse disorder the life of every single hive is a precious thing that must be preserved at all costs. It might be inconvenient for you, but it’s worth it.


These are just a few of the major rules that I personally suggest all foragers and herb-gatherers take to heart. Remember that you’re not the only Witch who needs their supplies! Thank you for reading :)

– Juniper


I see this mistake in fanfic all the time


Not influenced by considerations of personal advantage.

“They needed to choose a court that was disinterested from the case.”


Not interested

“She was completely uninterested in math class and nearly fell asleep.”


Reasons why I flinch when Jared is with G

(Spoiler alert: It’s not jealousy nor hate)

I never go looking for het blogs and Twitter accounts, but still their musings seem to reach me somehow. They quite commonly seem to be confused as to why us tinhats hate it when Jared and G are together, so I thought I might as well write down my comprehensive list of reasons why I personally feel distress in those situations. I will put this all under a cut, seeing as how I won’t be able to illustrate my post without some pictures of G.

Just a fair warning - these are my thoughts and feelings, so do not take them for a fact. It’s important that everyone comes to their own conclusions with the points that I present.

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I’ve been reading some fics and...

I’ve noticed some common mistakes with the uses of -ah and -yah at the end of names, so here’s a quick tip! (I’m Korean so this is just some basic knowledge.)

When you use (name)-Ah or (name)-Yah, its similar to saying “Hey, (Name)”. It calls attention to the person you are addressing.

You don’t add it every time their name is mentioned like you would use (name)-san or (name)-kun in Japanese.

Ex: Jimin-ah, did you eat yet?

Wrong ex: Jimin-ah ate lots of food.

Another mistake that I see commonly is the confusion of when to use ah and yah.

When a character’s name ends in a vowel, you use Yah

Ex: Yoongi-yah, Hobi-yah

When a character’s name ends in a consonant, you use Ah 

Ex: Namjoon-ah, Seokjin-ah

Last thing is that using ah and yah is informal language. You wouldn’t use it on someone older than you unless your age is considerably close.

Since Jungkook is 5 years younger than Seokjin, he wouldn’t call him “Seokjin-ah” he would call him “Seokjin-hyung”

Hope that made sense! happy writings~~!

You’re a Cutie



“Hello doll.”

“Uh, goo- I mean hi… Jerome.”

Jerome let out a chuckle as the pink cheeks of the girl stood to attention. The girl, Y/N, was looking towards her shoes as they turned in shying away from the cocky ginger that stood in front of her.

“You are way to shy for a girl as pretty as you.” he commented as he forcibly looped arms with Y/N and started dragging her along the street littered with the rich, homeless and the ones in-between. She remained tense as her legs dragged along and her enlarging eyes started at Jerome’s determined and chipper smile.

“I wouldn’t say I’m pretty Jerome.”

“Well, if you won’t say it than I will.”

“…Uh, Jerome, were are we going?” Y/N asked nervously as she started to linger behind him his fast strides making it hard to keep up. Jerome let out a small chuckle at the girl that had taken multiple one sided conversations to get a ‘hi’ out of. He was proud thinking about how far he had come, and he was going to earn her trust.

“A place you’ll love, guarantee.”

“You sure?”


Y/N kept a emotionless face disregarding the cockiness in his voice as she got pulled down another street where he came to a almost comical halt.

Jerome flung a stiff hand towards a building with a devious, confident smile. The gesture caused Y/N to jump back and give a nervous smile before she noticed it was a cafe she commonly visited. Confused and worried she looked towards Jerome, “Jerome it isn’t open these hours on Sunday… So I’m just gonna go…” Y/N trailed off starting to shyly walk away from Jerome before Jerome slammed two hands beside her head stopping her movements, her body landing on the locked door of the cafe.

“You worry to much cutie,” he said one hand slithering down, unknowingly to Y/N revealing a key, “You act like I can’t manage to pull of a few strings.”

Y/N suddenly fell into the cafe, the door unlocked by Jerome who stood their with an amused smile as he stepped in and closed the door watching Y/N push herself up from the floor, “I managed to rent the place out for an hour, so you can do anything you want here with me, aren’t I amazing?”

