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Story-time with Sora and Noctis takes a weird turn. Noct may have competition for the title of Crown Prince of Napping!

Bonus time-jump panel in which Noctis takes his rightful place as the Naptime King:


top 15 rwby duos - as voted by my followers

#14. Blake Belladonna + Weiss Schnee

Jumps, Explained

So, going by the tags on my recent jump gifsets, the difference between jumps is apparently still a source of great bewilderment for some people. Now I could link you to some excellent posts on the topic, but since I am, as usual, an extra lil piece of dirt with too much work to do and a lifetime’s worth of procrastination, I’ve decided to put together my own layman’s guide to identifying figure skating jumps (stressed on the layman part).

First, here be a flowchart, since everybody loves flowcharts, right?

If the flowchart works as intended and you can now tell the jumps apart, great! If you need a bit more explanation and illustration, read on.

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About the Pins!

Been getting a few questions about them so I’ll do my best to answer the two most common ones.

Where can I get one?

They are premiering at Rose City Comic Con here in Portland NEXT weekend. Artist Alley table S-02 (I’ll be posting a map tomorrow). I will be there all three days so swing by my table to get one!

I’m not going to RCCC, will they be online?

Yes and no. Cosmo Kitty will be available in my Etsy shop after the convention but Rose Kitty may just be an exclusive. Depending on my remaining stock though I might make a limited number available online. We shall see :)

I am super excited about these, I’m glad to know some of you are too!

On the months my research team and I were allowed to live on Earth and observe their habitat I noted the following about human young:

- human young will turn anything into a weapon to mock battle their peers, broom sticks, straws, even their food

- when in large groups human young will display games of mock hunts against each other. The two most common being “tag” where one young will try to catch the other young acting as prey, and “mob” where all of the young will try to catch a single young who acts as the prey. This suggests an instinctive ability for both pack and solo hunting

- human young will often hone their stalking and hunting skills by hiding or attempting to sneak up on others and pouncing with loud sounds meant to intimidate and frighten. This is considered amusing for the attacker and victim  

- adult humans will often mock attack their young with their hands or objects to train the young to protect their vital areas and avoid injury. The young find this amusing and will quickly learn to train each other in this manner

- young humans will often attack and attach themselves to an older human’s legs, arms, or back, hanging on despite being dragged or carried while the adult human walks away. Both humans seems to find the experience entertaining 

- young humans are extremely territorial and will attempt to drive off others from food, toys, and areas they have claimed as theirs with physical and verbal attacks. Fortunately, most adult humans actively try to train this behavior out, insisting the young come to an agreement or share resources and territory. 

- young humans constantly search for new territory, dens, and resources. They will climb trees, shelving, anything they can reach. They will climb under and behind things. If there are no suitable hiding areas they will construct them out of blankets and cushions or any other available item. 

- young humans display a strong pack instinct, quickly forming social groups and defending their group against other groups. Often they will split their own group in order to mock battle each other in contests


- human young will beg for domesticated carnivores as companions, and if gifted with one will pack bond with it to an extreme point.

- human young will carry a toy and try to protect and nurture it as if the toy was their own young

- human young require constant stimulation in the form of games or information. They will constantly question things and can spend extraordinary amounts of time asking “why”, often while poking the subject in question

- human young will try to eat anything at least once. Anything. If it will fit into their mouth they will attempt to eat it. If it will not fit into their mouth they will lick it. 

-human young will voluntarily deprive themselves of oxygen to the point of unconsciousness in an attempt to trigger protective instincts in older humans so they get their way

- human young display great interest in mimicry, often dressing up as different professions, species, and objects. They also display great skill in mimicking the calls and body language of other species. 
      *Example: one human young had me quite concerned there was another Treawalbil in distress and I searched for quite some time before I discovered that the young was mimicking a Treawalbil distress trill with complete accuracy. 
     *Second Example: Human young have begun to wear wear “hats” with artificial crests similar to a Treawalbil and some have begun painting colorful patterns to their arms in imitation of our camouflage. 

- human young communicate constantly and spread information quickly not only among their own social group but other social groups as well.
    *Example: The human young who mimicked a Treawalbil distress trill taught their social group and soon I was surrounded by human young calling out in distress. This caused the Treawalbil researchers much anxiety so the adult humans suggested teaching the young other calls. The human young learned enough for basic communication at an astonishing rate, but then other social groups we had not taught began using the same calls as well. Even adult humans began using the calls to communicate with us without translators. 

- Young humans will gift beings and creatures they believe to be in their social group with handmade objects, interesting specimens they have collected, or food. Strangely enough, a being does not have to be human in order to belong to a human’s social group. 

