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Anora Mac Tir

Queen Anora, daughter of Teryn Loghain, was never one to stay quietly in the background. It is common knowledge that in the five years Anora and Cailan held the throne together, she was wielding the power. In the period before his death, Anora was held in much higher esteem than her husband by the people of Ferelden, nobility and commoners alike, and commanded the respect of foreign nations, having once inspired Empress Celene of Orlais to declare, “Anora of Ferelden is a solitary rose among brambles.”

Preference #26 Renaissance (How You Meet)

A/N: As I’ve watched Reign and Once Upon A Time for inspiration to this series, there will be similarities. I’ve used relationships from both shows and scenarios to work off of. I really enjoyed writing this so hopefully you all enjoy reading it. :) 

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Your mother wanted a boy

So I remember finding @ominousdeer‘s compilation of Delilah’s battle lines when fighting Emily and something about this line stayed with me, so have my caffeine-lacking attempt at writing it out.

What, is that supposed to hurt me?

I’ve always known that, witch. 

Jessamine knew what being a woman on the throne was like, knew of the gossip and the sneers hiding behind common and noble hand alike that were sewn into the name Empress. She knew how the Isles were obsessed by her private affairs, while her father had kept his baseborn daughter in the Tower without comment no don’t think about her you can’t find her again

She also knew of the unrest that brewed under her young rule, after her father’s was so peaceful. She knew the tales of the last empress of the Olaskir line, murdered by insurrectionists from Morley after being unable to cull their rebellion. She knew how they whispered she was weak, too soft-hearted, too womanly.

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I’m tired
Tired of opportunists seeking opportunities to damage, diminish, dethrone individuals
Tired of constant critics claiming they this but their that
Weakened minds think alike
A common bond to shrink strong selective people
Wanting attention gets you mentioned but no Golden points
I’m tired of runners running mouths about others peoples faults but their own
Your self-esteem is low
Trying to make someone’s self esteem low for yours to get high makes you more low
Grow up!!!!
Your luck has run short, shining lights turn dark as your walk turns cold…..

-Nieemah Renee

Tywin Lannister: Your brother is dead. Do you know what that means? I’m not trying to trick you.

Tommen Baratheon: It means I’ll become king.

Tywin Lannister: Yes, you will become king. What kind of king do you think you will be?

Tommen Baratheon: A good king?

Tywin Lannister: I think so as well; you have the right temperament for it. But what makes a good king, hmm? What is a good king’s single most important quality?

Cersei Lannister: This is hardly the place or the time!

Tommen Baratheon: Holiness?

Tywin Lannister: Baelor the Blessed was holy and pious. He built this sept. He also named a six year old boy High Septon because he thought the boy could work miracles. He ended up fasting himself into an early grave because food was of this world and this world was sinful.

Tommen Baratheon: Justice?

Tywin Lannister: A good king must be just. Orys the First was just; everyone applauded his reforms, nobles and commoners alike, but he wasn’t just for long. He was murdered in his sleep after less than a year by his own brother. Was that truly just of him, to abandon his subjects to an evil that he was too gullible to recognize?

Tommen Baratheon: No. What about strength?

Tywin Lannister: Yes, strength. King Robert was strong; he won the rebellion and crushed the Targaryen dynasty. And he attended three Small Council meetings in seventeen years of ruling, and he spent his time whoring, hunting, and drinking until the last two killed him. So, we have a man who starves himself to death, a man who lets his own brother murder him and a man who thinks winning and ruling are the same thing. What do they all lack?

Tommen Baratheon: Wisdom?

Tywin Lannister: Yes!

Tommen Baratheon: Wisdom is what makes a good king.

Tywin Lannister: Yes. But what is wisdom? A house with great wealth and fertile lands asks you for your protection against another house with a strong navy that could one day oppose you. How do you know which choice is wise and which is not? Any experience of treasuries and granaries? Or shipyards and soldiers?

Tommen Baratheon: No.

Tywin Lannister: Of course not. A wise king knows what he knows and what he doesn’t. You’re young. A wise young king listens to his councilors and heeds their advice until he comes of age. And the wisest kings continue to listen to them long afterwards. Your brother was not a wise king. Your brother was not a good king. If he had been, he’d probably still be alive.

-”Game of Thrones”   

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no corvo is short and broad and emily is taller than him and also very buff. he does it ass though. it's easy for him cause he's short

this take is ice cold op sorry! corvo towers over nobles and commoners alike and has to incline his head slightly to get through some doors

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The castle had been carved out of the side of a great underwater canyon, the bottom of which served as a city for the region’s merfolk. It had great coral turrets and kelp and anemone gardens on the outside, hallways paved in mother-of-pearl and ceilings with vaults made of blue whale bones. And this was where the royalty of merfolk lived, and the gentry frequented, for merpeople have their castes too just as landfolk. But once a year, when the moon shines so bright in the sky above that it can be seen even in their deep city, there is a ball where all come to the palace, commoner and noble alike, and they are masked so that their may mingle without concern for class.

That’s the claim, anyway. In reality, of course, it is instantly apparent what station someone belongs to—the dress they can afford, their way of speaking, their mannerisms, and so on. The mask does nothing to disguise this. But it affords the illusion of it does, and thus both sides get to indulge in the fantasy of being seen for something they are not, and pretending to do the same for others. It keeps them happy, thus preventing runaways from the upper classes and revolutionaries from the lower ones.