Y/N ignored the last question with a present smile on her face as she looked around, pillows and blankets around the room with lights hanging from the ceiling, she couldn’t believe Jerome had done this (though he didn’t actually). She turned to Jerome with a grateful but reserved smile, “Thank you so much, this is so sweet I don’t know who you managed this!”

Jerome smiled before grabbing a tray of cupcakes, “Wanna cupcake?”

Y/N laughed and nodded waiting for the tray to come within reach only for it to be pulled further back, “I wanna kiss first doll.”

Y/N nearly choked on air and her face blew up red, she took a step back and shook her head, “What? No! I’m not gonna kiss you.”

Jerome frowned, “Why not?”

“Because, because… I don’t know.”



Jerome chuckled and leaned forwards leaving their faces very close to each other his eyes glinting with a usual sparkle it had, “Don’t worry sweet cheeks, I’ll handle it.”

Jerome quickly dove in for a kiss, Y/N’s eyes widened and didn’t move frozen in shock, when Jerome pulled back his smile a lot more dapper than usual, he pushed a cupcake towards Y/N’s face, one she didn’t grab still in pure shock.

“I…Uh, I -uhhh, umm, wha?”

Jerome chuckled looking at the Y/N’s bashful form, “Was I that good?”

“…You realise I know nothing about you Jerome?”

“Is that a problem cutie?”

“Should it be?”

“No, of course not.”

Why are social justice activists so obsessed with cultural appropriation?

The all-time favorite social justice activism is simply pointing at something and saying “that’s bad” then harassing and shaming anyone who likes the ‘bad’ thing, as it’s an easy way to claim activism without actually doing anything.

The original point of cultural appropriation is that when you take something that is of important cultural or religious relevance then dilute it into a fashion accessory, costume, or comedic value, it’s a great insult to the culture. The classic example is the war bonnets of plains native americans, which were supposed to be a sign of high honor among warriors, so non-natives wearing it as a fashion accessory is extremely demeaning and insulting to their culture.

However, social justice activists have bastardized it, like with many terms, to simply point at someone enjoying something foreign and say “that’s bad”. Also typically they are very quick to resort to talking over and silencing the culture and minorities they claim to be defending when they try to point out that their claims are inaccurate or even completely wrong. That’s a big red flag with people who claim to care about cultural appropriation right there, the fact that they’re so quick to try and shut up actual minorities who correct them.

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Commonly Confused Words


cathaoir — chair
cathair — city
ceathair — four

ceann — head, roof, end, one
céanna — same
cheana — already, previously

fear — man
féar — grass
fearr — better

fuair — got
fuar — cold

muinteoir — teacher
muintir — people

— or
— nor, neither
na is the article “the” in the plural and feminine singular genitive

post — job, post
pósta — married

— can mean he, it, or six

siúl — walk
súil — eye

Grammatical PSA

There are some mistakes I’ve been seeing pretty consistently in the (otherwise very good!) fanfiction I’ve been reading lately. And yes, I know, as a good descriptive linguist I shouldn’t make prescriptivist posts like this… but I’m also the daughter of a copy-editor who drilled standard usage very thoroughly into my head, so I can’t help wincing when I see certain things. Take or leave this information as you see fit.

Three commonly confused words: peak, peek, pique

I often see people using one of these homophones when they pretty clearly meant another. With some help from Merriam-Webster, here’s what each spelling means.

1. peak, noun: the top of a hill or mountain ending in a point; the highest level or greatest degree (as in “a singer at the peak of her popularity”).
peak, intransitive verb: to reach a maximum (as of capacity, value, or activity) —often used with out

2. peek, intransitive verb: to look briefly or furtively; to peer through a crack or hole or from a place of concealment.
peek, noun: a furtive or brief look.

3. pique, noun: a transient feeling of wounded vanity, most often used in the phrase “a fit of pique”
pique, transitive verb: to arouse anger and resentment in, irritate; OR to excite or arouse especially by a provocation, challenge, or rebuff (as in “to pique someone’s curiosity”)

to lie, to lay, and their forms

This one is probably even worse for me to hammer on, since I’m pretty sure this is a change in progress, with (previously) transitive to lay becoming the sole form in both transitive and intransitive uses. Nonetheless, as the change progresses, I’ve been seeing some confusion about past tense and past participle forms; and I’m pretty sure all standard usage guides still think there’s a distinction, so here are the paradigms.

