The Denny’s rule book: A simple guide

Denny’s is your local, friendly diner open 24 hours a day every day of the year. A place to relax and enjoy a breakfast at any hour, a fulfilling lunch or delicious dinner. All are welcome at Denny’s, and it’s your safest location, provided you follow this very simple guide for the nightly hours.

  1. Never close your eyes in a Denny’s parking lot. 
  2. Walk calmly to the door; you will hear sounds. Do not look behind you.
  3. Always make sure the door closes behind you, unless it was already open when you arrived, in which case do not touch the door.
  4. Never sit at the table farthest from the front door. Your server will sometimes try to seat you there. Politely refuse and ask for another table.
  5. If you see a table with two salt-shakers, walk past it; that table is taken. Sit at the table directly across from it instead. 
  6. Eat your pancakes. Box any leftovers; it would be a shame to waste food. It might attract something.
  7. Do not, under any circumstance, look into the eyes of your own reflection in the bathroom.
  8. If your server’s eyes turn black, do not panic; order a coffee with extra cream. Do not ask for a refill. Do not stare.
  9. Think you recognize someone who just walked in? Best to ignore it. It’s probably not what it seems. They will proceed to sit at the table farthest from the door.
  10. If you are walking past a Denny’s and you see yourself sitting in the corner booth through the window, keep walking. Do not eat at Denny’s that night.
  11. Did you tip? You better double check. It’s only polite to leave a tip.
  12. Do not ask questions. They will Notice.

Your local Denny’s is the perfect place for a delicious meal at all hours of the day. Hope you enjoy your next visit to any Denny’s Diner!

Witch tip


By doing so you’re permanently harming the environment that you’re supposed to be worshipping and treating with respect.

“If working with salt please keep in mind that it is a natural desiccating agent, meaning it sucks out all of the water [therefore] it will kill your grass and destroy the surrounding soil, making it uninhabitable for plants and such.”

Why :) are :) boys :) never :) honest :) about :) their :) intentions

The best thing about The Emoji Movie’s Rotten Tomatoes score is that the single ‘positive’ review keeping it just barely above 0% isnt actually a normal review, its Common Sense Media which is a parents advisory site that rates films based on suitability for children

And said ‘review’, whilst rating it positively for being suitable for kids, goes out of its way to say that the film isnt really worth watching

"Cultural Appropriation"

Edit: This post/blog was in response to others that I’ve seen calling the use of another culture’s commonly used natural resources in witchcraft “cultural appropriation”. Don’t like it? That’s fine. But don’t go telling me I’m wrong based on your opinion and need to change or delete what I’ve expressed. Freedom of expression and opinion. Comment, yes. Tell me what my opinion should be, hell no. Stay in your lane.

The God and Goddess/Deities/Earth/Universe/Etc did not create all of these natural things and then go; “Okay.. You guys get these, you over there on this area only get to use these and you people here only use those there”. Sage, dirt, flowers, herbs etc are not ethnic\a person’s area of origin specific. Just be sure to use everything with respect and appreciation. Use only what you need and always try to give something back.

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Batfam as Tweets and Tumblr Shitposts™
  • Dick: Knowledge is knowing tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad
  • Steph: That was deep
  • Tim: Philosophy is wondering if that means ketchup is a smoothie
  • Steph: That was deeper
  • Jason: Common sense is knowing that ketchup isn't a damn smoothie YOU NASTY!
  • -------
  • Tim: What if trees cried because we started eating their fruit because their fruit is basically their babies. So every time we eat an apple or something, we're eating a tree baby
  • Damian: *Slowly backs away from the fruit bowl looking stricken*
  • Bruce: *Not looking up from his newspaper* we're eating their ovaries actually
  • --------
  • Jason: That feeling you get when you're angry
  • Dick: Anger
  • --------
  • Steph: Boys are so lucky to have boners to tell them when they're horny because girls are just like damn am I horny or am I hungry or am I bored I don't know I don't have a dick
  • --------
  • Jason: If I cut off my foot and like swing it at your head am I kicking or hitting you?
  • Tim: You'll most likely mentally scar me more than anything else
  • ---------
  • Dick: Carpe diem seize the day. Carpe noctem seize the night. Carpe natem seize the ass.
  • ---------
  • Jason: 80% exhaustion 10% sarcasm 20% don't care
  • Tim: That's 110%
  • Jason: 20% of me doesn't care
  • Tim: Should've seen that coming
  • ----------
  • Bruce: *Mary Poppins voice* okay children time to go
  • [Fifteen minutes later]
  • Bruce: *Batman voice* I said let's go
  • -----------
  • Alfred: Who ate all the cookies?
  • Dick: Ninjas
  • Alfred: I didn't see them
  • Dick: No one ever does
  • -----------
  • Bruce: *Calls up pizza place*

don’t romanticize basic rights 
it’s not attractive that a man is a feminist 
it’s not sexy that a man finally realizes the prejudice against women and how stupidly oppressed women are 
it’s common sense

Can we kill this idea that “fish only get as big as their container”? I’ve had not one, not two, nor even three, but FOUR separate customers ask me in the past two days why I won’t let them have a certain fish for their tank because “but he won’t get bigger than the tank!”

Maybe his outside won’t. But his insides will keep growing. He’ll be stunted and sickly, live a fraction of his life, and spend that whole fraction in agony because you didn’t want to get him the ten or twenty or seventy-five gallon he required.

It’s the equivalent of trying to cram your feet into size five shoes when you’re really a size eight. You can do it, but it’ll hurt like hell the entire time.

If I tell you that your fish is too big for the tank and you don’t want to upgrade to a bigger tank, I will not sell you that fish. I will sell you a fish that is an appropriate size for that tank. No discussion.

if you’re an adult on tumblr it’s so important for you to use common sense when it comes to interacting with kids. don’t follow kids if they’re uncomfortable with it. you are now schrödinger’s predator. that’s a hard thing to realize especially if you’re new to adulthood.

im not saying you should never speak to a child ever, because that’s… ridiculous. but you’re an adult now and you need to keep that in mind. when you’re speaking to a child, you are speaking to a child. if a kid starts a conversation with you, it’s ok to be friendly and talk to them, but keep it appropriate.

you MUST model appropriate behavior so that kids can spot INappropriate behavior easily and keep themselves safe.