Draco was protective of what was his, so when he saw a certain Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley trying to force what was his to ask someone on a date, he wasn’t happy. Not only that, but when Harry actually got up just to comply with what the two were telling him to do, he was practically furious- the wink Harry had given him as he passed wasn’t helping the situation either.

Draco had watched as Harry had slid in to a chair next to a pretty average looking girl and had begin to ask her about herself, as she was happily babbling on however, Draco was quick to get up and stalk over until he was hovering behind Harry. 

‘Potter, a word with you? Now.’ Harry’s shoulders had tensed ever so slightly before relaxing and he had let out a groan before climbing out of his chair and looking up to Draco. Unfortunately for him Draco had grown exponentially since after the war, and Harry had seemed to have shrunk in comparison. 

Draco lets out a low predatory growl, and Harry knew he was absolutely in for it, so instead of saying anything he began to walk out of the great hall, knowing Draco would be close behind after grabbing his bag and explaining why he was leaving so early to the rest of his housemates.

As soon as Draco is out of the large wooden doors, he stalks up to Harry and in one fluid movement he has him against one of the walls, their bodies flushed together and breath mingling in a hot flurry of lips and tongue. All too soon however Draco is moving away, leaving Harry breathless and flushed.

‘Mine, remember that Harry. Mine.’ Just to punctuate his words he leans down, hands purchasing against Harrys thighs and hoisting him up, leaving Harry to squeak and wrap his legs around his waist. He leans in ever so slowly, and with another whisper of ‘Mine.’ against the shell of his ear, he leans down and leaves a purple hickey sticking out against Harry’s adams apple.

Suffice to say, the next day for quidditch practice despite the heat Harry could be found wearing a turtleneck jumper and a blush on his cheeks whenever someone would ask him why he was wearing such a ridiculous piece of clothing when it was mid summer, both Ron and Hermione were curious as to why he would be wearing it too, but just shared a glance and stayed quiet about it.

Only after Gryffindor won the first quidditch tournament of the year did Draco truly get furious about the people surrounding Harry all the time, and even watched with a glower as the girl he dragged Harry away from pulls Harry in and kisses him hard, almost as possessively as Draco gives Harry kisses, and that stirred something in Draco.

Draco waits though, waits until he knows that Gryffindor and more will be watching. He knew that there would be a celebration of Gryffindor winning, so that’s exactly where he heads- straight to the Gryffindor common room, and of course he can get in because he knows it from all those times he and Harry sneaked in and out.

When he enters the common room, the atmosphere is bubbly until everything drops silent as he stalks further in to the room, until he’s stood in front of the fire, facing Harry. In a matter of moments, Harry is being pulled up by the chin and is being kissed, hard.

Laughter and cheers echo around the common room, until the two familiar voices of Ron and Hermione can be heard saying in unison- ‘What the hell?!’

Similarities Between Adjacent Signs

Aries and Taurus – The 1st and 2nd signs are both headstrong and self-assured. They don’t much rely on the help of others and they prefer to do things in their own way. Something that is common for these two is their unwillingness to take the advice of others. Taurus tends to already have their own ideas and a plan in mind, whereas Aries is more likely to prefer navigating situations based on their instinct.

Taurus and Gemini – The 2nd and 3rd signs of the Zodiac are united in their perceptive abilities. Both are carefully observant of their environment and they are constantly engaged with it. Taurus is sensually engaged, absorbing things like tactile and olfactory information with ease. Gemini tends toward mental engagement through sight and sound, they prefer to manipulate and experiment with their surroundings.

Gemini and Cancer – The 3rd and 4th signs tend toward moodiness. They’re both extremely volatile in their emotional nature and can run the gamut from extreme happiness to extreme depression. For Gemini this volatility can be generated internally from the constant inner monologue that they are subject to, and dark thought cycles can take hold rapidly because of that. Cancers are susceptible to atmospheric influences, and can easily take on the varying energies of their environment.

Cancer and Leo – The 4th and 5th signs are similar in that they’re both generous and giving of their time and energy despite also being needy of attention. The luminary signs take in a lot from others, and in turn are devoted and sincere to the people that they love. Cancer requires a lot of emotional care and nurturing, while doling it out in spades for those that they consider to be their family. Leo requires attention and positive regard while giving creativity and warm-heartedness.

Leo and Virgo – The 5th and 6th signs of the Zodiac possess a heightened level of self-criticism. They are much harder on themselves than any other pair in the Zodiac and constantly belittle and berate themselves internally. Virgo compares themselves to an imaginary ideal and so can never seem to measure up to their own expectations. Leo is extremely prideful and lives in constant fear of being unloved and unappreciated. They constantly wonder about their place in others’ lives and whether or not they’re welcome.