lie, intransitive verb: to be or to stay at rest in a horizontal position; to assume a horizontal position —often used with down; to have sexual intercourse —used with with; (of an inanimate object) to be or remain in a flat or horizontal position upon a broad support
simple past tense: lay, as in “She lay down with an exhausted sigh”; “I lay awake half the night worrying”
past participle: lain, as in “I had just lain down to go to sleep when my cat started meowing that she was hungry”; “The gun had lain on the mantel for the whole play but wasn’t used until the last scene”

lay, transitive verb (i.e., must take a direct object): to put or set down (an object); to place for rest or sleep (“He lays the baby down for a nap every day at 2pm”; “We laid our grandmother to rest on Sunday”); to dispose or spread over on a surface (“lay plaster”); to set in order or position (“lay the table”); to impose as a duty, burden, punishment, or reproach (“to lay the blame on someone”); to bring to a specified condition (as in “lay waste the land”)
simple past tense: laid, as in “I laid the books on the table”; “She laid her head on the pillow”
past participle: laid, as in “I had just come in and laid my groceries down when the phone rang”; “He had laid the knife on the stove, which I thought was a really stupid place to put it”

Grand Writing Masterpost

All the links are exactly the same as before, just condensed a lot.

I spent a long time putting this together so any likes and reblogs are appreciated. 

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  • How to: Create the Best Plot for Your RP

  • How to: Spice Up Your Roleplay Plots

  • How to: Play the Greek Goddess ‘Harmonia’

  • How to: Roleplay In the Victorian Era [More 1]

Writing Tips Pt. 1 Commonly Confused Words

Affect & Effect
Affect (V): To change or make a difference to something.
Effect (N): A result.

Advice & Advise
Advice (N): A recommendation of a solution for a problem.
Advise (V): To recommend something.

Allowed & Aloud
Allowed (Verbal Noun) : To be permitted, “I am allowed.“
Aloud (Adv): Out loud.

A Long & Along
A Long (Adj): Describing something long.
Along (Verbal Noun): Moving or extending horizontally onwards.

Alter & Altar
Alter (V): To change something.
Altar (N): A sacred table in a church.

All Together & Altogether
All Together (Adv): All in one place, all at once.
Altogether (Adj/Adv): Completely; on the whole.

Aisle & Isle
Aisle (N): A passage between rows of seats.
Isle (N): An island.

Bear & Bare
Bear (V/N): To carry or put up with / a wild animal (a bear).
Bare (V/Adj): To uncover / naked or uncovered.

Brake & Break
Brake (N/V): A device to stop a vehicle / to stop a vehicle.
Break (V): To separate into pieces.

Bated & Baited
Bated (Adj): In great suspense “with bated breath.”
Baited (V): Baited with an object; to bait.  

Compliment & Complement
Compliment (N/V): To praise / A remark of admiration.
Complement (N): An addition that improves the original; two things that go together.

Defuse & Diffuse
Defuse (V): To make a situation less tense.
Diffuse (V): To spread over a large area.

Exercise & Exorcise
Exercise (V): To do physical activity.
Exorcise (V): To drive out an evil spirit.

Elicit & Illicit & Explicit
Elicit (V): To draw out a reply or reaction.
Illicit (N): Something not allowed by laws or rules.
Explicit (N): Something clearly explained.

Hoard & Horde
Hoard (V): To collect without throwing away anything.
Horde (N): A group of people or animals.

Insure & Ensure
Insure (V): To provide compensation in case of death or damage.
Ensure (V): To make that certain something will happen.

Imply & Infer
Imply (V): To suggest something indirectly.
Infer (V): To draw a conclusion of something.

Lose & Loose
Lose (V): To be deprived of.
Loose (V/Adj): To unfasten; to set free / something that is too large to fit an object, “my pants are too loose.“

Pedal & Peddle
Pedal (N): A foot-operated lever.
Peddle (V): To sell goods.

Practice & Practise
Practice (N): The use of an idea or method; “a dental practice.”
Practise (V): To do something repeatedly to gain skills.

Principal & Principle
Principal (N): The head figure of a school.
Principle (N): A fundamental rule or belief.

If I missed anything you think is important feel free to add it! I have more masterlists here!

anonymous asked:

Hello! Would you two mind doing a post on the differences between you / your types? I'm not quite sure whether I am myself an INTJ or an ENTP, so I'd be very interested to see that!