For instance, it was pretty easy for everyone in said upper classes to recognize a certain pair of their peers. Both orcas from the waist down, being siblings, Fabian and Anne Marie had very different but very…distinct behaviors. Really, even if they’d covered their equally distinct hair, it’d had been a no brainer who was behind those ornate gold masks surely picked out by the former. But they themselves didn’t know a lot of the commoners here, who also likely did not know them. Again, the whole purpose of the party was for the social classes to mix, because they usually didn’t outside of commerce and employment relationships.

Someone really should have given the poor peasants some warning.

Anne Marie was swimming around, poking masks, pulling on costumes, openly blurting who people were. Remember that part about mannerisms marking the upper class? That did not apply here. Regardless of her birthright, Anne Marie a class of her own

Fabian, on the other fin, a more subdued form of scandal, but also far less innocent. He was currently working his sleazy charms on small school of wide-eyed mermaids who all thought this was their chance to be Cinderella at the ball and catch the eye of a man normally far beyond their reach. His fingers twined in their hair like seeking tentacles, or trailed up their tails like the slimy brush of seaweed as he cornered them against the palace columns.

Anne Marie just said hello with hugs, flinging her arms around perfect strangers with no warning.

Fabian had started on one side of the room. Anne Marie on the other. Little by little, without realizing it, they went through person after person towards the middle…until they both touched the same mermaid, each in their own way, at the same time.

And both immediately and painfully paralyzed as a result, helplessly floating in unconsciousness like dead goldfish in a bowl as the mermaid in question, a purple-skinned lass named Nayeli, blushed a deep aubergine of embarrassment.

“They should have asked…” she said as an explanation, “I could have warned them…”

For Nayeli’s bottom half…was a very venomous jellyfish.

Egyptian Faience Sistrum of the Goddess Hathor, Late 26th Dynasty c. 600-525 BC

In the form of a Hathor-head capital wearing a broad collar and striated wig bound in horizontal bands, uraei on her shoulders, the rattle above in the form of a naos supported on a cavetto cornice and containing on both sides a uraeus above a frieze of smaller uraei, the faces of Hathor each with finely delineated eyebrows and cosmetic line.

A sistrum is a percussive musical instrument that was played in ancient Iraq and Egypt. They were usually made of bronze and had a U-shaped frame with a few crossbars that had small metal rings on them. When shaken the small rings of thin metal on its movable crossbars produce a sound that can be from a soft clank to a loud jangling.

Hathor was an Ancient Egyptian goddess who personified the principles of joy, feminine love, and motherhood. She was one of the most important and popular deities throughout the history of Ancient Egypt. She was worshiped by Royalty and common people alike in whose tombs she is depicted as “Mistress of the West” welcoming the dead into the next life. In other roles she was a goddess of music, dance, foreign lands and fertility who helped women in childbirth, as well as the patron goddess of miners. She is commonly depicted as a cow goddess with horns in which is set a sun disk with a uraeus. Twin feathers are also sometimes shown in later periods as well as a menat necklace.


How ZITHER! came to be….

ZITHER! was once a household name in Orlais, playing for packed auditoriums of nobility and commoners alike. But then the Circles rebelled, his templar manager tried to kill him, and he’s frittered away all his gold drinking in a riverside tavern in Cumberland for the past two years, unable to get a gig. The Inquisition is his one chance at a comeback tour, and he’s going to grab it with both bejeweled hands.

Find out how the talented audio team at BioWare brought the larger-than-life musician-mage to Inquisition’s grand stage. Combining the sweet sounds of several guitars, plus a little fire and lightning, ZITHER! produces a sound like no other.

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Do you have a personal fanon of Daemon Blackrye I ?

Daemon is a weird character to speculate about because we’re never going to know him, but we kind of already know him?

“If either of you can be said to have a right to the Iron Throne, it must be Lord Stannis.”

Renly shrugged. “Tell me, what right did my brother Robert ever have to the Iron Throne?…..Robert won the throne with his warhammer.” he swept a hand across the campfires that burned from horizon to horizon. “Well, there is my claim, as good as Robert’s ever was.” (ACOK)

“Treason … is only a word. When two princes fight for a chair where only one may sit, great lords and common men alike must choose. And when the battle’s done, the victors will be hailed as loyal men and true, whilst those who were defeated will be known forevermore as traitors and rebels.” (TSS)


“It would seem that you are the one who has forgotten Stannis,” Catelyn said, more sharply than she’d intended.

“His claim, you mean?” Renly laughed. “Let us be blunt, my lady. Stannis would be an appalling king.” (ACOK, Catelyn II)

Why, lad? You ask me why? Because Daemon was the better man.” (TSS)


Small wonder the lords gather around him with such fervor, she thought, he is Robert come again. Renly was handsome as Robert had been handsome; long of limb and broad of shoulder, with the same coal-black hair, fine and straight, the same deep blue eyes, the same easy smile. (ACOK, Catelyn II)

“Daeron was spindly and round of shoulder, with a little belly that wobbled when he walked. Daemon stood straight and proud, and his stomach was flat and hard as an oaken shield.” (TSS)

And once you draw that comparison, it’s actually remarkable, how well we know this song:

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