Virgo and Libra – The 6th and 7th signs are prone to idealism, and may at times have trouble seeing the world for what it actually is, rather than what it could be. Though they go about pursuing this idealism in different ways, it has an affect on all of their relationships. Virgo is prone to seeing the ways in which others can improve personally, and they are interested in the practical elevation of ideas. Libra is prone to seeing the ways in which society can improve, and they are interested in the theoretical elevation of ideas.

Libra and Scorpio – The 7th and 8th signs are united in their love of the study of psychology and human interaction. Both are observant and careful in their interactions with others in order to build their knowledge. Libra encourages others to open up and reveal themselves through their subtle mimicry of body language and friendly demeanor. Scorpio probes and questions in order to reveal others’ internal motivations and desires.

Scorpio and Sagittarius – The 8th and 9th signs are blunt and matter-of-fact. They have a tendency towards harsher language and not sugar-coating things when asked about their opinions. Scorpio knows that words can be twisted and misconstrued, and so seeks to avoid the hassle of clarification. Sagittarius often speaks without thinking of consequences or the feelings of others.

Sagittarius and Capricorn – The 9th and 10th signs are visionary and possess a good sense of humor. They both have grand goals in life. Sagittarius tends to be far-sighted and inherently believes in possibilities, they also have a joyful disposition that allows them to laugh in the face of adversity. Capricorn is similarly far-sighted, but with a more practical focus that is grounded in their own abilities. They possess a sardonic sense of humor that comes from a typically pessimistic worldview.

Capricorn and Aquarius – The 10th and 11th signs are subject to isolation and detachment. These signs are marginalized and often feel like outsiders. Aquarius is ostracized because of their contrary personality and their tendency toward eccentricity. Capricorn is ostracized because of their independent and solitary nature, and occasionally their elitist attitudes.

Aquarius and Pisces – The 11th and 12th signs are united in their devotion to humanitarianism. Both signs have a love for humanity and end up playing a special role in the rising tide of global culture. Pisces is a sign of spiritual service and emotional healing, they believe in using their compassionate nature to elevate the lives of the downtrodden. Aquarius is a sign of social service and societal healing, they believe in using their intellectual nature to elevate the lives of humanity as a whole.

Pisces and Aries – The 12th and 1st signs are both creative and hopeful. Both signs can free themselves from bondage and have an innate spirit that allows them to transcend adversity. Pisces uses its prismatic emotional quality as a constant tap for their creative potential. Their connection to greater spirituality allows them to perceive possibilities outside the realm of the physical world. Aries uses its experimental nature to boost its creative potential, and their connection to inner passion and drive allows them to retain buoyancy and maintain belief in themselves.

I’ve seen a lot of talk about Fenris and Anders being more similar than either of them realize, except for their political stances. But you know what, the more I think about their characterization the more I find myself realizing and appreciating their differences–particularly, in the one thing that’s supposedly their main similarity: being runaways and rebelling against oppression.

Anders is practically a born rebel. He was a rebel long before Justice, long before he was even an adult. More than a decade before the story of da2 starts he was just a frightened 12 year old who was dragged to the Circle in chains, and he responded to this by swimming across a lake and evading Templars for months. And he showed the devil’s persistence as he got older, escaping over and over even in the face of repeated failure. Not even being thrown into solitary for a year stopped him from escaping again once he got the chance. Not only does Anders seem uniquely suited to rebellion, he seems uncrushable, and practically incapable of sitting down and shutting up in the long term, even if it was save him a lot of anguish.

Fenris… is about the opposite. While we don’t know much about his early life, I highly doubt Danarius would have selected a rebellious slave to be his bodyguard (since, you know, a rebellious slave in this position might kill him). Leto almost definitely yearned for freedom for himself, but he was (according to World of Thedas) quiet and unassuming for the most part. He gained freedom for his family via the least rebellious route imaginable, on Danarius’s own terms. And the memory loss only enhanced that. For years, he thought of nothing but following orders. When he escape, it wasn’t even intentional on his part, and he was ready to go back to slaughtering on Danarius’s command in a heartbeat after months of freedom. Freedom was practically forced upon him. 

And I think this causes a bit of a disconnect in audience perception. He’s so angry when Hawke meets him, so certain of himself and his principles, so firm in his independence… or is he?

If you romance Anders, he says “You’re the best thing in my life, but there are things more important than my life.” And he means it. Anders, for all his emotional dependency on Hawke, has goals outside of Hawke and will make decisions (aka chantryboom and being a part the whole mage underground) in spite of them, even in a romance.

If you romance Fenris, he says, “Nothing could be worse than living without you.” On the friendship path before the final battle, he will say you are the only friend he has ever had. These lines sound… worrying to my ears. They don’t sound like the lines of an independent person with goals outside of Hawke. 