Hey !
Yes, ENTPs and INTJs are commonly confused with each other, so we totally understand.
Here’s the basics -

Dominant: Introverted Intuition
Auxilliary: Extraverted Thinking
Tertiary: Introverted Feeling
Inferior: Extraverted Sensing

Dominant: Extraverted Intuition
Auxiliary: Introverted Thinking
Tertiary: Extraverted Feeling
Inferior: Introverted Sensing

So the characters are basically just flipped.
Here’s what we have learned till now about our personality types -
They both can give off predatory vibes. Both are generally pretty darn logical, and inclined to think they are right (you must provide hard evidence that they are wrong)
Both types are considered emotionally unavailable or distant, which, we think is subjective and not exactly true for all INTJs/ENTPs.
ENTPs may make a lot of plans, and not follow through with them- not because they are inconsistent, but moves on to other things too quickly (we have a multitude of collaborative ideas, but almost nothing gets done actually). The INTJs are more “I’m doing it. I have everything meticulously planned” When they say they will do something, they’ll do it.
Of course, ENTPs are more intuitive and take decisions without much thought while that is not so with INTJs.
ENTP’s don’t have the attention span for long, complex schemes… sure they can MAKE ridiculously complex, masterminded schemes… but they wouldn’t be able to stay interested long enough to actually DO anything with them.

The INTJs are more likely to actually implement the plan because well, no one can procrastinate like the xNTPs, and definitely not the xNTJs.
Besides, ENTPs have a strong Ne while INTJs have a strong Ni. Which means that ENTPs create new ideas while INTJs connect existing ideas. Also, INTJs have single focus while that’s soooo not true for ENTPs.
Ne focuses on multiple concepts that exist within the same boundary and Ni focuses one a single concept that exists across multiple boundaries.
So yeah, those are the basic differences and similarities we have evidently noticed in our day to day lives.
Hope this helped you !

And here’s a bonus (original) conversation -

Us - Let’s make a long post when we hit 500 followers.
*Hits past 600 followers*

PS - Omg guys thank you so much for all the support we’re getting ! 600 followers is so overwhelming tbh. Keep looking forward to that long post we’re totally gonna do it.. eventually. - Entp mod


I just put together a bunch of master post and i hope you use it/like it.

Reading and writing:

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◦   Describing Skin Colors

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◦   Emotions Vocabulary

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◦   Be More Descriptive

◦   Describe a Character’s Look Well

◦   100 Words for Facial Expressions

◦   To Show and Not To Tell

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◦   List of Actions

◦   Tone, Feelings and Emotions

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◦   Alternatives to Said A little side note: ‘said’ is NOT dead. Use these alternatives carefully. If you use them too much they distract the reader from what the character is actually saying. Be wise alright, don’t clutter your story.

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◦   life tips for college

◦   life tips for lazy people

◦   99 life hacks to make your life easier

◦   the best career fits for your star sign

◦   Bunch of cool things

◦   chrome extension tells you which tab is playing music

◦   delete yourself from web services

◦   donate food to people who are hungry (disable ad block)

◦   fake tweet generator

◦   HD celebrity images 

◦   Play some online games like when we were kids

◦   prevent hangovers

◦   what font is that?

◦   working out master post

◦   how to download photoshop for mac for free

◦   how to download photoshop for pc for free

◦   Celebrities hq photos

◦   in depth tutorial on how to make a gif

◦   pretty much any photoshop tutorial you will ever need

◦   photoshop help (2) (3) (4)

◦   resources for photoshop


◦   movies for the nights you can’t sleep masterpost

◦   version of romeo and juliet that sounds hella rad

◦   pushing daisies

◦   2013 movies

◦   This masterpost has tons of games

◦   Find a new hobby!!

◦   Movies/tv shows masterpost

◦   Watch TV shows

◦   This masterpost is great too

◦   A list of movies with links

◦   A list of scary movies with recovery

◦   A list of teen movies

◦   Disney Channel Movies from 1998-2013

◦   One of the best movie selections

◦   The Masterpost of other master posts to movies/tv shows

◦   Stream/watch tvs or movies

◦   tumblr dedicated to find finding movies

◦   watch free movies/tv shows

◦   when to pee during a movie

◦   movie night masterpost

◦   british tv

◦   pushing daisies

◦   game of thrones

◦   supernatural

◦   sherlock

◦   merlin

◦   doctor who

◦   hannibal

◦   american horror story s1-3

◦   whose line is it anyway - !!!!!!

