Biology Career by Neia (Sims 4)

Add a new Biology Career with four tracks : Pharmacy, Clinical Research, Pharmaceutical Industry and Genetic

Biology - Common
Logic and Handiness
Energized and Focused

Level 1 : Sterile Services Technician (10§/h, 90§/d)
Level 2 : Laboratory Animal Keeper (15§/h, 135§/d)
Level 3 : Biomedical Equipment Technician (30§/h, 270§/d)
Level 4 : Biological Technician (45§/h, 405§/d)

Logic and Gardening

Level 5 : Biological Scientist (50§/h, 450§/d)
Level 6 : Bioinformatician (75§/h, 675§/d)
Level 7 : Medical Geneticist (100§/h, 900§/d)
Level 8 : Geneticist (200§/h, 1800§/d)
Level 9 : Molecular Geneticist (300§/h, 2400§/d)
Level 10 : Genetic Laboratory Director (400§/h, 3200§/d)

Logic and Charisma
Confident and Focused

Level 5 : Pharmacy Assistant (55§/h, 550§/d)
Level 6 : Medical Laboratory Scientist (70§/h, 560§/d)
Level 7 : Clinical Biologist (110§/h, 880§/d)
Level 8 : Hospital Pharmacist (200§/h, 1600§/d)
Level 9 : Pharmacy Technician (300§/h, 2700§/d)
Level 10 : Pharmacist (450§/h, 4950§/d)

Clinical Research
Logic and Programming
Focused and Confident

Level 5 : Medical Laboratory Technician (70§/h, 560§/d)
Level 6 : Clinical Research Assistant (85§/h, 595§/d)
Level 7 : Clinical Research Associate (115§/h, 805§/d)
Level 8 : Clinical Research Coordinator (190§/h, 1330§/d)
Level 9 : Principal Investigator (330§/h, 2310§/d)
Level 10 : Clinical Research Director (600§/h, 3600§/d)

Pharmaceutical Industry
Logic and Handiness
Focused and Confident

Level 5 : Pharmacy Assistant (60§/h, 600§/d)
Level 6 : Medical Laboratory Technician (70§/h, 700§/d)
Level 7 : Pharmaceutical Formulation Technician (90§/h, 900§/d)
Level 8 : Pharmaceutical Formulation Specialist (200§/h, 2000§/d)
Level 9 : Pharmacovigilance Scientist (290§/h, 2900§/d)
Level 10 : Pharmaceutical Group Director (450§/h, 4050§/d)

Languages available
English and French
If you are playing in another language, all the texts will appear in English.

Unzip it into your Mod folder and don’t forget to enable script mods (Game Options > Other)

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