In fact, Fenris’s independence and resistance–after more than six years of freedom–crumbles in an instant if you tell him you won’t help him fight Danarius. He could fight, he could decide he’d rather die than be a slave again. Instead, he just bows his head and follows. 

But this is not to rag on Fenris, or call him weak. He’s had to go through a whole journey to achieve the ability to be angry, and to fight back. It’s a pretty damn good plot, and it means he has a different kind of strength to grow your own wings like that instead of starting out with them. But my point is the contrast.

Anders lives and breathes freedom and independence; Fenris barely made it to this point. Anders rebels; Fenris survives. They both have a whole set of differences in character that run deeper than their political beliefs, and honestly this post just is talking about ONE of those differences.

family dynamics + parenting

Warning: Long post!

There are several ways to look at how you can parent your child in astrology. This post will mainly focus on influences in the Houses, rather than the planets, even though the rest of your chart is very important to look at.

You may have interceptions in your Houses, to where these descriptions will not apply. If that is the case, then the descriptions below will be altered in a sense that there is an imbalance in a certain sign, and with the imbalance, there can be trouble or talent. Asking an astrologer to analyze those Houses will give you a better idea.

If you look at the signs ruling over each house, you will find that the sign at the 4th House will be opposing the sign at the 10th House, and will also neighbor the sign at 5th House. The sign at the 5th House will be inconjunct to the sign at 10th House, which will combine common elements between the two signs either harmoniously or disharmoniously, depending how you choose to channel that energy. The conflicting energies from the 5th and 10th House can also show the choices and factors that can play whether you want to have children or not at all. It is however, entirely possible to work with both energies.

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Friendly reminder: the adjective agender has two common definitions:

(i) having no gender
(ii) having a neutral gender

Some agender people fit only definition (i), some fit only definition (ii), and some fit both (i) and (ii), just at different times. 

There are multiple labels available to describe these identities.

There is more than one way to be agender.

steve harrington x reader • to keep and be kept

Summary: Dustin is a man on a mission, Steve’s acting weird and you’re just along for the ride.

Word Count: 1900+

Requested By: Anonymous - Could you do one where your Dustin’s older sister and Dustin makes up a lie that you’re getting back together with your ex to force Steve to make a move because he’s sick of your flirting??

Warnings: Dustin being everyone’s favourite little shit, some language.

Notes: Life got hectic following this request so it took a while but here it is!! Hope y’all enjoy it!

Also thanks to everyone for the response on the last two imagines, y’all are great and I love you!!

Requests are OPEN!

Originally posted by stydiaislove

It all started when Dustin adopted Steve as his big brother. Or when Steve adopted Dustin as his little brother. Honestly, you weren’t really sure how the two ended up fighting off demodogs together, or how this resulted in Steve driving Dustin to the Snow Ball, but you weren’t complaining about that; it saved you from having to drive your little brother to the dance, after all.

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For post 3000, I thought it would be nice to finally finish the bigender comic I’ve been working on since… before I started this blog. So here it is!


Panel 1: Round smiley face that’s green on the right side and purple on the left. To the right is another face with irregular patches of purple and green. Captions read “Bigender people can feel split in two, or with two genders all mixed together”.

Panel 2: Face colored a blend of green and purple. To the right is another face with rectangular patches of green, purple, and the blend. Below are two faces, one with purple filling the lower third of the left side and green on the right side, and one that is mostly green with purple at the top. Captions read “The genders can be almost indistinguishable, or feel like they correspond to different mindsets, or be different strengths”

Panel 3: Purple face with an arrow pointing to a green face on the right. To the right is a face with purple filling the lower third of the left side and green on the right side. Below is a sequence of three faces directed with arrows: the first face is mostly green with purple at the top, the second face is mostly purple with green at the bottom, and the third face is mostly white with purple on the left and green on the right at the bottom. Captions read “Bigender people can switch between genders, or have a completely static gender, or have the strength of the genders change”

Panel 4: “The genders can be female, male, agender, polygender, or whatever else the person feel fits each part. What all bigender people have in common is they are TWO genders. Not just one or another; BOTH”. Gender signs are above each corresponding gender identity.

Panel 5: Bigender people can use any pronouns. Above is a speech bubble with many pronoun sets in different fonts.

Panel 6: A green stick figure with a face that is partially purple on the left and green on the right. To the right are two stick figures with a double-ended arrow between them, one green and one purple, each with a face that is purple on the left and green on the right. Captions read “A bigender person may choose to present as one gender, or switch back and forth”

Panel 7: Two stick figures, one green and purple, the other pink. Each has a face that is mostly purple with green on the bottom. Captions read “or present as a mixture, or something else entirely. But remember: Gender =/= Presentation, and they are always still bigender”