◦   foreign films

◦   studio ghibli films

◦   lesbian films

◦   disney channel films

◦   chick flicks

◦   horror films

◦   disney/pixar films

◦   broadway musicals


◦   mug cookie tutorial

◦   pastry folding 101

◦   tomato basil pasta

◦   mug recipes

◦   fruit roll ups

◦   desserts

◦   kawaii holiday cookies

◦   citrus gingerbread tree cookies

◦   gingerbread stars

◦   cookies

◦   candy meth

◦   apple pie in apple

◦   pretty cakes

◦   chocolate

◦   pumpkin spice everything dear lord

◦   pimp that snack

◦   grilled banana nutella sandwich

◦   smoothie

◦   Lots of recipes

◦   Cookie in a mug!!!!

◦   Brownie in a mug!!!!

◦   Many many snacks

◦   25 hot chocolate recipes

◦   Icing colors

◦   French bread pizza

◦   cute food things

◦   the science of chocolate chip cookies 

◦   cute raspberry chocolate thing

◦   pies

◦   icing colour reference

◦   25+ hot chocolate recipes

◦   chocolate cake

◦   lavender lemonade

◦   vegan recipes

◦   food hacks

◦   so many cookie recipes

◦   harry potter food

◦   mug recipes

◦   make cookies that look like allsorts sweets

◦   caramel apple nachos

◦   triple chocolate mousse cake

◦   party appetizers 

◦   brownie tart

◦   36 homemade popsicle/ice lolly recipes

◦   chocolate mousse in a chocolate cup

◦   pinata cookies

◦   dip dyed marshmallows

◦   more microwave mug recipes

◦   Yummy apple thing

◦   Brownie in a cup

◦   Cookie in a cup

◦   French bread pizza

◦   Egg tacos



◦   how to cover up tattoos

◦   game of thrones hairdos

◦   Easy makeup tips

◦   15 style tips from Michael Kors

◦   Fashion basics

◦   How to tuck non-skinny jeans into boots

◦   How to roll sleeves

◦   Quick and easy hairstyles

◦   Makeup masterpost

◦   Many many hairstyles

◦   Zoella videos

◦   Fashion vocabulary

◦   beauty tips

◦   homemade conditioners

◦   diys

◦   sugar scrub

◦   makeup tips masterpost

◦   spoons

◦   face lighting? idk

◦   burned paper nails

◦   diy crayola lipstick

◦   christmas tree nails

◦   kool aid lip stain

◦   eyeliner styles

◦   more eyeliner style things

◦   dry nail polish fast

◦   easy eyeliner tutorial

◦   spoon eye makeup

◦   what makeup suits you?

◦   makeup tricks

◦   eyeliner variations with tutorials

◦   amazing eyeliner ref 

◦   eyeliner ref chart #2

◦   eyeliner ref chart #3

◦   diy newspaper nails

◦   zoella’s everyday makeup routine

◦   bun tutorials

◦   braid tutorials

◦   dutch braid crown

◦   game of thrones hairstyles

◦   pin curls

◦   how to fishtail

◦   easy makeup tips

◦   eyeliner trick

◦   fashion guide/vocabulary

◦   makeup hacks

◦   Make up tips masterpost

◦   make up tips (more) (more) (more) (more) (more) (more)

◦   messy bun tutorial

◦   skirt types

◦   spoon tutorial

◦   winged eyeliner tutorial



◦   hiv morning after pill

◦   online hotline with chat

◦   How to be ok with yourself

◦   25 Resolutions

◦   Self confidence

◦   Self defense tips PLEASE READ THIS

◦   exercise like a superhero

◦   period cramps

◦   tone the lower stomach

◦   free condoms

◦   for sore throats

◦   Workouts at home: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

◦   Drink water!

