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You’ll go through your entire life not knowing who you are but you’re not supposed to know, that’s the thing. You’re supposed to find someone who does.
—  ~Excerpts from a book I’ll never write

Asian common toad (Duttaphrynus melanostictus)

The Asian common toad is probably a complex of more than one toad species that is widely distributed in South and Southeast Asia. The species grows to about 20 cm long. The species breeds during the monsoons and their tadpoles are black. Young toads may be seen in large numbers after the monsoons.  Adults are terrestrial and may be found under ground cover such as rocks, leaf-litter, logs, and are also associated with human habitations. They have been noted to feed on a wide range of invertebrates including scorpions.

Photo credits: wiki, Lokionly, wiki

3rd - 8th Timeline

A few of us have been trying to put a timeline together since they actually did a a pretty good job planting things to make it confusing, but this is the best we could do based off of what they gave us.

Two options on this first part - Either Karlie’s family picked apples the 3rd and Kimby posted her farm pic on Twitter from the 3rd on the 4th OR they picked apples the 4th and Kimby posted that picture later that night. 

  • As for Karlie’s post about picking apples - She posted her picture on the 6th, and had initially captioned it with today, but then took that part out - fully making it seem like they picked apples on the 6th. Which is virtually impossible since Kimby posted about heading back to school on the 5th. Also in her video (when she baked the apple pie) she said they were there for the weekend (last time I checked Tuesday isn’t considered as part of the weekend), and she showed the shot of her family WITH Kimby in it. The only days they would have been able to pick apples were the 3rd or 4th, especially since Kimby left the 5th. So basically Karlie’s post was used as a diversion.

Taylor’s show was in Toronto the night of the 3rd (an hour plane ride to where Karlie was) so depending on what happened in my first point, she either picked Karlie up after her show and they went to LA OR they flew to LA sometime on the 4th. 

Selena’s party either happened the 4th or 5th in LA.

They then flew to Nashville either the 5th or 6th, and the picture of Taylor, Lily, and Martha was posted the 6th. Karlie most likely took this picture since we now know she wasn’t picking apples in NYC the 6th AND she was then MIA until the 8th. 

Lastly, Taylor was papped in NYC and Karlie was seen at Carnegie Hall the 7th. After they were done with their prior engagements, they most likely spent the rest of the night together, and then Taylor left for her show in Iowa the morning of the 8th. 

Ah and let’s not forget Josh posted a picture of Karlie on the 1st most likely in preparation for this. Typical latergram behavior from Josh before the girls are going to be together. 

The most telling part to me is that they were using all these distractions and diversions… You don’t do that if you’re just friends. Oh, and the fact that Taylor spent basically her entire break with Karlie and we didn’t get one picture of it. 

A Day To Remember//Sometimes You’re The Hammer, Sometimes You’re The Nail

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Don’t worry, it’ll be fine
It’s not your fault
We’ll be fine

Chapter 11 destroyed me, and I couldn’t help but draw a lil angsty bumblebee thing

you can also see the HD version here!