◦   Fitness tips

◦   Clean up your diet

◦   ginger tea cider

◦   silky legs

◦   avacado face mask - for acne prone skin

◦   strawberry face mask - for acne prone skin

◦   tea for a sore throat

◦   tone your stomach, thighs and butt

◦   get fit - cardio, legs, butt, abs, arms and yoga positions

◦   10 best yoga positions

◦   10 things to do when you’re feeling shitty

◦   good advice from ser loras

◦   a confidence boost from the tenth doctor

◦   comfort box

◦   self harm recovery masterpost

◦   hotlines masterlist - inc. domestic/alcohol/drug abuse, suicide + lgbt 

◦   watch an actually funny cat video

◦   what to do when you feel like self harming

◦   click to donate to people who need it

◦   how to help a friend feeling suicidal 

◦   worried a friend is self harming?

◦   break something

◦   cut something (blood) (tw!!)

◦   get a hug

◦   play cute games

◦   Receive Compliments

◦   see something cute

◦   the thoughts room

◦   what to do when your friend is having a panic attack


◦   college survival masterpost

◦   survive finals

◦   college life hacks

◦   reminder

◦   Get homework help

◦   Maths problem solver: 1, 2

◦   Calculator

◦   Geography

◦   Learning how to study

◦   Flashcards

◦   Written? Kitten!

◦   How to pull and all-nighter and do well

◦   When should I go to sleep/wake up?

◦   Finals survival guide

◦   Alternative to Wikipedia

◦   Book Suggestions

◦   VERY useful websites (khan academy, tedtalks, etc)

◦   CrashCourse

◦   Study app (helps you manage time)

◦   Study tips video

◦   Learning a new language? (you can use this for any language)

◦   educational websites

◦   mit college courses

◦   create smart powerpoints in a different format

◦   how to structure an essay

◦   how to take an effective study break

◦   maths help

◦   learn anything

◦   self control - ban yourself from certain sites while studying

◦   check through writing, grammar and spelling editor 

◦   healthy study snacks

◦   googling effectively 

◦   microsoft world alternative

◦   solves any maths equation

◦   heaps of studying playlists

◦   look like you’re typing an essay

◦   free fonts

◦   loads of fonts

◦   language sites!

◦   more uncommon language sites - including afrikaans, gaelic and greek

◦   20 most common grammatical errors

◦   An already typed essay at your fingertips(type the subject and press random stuff and an essay forms)

◦   bibliography maker

◦   Didn’t listen in class?

◦   finals survival guide

◦   free microsoft word alternative

◦   homework help

◦   learn geography

◦   make flash cards

◦   math problem solver (2)

◦   Masterpost of writing software

◦   online ruler

◦   pull an all nighter but do well on your exam

◦   Stress Analyst

◦   when to go to sleep/wake up


◦   the best of whatever artist

◦   british bands

◦   arctic monkeys downloads

◦   find new bands

◦   make good music better

◦   how to make the perfect mix

◦   arctic monkeys b-side tracks

◦   what music should i listen to next?

◦   find the song you can’t remember the name of

◦   make a mix tape

◦   indie radio station

◦   free piano sheet music

◦   8tracks

◦   Convert Youtube videos to mp3: 1, 2

◦   Download 8tracks playlists

◦   Download videos



◦   like the sound of a coffee shop? (Proven to boost creativity)

◦   nature sounds (2)

◦   Coffee shop sounds

◦   Rain

◦   Nature sounds

◦   rain noises

◦   soundrown


◦   shoulders

◦   perspective

◦   noses

◦   paint tool sai

◦   Anatomy references (nsfw)

◦   Drawing hair

◦   Drawing hands

◦   Drawing braids

◦   How to color 

◦   Drawing folds

◦   Painting tutorial

◦   Tutorial masterpost

◦   Drawing faces

◦   Drawing heads

◦   How to draw literally anything

◦   How to draw ponies!!

◦   Drawing eyes

◦   mouths

◦   lots of tutorials

◦   lips

◦   get rid of art block

◦   drawing lips with the help of beans

◦   perspective thing in photoshop

◦   adobe creative suite


◦   combining fonts

◦   typography masterpost

◦   fonts

◦   more fonts

◦   even more fonts


◦   skirt sewing tutorials

◦   shoe names infographic

◦   visual coat glossary

◦   taking measurements

◦   visual skirt glossary

◦   dress necklines (other guides in caption)

◦   8 foot giant squid

◦   diy draped vest

◦   bra fitting

◦   men’s suit fit with bonus tom hiddleston

◦   make your own dress form

◦   clothing life hacks

◦   fix pilling


◦   swear in lots of languages

◦   learn to read korean

◦   why english is dumb

◦   language of the fan

◦   military sign language

◦   cuss in french

◦   nice words


◦   becoming an adult cheat sheet

◦   balancing a checkbook

◦   getting an apartment

◦   learn how to coupon

◦   how to get free therapy

◦   clean bathroom tips

◦   what to do when you can’t pay your bills

◦   learn time management skillz

◦   recipes that take 30 minutes or less

◦   see if you’re paying too much for your cell phone bill

◦   create a resume

◦   how to make a doctor’s appointment

◦   organize your closet

◦   find the right career

◦   a list of stress relievers

◦   how to pick a major

◦   how to take care of yourself when you’re sick

◦   things to bring to a doctor’s appointment

◦   what the hell is a mortgage?

◦   buying a used car

◦   how to pick a health insurance plan

◦   read the news

◦   leave your childhood traumas behind

◦   how to quit smoking

◦   a list of hotlines in a crisis

◦   what to expect from your first gynecologist appointment

◦   what to do if you get pulled over by a cop

◦   things to keep in your car in case of an emergency

◦   what to do if your pet gets lost

◦   removing stains from your carpet

◦   how to know if you’re eligible for food stamps

◦   throwing a dinner party

◦   i’m pregnant, now what?

◦   first aid tools to keep in your house

◦   how to keep a clean kitchen

◦   learning how to become independent from your parents

◦   job interview tips

◦   opening your first bank account

◦   what to do if you lose your wallet

◦   tips for cheap furniture

◦   easy ways to cut your spending

◦   selecting the right tires for your car

◦   taking out your first loan

◦   picking out the right credit card

◦   how to get out of parking tickets

◦   how to fix a leaky faucet

◦   get all of your news in one place

◦   getting rid of mice & rats in your house

◦   when to go to the e.r.

◦   buying your first home

◦   how to buy your first stocks

◦   guide to brewing coffee

◦   first apartment essentials checklist

◦   coping with a job you hate

◦   30 books to read before you’re 30

◦   what’s the deal with retirement?

◦   difference between insurances


◦   free shipping omg

◦   eyeshadow with funny names

◦   worldwide free shippin games

◦   worldwide free shippin clothes

◦   worldwide free shippin books

◦   worldwide free shippin cds and dvds

◦   worldwide free shipping cosmetics

◦   worldwide free shipping toys (you can find cool stuff here trust me)

◦   worldwide free shipping sex toys

◦   free shipping everything (like, literally everything)


◦   calm bottle/glitter jar

◦   pretty lace windows

◦   flower crown

◦   cool knots

◦   bracelet

◦   gifts in a jar

Computer things + Tumblr:

◦   hella lot of backgrounds

◦   hd space wallpapers

◦   Find themes: 1, 2, 3

◦   Make gifs: 1, 2 (from youtube video), 3

◦   XKit extension

◦   Missing e

◦   Check a website’s safety

◦   Themes/pixels/backgrounds

◦   Backgrounds: 1, 2

◦   How to make tumblr themes

◦   Postlimit checker 

◦   All audio posts you’ve reblogged

◦   Html help: 1, 2, 3, 4

◦   themes

◦   more themes

◦   snow code

◦   tumblr keyboard shortcuts

◦   deactivated theme

◦   airplane window textures

◦   emergency dashboard

◦   gif tutorials

◦   save audio posts

◦   anon hate

◦   all of the audio posts you’ve ever reblogged

◦   annoyed someone is asking you something they can find easily find them self?

◦   code for ask box 

◦   easy way to make masterposts

◦   falling snow code for your tumblr theme

◦   find a gif reaction

◦   how to make tumblr themes

◦   html help

◦   install updates tab on a tumblr theme (x) (x)

◦   kawaii emoji’s

◦   mass tag replacer

◦   popular tumblr extentions (x) (x) (x)

◦   post limit checker

◦   theme hunter

◦   tumblr theme hunters (x) (x)

◦   see problems with your blog/website

◦   see your old themes

◦   url shortener

◦   does the opposite of ^^^